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Changed Perspectives

            Harry Potter had come back to his fifth year a very changed person, in the eyes of most of the Hogwarts students.

            The first thing that was noticeably different about him was the fact that he had reached his growth spurt during the summer to become about six feet tall. He no longer wore glasses, his skin looked almost bronze, and he had quite the handsome lithe built body. The second difference that was perceptible only after you had been with him for a while was the fact that he did not talk unless he felt the need.

            It became quite obvious to all abroad the Hogwarts Express on September 1, 1995 that he felt the need to talk.

            "Would you two just shut up for once?" Harry Potter had stood up angrily from his seat next to his (former) best friends.

            Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley stopped saying whatever they were saying at the furious yell that resounded throughout the entire back compartments of the train.

            "Harry? What's wrong with you? You haven't been listening to us at all, have you? We're worried about you Harry. You're our best friend and we don't like seeing you so miserable." Hermione replied, becoming quite angry herself.

            Harry scowled at her questions. "I don't find it amusing where you two pretend that I don't exist for two months and then decide suddenly whenever you see me again that you know me better than everyone else. You know, I find that quite bloody ridiculous. Maybe I feel miserable because you two always pretending to care as you bloody badger me to death!"

            Ron's jaw dropped at his comments, the chocolate frog that he had been about to bite down upon falling out of his mouth. "How can you say that, Harry? Hermione and I do know you better than everyone else. I know you probably better than you know yourself."

            "Really?" Harry replied back just as angrily. "Tell me; what is my favorite color, who is my favorite person, and what occupation do I wish to have after I graduate, and what is my favorite thing to do?"

            Ron and Hermione looked at each other and smiled. "That's really easy, Harry." Hermione said smugly. "Your favorite color is scarlet, favorite person is Dumbledore, wish to become an Auror and kill Voldemort, and love to play quidditch. Everyone knows that." Ron nodded his head to show his agreement.

            Harry just shook his head at their answers. "You got every single one of them wrong. My favorite color is emerald green as you would have known should you have cared, my favorite person is Shakespeare, I want to become a quidditch player or write when I graduate, and I love to listening to music, orchestral or vocal. I find that it is quite calming after a very hellish day. And for a bloody fact, let it be known that I want to be left alone! It seems that the person you know is Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-God-Damn-Lived-and-the-Perfect-Gryffindor and not actually Harry Potter, the boy who you don't know at all."

            "What happened to you, Harry? You're acting like a prat."

            "Seeing a person dying in front of your eyes changes your perspectives in and about life after reality hits." And with that comment, Harry strode out of the compartment and quickly into the next one he could find, ignoring the fact that it was full of fifth year Slytherins; including Draco Malfoy. He just sat down on the floor (after slamming the door rather hard and having to repair the glass) in the corner of the compartment, out of sight of the door and glass window, and pulled a book out of the pockets of his robes and started to read it.

            "Potter, what the hell do you think you are doing in here?" Pansy Parkinson shrieked from her seat next to Millicent Bulstrode.

           Harry didn't even bother to glance up. "I'm reading a book," he held up the book to show the title Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King for a short while before starting to read it again, "with Salazar. What does it look like I'm doing? Knitting some damn red and gold socks for She-Who-Thinks-She-Knows-It-All and her Trustworthy-Know-Nothing-'I-Know-You-Better-Than-You-Know-Yourself'-Sidekick?"

            The group of seven Slytherins were shocked into silence at his statement against his supposed best friends. They had of course heard the initial shout of the argument before they had wisely put up a silencing charm on the door.

            "Are you alright, Potter?" Gwendolyn Nott asked as gently as she could from beside Blaise Zabini who nodded his head vigorously.

            "And why do you give a damn?" Harry asked, turning a page in his book.

            "You were insulting your Gryffindor friends and just said that you were reading with the long-dead founder of the Slytherin house… I believe that that is a plausible reason for worrying about your sanity, Potter." Draco Malfoy stated in his typical slow speech of nonchalance.

            "Oh, Salazar?" Harry asked and he lifted his arm and pulled back the sleeve of his robe to show a petite, jet black snake wrapped around his forearm. "He's an asp. Quite poisonous. The shopkeeper in Diagon Alley didn't seem quite keen on selling him to me after reading the Rita Skeeter articles from last year. But in the end, eleven galleons changed his mind. It's a good thing, he and I talked before because I would have never paid such an appallingly high price for this wimp if he wasn't worth it."

            The Slytherins all jumped back at the sight of one of the most venomous snakes in the world on the arm of Harry Potter, the supposed Golden Boy.

