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A Forgotten Night.

Chapter 1

Kenshin Himura groaned as he rolled over in the large bed. He buried his head fully beneath the pillow to block out any light that was managing to penetrate his closed lids.

"Too much booze." he groaned.

There certainly had been, and his body was now revolting against him because of the amount of alcohol he had consumed the previous night.

Las Vegas had been a BAD idea. How he managed to allow Sano to talk him into going to Vegas was beyond him. Sure Sano was getting married in a few weeks, to a certain 'fox' doctor no less. But his insistence that his bachelor party be in Vegas was a bad idea from the get go, and Kenshin knew it.


"Kenshin, it's my last weekend as a bachelor. C'mon! It wouldn't be the same without my best man!" Sano had exclaimed happily slapping Kenshin on the back. The smaller man was jolted forward slightly.

"Oro. Sano, technically you're NOT a bachelor. You're engaged to Megumi. You're going to MARRY her. How can you be a bachelor when you're spoken for?" Kenshin asked grimly as they walked down the crowded street.

"It's a figure of speech, Kenshin. Damn you take everything so seriously! C'mon! I want my final weekend of freedom to be one I'll never forget!"


Kenshin grumbled a little more as he snuggled further under the pillow. His only thoughts was that Sano had better have been just as hung over or worse. He hoped his tall friend was suffering more.

The trip has been fine. at first.

They had arrived at the Hotel/Casino near dusk. Kenshin had finally relented to Sano's plea that his party weekend be in Vegas and had arranged the whole thing. Of course, he had no choice when it came to being best man. He HAD to arrange the whole thing. And pay for it too. But he didn't care about the money. He could spare it.

Sano insisted that his best friends accompany him, and only his best friends. Kenshin was quite relieved that Sano was sober when he made that proclamation. A drunken Sano usually felt that anyone providing booze was his best friend. Wait. bad example. When Sano was drunk EVERYONE was his best friend. So instead of everyone Sano met being brought along on this trip to Vegas, only four men arrived in the back seat of the limo.

Sano hung out the sunroof of the limo as it made its way down the sunset strip. His eyes devoured everything he could see. The bright lights, the crowded sidewalks, the CASINOS!

To say Sano liked gambling was an understatement.

Megumi had entrusted Kenshin with the task of keeping an eye on Sano and his spending at the craps tables.

It should be pointed out that Sano wasn't a gambling addict. On the contrary, he didn't need to be. He made enough money running his own company. But he had a stubborn streak a mile long, and didn't like it when something was out of his control and left up to chance. That's why Sano hated craps the most. With the toss of a couple of die, he could win or lose. Sano hated to lose, and he lost a lot when it came to those dice. Therefore his preference to the craps tables was purely so he could conquer them.

Statistics says Sano could never conquer craps.

Sano said otherwise.

Kenshin sat back in the limo and stared out the window at the passing lights and activities that was Las Vegas. Beside him sat the quiet, cool, composed form of Aoshi Shinomori, a college friend of Sano's. Opposite the two men was Sano's childhood best friend and business partner Katsuhiko Tsukioka, better known as Katsu.

"Oi! Katsu! You gotta come see this!" Sano exclaimed from the roof of the car. Katsu stood up and poked his head out and joined his friend in ogling all the sites.

"Kenshin, are you sure this was a good idea?" Aoshi asked as he stared at the legs of the two men-turned-boys as they stood out the sunroof window. Kenshin turned his amethyst eyes to the two pairs of legs as well then towards his co-worker.

"I've always had my doubts, Aoshi. But it's Sano's bachelor party." Kenshin replied, as if that was a good enough reason. Aoshi merely blinked at the red-head beside him, quirked an eyebrow and turned back to look out his own window.

The limo pulled up in front of The Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. A bellhop immediately opened the limo door and stood back as its occupants got out. Sano was the first out as he bounded off with Katsu to get a good look at the hotel where they were staying. Aoshi climbed out, followed by Kenshin. Then, the older, more responsible two men of the group of four, walked into the hotel to check in.

"Good evening, sir. How may I help you?"

"Reservations for four suites under the name Himura." Kenshin said. The woman typed in his name in the computer and got his reservation on screen.

"Of course Mr. Himura, welcome to the Monte Carlo. I need a piece of ID and your credit card for verification." she said smiling and batting her lashes at the man before her. Kenshin smiled politely in return and the girl blushed slightly. He fished out his license and credit card and passed them to her.

