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Seven months after the Procreation Act was ratified…

Ladies and gentlemen on today's broadcast of Empire Service we have the advocate against the 'Procreation Act' Ludovicus Hildebrand and the father of the 'Procreation Act' Dreues Brafyne. I am your host Aliss Helyssent.

"Now gentlemen this is a very sensitive multilayer topic that many are discussing not only in their homes but in the pub and out in the streets.

Why was this act passed? Why the strong-arm tactic to ensure marriages? Lastly, what doesn't the public know that Wizengamont does? I would like Mr. Brafyne to start."

"Aliss, let me just say thank you for having me on the show to share the Ministry findings. As you and the audience know there has been a severe drop in enrollment at Hogwarts. What wasn't shares is how severe, this year there were only forty children admitted. Four from pure-blood families, six from well-respected half-blood families the remaining from new bloodlines. This is unprecedented, Healers from St Mungo's has projected since the rise of the two Dark Lords. We have lost significant numbers in our population and we may not exist in a mere generation. Now I know many are resistant to the idea of a contracted marriage. We come from a rich history of traditional unions that have given viable magical births. There is no reason why this tradition should not be carried on this time of need."

"Your response Counselor Hildebrand."

"Thank you for having me on the program. Your information on the enrollment for this year's Hogwarts is correct Brafyne. However, many children cannot enroll in the predigest Hogwarts due to non-transfer policies. Then there is the financial factor, tuition which incidentally favors parents who are aware of magic. There is a sliding scale for tuition payment but only to those who enroll their children at birth.

Now let's address the contract marriage. This practice was shared in both the magical and non-magical communities. However, it's considered a very outdated practice by many muggles. Muggles and muggle-borns are prone to marry at a later age, wanting to ensure they have the financial means to raise a child in comfort. Children are expensive and it is irresponsible to have them without means. As of to date there are no tax breaks giving couples incentives to have more than one child. The Ministry is casting a needless burden upon the community.

Finally, tradition. The 'Procreation Act' itself is an affront to our most sacred values. The union between husband and wife is a family matter, not a MoM matter. This act presses the family to united under dire circumstances. I don't know about you but I was raised with the belief there is to be harmony within the household. The husband's role is to protect the family and treat their wives as treasures. My mother was taught her role was to respect her husband's strength, maintain the household, raise the children, all the while knowing her husband's strength is to be relied on, not feared. This act attacks our moral beliefs we hold so dear, Aliss. All to ensure not only pregnancy but to quote Brafyne, 'one with a viable magical birth.' Last time I checked any healthy pregnancy and birth in any community viable. The horrific history of Riddle is being repeated, this time on a large scale sanctioned by the Ministry."

12 Grimmauld Place, Islington, London, England

Turning off the radio, all within the receiving room digest the debate. Sighing heavily Harry turns to some of the remaining Order of the Phoenix members, "That just planted many seeds."

A platter of sandwiches floats by each guest as Winky brings in the tea cart. Ginny's head rests on the back of the couch parallel the second couch accompanied by George and Angelina. Agitated Angelina settles their plates on the coffee table. "I didn't know about the tuition scale." Molly paused "I thought that was common knowledge." George rolls his eyes, "How would a Muggle know to register their magical kid, mum?"

Huffing, "That's not the point George."

Resigned Angelina replies "It is, Molly. That close-minded thoughtless, that constantly enforce the cultural gap in the first place."

Molly begins to retort.

Kingsley cuts to the matter at hand "Look we can debate all day but there is an issue that must be addressed."

Harry nods in agreement. "The missing seventy."

Rolling the amber liquid in his glass, Arthur contemplates "The exact numbers and names were kept under lock and key. How did the Quibbler of all papers get that information?"

Ginny looks over at the group, "What happens to them? Breaking their wands and throwing them out of the Wizard World seems counterproductive."

Neville answers with a bark of disgust "They will go after the most influential ones and 'pursued' them to come back and do their duty for the 'greater good'." Many in the room flinch at Neville's venom, "We all know who they want, the icon of Muggleborns and one-third of the 'Golden Trio', Hermione. These people will use any means to find her and break her, believing the rest will follow."

