A pile of parchment litters the once neat breakfast nook. Bustling around the kitchen collecting the wine Paulina huffs. Then shoves the pile into a folder moving it off the table in disgust.

"The halfwits! Didn't they learn from the last campaign of asinine ideas?!"

Hermione finishes putting the deserts on the service trays, then levitates them to the dining room.

"No, they can't see past their 19th century nonexistent faux aristocratic bloodlines into the 21st century."

Marcelino shifts the plates and cutlery in agitation, then helps his wife open the wine before placing in the middle of the table within reach of their guests. "Just a bunch of pedophiles taking youthful wives and husbands to prove their virility, the tossers."

Chucking and giggles fill the areas people seat themselves at the table. Six in all, some of whom left England shortly after their graduation.

Patrice Twycross a pureblood clerk in Regulations and Control of Magical Creatures, "You are not too far off there." Taking a healthy swallow of wine, "I got it from Cassandra Wetherton in Wizengamot Administration Services some of the letters were being tampered with so choice pairing could be made."

Shaking his head, Cemoyre Mellin a half-blood clerk in the Ludicrous Patents Office, "It hasn't gone through Wizengamont but they are already having people creating the scheme of the pairing calculations. I have a cousin in the Portkey office has it on authority it will go through no later than this time of next year."

All shake their head in disgust before tucking in. After a few bites, Hermione cuts through the banter, "We know they won't stop. Those who didn't take Riddle's brand but sided with the rhetoric are still entrenched. The righteous Order of the Phoenix is just going along it- How do we save ourselves?"

Paulina holds her husband's hand looking into his eyes. Taking her cue, he sighs, "Why don't we look at this from a non-magical view."

18 months later

Senior staff representing each department was in attendance within the chamber of Wizengamont. Pureblood families were voicing their grief against the ones in charge. Each shouting their own opinions over one another, creating such a commotion an aggravated Kingsley's sent up sparks to shut everybody up.

It has been many days since he has had a good night's rest since this resolution has been drafted. "Let the floor recognize Dreues Brafyne."

A tall man of forgettable aristocratic features stands to take the floor. Turning he addresses the Wizengamont; "Today we come together in an emergency meeting because our society is once again in crisis." Pausing to fortify himself. "We are dying society; each generation has become smaller. Our once teaming streets have been to the point of an almost crawl. Children's laughter is hardly heard now, not because of fear but of absence. Enrollment into Hogwarts has dropped so dramatically a grand majority of the classes are empty. Our population, ladies and gentlemen, haven't seen this drop since the 'Black Plague'.

The numbers do not lie ladies and gentlemen. We will not last another generation and if we do not act now. It may seem distasteful now however, we guarantee our society has survived."

Resounding applause is heard. Kingsley and the others shake their heads in grief and remorse. For history will deem this act as the first step to the extinction of British Enclave.

The Procreation Act has passed within Wizengamont

The QuibblerStacy Collins

For quite some time whispers of enforcing a 'Marriage law' floated around the Ministry of Magic. Many thought it was just grumblings of the discontent is now a fact my dear readers. It will impact all able-bodied British Witches and Wizards age 17 to 64. All unmarried candidates will be carefully paired to ensure magical children. Matches can be prearranged or negotiated, however, once contacted the selected must comply within six months or face the penalty of a broken wand and expulsion from the Wizard World.

It seems another fine decision like the Muggleborn Registration Commission of 1997 is now on the books of the Ministry of Magic. Full disclosure is found on page 4.

In the lurking shadows, the few that worked behind the scenes for the forced magical baby boom, by any means necessary gloated in the victory. Blinded by success opposers were left unchecked as several plans of preemptive counter strikes were set in motion.

Not all will be lost. People were tired of sacrificing and shedding blood for a society of sycophants.

A week later…

A group of young Aurors quickly make their way to the latest emergency meeting. Since the enactment of the "Procreation Act" picketing against the law has been seen in various places within both the Ministry Atrium and Diagon Alley. This was unprecedented in a society used to compliance from the masses.

Many in the ranks couldn't understand why the Wizengamont refused to let people just live their lives. Some have refused to enforce the arrest for non-compliance, some went as far as quitting, negatively impacted their numbers. Civil unrest is on the rise, many still remember those dark days, didn't they suffer enough?

Six months after the Procreation Act was ratified…

The deadline for the 'Procreation Act' has now passed. – Now what?

The QuibblerGervese Huston

In the last six months, there has been a whirlwind of marriage announcements and bonding ceremonies, credited by the Ministry of Magic. Big bold venues shouting unity and equality. Reaching across blood status lines to ensure a greater society. Although a grand majority are between pureblood and pureblood raised half-bloods.

Do they also take credit for the rise in suicide rates or the exponential increase of domestic violence?

Many 'sanctioned' matched couples that have quietly complied are now being touted as fine examples of the society.

An anonymous Ministry worker confirmed there are 260 matches on the books. 140 have been confirmed; ten were renegotiated. Twenty are pending for the bride/groom to reach their majority. Leaving ninety pairs still pending. Does this mean we shall see our first explosion or Ministry enforced bonds in the future?