"Done! I'm gonna get going to get my copy of SAO!" said the girl with her hair tied in the back with a red ribbon said out loud as she had slammed her empty glass on the table before smiling at her twin brother, who sat next to her at the table, sipping his cup of téa, as he just softly smiled at his sister.

"Hinata, there is no need to be in a rush. Just take your time, also be happy that dad sat in the pre-order for you, since you did help me with the Beta version." The twin said, before taking another sip of his cup as he pushed his glasses back a bit. Hinata just giggled playfully.

"Makoto, if I didn't ask you, to help you then I wouldn't be this hyped! That's why I'm kinder rushing!" Hinata just continued to giggle, whilst her brother, Makoto just chuckled.

"You really want to play this game, huh Hinata?" Makoto asked Hinata nodded while saying "mmhmm".

"Of course, I was so lucky to try the Beta version with your account and we took notes of it which you have memorized like a madman. I can't still believe today is the day for the full release of Sword Art Online!" She joyously squealed, as she came back downstairs to get her shoes on. "I'm still quite surprised myself since we somewhat never played the same type of games with each other when we were younger." Makoto gave a soft smile to her as he was ever so sincere for her help with the Beta version. While she was still taking her shoes on in the hall.

"We rarely do get to spend much time together, so this might be the best chance we get..." He said as he looked at Hinata who was done getting her shoes on "Especially with you working at dad's branch of uncle Shouzou's company and me almost getting ready for college." Hinata then looked off in thought.

They both were quiet for about a minute before Makoto cleared his throat getting his sisters attention "so your copy of SAO?", "right!? right!? I'll get going. See you in a bit Makoto" Hinata gets up to her feet and gets out of the door. With that, Makoto waved bye to her. As she continued down the path until she reached the train station, to get to the station that is not too far from the store that's going to open its doors to sell SAO. It didn't take her long just about a ten-minute train ride or so and added with the walk she had to take to get to the store which in total took her about thirty minutes to reach it, and she could see a huge line of people that went to around the corner "that's a lot of people..." she said while looking a bit surprised.

She was about to join the line of people when a work-member of the store called out to her "Mrs. Yuuki? there is no need for you to join that huge line. Come on in and get your order", " but what about everyone else?" Hinata asked looking from the line to the worker "they'll get theirs after you get yours, Mrs." Hinata didn't say anything after that she just followed the worker to the door and walked into the store while faintly hearing some people yelling "no fair!" and "let us in!".

After only a few minutes she came out with her NervGear and copy of SAO, and as she was walking back to the station she quietly talked to herself "I hate being treated like I can get everything I want, right in front of others who aren't as lucky as me..." she sighed "all I want is to be seen like everyone else...normal...". Once she got home, her brother and her, got everything set up, register the account "that should be everything, Hinata." said Makoto with a nod to each other, Makoto headed to his room to log-in and Hinata getting her NervGear on and getting ready to log-in, she could hear her brother shout from his room "I'll be waiting for you in the Plaza of the Town of Beginners for you!". She shouted back to him "okay!" as she lays down on her bed with her NervGear on, she takes a few deep breaths calming herself down and closing her eyes, before saying or shouting "Link Start!".

Before she knew it, she had entered the game world of Sword Art Online.

Hinata slowly opened her eyes, blinking softly as her name and Health bar stood in corner of her vision, she then looked around to the familiar world she had seen a few times, before looking down to her hand, curling her hand into a fist and looking up with a bright smile.

"This is going to be awesome!" She said while looking up at the game generated sky with a smile.

After walking around for a bit taking a look at herself, her hair was shorter and it was wavy, and it had changed color to brown then her mahogany red, but it still had her iconic red ribbon. That she and her family knew her well for. Until she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around being greeted by a bit taller boy with looks that can only be described as a Shoujo Manga male lead look, looks that can put any other guy to shame in that category. Wearing a pair of glasses to boot.

"Hinata?" Hinata blinked a few times in confusion but recognizing the style of glasses "M-Makoto?", he nodded "what's with the bishounen look?" she asked trying to hold in a tiny laugh. He pushed his glasses back while trying to look cocky to her "perks of a VR game, sis" they both laughed in unison, after a few minutes of talking together Makoto help her to buy the necessary stuff to start out with. That being potions and two weapons that she had her eyes on mastering, Rapier, and One-Handed Dagger. Since Makoto wanted to show her the robs of SAO.

They headed out the first floor, Town of Beginnings, West Field. To train and level up, Makoto got to level 3 while Hinata got to level 2. They decided to take walk in the field until they heard grunt scream and headed over to the sound where they saw two players, one holding himself between his legs, he had long red almost purple like hair with a red bandana tied around his forehead, and the other one standing there, whose color scheme were all blue, being a bit disappointed over the player on the ground.

"That guy is clearly showing the other one the robs." said Makoto feeling the non-existing pain that player got "hit" with. After a few second the one player who got hit between his legs was standing ready and activating his sword skill, it seemed to go by in a flash he dashed forward to hit the wild boar and it shattered into many pieces. "Wow~" came from Hinata, her eyes sparkling in awe from that bandana wearing player show off his sword skill, a jokingly chuckle came from her brother "falling in love, are we now, Hinata?" she turned to him "what no way a guy with long hair like is not my type!? Come on let's continue the training." she said in a huff while walking past her brother.

Over the next several hours they leveled up pretty much up to where they had set their level quota, Hinata at level 9 and Makoto were lucky enough to get to level 11 while their quota was level 10. They were going to log-out of the game to eat dinner with their parents when...

