The week passed like a blur, through all the excitement and business of planning out strategy and safety precautions.

April and I shopped and designed the boy's clothes easily, ordering hoodies that would slip over their shells and creating lining to make their shells seem like back-packs.

The day of the concert seemed to happen so fast, April and I had stayed at the lair for the night ready to prep and sort things for the evening.

"WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, ITS HAPPENING!" Mikey bellowed coming into the living room, jumping up and down on my bed-

I moaned into my pillow; groaned heavily and lifted my head to look at the time; 5am.

"Jesus Mike where's the fire?" I mumbled into my pillow rolling over onto my other side.

"Todays the day! Its today! - WAKE UP!" I reached out not looking to grab the turtles head- full on. Perhaps I should have looked because I grabbed his face- his cheeks in my hand, and acting upon my exhausted state, I got out of bed, dragging him with me. Mikey bent further down in my grip trying to squeeze out of it; I was just taller than him by an inch- which meant I could keep a better hold over him. I marched forward out of the living room and took him into the dining area.

"Ow ow ow ow" Mikey called as we walked; his brothers were already awake- sitting up at the table eating peacefully as I landed him down beside them.

"Keep him here; it's 5am- and I haven't even had 3 hours' rest because he wouldn't settle" I said pinching the bridge of my nose. They chuckled.

"He's been waiting for you to wake up since you went to bed; hasn't slept himself"

Donnie told me laughing as he handed me a cup- it was hot as it touched my palm and smelt like the best coffee in the world.

I slumped down into the chair not looking who was beside me, putting the cup down on the table and closed my eyes as I leant my head to the side. My head made contact with a shoulder; and not even caring whose it was- I settled in against it.

"Wake me up in 2 hours; then I will be ready to function" I murmured feeling my self slipping.

A hand found itself on my shoulder caringly as I folded my arms into the grip, my head further leaning into the stranger's hard shoulder; a warm scent oozed across me, making me smile. A finger trailed over my collar bone softly, lulling me further. My hand fell across a soft warm cushion, that I thought to be a chair pillow, as my hand grazed the material gently, my thumb rubbing across its raised area.

"Sure thing" Leo's voice was right in my ear.

Leonardo. Wait was my hand on his…

"OHMYGOD" I yelled, snatching my hand away and jumping about fifty feet in the air. I looked down to where my hand was resting; right in his lap- so close to his…

His brothers started to roll around laughing, breakfast items flying everywhere.

I flung my eyes open and turned to look at him with a wide gaze, spinning so fast my hair flew out whipping the air around me.

My heart pounded in my chest as adrenaline seared through my veins; suddenly I didn't need the extra two hours of sleep.

I looked at Leo with burning cheeks as he bit his lip to hide his amusement. I cursed under my breath. My hand flew to my chest aggravated as it tried to squeeze my heart from coming out of my chest. His blue eyes sparkled under his freshly pressed mask.

I could smell the detergent he had used from his shoulder. I could smell his husky scent too. I gritted my teeth, knowing just as well he could probably smell my attraction if I wasn't careful.

The boys carried on laughing as I began to fumble out words to Leo.

"Sorry-I-I didn't mean to-you know" I told him gently as he chuckled, his shoulders bouncing up and down.

"its fine" he waved it off, he looked to his brother for a moment; a new thought registered on his face as he leant close in again. "why don't you go rest in my bed? I got a lock on my door so Mikey wont bother you" he said in a low voice with a new look in his eye.

My breath whooshed out of me as I fought to keep my poker face composed. I flicked my eyes to his brothers who didn't seem to notice; Raph was too busy mimicking my actions as Donnie and Mikey laughed at his display.

I knew he hadn't mean to make it sound so seductive; he was just being the protective leader of the group- this time protecting me from Mikey…just like he would April; the prettier one.

I swallowed and looked away from him.

"I'm good- since I've just embarrassed my self for the next year- I highly doubt going back to sleep will make this all a bad dream" I told him with a pointed look in my eye covering my face with my hands.

He looked down and chuckled gently. I swallowed. I stood, composed, taking my coffee cup with me and looked to each of their mischievous faces; ignoring Leo completely.

"I'm going to shower- if the second I turn around you're all pulling your little tails off with laughter then I'll rip up the shirts and hoodies April and I spent a week making for tonight- got it?"

The boys muffled their amusement and raised their hands in defence. All accept Leo, who watched me with a glint in his eye again. I turned to walk away feeling better that my warning had settled. I headed to the bathroom pleased...

"sure t'ing princess; only tail being pulled off round 'ere is Leo's" Raph commented quickly as Mikey and Donnie started the hysteric laughing again. Leo put his head down and covered it with his palm. I gritted my teeth.

"That's it! - APRIL! WHERE ARE THOSE FUCKING SISSORS?!" I called as I dashed off with Raph hot on my heel.

"ey Nor…I'm messin' jus' messin!" he laughed throatily as he jogged behind me.

Leo's POV

I watched her go, Raph chasing behind her with a soft jog; she was so funny, so fiery.

