When Seimei Handa left Emi Handa to go and stay with another woman it came as no big shock to her as the radiance had vanished from their marriage ages ago. Seimei made no strain regarding money, and he could well afford it being a distinguished calligrapher.

Emi got to keep the house as well, and so there was not much in the way of material difficulties for her. Her troubles were at somewhere else, specifically when Seimei left she was past her second term of pregnancy, also she had their twenty-three – approaching twenty-four – year old son, Seishuu Handa, staying with her.

The pregnancy had come about because Seimei was convinced that "It'll pull the marriage together." Emi had thought this a futile aspiration since such pregnancies were more likely to push the marriage apart, but she agreed and quit taking the pill, not even certain if she could get pregnant at her age.

The farewell when it arrived had not been entirely friendly and Seimei, as if to give grounds for his action, had left with a parting shot.

"Now that I'm gone you can finally get that boy to replace me on our bed."

That had hit Emi strongly because there was a bit of validity in what Seimei had said.

To be continued...