Title:Deaging Draco
Status 2/?
Author: cathankitten
Email: cathanthekitten@yahoo.co.uk
Beta: Sandy
Rating: PG-R
Pairings: ?/?, ?/Harry, ?/Harry, ?/Draco, ?/Colin
Spoilers:possible 1-4
Warnings: | Slash| Tort | NC | Mpreg| BDMS| Inc| AU
Disclaimer:This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Summary: Draco is deage for a class project which leads to a shocking discovering, and the lives of many people change because of it. This is an AU story, therefore, many of the characters are going to be OOC.

Draco drinks the potion down, and starts to change as Harry and Hermione watch him. The potion only takes a few minutes to start working. The three-year-old Draco appears. He is stunned for a moment, and looks over at Harry and Hermione who are in shock themselves, and slowly backed into the corner. He sits down, putting his knees up to his chest and tries to hide. He's never been around people like these before and doesn't know what they want from him or where he is at.

"Ron looks wide-eyed as he walks into the room, and exclaims, "Whoa! What the heck happen to him? He looks sick or something."

They all stare at Draco who is over in the corner looking scared half to death. The small boy looks like he's had never been in the sunlight. His skin is pale, almost white, and he is also rather skinny.

"Wait! I thought this was supposed to make them like they were when they were three? I have seen pictures of him at three, and he looked nothing like this" states Hermione in confusion, as she points over to the boy in the corner.

"Yes, and he looks scared half to death. You would think Malfoy wouldn't be scared even at three" Harry replies, looking very concerned.

"Maybe he was and his parents used a charm, or maybe this is a trick. I bet he messed with the potion so you would get blamed. I wouldn't put that past him," Ron puts in.

Harry walks over to Draco, and kneels down next to the small frightened boy. He taps Draco on the shoulder causing the boy cringing in fear.

Harry says softly, "Hello. I am Harry. I am your friend." He smiled gently then adds," You are going to be ok. There is no reason to be scared."

"Fwiend?" Draco asks meekly, " Whewe am I?"

"You are in my room. I am going to watch you for a while ok? " Harry replies.

"Mummy not say that," Draco says, and looks around for his mother.

"Oh well she did, you just weren't told"

"Mummy not say that. Whewe Mummy?"

"Look Draco"

Draco blinks and stares, " Sissy Dwaco," he says.

"What?" asks Harry. He is very confused now.

"Sissy Dwaco," Draco says again.

Ron falls onto the floor and starts laughing. "He's calling himself a sissy, Harry. Oh, this is classic." He says.

Draco stares over at Ron like he is crazy, and tries to sink back into the corner as far as he could.

"Ron, I don't think that's what he's says." Harry answers his friend, and thinks 'This is strange'.

"Well," Hermione puts in, "I think we should take him to his dad."

"NOOOO!! No Daddy!!" Draco screams in fear. "No Daddy tell get big Mummy says"

"What?" Harry asks him.

"Mummy no let me see daddy tell she make me big." Draco replies.

"Make you big?" Hermione inquires. "Your mom is going to make you big?"

"Uh huh. Mummy make me big because Sissy Dwaco to much giwl. No see daddy befow big"

Harry grabs Draco around the waist and picks him up. Draco, scares,and starts to shake, and kick.

"Calm down . . . I am just going to take you over to my bed here. You can sit on my lap and we will talk."" Harry sooth softly to the child

Harry sits down with Draco on his lap, and continues trying to calm the panicking boy down.

"You don't want to see your daddy?" he asks.

"Yes want to see my Daddy, but mummy said no" Draco says, as he shakes his head.

"We will go see him and he will tell you that I have permission to watch you."

"No see Daddy . . . Mummy says."

"Why not? Doesn't she like you to be with your daddy?"

"Nevew been with him, only Sissy Dwaco has."

'Wait I know he has seen his dad before. I have seen picture of them together when he was three. Why does he keep talking about some Sissy Draco too. He's Draco, and I know he doesn't have any sisters,' Harry thinks.

"You are Draco."

"No Sissy is but Mommy says she make me Dwaco soon, cause sissy be to much giwl now. Daddy not want giwl only boy. only one boy."

They all look at the boy in shock, wondering what he is talking about.

Hermione walks over to Harry and whispers in his ear, " Harry, I think we should take him to see his dad, but don't tell him we are going to. Maybe he has some idea about what Malfoy is talking about. I think something happened to him. Maybe the potion messed up."

Harry nods his head yes, and whispers back " You are right, but it's time to go to sleep. We can talk to him tomorrow after breakfast. Draco looks tired anyway."

"That sounds good. I'll see you guys tomorrow " Hermione says, and then leaves to go to bed herself.

"So what am I suppose to call you?" Harry finally asks the boy he knew as Draco.

"Don't know," Draco replies.

"Well what does your mummy call you?"

"Dwagon" he answers.

"Ok Dragon we are going to sleep now okay?"


Harry gets Draco/Dragon ready for bed, then himself. "This is going to be so much fun " Harry says, then closes his eyes and goes to sleep.