It was questioned in a review about how Draco knew about Einstein in chapter 5. It just slipped my mind when I typed it. But now that it has been mentioned, just look at it as if although the Malfoys and the rest of the Slytherins do not associate with any Muggle-like, they are not completely ignorant.

     *     = change scene

    *** = flashback/end flashback

Changed Perspectives

            "Now, for your first lesson we won't even be picking up any of the chosen weapons as that would be too dangerous with your lack of knowledge in how to handle any of the blades." Lucius Malfoy stated from his position next to Severus Snape. He had, of course, been asked by Dumbledore at Severus' recommendation to help with Harry Potter's physical training.

            Harry smirked from his standing position in one of the many dueling rooms of Hogwarts located somewhere among the miles of hallways in the dungeons. "Are you saying, Mr. Malfoy, that you don't trust me to not hurt myself—or rather you—with a weapon in my hands?"

            Lucius Malfoy gave one of his infamous Malfoy trademark smirks that put Harry's into the dust. "Oh, I'm not worried about you attacking me per se. But I can't have the Savior-of-the-Wizarding-World die by his own sword in his own hand, can I?"

            The aristocratic blonde then looked at the Gryffindor sword in Harry's hands. "Do you know how to use that thing?"

            "It seems obvious to me."        

            "Tell us," Lucius said gesturing to Severus who was sitting, "then how to use the sword." They both waited looking nonchalant and wondering what the Slytherin's answer would be.

            "It's quite simple really." Harry said as he hefted up his sword and pointed towards the tip. "The pointy end goes into the other man."*

            Severus snorted from his seated position before he stood up. "It appears, Harry that you are not to completely grasp the important concepts of such a beautiful thing such as swordsmanship. However, now that I have seen that you can show me that you are not completely incompetent in the art of potion-making I will give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that you will at least attempt to not be stupid in this subject as you had been in my potions classes."

            "If I am not to be using the sword for the next few lessons, what will I be doing?"

            "Lessons are composed of two hours every Saturday. The first hour you will be studying the theory behind the usage of swords and the different types and how to use them. The next hour you will be working on stretching and building up your strength and endurance. In a real fight you will not be given water breaks and time outs. You will have to learn to build your stamina. For now, we work on physically then after your sword skills are above average we will integrate magic into that skill so that you will be able to be fluid enough in your movements to be able to cast spells while fighting. You cannot expect yourself, however, to be able to do this unless you practice during the week when you don't have formal lessons with us. Do you understand, Harry?"

            "Of course," Harry said eagerly. "So can we start?"

            Oh, how Harry would regret that question later.


            Green eyes narrowed with pain and ire as Blaise Zabini heartily thumped him on the back as he sat down gingerly on a couch in the Circle at the top of the Slytherin tower.

            "So how was your lesson?" the other asked with the smirk immediately associated with all Slytherins.

            "It had me convinced I was in hell until I realized that there weren't fires burning all over the place and that Lucifer was no where in sight. But then again, Severus and Lucius make up one hell one of 'We-Are-Evil-Angels-Fallen-From-Heaven' duo. How many push-ups and chin-ups and stretches and sit-ups is it physically possible to do in one bloody hour?"

            "Ah, so you have been put under the famous Lucius Malfoy training plan." Blaise said with a knowing look.

            Harry looked up at that comment. "Are there others that have been trained by him?"

            "Only Draco. He's a really amazing swordsman for what I've seen and heard. I believe that he told me that Mr. Malfoy had asked him to be your end-of-course exam."

            "My end-of-course exam? What the hell do they mean by that?"

            "In order for Severus and Mr. Malfoy to declare that you have become sufficient you have to duel Draco and win. I hear that first blood gives you bonus points. You'll both be warded against actual harm of course."

            "How is it that you know of all of this but not me?"

            "I've been a Slytherin for four more years than you have been, Harry. I know all the tricks of eavesdropping, spying, espionage, and all the other known Slytherin talents."

            "But, of course," Harry said with a knowing look.

            Blaise just grinned. "So where is Draco?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Harry asked while shrugging. "We're going out not attached at the hip. I didn't know his location at all times during the months we were just friends. I don't know his location at all times now."           

            "Well, it sounds like you and Draco are in a really loving relationship." Blaise stated, in just a slightly sarcastic voice. "Are you sure you both actually have a very loving relationship?"

            "Yes. You do realize that part of a relationship is trust?"

            "Of course, of course." Blaise said smilingly.

            It was then that Draco came into the Circle and kissed Harry on the cheek as he sat down next to him before bursting out with laughter like a hyena (but with definitely a more beautiful voice) as he collapsed over Harry's lap. "Oh Merlin! You should have been there!"

            "What happened?" Harry asked eagerly as he gently ran his fingers through Draco's hair.

            "Weasley was insulting all the Malfoys that ever existed when Granger comes in and says that in 'Mikhail Malfoy, from the year 981 AD, was in fact a brilliant wizard. Quite powerful, really, and he was the apprentice of Salazar Slytherin himself it is noted by the more reliable historical texts. That would have been a great honor at the time. Mikhail Malfoy is also the wizard credited for finding the helpful uses of belladonna for a potion that he had been creating during his time as an apprentice to Slytherin. So really, the Malfoys were and have been, for more than a thousand years, one of the brighter wizarding families.'"

