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Felix felt smaller. At this point he barely thought anything of it. He was so used to it that it no longer mattered. After a few seconds, he stretched out, fully shifted. He leapt up onto the windowsill and pressed gently on the glass pane, opening it a few inches. He squeezed his way through the opening and began walking alongside the decorative trim around the outside of the house, towards Adrien's room. He was curious to know what the outcome of his news had been and to see how they were coping. He quickly and silently crept along the ledge and slowly peered into Adrien's window.

What he saw was rather comical from the outside. There was much arm flailing and he couldn't really tell if they were angry or excited. They both had flushed faces, but otherwise seemed to be alright. He knew they'd figure it out. They were so made for each other it was disgusting. He watched them for a moment more before becoming bored and wandering away.

He pounced onto a lower portion of the roof and began slinking lazily through the night. He needed to stay focused. He didn't have much time. His stint in Paris was rapidly drawing to a close and he still hadn't found her yet. He knew she was here, somewhere, he'd been getting close and he could tell. He just didn't know where else to look.

He had been extremely disappointed to find out it wasn't Marinette. He was ready to be rid of this curse and return to normalcy. He still couldn't figure out why he'd been so drawn to Marinette when she wasn't the Cursebreaker, but it didn't matter much anymore.

Movement from the corner of his eye captured his attention, startling him from his thoughts, and he unwillingly followed it. He slunk along, creeping after his prey. Within moments, he was wrestling with a fat mouse, toying with it. He was a fang's breadth away from biting its head off, when he released it and shook his head feverishly.

'Euck. Blast this stupid curse!' he thought to himself. He shuddered violently as he thought about other times when he hadn't had the willpower to stop himself. 'Revolting. The sooner I'm rid of this form, the better.'

He continued on his way, looking for anything that could indicate he was close to her. Wandering aimlessly, he began to grow restless. How could he possibly find her? He didn't have much to go on, and what he did know didn't make much sense. Not to mention Paris was so vast. He could search a lifetime for one single person here and still never locate them.

He slumped down on a window ledge, sleek, black fur glistening in the moonlight. He heaved a sigh that came out as a grunted mewl.

'I should just give up now,' he thought to himself. 'I've been living with this curse for as long as I can remember. My parents could care less...its my father's fault that I am this way. I don't know why I would have better luck here then I did back home. Sure, Paris is bigger, but that hardly seems to be a plus anymore.'

Felix let his golden-green eyes slip closed. Maybe he'd just rest here until dawn. What did it matter now anyways?

Felix didn't know how long he laid there. A light breeze had kicked up, ruffling his fur and sending a slight chill up his spine. His sensitive ears pricked as he picked up on a faint sound. Slowly, he raised himself up, stretching and yawning wide, white fangs glistening in the moonlight. After shaking himself awake some more, he ambled towards the sound, pointed ears honing in on the noise. As he grew closer, a beautiful melody started to take shape. Softly, forlornly, someone was singing to the night.

Felix made a sharp right at a rooftop trellis and found himself bathed in a shaft of lamplight. Peering up, squinting against the sudden brightness, a shape swam into his field of vision as his pupils adjusted. The position of the lamp in the room kept the figure shrouded in shadow, but he could tell the figure was female and also the source of the singing.

Mystery solved, Felix turned to leave, curiosity satiated. Suddenly the girl's words rang out clearly in the dead of night, like a bell. The air hung still and heavy around him. She was singing in Japanese, not French, and something she said caught his attention. Suddenly he was grateful to his parents for forcing him to take multiple language courses for the past five years. Though he couldn't decipher every single word, he got the gist of her message.

And he knew she was singing to him.

Her song was about being trapped in a body that wasn't hers, searching for the one that could release her from her prison, to break the shell of her cursed form.

The slits of Felix's eyes blew wide into large round pupils surrounded by a sliver of gold. Could it really be her? Had he found the one he'd been searching for for so long?

He acted without thinking. He had to see her face. Had to know. His legs acted on their own and before he knew it, he'd leapt up onto her windowsill.

Large blue eyes came into focus from the shadows, he faintly registered a soft oh as the girl started at the sound.

Green-gold locked onto sapphire.

Slowly, the rest of her face came into focus. Wearing an expression of complete surprise, eyes wide, cheeks lightly dusted pink, tiny adorable nose, long dark pigtails. Truth be told, she didn't look entirely different from Marinette. But she was so. much. cuter.

He began to take in the rest of her features. She was incredibly petite, wearing a collared pajama set in black with a wide white band running down the center and done up with black buttons.

She blinked once. Twice. Then suddenly let out the most adorable squeal and grabbed Felix into a tight hug. "Oh my goodness, aren't you just the cutest little kitty in the whole wide world!?" Pulling him even closer into her chest, she cooed, "So sweet!"