Of course, she continually flirted shamelessly with Kenshin. It wasn't the first time that a woman flirted with him. Nor would it be the last, he was sure.

Kenshin was in no way arrogant or egotistical about his looks. He didn't pay much attention to them. But for some reason, woman found him very attractive. His ex girlfriend told him it was the whole package. There weren't many men like Kenshin around. Long flaming red hair, deep amethyst eyes, even the cross-shaped scar on his left cheek was, to quote Tomoe "unbelievably sexy".

"Oi! Kenshin! Great place you picked out here, man! This is gonna be a great weekend!" Sano exclaimed as he bounded over to his short friend and seized him into a headlock.

"Oro." Kenshin mumbled as he attempted to extract himself from Sano's firm hold.

"Mr. Himura, here are you keys, you're suites are located on the 20th floor. The elevators are just down that hall." the receptionist said as she handed the four keys to Kenshin and gestured to her right. Sano reached out and snatched the keys from the woman's hands.

"Thanks, toots." he winked at her, then proceeded to drag Kenshin down the hall. Aoshi and Katsu followed behind, keeping a respectable distance from the over-excited Sano and his prisoner, and pretending they didn't know them.

"Sano, could you please let go?" Kenshin asked as Sano stopped in front of the elevators. Sano immediately released his hold on Kenshin and slapped his friend on the back.

"Sorry, sorry. I'm just really looking forward to getting to the casino and the bar! We're getting piss drunk tonight guys!" Sano exclaimed. Kenshin rubbed his sore neck and merely shrugged his shoulders. He knew he couldn't argue with Sano when his friend was in the mood he was currently in. So he had a night of being piss drunk ahead of him. Not to mention the hangover-from-hell he was sure would attack his body the next morning.

So the trip had been fine, up until he woke up minutes beforehand.

Kenshin had been right about getting piss drunk. And he had also been right about the hangover-from-hell. He shifted again and groaned.

His head throbbed in time with his heartbeat. He felt weak, disorientated and very VERY thirsty.

'Gods, how much did I DRINK last night?!'

There had been several martini's, some scotch, Sano even managed to find out the bar kept a nice supply of sake behind its counters. But when the tequila shots started going around, that's when the evening got fuzzy.

Bits and pieces of memories floated into Kenshin's head as he remained in the darkness beneath his pillow. Women draped all over the four men, much to their dismay. Not that they didn't like women. But none of them liked slimy women who were trying their best to get into drunken men's pants, as well as their wallets. Of course, it was that exact type that thought they could use the four drunken men to their advantage.

How wrong they were. As drunk as Kenshin, Katsu, Sano and Aoshi were, they knew what they liked in women, and what they didn't like. Plus Katsu and Sano had women of their own waiting for them back home. Neither man was one to stray, so the 'ladies' were asked, as politely as drunk-Sano could put it, to leave.

Kenshin believed his actual words were "Take a hike, bimbos"

More fragmented memories descended upon Kenshin's pounding brain.

Dancing... Loud music.. More tequila...

Kenshin's stomach finally decided to get in on the action and started rolling at the mere thought of booze. Yep, his body was defiantly pissed off with him. The hangover-from-hell was making sure to punish him as much as he could handle.

Kenshin groaned into his pillow once again.

Bright lights... Elvis impersonators...

Kenshin smiled slightly at that thought. Vegas was defiantly known for its casino's and the strip. There were also the stereotypical Elvis Priestley impersonators. At first, Kenshin didn't believe that so many people dressed as the King, but how wrong he was. They were everywhere. So much so that even when he couldn't remember most of the previous night, a few impersonators managed to get remembered.

The smile was short lived as Kenshin's stomach rolled again. This time, worse than before. He took a deep breath and tried to calm his stomach, and sooth his body.

Yeah. right. His head pounded even harder and his stomach threatened to empty itself of whatever contents it had left.

Judging from the bitter taste in his mouth, there wasn't much. Most of it must have been 'removed' the previous night. Judging from the taste, it left his body through the same path it went in.

"Ugh. Why the hell did I drink so much?" Kenshin asked himself. His voice muffled by the pillow which was still pressed over his head.

Blue eyes...

Kenshin's heart skipped a beat.

Blue eyes... long silky hair..

Memories of someone from the previous night. Kenshin clung to the memory, trying desperately to remember the face. But to no avail. He remembered the eyes though.

