Healing the Scars
Hey everyone! Just got inspired to write another fanfic, my 2nd! The first one's not done yet but no one seems to be reading it so I'll put it off for awhile...I really like my other one, so if you have been reading don't worry, I'll continue (A New Partner). Anyways, this story just popped into my head, so bear with me, I don't know how it'll turn out...so, read on! This first chapter is from the point of view of Arnold...

Disclaimer: I don't own Hey Arnold!....who says wishes come true.... :^(...lol...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LILA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU!!! Everyone sang enthusiastically, everyone but Gerald. Arnold couldn't understand why Gerald disliked Lila so much, he just didn't understand it at all.

Oh, thank you all, just ever so much! Lila said sweetly, after she blew out her 17 candles, This has just been the BEST birthday ever! she said, a tear coming to her eyes.

Yeah, whatever... Gerald muttered under his breath.

Gerald ! Phoebe whispered, giving him a Look, luckly no one else heard, they were all tearing into the cake.

Gerald replied, picking up his can of Pepsi and downing it. Arnold looked back at him with a frown as well. Gerald acted like he didn't notice.

It was their junior year in high school, and the whole gang was at Lila's party. That is-everyone but Helga, who supposibly had things to do. At least that was what she said when Arnold asked why she wasn't coming. He didn't understand her either, she never wanted to be a part of the group, she was always by herself, or with Phoebe. That was also rare too lately considering Phoebe spent most of her time with Gerald- her boyfriend of 2 years. Phoebe did try to spend time with Helga, but even she was noticing a change, Helga was even pushing her away. Helga had also been in trouble lately, she had been in a car accident when she tried to chase down some idiot who flipped her off. She'd also been in a fight with some other girls from the prep school across town, the one Lila went to. No one knew what that was about, not even Pheobe. All in all, it had been a hard year for Helga, he knew, he watched. Arnold sighed, thinking these thoughts as he forked cake into his mouth.

Hey buddy, whatcha thinkin' about? Gerald asked, downing his 3rd soda.

Nothing, just how much everyone's changed, Arnold sighed, Everyone seems so different then from elementary and middle-school, Arnold paused, as he watched Sid and Stinky steal Harold's slice of cake and run off into the living room, Harold behind them yelling, Well, almost everyone.

Change can be a good thing, me and Phoebe have been dating for 2 years, I wouldn't change that for the world, he smiled as he watched Phoebe talk to Rhonda and Nadine, he suddenly frowned as Lila walked up to join the girls, Although, change can also be a bad thing too...

Gerald, why don't you like Lila? I mean, she and I have been dating for about 6 months and you've never really been able to get along with her, why don't you like her? Arnold asked truthfully.

Gerald looked down at the empty soda can in his hand, he didn't know how to put this, he knew Arnold wouldn't believe him, Arnold, I don't know how to say this- he began, just as Lila walked up next to Arnold and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Hello Arnold, Gerald, are you having a good time? she asked sweetly, too sweetly Gerald thought.

It's great Lila, happy birthday, Arnold smiled at her, as she leaned on him and he put his arm around her waist.

Why thank you Arnold, she turned to Gerald.

Yeah, happy birthday... he mumbled, then walked off to join Phoebe. He knew he could never tell Arnold what he knew, it would hurt him too much.

Sorry Lila, I don't know what his problem is, Arnold said, watching Gerald walk over to Phoebe.

Oh it's okay, he's maybe just having an ever-so-bad day, Lila said, glaring at Gerald.

Not noticing the glare Arnold kept going, He's been acting weird for awhile now, I don't know, maybe we're all changing! he threw his hands in the air and glanced at the clock, it read 11:00.

Oh man, I'd better get on home, I have to work in the morning! Arnold exclaimed, giving Lila a quick peck on the cheek, I'll see you later, hope you had a good birthday! he yelled as he walked out the door.

Bye Arnold! Lila yelled in her sing-songy voice, as she headed back over to Rhonda Nadine.

Gerald ran after him out the door to say goodbye. Bye man, see ya tommorrow! Gerald yelled, as Phoebe ran to his side to wave as well.

Bye Gerald, bye Phoebe! Arnold yelled, turning to wave at them from the middle of the street.

Call me tommorrow, I need to talk to you about something- Arnold LOOK OUT!!!! Gerald suddenly yelled, leaping off Lila's stoop.

Arnold turned to face the on-coming car about a yard away. He didn't have any time to react as the front bumper met with his legs and chest. He didn't hear Phoebe scream or see Gerald running toward him, all he saw was darkness.

Yup, it's a cliffie! Yay, I love these! lol....sorry. Please reply, I'd really like to know what you think of the first chapter...Thanx! (Also, if you like this so far, check out my other story: A New Partner.