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How am I gonna say this, how am I gonna say this,' Helga thought to herself as she walked through the hospital front doors, ignoring the light shower that had started outside. Just be honest, that's the only way...' Sure, that's easy for you to say, you don't have to suffer total heartbreak!' Helga, I AM you...' Good point...'

Automatically walking into the elevator, she kept going over what she was going to say, and how she would take the dissapointment that was sure to come. Walking off the elevator, she ran smack-dab into...Lila, almost knocking her over. Lila was right outside Arnold's hospital door, about to go in.

Hey, watch it! Lila shouted angerly, as Helga quickly stepped back from falling. Slowly, Lila turned around, and her anger turned into an evil smile. Why Helga, what are you doing here, you couldn't possibly be visiting my boyfriend, could you? she asked icily, the harsh smile still formed across her lips.

The bigger question should be, what are you doing here Lila ? Helga asked, her eyes narrowing, Don't you have worse people's lives to ruin?

Tisk, tisk Helga, still jealous of my gorgeous reputation? You wouldn't still be crushing on my boyfriend now would you, that would be ever-so pathetic, Lila continued on, knowing just how to get to Helga.

Your gorgeous reputation, of what? Being a bitch? Because believe me, it's gotten around, Helga continued, not letting her voice waver one second.

Lila's smile suddenly turned into a cold frown, Oh please Helga, you really are pathetic, give it up. Arnold only has eyes for me, and as long as I'm still slightly interested, I can keep him going! Lila laughed a shrill, harsh laugh.

Well what would happen if your secret got out, you know, what about Josh? Helga asked, her fists tightening.

Oh please you pathetic loon, it's your own fault you got involved in that! Of course me and Josh are extremly happy, but having an extra man on the side isn't that bad, of course, you wouldn't know... Lila smiled icily again, Besides, your record speaks for yourself, who would believe you, over me?

I would, and I do, Arnold said from behind Lila, as he continued to pull his wheelchair around the corner, a bouquet of roses on his lap.

Lila's eyes widened in suprise, Helga just stood frozen.

Even before hearing a full confession from you, Arnold continued, rolling himself in front of Helga, so he could face Lila.

A-Arnold, I uh, thought you were in your should've heard of how she got me to say those things, I mean...uh, it was horrible! Lila stuttered.

No Lila, I heard everything, even before you decided to open your big mouth, looking her straight in the eyes, he said plainly, We're through Lila, I should of done this a long time ago, but thanks for making it so clearly now. With that he gestured for Helga to follow him in the room, as he went in himself. With one last look at Lila storming off, Helga followed him in.

I'm sorry you had to go through that Helga, Arnold sighed, but Helga noticed, he looked happy. As if reading her mind he said, The funny thing is that I'm not sad or dissapointed, I'm glad I told her, that's needed to be said for a while now.

I'm just glad your happy Arnold, and that she's not using you anymore, Helga said honestly.

Arnold smiled, and then rolled his wheelchair forward toward her, holding up the bouquet of roses to her.

With a suprised look, Helga took the beautiful bouquet slowly. What's this for? she finally managed to stutter.

For being there for me, when others wouldn't, for helping me, and for mainly telling me the truth, Arnold answered, smiling.

Thank you Arnold, there beautiful, Helga said, blushing, and slowly sitting down in a chair. Look Arnold, I'm sorry I ran out on you, it's just...well... C'mon, tell him girl, let it all out!' I still have feelings for you Arnold, I always have, and most likely probably always will, she finally managed to say. At first she thought she had made a mistake, maybe she shouldn't of told him, but then...

I should've told you how I was feeling too Helga, it would've made it a whole lot easier for both of us in the first place.

Helga's eyes widened.

I like you to Helga, I think I slowly have over the years, and well, he rubbed the back of his neck out of nervousness, I guess it just grew bigger since I've actually spended time with you these past few weeks. You've been a great friend, and...I'd love to be more, he said, taking her hands in his.

Helga looked up into his eyes, and he slowly looked back into hers, leaning in closer, they finally touched lips, and kissed. They both noticed the connection, though physically or mentally, they'll never know, all they knew was that, this was right.

Well it's about damn time, Gerald's voice piped up from the door.

Arnold and Helga slowly looked over to where Gerald and Phoebe were standing, and smiled. Gerald was beaming, and Phoebe was sighing romantically. Helga looked up and started to chuckle, and suddenly Arnold followed, after that both Gerald and Phoebe joined in. This was right, this was all right.


1 Year Later: After making a full recovery...

Helga wrote away in her poem book, pouring out emotions onto the page. After almost filling it completly, she smiled and put it on the shelf next to her others. Leaning back in her desk chair, she sighed happily.

Clink Clink Clink

Helga looked over to her window and smiled as small pebbles clinked on the glass. Walking over to the window, she pulled it open and stared down.

Trying to get my attention or something foot-ball head, she smiled as she looked down at Arnold, who had pebbles in his hand.

He smiled back up at her, Just wanted to say to my favorite nurse.

Will you ever let it go foot-ball head? It was over a year ago, I prefer to be called your girlfriend...or just Helga is fine too, Helga said laughing.

Okay, just Helga, you wanna come down?

And do what exactly? Helga smirked.

Take a walk through the park, the sky's beautiful tonight, Arnold said smiling, and gesturing to the sky.

How could I turn down an offer like that! Helga said as she opened her room window wider and started to climb out.

Be careful, or you're gonna end up like me last year, Arnold cautioned, walking over to stand under the tree Helga was climbing down.

I'll try not to break my legs, Helga joked, continuing her way down the tree, taking careful step after careful step. Finally, she landed on the ground, Arnold sighing in relief, Speaking of legs, how are yours doing? she asked.

Good as ever, you know I haven't had any problems, Arnold answered.

That's just cause I took such good care of you, Helga joked, as Arnold put his arm around her waist.

That's what I say, Arnold said, kissing her cheek as they made their way dreamily down the road, anxious to gaze at the night sky.


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