Incarcerated after her defeat at the hands of Elastigirl. Evelyn Deavor resigned herself to her fate in a prison cell. Whatever came next was beyond her control. It was best not to dwell on it.

"Evelyn Deavor? You have a visitor."

Leaving her cell, Evelyn took a seat at a table where her brother was waiting for her, in the prison visiting centre. Expecting his usually cheery face, Evelyn was surprised when she saw his sombre expression.

"I'm surprise you showed up here. Shouldn't you be celebrating that supers are legal again?" Evelyn asked, wondering why he had chosen to visit her, so soon after her arrest.

"I contacted our lawyer. He's going to try his best to get you a reduced sentence. If you're lucky you'll get off with a house arrest and community service." Winston informed her with a coldness to his voice, giving her the impression that he had only come here out of obligation

"I take it you didn't come here to pay my bail then." Evelyn tried to lighten the mood with a quip, to no avail. The normally exuberant Winston was doing his best to keep a mask of indifference to shield himself from her.

"I thought about it… and I think some prison time before your court hearing will do you 'some good.'" Winston rephrased his sister's words, when she had attempted to drag him away to her jet. Having her own words thrown back at her, Evelyn realized that Winston did not see her escape plan in the same way.

"I thought you'd be grateful."

"Oh, I am. I'm grateful… that in fixing your mistake, the world got to see the supers for who they really are." Winston responded. Finding the silver lining in the Everjust nearly crashing into the city.

"Another win for the supers…" Evelyn cheered sarcastically, undermining Winston's positive spin on the incident. It was clear to Winston that Evelyn was set in her ways, but perhaps a gift might be able to help her.

"Before I leave, I got you something to read." Winston handed Evelyn a book.

Turning the book backwards, Evelyn looked at the book blurb which read: "When research scientist Madeleine Trevor's two-year project is sabotaged by a co-worker, Madeleine struggles to recover from the betrayal of the colleague she once trusted."

"Maybe it will help you see things differently." Winston said on the way out. If Evelyn had not been able to see how much his campaign had meant to him, then perhaps she might discover the empathy she lacked, by reading about a character not unlike herself in his shoes.

Jack-Jack gurgled happily to himself, as Bob pushed his stroller through the winding walking path of a Metroville park. Accompanying them was Jack-Jack's older brother Dash, who was happy to jog alongside them at a lively pace. Ahead of them, a dog barked as its owners, a father and son played catch with a football on the grass.

Throwing the ball a bit too strongly, the ball sailed out of his son's reach. Unable to resist the thrill of catching it, Dash ran as fast as he could without attracting suspicion to intercept the ball.

"Oh, there he goes!" Bob remarked, laughing at his son's lightning fast departure, as the man with the strong throwing arm approached him.

"I'm Steve." The man introduced himself, with his son by his side and shook Bob's hand. While their dog sniffed inquisitively at Jack-Jack.

"Bob and who's this?" Bob asked, as he saw the small, brown dog being petted by Jack-Jack. The sight of his son getting along with a small animal, making Bob smile. At least we know he's friendly with other animals. Bob thought to himself, after recalling Jack-Jack's incident with a raccoon in the backyard.

"That's Dozer. Short for bulldozer. We let Marty name him after his favourite toy when he was young."

"Here you go!" Dash came running back and dropped the football into Marty's hands.

"Thanks. Hey, I know you, we go to the same school. I saw you run on the track." Marty's eyes lit up with recognition, upon seeing a familiar face.

But before Dash could reply, he noticed that Jack-Jack was beginning to rise from his stroller. Rushing over to Jack-Jack, Dash pulled him down and obstructed Steve and Marty's view of his levitating brother with his body.

"Sorry we gotta go, but we should meet up at recess next time!" Dash apologized and planned their next meeting.

Turning the stroller in the opposite direction, Dash waved good-bye to his new friend and took off with the stroller, leaving a stunned Bob to chase after them.

I wanted to see more of the Deavor siblings after Incredibles 2, so I decided to write a follow up to their situation and fulfil an Incredibles 2 interviewer and Huck Milner's wishes respectively, to see the Parr family 'get' a dog and Dash making a new friend.