016. Affected



He's tired of this. Feeling guilty. Feeling…


From across the long, open hall, Aang whooshes over, dodging a few councilmen practically chasing after him to reach Zuko as well. He summons and pushes a miniature, swirling vortex of air to cushion the Fire Lord's descent, before he can strike the table while passing out.

"Zuko, hey," Aang raises his voice, catching the other man on his knees and shifting their weight. "Wake up, Zuko—Zuko!" he tries again, pillowing Zuko's head against his burnt-orange shoulder.

When there's no response, and the guards hustle over, Aang closes his eyes and inhales to calm himself.

Zuko's still breathing. It's fine. Fine.

By the time he orders everyone to move away, to search the grounds for intruders, Aang hears it.


"No, nono no," he blurts out, frantically arranging Zuko on his back and pressing his fingers against Zuko's sternum. Katara did this before — she saved Aang's life by bending the water out of his lungs.

Aang inhales again, reaching inside for the soft, liquefying contents in Zuko's gut, gripping his fingers loosely and drawing the fluidy matter back up into Zuko's throat, and finally out of his mouth until the Fire Lord violently chokes himself awake.

Once he disposes of it, Aang presses his hands to Zuko's face, smiling big enough for it to ache.

"You mind not doing that ever again?"

"Shutup," Zuko mutters, half-gagging on the taste of his own bile working up to coat his mouth.



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