The Pantheon of Nine

By: Finn Mertenz


Chapter 147: Curse Upon The World! Naruto Uzumaki.

Sunday 12:02am, October 26th 58SSP.

"I don't know if there is such a thing as justice in this shinobi world..." Naruto whispered.

Lazily slouched atop a crumbled pile of debris, a ruined tower of Uzushio was his throne. Authoritarian clouds blotted out all sources of overhanging light from the vibrant moon above.

As weighted blows struck with such force throughout the street below, thunder met them. Matching every muscular bout of Taijutsu with rumbling arcs and roars that permeated the sky.

Engaging his predecessor with such magnitude, the 4th Raikage collapsed entire skyscrapers. Trading jabbed fists and thrust knuckles for a total span of hours, neither was prepared to rest.

Because these weren't some average Chunin who strove to attain half-hazardless victory. They were legendary ninja across the shinobi world, praised, feared and respected by thousands.

Diving through the cement husk of coral-coated buildings like they were cheese, blue flashed. Not water or liquid, but the static and repetitive arcs of chakra-infused Lightning Style Armor.

"We all fight believing in our own justice. But if the enemy is doing the same thing, who is right?" Words rebounded.

More then just the Kage of one nation, Kisame cackled as Samehada blocked swung swipes. Parried against the gigantic iron hook that Yagura employed, sparks loosely spewed outward.

Stripped and shredded bundles of linen fell to the top of cobbled streets as feet shuffled by. Standing at the height of a giant, the 6th Mizukage crouched as he fought his revived predecessor.

Withering beneath the endless streams of chakra abound, Samehada's scales abruptly cried. Not in pain or dread, but craving the sensation of blood and power to steal, drain and hoard.

And the opponent in front had all too much might, losing Jonin-level reserves with each bout. But it held no effect or delay on the dead, given bottomless amounts of chakra to continue.

As these conflicting legends of Kiri fought, every slash summoned a steep tsunami that surged. Beyond some lowly fight of Taijutsu, this embroiled battle was among the height of Ninjutsu.

Lunging backwards over a bulked swipe from squirming scales, Yagura masterfully evaded all. Bridging his metallic hook in the midst of air to harass and hinder his shark-like foe.

"And watching this world die, that is my justice." Youthful innocence was gone.

Losing the charm he once held as a child, who rightly could claim responsibility for its loss? Many names could be labeled, Hibachi for betrayal, Mizuki for deception or Iruka for his sacrifice.

In truth, this shinobi world is what caused Naruto to give in, to accept that the cycle had to end. Because after losing so many and so much, the only acceptable answer was to change.

That's why Temari raised her stout fan like an opened and vertical wall against flailing gusts. Pitted in a battle between wind, her mother fought with the same fighting style she inherited.

The only difference was their degree of skill, one with bare hands and the other with a fan. Repeatedly shut and opened to either manipulate wind or crush her opponent with weight.

Because of this, the 5th Kazekage moved like a stalwart yet petite mound of mighty muscle. Gushing stiff currents of winds between weight bouts from her lead and metallic fan.

Handling this husk of alloy with sneered teeth and dirtied cheeks, half of her hair was unmade. Either spliced by razored erosions of wind or untied and loosened by hours of combat.

"Shut up!" A plunged stout forearms below.

As golden vambraces reflected rays of shining moonlight, he uprooted a dilapidated stack of roofs. Tossing this center of ire like a pouting child, Naruto's whiskered face only enraged him.

Unwilling to lift a single muscle to his own defense, the 3rd Raikage himself sped to his aid. Sundering the staunch rock his son delivered with a firm jab from a scar-laden right fist.

Briefly afloat and enflamed by static electricity abound, A teleported with the speed of lightning. Slugging a stiff blow that plunged his son's feet three layers deep into ancient streets.

Sharing the same name, bloodline and pride, this was their greatest hour and moment to prove it. Too rally and save Kumo so history could properly judge the victors of this fierce battle.

