Deathstorm and Killer Frost were still deadlocked in their fight, Deathstorm shooting fireballs, Killer Frost shooting ice blasts at each other. The only problem was that even though the ice made contact, it melted against Deathstorm, while Killer Frost had to work hard to avoid the fireballs, since she knew from experience that those would affect her.

"Face it, I'm too hot, you can't even get shot on me." Deathstorm said as he lobbed another fireball at her.

"More like hotheaded." Killer Frost said as she slammed her hands into the ground, causing it to be covered in a sheet of ice which traveled until it encased Deathstorm inside it. However, as she expected, he quickly melted his way out.

"Well, it was worth a shot. Plan b." Killer Frost said as she used her ice slide to escape, and hopefully bring Deathstorm to the attention of someone who might be able to do a bit more damage, since unlike Firestorm, Deathstorm was actually able to heat his own body up, maybe because unlike Firestorm, he was one only person, not two people merged into one, however, Deathstorm quickly used a Firestorm trick and used his fire powers to fly after her.

Anyways, the moment Firestorm saw them, he faltered for a moment.

It cannot be. Stein said in Jax's head.

"What, who is that Grey?" Firestorm asked.

That's Ronald. My original half of Firestorm. We thought he was dead on this earth. Stein said.

"Well, it looks like not only is he still alive, but he's a bad guy now. You sure you can handle fighting him?" Firestorm asked as they watched Deathstorm take Killer Frost down.

Yes, that is not the Ronald I knew and you are my true Firestorm partner. Let's do this. Stein said as Firestorm collided with Deathstorm head on.

"You what they say about fighting fire with fire right?" Deathstorm asked.

"Yeah, someone gets burned. Except I don't think either of us has to worry about that." Firestorm said.

"True, so now, let's turn up then heat." Deathstorm said as the two both shot fire at each other at the same time.

"I have to find a way to stop him." Killer Frost said to herself as she got back up.

"Why did it have to be ice huh? Fire melts ice. Right now I need water to put him out." Killer Frost said before she got an idea. Ice was just water in its solid form. If she could control that, who says she can't control water in its liquid form to.

"If Barry can throw lightning as a speedster, why can't I do this?" Killer Frost asked as she aimed her hand at Deathstorm, but rather to shooting ice out of it, Killer Frost focused on hard on the ice liquifying, into pure freezing water. She felt something shoot of out her hand, but it wasn't ice, she knew the feeling of that coming out of her hand. This was wet and fluid and she looked down and grinned when she saw she was actually shooting water it hit Deathstorm square in the face, putting out his fire.

"Huh, did the big bad guy lose his fire?" Killer Frost asked with a grin.

"Nice new trick." Firestorm said.

"Thanks, just when you think you've learned everything, turns out there's something else to learn. Now, let's kick this imposter's butt." Killer Frost said and Firestorm grinned as the two turned to Deathstorm, whose head was now on fire.

"With pleasure." Firestorm said as they attacked.

Killer Frost went first, shooting another jet of water at Deathstorm, this time more continuous to keep his fire out as Firestorm flew into the air and blasted him into unconsciousness. As they looked around, they saw that the rest of the fighting was over and the battle was won. Both Slade and Hive had fallen.

Back in the bunker, the teams were gathering for a farewell and Sara was having a nice reunion with Jax and Stein.

"It's good to see you alive again Professor." Sara said and Stein could tell that a burden had been lifted from her shoulders in seeing him.

"It's good to see you again as well. Especially since you finally found what you were looking for." Stein said and Sara nodded.

"Okay, I hate to break this up, but we need to get back to Central City." Barry said.

"Yes and we should probably be getting back to National City to." Kara said as Sara went over to her sister.

"You okay?" Laurel asked her.

"I'm just so relieved to see you alive again Laurel. You don't know how much it killed me to know that I couldn't save you like you did me." Sara said as hugged her sister tightly.

"We're both alive and well here and since Darhk and Malcolm are dead and Slade is locked up, we don't have to worry about them anymore. I'm not going anywhere. Especially since I got my happy ending." Laurel said as she smiled over at her fiance.

"Yeah, I am really sorry about ruining that in the first place Laurel." Sara said.

"Hey, you did that on this earth, so let's put it in the past." Laurel said and Sara smiled.

"Call me when the baby's born?" Sara asked.

"Of course I will. And do me a favor and call mom more often, she worries." Laurel said and Sara laughed as she walked out with her team and Team Flash left as well.

Hope you all enjoyed that little crossover. Now, I know that Killer Frost can't actually shoot water, but I've been watching a little avatar lately and I figured that since ice is just a form of water, why couldn't killer frost control it, since Barry, Cisco and Ralph all develop more advanced abilities from their powers, so why couldn't Caitlin. I mean, I don't think anyone thought that Ralph's powers would let him shapeshift, and yet, he can.

But anyways, onto Arrow's Story Redone and I think you're all going to like what that chapter is going to include.