His heart skipped another beat.

Blue soulful eyes. Emotions easily readable. Laughing blue eyes, sad blue eyes, tearful blue eyes. Kenshin felt like his whole being was drowning in the memory of those blue eyes. A lingering sensation he no doubt felt the moment he looked into those eyes.

'Damn! Why can't I remember her face!?'

His stomach rolled, his brain screeched to a halt.

He was going to be sick.

Not a moment's hesitation was taken on his part as he flung the sheets and blankets of the king sized bed off him and practically ran to the bathroom. He reached the porcelain god in time and started praying.

'I am never drinking again.'

Of course, he had thought those words before. Never really listened to them. Hence his current predicament.

After several minutes of being sick, he started to feel slightly better. Only hangovers could be this cruel. Make one sick enough to lose his lunch, a rather disgusting act, only to make him feel marginally better and long that he could lose his lunch again to prolong the 'feeling better' part!

It was while he was feeling slightly better that he started noticing things. One, the fact that the taste in his mouth was appalling and he needed to get rid of it immediately, another was the fact that his long red hair which he usually kept neatly tied back was loose and flowing down his back, and finally, he wasn't wearing anything besides his black boxers.

He shrugged it all off. The foul taste in his mouth was caused by the obvious. He rarely let his hair down, but in the case of extreme drunkenness, he usually pulled the elastic out to relieve any tension a single strand of hair would inflict on his scalp during his bout with the hangover-from-hell. The boxers. well he always slept in just his boxers.

He grabbed for his toothbrush and the toothpaste and set about getting rid of the first problem. The bitter taste in his mouth was the easiest to get rid of. It was the pounding headache and the general feeling that someone had beaten the crap out of him that was hard to get rid of. A couple of Tylenol and a bottle of water would be a good start.

Kenshin padded out of the large marble bathroom and made his way across the suite to the mini bar, intent on getting himself a bottle of water. He pushed aside his discarded shirt that he wore the night before as well as a white lacy bra and used the key to open the mini bar. Grabbing a bottle he closed the door and started back towards the bathroom.

He froze.

White lacy bra?

He slowly turned back towards the mini bar. Sure enough, there was his shirt, and resting on it was a white.. Lacy.. Bra.

Kenshin blinked.

Toothbrush still in his mouth, a bottle of water in his hand, Kenshin slowly bent over and picked up the bra with his free hand.

Kenshin blinked again.

Very very slowly, his brain began to function again. He held the bra up and looked at it. White.. Lacy..

His heart skipped a beat.

He felt like he was moving in slow motion. He turned back towards the bed. All that greeted him was black hair strewn across the crisp white sheets; everything else was covered by the blankets he had thrown away from himself when he rushed to the bathroom.

The bottle of water slipped from his limp hand and landed with a soft thump on the carpeted floor.

'Okay.strange woman in my bed. Don't panic.'

The white bra slipped from his other hand and fell to the floor.

'Don't panic.'

Kenshin resisted the urge to flee the scene before the woman woke up. Actually, he had a stronger urge and that was to crawl back into bed with the woman and wake her up. He shook his head viciously at that thought, only to jar whatever brain cells he had left. His head screamed in agony at the sudden movement and he gripped his hair tightly.

Tylenol. water.

Kenshin bent over and picked up the water bottle he had dropped.

'Gods, I hope no one else woke up with a surprise.'

He tiptoed over to his overnight bag and started searching as quietly as he could for the Tylenol he had packed.

The woman on the bed shifted, her hair disappeared beneath the covers. Kenshin froze.

'Don't panic!'

His head throbbed, his stomach started heaving again. He continued his search.

'Don't panic!'

He found the painkillers and immediately popped open the cap and dumped out four capsules. He downed two and drank the entire bottle of water in one shot. He placed the other two on the table on his side of the bed. She was probably going to have a killer hangover too. At least, he hoped so. He hoped he hadn't gone and done anything extremely stupid.

'Don't panic!!'

His eyes caught sight of a folded piece of paper on the table. He picked it up, noting it was made of heavier paper, and unfolded it, wondering what the hell it could be. He caught his own name first. Then another name.

"Kaoru Kamiya." he said softly.

His heart skipped a beat as he said the name, and then looked at the lump on the bed that was the mystery woman. He looked back at the paper in his hands and froze.

There, on the top of the sheet, written in nice calligraphy were the words "Certificate of Marriage".

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