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A/N; I just want to thank Cathy for siccing this plot bunny on me. This takes place when Aragorn is about 22.

on with the fic!



The bellow echoed off the walls of Eryn Lasgalen, as Thranduil stormed down the hallways looking for his son.

Legolas was lounging on his bed, reading a book when his fathers voice reached his ears.

"Legolas?! Where are you?!"

'Oh Valar, what have I done now?' He thought to himself as he set the book aside.

He went to the open door, and called out "I'm in here Atar!"

Thranduil appeared in the doorway, looking furious. Legolas thought if it were possible, steam would be blowing out his ears. The elven king just stared at his son a moment, before beckoning to him.

"Come with me."

Legolas sighed, when his father was like this, there was no arguing with him, so he followed quietly behind.

Thranduil led them out of the settlement, into the woods. Legolas had to struggle to keep pace, in his fury, Thranduil was all but running.

They followed the river that connected with Laketown, for about half a league. When they arrived at a small hill overlooking the river, Legolas could clearly see what the problem was. A bunch of the empty wine barrels they were sending back to Laketown had collided with an overturned canoe in the river. There was broken wood everywhere, and the river was pretty effectively dammed up.

"This is starting to cause flooding upstream from Eryn Lasgalen." Thranduil looked as though he may start jumping up and down in his fury.

"I see." Legolas sighed, "what do you want me to do about it Atar?"

Thranduil gave him a whithering look, and opened his mouth to reply, but a sudden coldness stole over him, as icy fingers of fear wrapped themselves around his heart. He turned to his son, who had frozen in place, looking shockingly like a startled deer. He was staring across the blocked river at an ancient looking figure on the bank.

The figure looked human, but it was bent over, and gnarled like an old tree. It straightened up and Thranduil could clearly see it was male. It pointed to Legolas and started chanting.

What happened next can only be described as parental instinct.

A flash of light erupted from the creatures finger, and shot toward Legolas. The younger elf didn't move, it was as though he were frozen, his blue eyes wide. Thranduil gave his son a mighty shove, that sent him tumbling head over heels down the hill.

It took Legolas a moment to stop his abrupt descent down the hill. When he managed to right himself, the strange figure and his father were gone, as though they'd never been there.


Elrond swept through the halls of Rivendell, looking for his wayward sons.

There was flour all over the Hall of Fires, and one of the maids was in his study nearly hysterical.

Elrond had no doubt whatsoever who was responsible.

He spent the better part of an hour searching for the errant threesome, before locating Elladan in the stables. In a somewhat.... compromising position.

Elladan and Amariel, one of the maiden's who worked in the kitchen were exchanging fervent kisses in an empty stall.

So involved were they, that Elladan didn't even note his father's presence. That is, until Elrond latched onto his ear, and yanked him forceably away from Amariel, who gave a little shriek of shock.

"Amariel", Elrond's voice, was calm, pleasant even. "I believe the cook is looking for you."

"Yes my lord." The maiden curtsied gracefully, and scurried off to the kitchens, glad to be away from Elrond's scrutinizing glare.

The elf lord fixed his stare on his first-born, "Elladan, have you seen your brothers?"

It took Elrond a moment to realize he still had a deathgrip on his son's delicately tapered ear. He released it, and waited for Elladan to straighten.

He did, rubbing the offended part, "No Ada, not since this morning."

Elrond shook his head, and made no comment on his son's behavior, there would be time for that later today.

"Fine. You are going to help me find them."

Elladan groaned inwardly, `oh Valar, what have they done now.' He followed his father meekly, still rubbing his sore ear.

Aragorn and Elrohir watched the entire scene from the rafters of the stables, hands pressed over their mouths to cover the snickering. Once the older twin, and the elf lord had exited Elrohir hopped gracefully from the rafters, and Aragorn took the decidedly safer route of a ladder.

They followed their father and older brother out into the fields at a safe distance.

Elrond and Elladan headed out into the woods surrounding Imladris, searching for Estel and Elrohir. Of course, there was no sign of them.

They were about to give up when a terrible sense of impending doom hit Elrond like a fist to the jaw. Elladan felt it mere moments after his father. They both froze, staring intently into the woods, looking for any sign of danger.

When there was none, they turned to head into Rivendell, fully intending to warn the guards of what they sensed, when Elrohir sensed what his father and brother had picked up a few minutes before.

It startled him, and he came tumbling out of the tree he and Aragorn had been watching from. Aragorn stared in silent horror as Elrohir landed with a thump on the ground, and didn't move.

He was about to climb down, when a shriveled old man tottered into view, and pointed his finger at Elladan, who was staring in shock at his brother's prone form, oblivious to all else around him.

Elrond, however, did see the old man. As a brilliant light coalesced toward his son's, Elrond leapt at them, forcing Elladan into a heap on top of his unconscious twin

By the time Elladan had untangled his limbs from him limp brother, Elrond, and the old man had vanished.