Chapter 17

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Aragorn buried his face in Elladans shoulder, clinging to his older brother like a lifeline. "I'm so sorry, Elladan, so sorry. It's all my fault!"

His words were muffled, but Elladan got the gist of what he was saying. He pulled away, and caught the rangers chin in his hand, smiling fondly at his youngest brother. "What's your fault?"

Aragorn sniffed, "Everything!! He cast that spell on you because of me, then I....I..*sniff* I killed you!" He hiccuped, and hugged Elladan fiercely again. "I'm so sorry!"

Elladan returned the hug, "I don't blame you Aragorn, and look! I'm fine, see?"

Aragorn sniffed, and grinned, "you certainly *look* fine!" He slugged his brother on the shoulder lightly.

Legolas knelt down beside them, and gave Elladan a quick hug as well. "I'm glad you're alright, mellon nin, I wouldn't want to have to look after Strider all by myself!"

Elladan laughed, "it's a full time job, let me tell you!"


A little ways away, Elrohir was awakening as well. He opened, and found his father kneeling over him, tears in his eyes.

Ever the tender warrior, Elrohir reached up, and brushed them away. "Why are you crying, ada?"

Elrond smiled, and gathered the younger twin up in arms. Elrohir laid his cheek on the ancient elf's shoulder, and hugged him hard, noting that his father was trembling slightly.

"Ada, you're shaking!"

Elrond squeezed him tighter for a moment, before releasing him. "I'm alright. I was just worried for you, my son." He reached out, and patted the younger twin on the cheek. "I'll be fine, now that you are."

Elrohir grinned, and moved to hug his younger brother, who was currently tossing a little pebble from the ground at Legolas' head. "I don't protection! I spend *more* time rescuing you three, than you do me!"

Elrohir burst out laughing, "sure you do, Estel! Like that time you got stuck in a tree?"

"I was seven!"

Elladan chortled helplessly, "And upside down. It was quite the sight."

Aragorn rolled his eyes, and flung his arms around Elrohir affectionately, while Elrond pulled Elladan into his arms. "Don't make fun of Aragorns mishaps, my sons, you had your own. I seem to recall spending an hour and half pulling a caterpillar out of your ear*, Elrohir, when you were that age."

Aragorn, Legolas and Thranduil roared with laughter. "A caterpillar?"

Elrohir rolled his eyes, and shoved Aragorn. "I think I wish we stayed in Mandos, Elladan."

Elladan grinned, "According to Mandos, we weren't even in his Halls. Besides, he said we *had* to come back."

"What?" Elrond looked from one twin to the other in shock.


Across the room, Gandalf smiled at the little reunion, and turned toward Galadriel. "Why don't you join them, my dear?"

Galadriel smiled back at the Istar, and rose gracefully. She held out her hand to Gandalf. "You may want to dispose of this, mellon nin." She dropped a vial of amber liquid into his hand.

"Oh yes, I think I will." He pocketed the vial of Melicethrin, gave the Lady of Light a gentle push toward her family. "Go, give those twins a hug!"

Galadriel moved gracefully across the room, and gathered her grandsons close.

Elladan buried his face in her long silky hair, "Grandmother."

Elrohir laid his head against her chest, and smiled in contentment. Galadriel had always reminded him of his mother, whom he missed dearly. She cuddled the twins for a moment, and found herself thinking of when they were small, and used to crawl into her lap, begging for stories.

What had happened to those cute, cuddly little elflings? She sighed, and kissed them both, before pulling away. Galadriel cupped each of their faces in her hands, "Are you two all right?"

They both nodded, "Yes, we're fine."

She smiled, "good." She gently brushed their cheeks, and turned toward Elrond. "Are you alright, Elfling?"

Elrond chuckled at the appellation, and nodded, "I'm fine, my Lady."

She smiled softly, "good."


Thranduil smiled, everything was working out just fine. He tucked an affectionate arm around Legolas. "Are you alright, my son?"

Legolas nodded, and leaned against his father a moment, before pulling away. "Elladan,what were you talking about earlier? You mention speaking to Mandos."

Elladan grinned from ear to pointy ear. "Indeed we did, mellon nin. He told us that we had been appointed the Guardians of Hope by the Valar."

"What?" Legolas' jaw dopped to the ground. "What do you mean, Guardians of Hope?"

"We, as in Elrohir, myself, and you, have been appointed by the Valar to keep Estel alive until he can take the throne."

Legolas stared at Elladan in silent shock for a moment, before rolling his eyes in exasperation. "They appointed me as well? Why am I not surprised?"

Elladan chuckled, and patted Legolas on the shoulder. "I know how you feel."

Thranduil took a little longer to absorb the information than his son had. "You mean my son, Legolas, Prince of Greenwood the Great, has been appointed by the Valar to make sure that human doesn't get himself killed before he will eventually die anyways?!"

Elladan chuckled, and said "Basically, yes. He's not just the Hope of Men, Thranduil, but the Hope of us all! Aragorn is the last of his line, no one else can bear this burden, and Mandos implied that he will be needing our protection. Aragorn must take the throne, or all will be lost. You know this as well as any of us."

The three turned their heads to where Aragorn and Elrohir were leaning shoulder to shoulder, speaking of one thing or another. Thranduil sighed in resignation, "then do your job well, my son. The Valar chose you for a reason, I am certain."


Elrond stood conversing quietly with Galadriel and Gandalf. As the bearers of the three elven rings, they were rather concerned with their recent behavior.

"Valar, Gandalf, it felt as though my hand were on fire, what was that?" Elrond stared at the ring on his hand in shock. Galadriel glanced at Nenya on her own hand, before nodding in agreement with Elrond.

"Why did they act that way? It should not have happened."

Gandalf smiled, "It was Elbereth, mellyn nin. She acted through the rings to give Machiad his just rewards, and restore the bodies of Elladan and Elrohir."

Galadriel smiled, "Yes, I thought I might have felt her presence."

Elrond nodded, "but, what of Sneak, and her husband, I do not see her anywhere."

"Sneak slew her husband, to keep him from helping Machiad further. Elbereth saw this, and has rewarded her, for trying to protect Aragorn, and your sons, Elrond. Calliawen, and her husband, Awarthanen, are in the Hall's of Mandos, along with Soleair." Gandalf smiled enigmatically, "They are at peace now."

"Good, let's go home then." Elrond smiled, and turned toward his sons, holding out his arms to gather them in.

"If we can find our way out." Thranduil grumbled from across the room. The Elven King slung his arm over Legolas' shoulder, "So tell me, what ever happened with those barrels blocking the river?"

Legolas sighed, "I have no idea, Adar, I'm certain Torninean took care of it." The young prince got a sudden impish look in his eyes, "If not, we are wood-elves, our people are good swimmers."

Thranduil gave him an exasperated look, "Very funny."

"Yes, speaking of funny, Aragorn, Elrohir, would you care to explain the flour all over the Halls of Fire?" Elrond regard his two youngest sons rather sternly.

Elrohir looked at his partner in crime helplessly. "uhm, uh..." Aragorn was speechless.

Elladan snickered helplessly.

"Oh, don't worry, Elladan. We are going to discuss Amariel later my son."


And so, Elrond and his three sons returned to Rivendell, where they were greeted with joy by Glorfindel and the people of Imladris.

Gandalf, Thranduil, and Legolas escorted the Lady Galadriel back to her Golden Wood before Gandalf took off for parts unknown.

The Elven King and his son returned to Eryn Lasgalen, where they were welcomed home by their people with much rejoicing.


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