If Felix had cheeks, he knew they'd be bright red right now. The girl quickly pulled him back and held him at arms length, taking him in.

"Your eyes are just the prettiest shade of green with just a touch of gold! Oh you must be so cold out here! What are you doing outside all alone? And I'm sure you're starving! I can get you something to eat, but you have to promise to wait right here! I can't take you downstairs with me or someone might see you and make me put you back out!"

Felix gazed after the girl as she slipped out of the room and silently shut the door behind her. He knew she was coming right back, but he felt panicked the instant the door clicked closed.

He'd finally found her, there was no mistaking it. And she was more perfect than he could ever have imagined. The intense connection he already felt for her was overwhelming and frankly downright ridiculous. Felix was much too logical of a person to buy into the falsehoods of true love, destiny, soul mates, love at first sight: all that nonsensical garbage. He chalked it up to a magical pull he must be feeling instead, because she was the one he needed to break the curse.

After what felt like an agonizing eternity, the girl returned with a small bowl of canned tuna and eel sashimi.

"I hope this is alright! It's the best I could find," the girl said softly, sweetly, placing the dish in front of him.

He dove in without hesitation, hating himself a little more for not being able to resist.

"Oh my, you were hungry!" the girl giggled. Felix had finished the fish almost as quickly as she had placed it before him. He raised one paw and began methodically cleaning his fur.

"I'm Bridgette," the girl spoke again after several minutes of silence, causing Felix to stop and gaze into her eyes. "I've always wanted a kitty, but my parents have always said no. I wonder how they'll react when I tell them you let yourself in! Maybe that will change their minds!" she mused.

That sat a few minutes more in companionable silence, Bridgette stroking from the top of Felix's head down his back, before repeating the motion. A loud, intense purr broke out from the small feline, causing Felix's eyes to widen in surprise. He'd never done that before. Bridgette giggled and then spoke again.

"I should really get some're welcome to sleep in my bed with me if you want to!" she beamed at him and he felt like he might just implode.

'This girl is so beautiful, I seriously cannot handle this! What is wrong with me?!' Felix thought to himself. As he watched the girl snuggle down into her sheets, he realized just how tired he truly was. It felt like he hadn't gotten a good night's rest in years. He was constantly prowling at night to find the cure for his curse and passing out somewhere along the way. Her bed was mighty inviting. As he stared at her, Felix devised a plan. He would simply go to sleep with her as a cat, then in the morning when he was back to his normal self, he could quickly explain himself and get her to kiss him and then he could be on his way, simple as that.

Felix slowly padded across her comforter and curled up on top of her arms, directly beneath her face. She cracked her eyes open slightly and smiled at him, giving him a kiss on the forehead. "Goodnight kitty!"

She quickly dropped off into slumber and Felix felt her sweet, minty breath tickle his sensitive hairs and whiskers. The sensation was peculiar, overly-stimulating in a way, but at the same time not unpleasant. A deep purr rumbled from his chest. He smiled and allowed his eyes to slip shut, anxious for the morning and the end of his curse, once and for all.

Dawn breaks, bright and cheery, all buzzing bees and chirping birds and rumbling cars.

'Curse this noise,' Felix thinks groggily.

He pulls the pillow over his head in a futile attempt to block the offensive sounds.

But something doesn't feel quite right.

The sounds are slightly different.

The smell is definitely different.

This pillow feels different.

Felix sits bolt upright, eyes bulging, wildly looking around the room.

'Where am I?!' His thoughts race frantically in his mind for a moment before he inhales deeply to calm himself down and begins examining objects in the room in full detail.

Clearly he is in a teenage girl's bedroom.

That's alarming.

He can't remember how he got here or why he's here.

Vaguely, fuzzy remnants of memories begin to come back to him.

He followed singing. A girl took him in.

What was her name again?

What did she look like?

The room smelled faintly of peppermint and sushi. He wracked his brain for clues but couldn't come up with anything more. He felt an overwhelming wave of loss but he couldn't comprehend why.

He registers that the room is empty. Now is probably a good time to leave before someone comes in asking questions.

He climbs onto the windowsill and scouts for an escape route. Feeling heavy with disappointment, he takes one last glance around the room, hoping to see anything to trigger his memory. As he turns to leave, his gaze falls on a lone ladybug sitting on the windowsill. He carefully steps over it and climbs out onto the roof and begins to shimmy down the gutter into the alley below. He takes a mental picture of her building with intentions to come investigate later in the day.

Glancing around the street, he realizes he is in an unfamiliar area of the city. He hails a nearby cab and directs the driver to the Agreste estate.

Brooding through his vague memories, he tries to puzzle together what might have happened.

Blast this stupid curse! Why couldn't he just remember?!

Resigned, he decides he'll just have to be patient until that evening when it would all come back to him.

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