disclaimer: George Lucas/Lucasfilm owns Star Wars. Not me. If -I- owned it, imagine all the horrible things that would be inflicted upon Leia! *evil grin*

Btw, about Lukie's grammar...Well, he IS only 10. And what's so bad about a messy room? I have one! (My parents keep telling me to clean it. I keep telling MYSELF to clean it. Does it get clean? No.)

My Father, I Love You
"Dad?" inquired a ten year old boy of his father. "Can I have a evil, deranged bunny bent on universal domination?" Lord Vader glanced at his young son through his helmet.

"No, son." Luke immediately went into a pout.

"Awwwwww....Why not?! The Emperor has one! Why can't I?" he whined. The big, dark, and fire-damaged sith lord leveled his son with a stare.

"Whether the emperor has one or not is irrelevant," Vader sternly replied. "I will NOT have some little fluffy -thing- hopping around my home or my ship!"

"But daaaaaa~~aaad!"

"No buts!" Luke turned and left for his (soundproof because, let's face it, Vader couldn't stand the racket) room. However, just before he completely exited his father's office, he said something that he hoped would throw his father off guard.

"Dad, everyone has a butt!"

"Not in my home, they don't!"


Luke sighed as he plopped down heavily onto his neatly made bed. The maids must have made it for him while he was talking to his father. No matter. He quickly stood up and began jumping up and down on it while laughing gleefully. After his bed was sufficiently mussed, the young boy flopped onto his back.

"I wish I had a friend...Someone I could play with," he quietly said to himself. "There's no one here my age! It's so BORING! AND I WANT A EVIL, DERANGED BUNNY BENT ON UNIVERSAL DOMINATION!!" A resounding "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" was heard through-out the castle.

"How does he -do- that?" Luke whispered. 'The Force...' Luke jumped. Where had -that- come from? Luke glanced around his extremely large, extremely messy room littered with toys. Since his father was rich, he received almost everything and anything his childish heart desired. Right now, he desired a friend. Or at LEAST an evil, deranged bunny bent on universal domination but his father already nayed that idea. Maybe it had to do something with his father's need to not have his reputation ruined...Nah! That COULDN'T be it! Dads just simply did NOT have reputations! They didn't need them. But the friend...That would prove to be even trickier than the bunny. Lord Vader did NOT allow just ANYONE into his home, after all. Nor was Luke allowed to go outside without supervision. Luke rolled his eyes at that thought. How had he been supposed to know that the Imperial Statue wasn't to be used as a toilet? He'd been five and REALLY had to "go".

"Sheesh. It's not like I'll make the same mistake!" the bored youngster exclaimed to himself. "Like I'd pee on the statue again! No way! I'd make sure it was a statue of little to no importance first!" Luke turned over onto his stomach. "Not -MY- fault they didn't think to build outdoor bathrooms!"


Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, shuddered mentally as he turned off his communication with the emperor. Sometimes, his master just scared him a tad bit much. Just -watching- the Emperor Palpatine stroking his evil, deranged bunny bent on universal domination in that strange, possessed way of his while calling the wretched creature "My Precious..."...It was enough to make Vader want to scream! If -that- was what having an evil, deranged bunny bent on universal domination as a pet did to a person, he would kiss Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, -and- the emperor full on the lips LONG before he let Luke have one! However, the boy WAS obviously lonely and the Sith Lord had yet to come up with a solution that he could live with.