            Draco laughed so hard he actually snorted (in an adorably aristocratic way, of course). "Weasel became offended at the comment and started saying things like, 'Malfoys smart? You have got to be pulling my beard!' Then Granger stated quite clearly that 'You don't have a beard.'"

            "Really?" Harry asked, surprised. "I thought that Hermione hated you and me for that matter."

            Draco smirked. "I don't think that it's a matter of if she hates or not but more of a matter of her showing Weasley that not everything he believes is true. It probably was just another chance for her to show her amazing brain off."

            "Ah. That makes more sense." Harry said, sighing softly. "I guess that I just miss her sometimes, you know?"

            "Granger always had more of a brainy Ravenclaw disposition than the stupid Gryffindor one. She may yet be salvaged."

            "Salvaged? You make her sound like something that was almost completely destroyed."

            "When doesn't Gryffindor almost completely destroy a person?" Draco just asked. "Aside from you, of course."

            "There's the case with Fred and George, Seamus, Dean, and Neville."

            "Well, them also…"

            "And Angelina, Alicia, and Katie…"

            "Okay, those three also…"


            "I get the point." Draco stated. "So how was your first lesson with my father?"

            "Pure hell."

            Draco grinned. "Of course it was. My father is a relentless worker. But rest assured that when this is over, you will be the more proficient at using a sword than you believe possible." He then looked around to make sure that none of the other Slytherins were listening excepting Blaise. "My father has coordinated a meeting between some of the other rebellious Death Eaters along with Severus. They are planning on meeting in three weeks time in Hogsmeade. Father said that we are to come."

            "Who's the we?" Blaise asked.

            "Just me and Harry for now. I think that the only reason he wants us there is because he knows that Harry is going to be important in the fight against Voldemort. There's no way that he can't be. Sorry, Harry. And well, I'm not sure why I'm to be invited as well."

            "Maybe because I probably will need someone closes to my age and indefinitely a Slytherin to be there with me to explain the politics of Slytherins."


            The three weeks passed quickly, what with school and all. Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons with Remus were going great and since Sirius had been freed and given a full pardon he had been helping with the classes. Potions classes were going better now that Harry had had the tutorials. He no longer needed them with Severus so often and when he did it was only for the more complicated ones. Harry was doing very well in all his other classes except of History of Magic where he still always fell asleep during lectures. The weapons training sessions were extended to be on Saturdays and Wednesday afternoons (sometimes Lucius had to cancel because of his job however) and were still 'pure hell'.


            "I'm telling you, Hermione, there aren't any Malfoys worth knowing. All of them for ages have been the dumb blonde type. Really! It's like blonde hair is genetic to them and the stupidity just travels down the bloodlines."

            At that a sixth year Ravenclaw blonde who had heard what Ron had said turned and hit hard on the back of the head. "Blondes are stupid, are they?" she said, threateningly.

            Ron didn't seem to know what to do. "Oh, I never meant you were stupid. It's only Malfoy."

            The Ravenclaw 'humphed' before walking away and Ron continued ranting. "I bet it was him and Harr—Potter that came up with the plan. I would swear it! Stupid bloody Malfoys and Potters."

            Of course, Ron and Hermione did not notice Draco Malfoy listening.

            "Really, Ron. The Malfoy line has been one of the more brighter and powerful wizarding lines from the time around and before the time of the Hogwarts founders."

            "I'd like you to prove that!" Ron said angrily. "The Weasley line is a very distinct one as well!"

            "I never said that your family line wasn't. You just don't hear as much about them. However, the Malfoy line is a very distinct line. Augustus Malfoy was well known to be one of Salazar Slytherin's acquaintances and was therefore very involved in the beginning of Hogwarts in the time of the late 900s. Mikhail Malfoy, Augustus Malfoy's son was the apprentice of Salazar Slytherin if the more reliable texts of the subject can be trusted."

            Ron snorted. "I bet that Malfoy git probably helping building the Chamber of Secrets."

            "That could very well be the case. It could also be the case that the Chamber was just a research center of some sort and the legend behind it became distorted over time. That does happen quite a few times."

            "Really, Mione. You're telling me that Malfoys are bright and smart and that the great git Slytherin himself might not have been evil. You've got to be pulling my beard."

            "You don't have one, Ron."

            "That isn't the point Mione! You're telling me that Malfoys are bright and bloody brilliant. You'll be telling me that Malfoy and his father are handsome as well."

            "Now that you speak of it. They do have a classical beauty. It's quite like the statues of Adonis or Apollo. Harry is shaped quite like that too. Very proportionate."


            "It's true. However, Malfoy's personality doesn't fit with his angelic looks." Hermione continued, ignoring Ron's seething. "You did tell me that I'd be telling you that."

            "Well, I didn't think you'd actually say it."

            "Oh, really!" Hermione said. "I'm trying to study, Ron! OWLs are this year if you are forgetting! Go ranting to all the other Gryffindors about 'Gryffindor traitors'. They'll be happy to hear you. I, however, have got to actually study!"


End Chapter Eleven

I admit. I took that line from the movie The Mask of Zorro. If you haven't watched that movie, you MUST. It is just awesome.

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