Organization 13.5


We are beings formed when the heart is lost. We are the leftover shells. We are Nobodies. When a particularly strong heart is lost to the darkness, The body and soul is born again into a new existence. It remembers pieces of who it was and becomes almost something. These special Nobody were gathered by Xemnas and formed the powerful Organization 13, whose goal is to summon Kingdom Hearts so that we Nobodies can become whole again. I am one of those special Nobodies that is part of Organization 13… Well, not really part of it. I kind of am, but they don't really know that I am. To the untrained eye, or really to any eye, I look like a normal Dusk Nobody, but I am special just like any of the other members. I just can't talk… I'm still trying to figure that part out. I am special though, I remember who I was, and even gave myself a cool Organization name: Kraxm. Or maybe it was Daxam. Yeah, it was Daxam. I used to be Adam, but since I've been reborn, I am now Daxam. This is my new life, and I want to help out the organization in any way that I can.

"Hey, did you hear, we're getting a new member." Lexaeus bellowed to an open room.

"Does it really matter who joins? You know that we're not complete until we get 13 anyways. So it's guaranteed that we'll get another 7 members anyways. Just call me when we're full." Zexion sits in a chair in the big empty room reading his book.

I think you mean 6 other members….

"Whatever, I'm excited. I hear the new guy is really strong."Lexaeus comments.

I hope he's personable. No one here is really personable yet. We need someone who is easy to talk to. I'm sure that's who they're looking for.

Right now all we have is:

Xemnas, the leader

Xigbar, the suck up

Xaldin, the antagonizer. he just tries to piss everyone off…

Vexen, he's just in the basement. I don't really know what he does.

Lexaeus, the jock.

And Zexion, the antisocial bookworm.

They're all strong in their own ways, but there is no personality between them…

That's all I want. Some personality. Someone to talk to. Someone who'll talk to me.

"What is this Dusk doing here?" A voice echos.

Someone noticed me! It's the new guy! I already like him!

"Hey, you." Saix points at the Dusk in the middle of the room.

He acknowledged me! Best guy ever! I mean, yes sir!

"You're not allowed in here. Shouldn't you be scouting?"

Never mind, he's a jerk.

"Leave him alone. That's Dusky. He's an odd one, we usually just let him roam around." Lexaeus counters.

Dusky? When did they start calling me that.

"Are you talking back to me? We have a job, and we need to recruit powerful nobodies like us! This cannon fodder needs to just wait until it's called upon." Saix responds.

Cannon fodder…..

"Alright Dusky, it's time to go. You need to sit with all the others." Lexaeus shoos Daxam away.

I would say that nobody appreciates me around here, but even nobodies don't appreciate me… Whatever, I'll go scout and I'll be the best scout ever. I'll find a powerful nobody to bring back, and they'll be my friend.