Kingsley, "I refuse to have a kangaroo court."

George raises a brow, "You know they won't ask permission. It will be the classic 'ask for forgiveness later'. All the while Hermione will be used as a broodmare for some tainted rich pureblood."


Angelina sneers at Molly "Please, is that outrage for Hermione who is already sold to the highest bidder to be raped until she breeds? Or for the rest of the population in the same predicament."

Molly stands wringing her hands nervously, "Look I know it not the best solution but we are so close to dying out. We need the numbers, I am sure that the goodwill out way the bad. We have enough influence to make sure Hermione will be placed with a light family. Children can pull people together in the end."

The room grows deathly quiet, "Mother you agree with this? Forced breeding?" Quickly turning to Percy, "No, but what can we do? There are so few of our people left."

"Why am I not surprised. Still believing Dumbledore's philosophy. Muggleborns need to be lead. You're a damn fool, Molly." Turning back to Angelina and George in anger Molly sees George restraining his crying wife. Molly has never seen Angelina in this state before or George's shame in his eyes.

Forcing Angelina to face him, George hugs her close, murmuring in her ear then pushes her towards the fireplace to leave. In the coldest voice, anyone has heard from the normally jovial man, "I promised never to let anyone make my wife cry. Before any more words are said know this Mother. Don't come to the house or shop for a very long time. Don't expect any of us at Sunday breakfast."

Arthur looks at Molly contemplating, "You crossed the line there, Molly. A line that can't be taken back. I think you forget Angelina is muggle-born. Their children although half-bloods are considered good breeding stock. I've already received explorations for contracts. For the greater good of the community." Molly's polar becomes deathly pale as she sits heavily, with watery eyes. "Go home, Molly. We'll talk later."

Tea is quickly replaced with Ogden from the cellar.

The floo activates letting Ron walk out of the green flames "What did I miss?"

On the other side of the pond…

The first-class action suit against a Magical Government

Magical Village VoiceAlexander Q. Palmer

Well brothers and sisters of the now free world, the Ministry of Magic (MoM) has made the media once again. For those who don't know the British Enclave has suffered a massive drop in their population. Between a massive migration and low birth rates, it doesn't look good. In this effort to stem this problem the "Procreation Act" was implemented. Long story short all British Wizards and Witch within child-bearing age are being paired to ensure a magical baby boom. If a pairing doesn't comply they wands are broken and kicked out of the British Enclave.

Yes, they went there.

Warin Alderman of Palwin and Ingeram Law Firm is suing for human rights violations on the behalf of six new blood families. An anonymous source revealed more are pending in the English Crowd's court.

For the first time since MoM's inception, the common people have collectively spoken.

Interesting enough hard evidence of 'pairing' tampering has come to light and into both the ICW and UME hands. Documentation and photos show nine old family's schemes of bribing officials to tamper with the pairing selection. The better the social status of the candidate the higher the 'processing fee'.

Magical Embassies around the world are seeing a sharp increase of British born witches and wizards seeking asylum, which are being granted as never before.

Smart people, they got the hell out of dodge into countries that been clamoring for a fight with England for a long time.

Fight the good fight!

Brafyne Estates, Bedfordshire, England

"How in the fuck are these people being accepted with open arms in the most anti-English embassies?! It usually takes months to years before a decision in a refugee case is made. Every single fucking case is being fast-tracked for asylum! This is a fucking embarrassment!"

Dreues Brafyne was vibrating with anger, all their careful planning. Hiding, bowing and scheming as the Dark Lord reigned terror. He knew it wouldn't last, the man was powerful but unstable. Dreues kept his head down, digging deep into the Ministry. Although a pureblood he didn't have the coffers like Le Strange or the influence like Malfoy. He knew secrets that would ensure his rise and his bloodline to survive. A few placed whispers and pointing in the right direction. The remaining 'Sacred 28' were so easy to bring to his thinking. Ensure the existence of their noble bloodlines, by any means necessary.

History can be easily re-written.

Mudbloods are so easy to dispose of.