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My Father, I Love You---chapter 5
It's been 5 weeks since chapter 4
By: Sarah

When Luke awoke that morning, he did not feel well. The sandy-haired Sith apprentice felt as though someone had pounded his head in five-thousand times while in a hot furnace. Hopefully, his strict father would have mercy and allow a day or two of rest. With that in mind, Luke awkwardly dragged hiimself out of bed, slowly and sloppily dressed, and stumbled his way to the training room so as to plead his case. Too bad he didn't know of Darth Vader's emperor enduced foul mood.

"Dad? I think I'm sick. Could we please not train today?" Vader looked to where his son was.

"Son, I'm sure you're imagining things. Now stop dawdling and get to work!" Luke grew angry at his father's lack of care.

"But I don't feel good!" the young one snapped.

"Stop making excuses and start training!" Vader didn't notice his son's sudden difficulty with standing and breathing. He was too focused on his own anger.

"If you would just use your stupid powers you'd sense that I'm NOT making up excus--" Vader could only watch as Luke's unconcious form crumpled to the ground. A foreign sense of desperation filled him as he scooped up his son and ran to the medcenter.

A coma. His son was in a coma and Lord Vader could do nothing about it. If only he had listened to Luke; if only he hadn't been so blind; if only...No. "If only" would get him nowhere--nor would it do his son any good. The Sith Lord was puzzled over his feelings of guilt. He hadn't caused Luke's sickness so why should he suffer?

/He's your son,/ a voice whispered. /You love him./

//I may be fond of him, but that is all!// he snarled. //Now be quiet, whoever you are!//

/I'm you,/ came the intense whisper. /The part of you that you have forgotten. Why have you forgotten me?/

//Who are you?!// The voice seemed to sigh.

/I was once a man by the name of Ana--/

//NO! NOT ANOTHER WORD! HE IS DEAD! DEAD!// The voice seemed to quiet after that. Until...

/You love him. I know you do because I love him. and I am you./ Vader snarled again as the voice's presence finally left his mind. The sith in black sighed as he sat down in his office chair. Wait. Had he been pacing? NO! HE WOULD NOT THINK ABOUT THAT! Besides, Luke would be fine! Not that he cared, or anything.

Two hours later found Ana--Lord Vader walking to his meditation room. How he ended up in the medcenter, he did not know. (a/n: Hee hee. I control his actions! FEAR ME!!) After a quick mental debate, the one who wore a respirator took long strides over to his son's bedside.

Luke's sweat-covered body remained still. His mind, however, was a completely different story. Not quite knowing why, Vader reached out a gloved hand to wipe his son's face and upon contact found himself sharing Luke's vision.

Emperor Palpatine's pet evil, deranged bunny bent on universal domination hopped evilly into his evil secret underground room where he was holding an evil, secret meeting with fellow secret bunnies of whom he was leader. He evilly glanced around until he found his evil queen-to-be--an evil, pink bunny named Leia. Precious smirked evilly as he evilly rubbed his evil little paws together. No doubt about it, he was evil.

"Soon..." came his evilly deranged, high-pitched bunny voice. "Soon bunnies shall rule the universe!" With that said, the bunnies all began laughing and cheering in a way that was so deranged, it was evil.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TO BE CONTINUED