"What in the? where is the log-out button?" said they both looking at each other until it looked like they "disappeared" from each others view, before reappearing in the Town of Beginnings. With more and more people being forcefully teleported into the area, Hinata frantically looked around for her brother but could not see him, she began pushing past people trying to find him.

"Mako-" She was cut off by the area turning red with announcement banners, she looked up to see a cloaked figure appear almost as if they were formed from blood dripping through the announcement banners.

"Attention players." The figure spoke "I welcome you to my world"

"Is that the game master?" Hinata whispered on her breath watching in shock. As he continued to talk "My name is Kayaba Akihiko, and as of this moment, I control this world." He said, "I'm sure most of you have already noticed, and Item missing from your menu use, the log out button."

Hinata didn't know what to do other than find her brother and find a safe place for now until they could come up with a plan.

"Let me assure you, this is not a defect of the game. I repeat this is not a defect." He said pulling up the menu and began to click on things. "This is how Sword Art Online was designed to be, You cannot log yourself out of SAO, and no one from the outside world are able to shut down or remove the nerve gear from your head, if anyone attempts to do so, a transmitter inside the nerve gear will transmit a signal into your skull, destroying your brain and ending your life. I have given two hours for your bodies to be moved to a stable location before the system will send this signal."

"No..." Hinata held her hand to her chest, Makoto running through her mind; she needed to make sure he is safe.

"Despite my warning, the family and friends of some of the players attempted removing the nerve gear, an unfortunate decision to say the least." The game master spoke again, "As a result, the game now has Two hundred and thirteen players less than when it began." Hinata's heart stopped briefly, "They have been deleted from both Aincrad and the real world, as you can see, inter-dimensional media around the clock coverage of everything, including the deaths. At this point, it's safe to say, to assume the likelihood of the nerve gear being removed is minimal at best, I hope this brings you a little comfort as you try to clear the game. It is important that you remember the following: There is no longer any way to revive someone within the game, if your HP drops to Zero your avatar will be deleted from the system forever, and the nerve gear will simultaneously destroy your brain." Hinata's heart stopped once again but for a brief moment. "There is only one way for a player to escape now, you must clear the game. Right now you are gathered on floor one, the lowest level of Aincrad, if you can get through the dungeon and defeat the boss, you may advance to the next floor, and defeat the boss of floor one hundred and you will clear the game. Last but not least, I have placed a little present in the item storage of every player. Please, have a look."

Like the other players, Hinata opened her item storage to see the new item before clicking it, and a hand-held mirror forming in her hands.

"A mirror?" She questioned, there was a bright light reflected from every mirror of the players, and slowly their avatars began to change. Hinata looked down at her reflection only to see her brown hair reverted back to its mahogany red color and her eyes back to their hazel. "What the..." She looked around in hopes to see a person with the same color hair as her, but was not successful; players began to panic and comment on their appearance.

. "Right now, you're probably thinking why. Why would Kayaba Akihiko, developer of Sword Art Online and NervGear do this? Ultimately my goal was a simple one, the reason I created Sword Art Online was to control the fate of a world of my own design. As you can see, I have achieved my goal. This marks the end of the tutorial and the official launch of Sword Art Online. Players I wish you the best of luck." With that, he disappeared once again through the blood-like way in the System announcement banners, which slowly started to disappear

Hinata began frantically turning her head in hopes to find her brother but was cut off by screaming and crying of other players who began to panic, she was pushed and tussled by players trying to leave in a hurry. Hinata followed in suit and pushed through the people, shouting for her brothers' name in hopes he would hear her. Pushing people out the way she managed to escape to a little clearing amongst all of the people, looking back she noticed a familiar long, orange-brownish chestnut hair color running down her way "Asuna? What are doing here?" she shouted to her, Asuna stopped and looked at her "H-Hinata?" she asked and Hinata nodded "why are you here, Asuna wasn't it Kouichirou who bought the game?".

Asuna explained herself to Hinata that she wanted to only borrow it for a short while but she didn't expect to be trapped in here. "Whatever is going to happen Asuna, we gotta find Makoto first then find a safe place for tonight before anything else, okay?" said Hinata while holding on to Asuna's hand. They added each other to there friend list, so if they were far away from each other, they will message each other to meet up if either of them would find Makoto.

They would split up and look for Makoto, as Hinata was running down a street she wasn't really looking where she was running and ran into someone, with herself landing on her butt "aweei~" when she opened her eyes, she saw a hand stretch out to her. She looked up who the owner was and was greeted with a familiar red bandana but this time with spiky reddish hair "hey are you okay?" he asked, Hinata grabbed on to his hand as he helped her on her feet "y-yeah I'm fine and I'm sorry running into you", "Nah it's fine I was in a bit of a rush myself, I'm Klein and you?". She replied "I'm Hinata" Klein smiled before continuing on his "well I'll see another time, it was nice meeting you, Hinata" as he waved goodbye to her, "yeah" as she waved back to him. Seeing him disappear down the streets.

At that moment she got a message from Asuna saying that she found Makoto and to meet with them at the "Tolbana Inn" so after replying to it, she began to run too the Inn which didn't take her long to get there. Once she got there she immediately hugged her brother "oh thank goodness you are okay, Makoto", "of course, I would never leave you, Hinata". They talked about a plan to survive this game, Makoto suggested getting going to the next town over to maybe get better gear and some more money since now this was a serious situation, Asuna was reluctant to go, she wanted to stay behind to which they understood her feelings, Makoto and Asuna had added each other in their friends list to keep in touch with each other. Both Hinata and her brother would get to the next to with any trouble while gaining Cor and items on the way they wanted to survive, they wanted to get out of the game, they wanted to live.

Because now...

The game had started.