I found my self grinning down at the table remembering her leaning into me. Her scent, her smile…her hand…

"So- you gonna tell her tonight dude? Perfect setting" Mike suggested, shovelling another pancake down his throat.

I looked up at him, thinking he was speaking to Donnie. My eyes crossed when I found both of them staring at me.

"What?" I asked in a low voice, my face twisting with confusion. At that moment, Raphael reappeared jogging back into the room with a pair of silver blunt scissors he obviously got to before Nory had.

"You stop her?" Donnie asked.

"course- she wouldn't ever do anyt'in like dat- she's mostly bark n no bite" he commented with a shrug.

"You say that now but remember the butter knife incident?"

"Yeah- dat was jus' a lucky swing" Raph grinned. He was known for winding her up, they were more like siblings than we were to him. He loved to push her buttons; and it worried me the extent to why he loved to do so.

I had to admit I was slightly jealous when she forgave him so easily; it was like she loved him the most…

I bit the growl back down in my throat as Mikey play-punched my arm softly, getting my attention.

"Nory- you gonna tell her" Mikey pushed with a nod of his head.

"What's dat?" Raph asked.

"I'm just wondering when our dear alpha brother is going to confess to North that he's completely over the head, strike down, desperately in love with her" Mikey said with a dramatic flair and flick of his head, he batted his eyes at me like a puppy dog.

I felt my own widen.

"don't be so ridiculous Mike- where would you get the idea that I-"

Raph scoffed loudly stopping my sentence.

"Oh Pur-lease brotha- the little touches on 'er, the smile; ya always go-go eyed for 'er when she comes in to da room. You want 'er" he leant across the table his hand twirled his Sai as he pointed it at me accusingly.

"We all see ya tail curlin' in for 'er" he said as I growled and shook my head. I gritted my teeth and pulled my expression down.

"Me and North are friends- that's all; its no different than anything between each of you and her"

"Yeah yeah whateva fearless; we all know ya do"

"Its not a bad thing Leo- Nory's real nice, she's family" Donnie added after a minute of quiet.

"Exactly" I interrupted "She is family. End of story"

"So you're not denying you like 'er then"

I huffed and stood up, putting my dishes in the sink. My mind flashed back to last night when she was washing the dishes, and feeding Mikey…

The feeling of fireworks when she looked over her shoulder, her dark hair flowing back and down over her body and those bright eyes staring at me…

The feel of her soft cheek bone on my fingertip…

Her round supple chest rising and falling under that black t-shirt that framed her so well. Her collar bone on show…


It wasn't right; we were family. We were friends; and I wouldn't jeopardise what we had built over three years.

She deserved better than some stupid turtle who couldn't control his desires.

That's all this was; a stupid desire…

Even though I had never felt that way about April. Even though I had seen other girls before.

It had begun small; a year ago, when we were watching a movie together. We shared a love of sci-fi films- but had gotten into a conversation about our own interests and ultimately lost interest in the film…

We laughed all night long, and fell asleep beside each other- softly, happily…

I tried to get as many sci-fi films in to watch with her after that; hoping that if she watched it with me, I could watch her. And I did watch her; I watched the freckles twinkle in the light- the soft blush that was a constant on her face. Her eyes that moved alert with each movement. The perfect shape of her curvy body; I always liked a woman with a strong tight figure; but when coupled that with a beautiful face and my favourite colour lurking in her eyes.

I was stunned.

And this feeling had been there since; burning away, growing daily. I sighed and rubbed my forehead with my hand.

"I'm not talking to you guys about this; can we drop it?"

Donnie turned me me and placed his hand on my shoulder kindly.

"Aww come on Leo- Nory's like the perfect woman for you- caring, attentive, well read..."

"Fuckin great tits" Raph commented his eyes distancing for a moment. I growled to him curling my hands up into fists as my eyes met his sharply.

"See? you hate when they talk about her like that; you even try to save her from them" Donnie pointed out referring to my earlier comment to her as my eyes narrowed at him.

"maybe its that I think we should have more respect for her; instead of sexually harassing her behind her back!" I said pleased with my valid point.

"Only coz you wanna sexually harass 'er" Raph added a glint of evil humour lurked across his face.

"Come on fearless- tell me you 'avent thought about fuckin' 'er right 'ere on dis table; 'er beautiful face wantin' your ugly mug while your inside 'er"

I stayed silent and poised. He knew me well.

And knew I wouldn't lie to him.

"RAPHAEL!" Master Splinter's voice echoed round the dojo sharply. His tail coming up to whip the back of Raph's head.

I smirked at him as he fell down to the floor cursing holding the back of his head.

"Hashi. Now." Master Splinter growled as Raph cursed under his breath and spun on his feet, heading out with our father.

I laughed under my breath.

My brothers still kept their eyes on me. Mikey was the first to speak.

"Well…" he started- still waiting. "Have you thought about it?"

I threw the dish cloth in his face and looked down at him.

"That leaves you two on dish duty; scrub up- we still got training no matter what's happening tonight"

I turned to walk to my room. I needed some time to meditate- to be alone with my thoughts…

And the mental image that Raph had so kindly filled my head with…

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