            Harry just smirked at the faces on the faces of his former most hated rivals in the entirety of Hogwarts School. "Have any of you read Hogwarts: A History?" he asked, out of the blue. The others all shook their heads negative. "I was just wondering. Never could bring myself to read the book. But have any of you heard of someone switching houses at Hogwarts?"

            "W-what?" Millicent stuttered. "You're going to switch houses?"

            "I was just thinking about it. I mean, the Sorting occurs before most have even reached puberty. And Dumbledore once told me that it is our choices that effect where the hat decides to place us. Before I came to Hogwarts, the only contact I had with the magical world was a single trip to Diagon Alley, when I met someone," he glanced pointedly at Draco, "who seemed to me to be spoiled and rude. And the only other person that I had met had said that all wizards who went into Slytherin house went bad. You could say that I was misinformed being that Gryffindors can go bad as well…"

            "So you've changed your mind about Slytherins?"

            "I just found something out about someone of the Slytherin house and their certain connection with the Malfoy family." Harry paused at that statement. "Arthur and Molly Weasley graduated from Hogwarts the year before my parents entered. And Lucius Malfoy was in his fifth year when they did enter the school. It seems that on the day of her Sorting, a little girl with no friends and the last name of Evans became a member of the Slytherin house and became friends with the prefect, Narcissa Cunningham, the girlfriend of a certain Lucius Malfoy. But of course, the little girl soon became friends with most of the Slytherins in her house. Then during her sixth and seventh year, Voldemort started recruiting members while still pretending to be a charismatic man who just believed the Ministry needed changing and many of the girl's friends joined him although she didn't. And the little girl became friends with a certain Gryffindor who still liked her even through all the bad rumors about the Slytherins. But his friends didn't like the idea of their friend being in love with a Slytherin. But after graduation the friends could all play pretend that she had never been a Slytherin at all. And then the little girl, who had long since become a woman, married her Gryffindor and had a little baby boy. But because of the war with Voldemort she was refused by all those around her to visit her former Slytherin friends… Then one day the woman faced the most dreaded evil since Grindewald and refused to give up her son. And then her son lived and became famous while she and her husband died.

            "The son was left with his Muggle relatives because he had no place else to go because although, quite a few of the former Slytherin friends offered to house the boy and to treat him like a son they were all given negative answers because the person knew that if this powerful little child was left with these people there was a chance that he would grow to hate him and not be the perfect little hero, or pawn, that he wanted the little boy to be. And so he grew up with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. He was made to be a slave, who slept in a cupboard under the stairs, and who didn't even know that his name was 'boy' or 'freak' until he was six years old and was first allowed to go to school. But school wasn't very much better for the little boy because he had no friends because of his mean, bullying cousin. Then when he turned eleven, a half-giant came to tell the little boy that he was a famous wizard. And because the half-giant was the first kind person to the little boy, he believed everything that he told him. And so the little boy believed that all Slytherins were evil. Of course, no one mentioned the fact that the little boy's mother was in Slytherin because then the little boy might want to be like her and join that house too. And of course, the person that first decided that the boy should go to the Muggles believed that he would be much harder to control his little chess piece if he was to believe that all Gryffindors weren't mighty and good.

            "And then one day, during the summer after his fourth year at Hogwarts, where he had witnessed the rebirth of his parents' murderer and the murder of a friend, the boy received a very interesting letter from a certain Narcissa Malfoy saying that she was sorry for the treatment that the boy had received from her husband but that he had been quite angry because the little boy seemed to be the same as his father, whom the husband, Lucius, believed was the reason behind the attack against the mother of the boy, whom they both had been friends with.

            Harry smiled a little wistfully at the mention of the mother. "Then the boy decided during the summer that he wouldn't stay another day with his relatives who had done everything from starving and hitting him during the two weeks that he did stay and had packed up everything that he owned and went to the Leaky Cauldron to stay for the rest of the holidays; not caring about Voldemort. He was surprised when he received no letters from his supposed friends and then saw them one day in Diagon Alley, snogging in a corner of some shop. He listened as they talked about how they weren't going to tell him about their relationship and how the other boy, supposedly the best friend of the boy, was just a show off brat with a scarred forehead anyway. And so came to be that in his rage, the boy went to the nearest shop and bought every single book he could to be able to be better than the two traitors. And while he was passing by a pet shop he struck up a conversation with a certain asp. And so is told the history of Lily Evans who became a Potter, may her soul rest in peace, and her son, Harry James Potter."

            Harry smiled at the dropped jaws of the Slytherins in the compartment. But he just continued on without seeming to realize that he had just revealed more about himself to these people he rarely talked to than to his former friends whom he had believed he could tell everything to. "So how have your summers been? And none of you have answered my question about anyone ever being reSorted."


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