"I ask again, do you hate me now?" Naruto's Akatsuki cloak hid his mouth.

Fighting a battle that raged for the better half of a day, Uzushio was its suffering landscape. Left demolished and distraught, Deidara rolled between crumbed alleys at the height of war.

Running as his sleeveless left arm rustled, clapped soles from his feet burrowed against cement. Trailed by a hundred bullets maintained by chakra and cobbled together from unseen particles.

An unsung variant of Particle Style: Atomic Dismantling Jutsu; miniature spheres of light shot. Enshrining and entrapping everything they hit to such small remains, nothing was left.

Evading these hurling blobs by sidestepping a coral-coated corner, blond strands fell behind. Enveloped mere inches from the fleeting shinobi they once clung too, erased by white light.

However, instead of explosion or eruptions of might, the targeted land was teleported away. Vanishing like a discreet disappearance between wind, lost amidst the canals of battle.

Hunched against the partially eroded hull of a forgotten wall, Deidara's right palm chewed. Internally molding a handful of clay, he crept from his hiding spot before raising it high.

Spewing from this engorged maw like vomit, dozens of tiny birds flapped and fluttered forth. Fabricated from natural plaster instead of feathers, no backdrop was given to their advance.

Only congealed muck and wet clay fell as wings soared towards their desired destination. Promptly disintegrated into dust by the dramatic clasp of elderly palms manipulated by Ōnoki.

As too few of these precast birds managed to even approach their mark before detonating. A consecutive stream of fiery soot and singed clay bellowed up and outward like a cloud.

Dashing head-first into this man made obstruction, Deidara's contemptuous face invaded it. Nothing like the rogue ninja he once was, Sakura held most praise for giving him this new outlook.

Because this truth was also shared by Sasori and Raiga, once all corrupted by the ninja world. Now, each of them giving their own and their all in an attempt to repay past failures.

Even if they fell in the line of battle or went missing in action, their deeds would forever live on. Memorialized and honored by the shinobi they died to defend, and the villages they protected.

This fact continued to ring true even as cataclysmic bouts of muscle collided and pressed as one. The 5th Gate: Gate of Closing; that was the achieved technique that pulsed inside Guy.

Streams of gore perpetually dripped from both nostrils while skin burnt at the temperature of fire. Crimson and vibrant with an identical tone to his leaking blood, all of this was ignored.

The 5th Hokage had no time to dally or waste about his own safety or life, only the lives of others. A recognition that was shared by each of the legendary Kage he fought alongside.

This battle was the spearhead for all their united efforts in this demonic conflict, the 4th Shinobi War. Having no idea what circumstances or outcomes befell their allies a world away.

That's why this beachhead was held with such stalwart defense, because no excuse could be used. As minor nations and smaller clans fought for the world, they shamed the Great Nations to act.

To unify each of their trained leaders into one fighting force and charge directly into the eye of war. That's what brought them to Uzushio, sunken decades ago by conflict but now raised again.

But this union of Kage were now pitted in a stalemate against their revitalized predecessors from old. Each a fabled character from the distinct village they once loved, now forced to fight.

Even Guy with an aura of Taijutsu was parried blow for blow by his revived father and fallen idol. Both moving with mirrored movements and knuckled jabs that perfectly collided in unison.

Casually charging through concrete that soaked under the sea for decades, they fiercely fought. Leaping over the swept and horizontal length from his fathers shin, the 5th Hokage hovered.

Lunging out with well-timed kicks, each was caught and blocked by his mentor, perceiving all. Further evolving into an exchanged blow of might, Guy's hardened heel was abruptly thrust.

Lobbing these weighted attacks against the flaked yet muscular forearm of his father, sweat fell. Already scoffed, stained and dirtied from losing his Kage robes, only a torn jumpsuit remained.

Progressing into a continuous assault, countless kicks and flung shins caused a crater to bloom. Beholden to this expanse of terrain, Duy's feet dug deep under repetitive strikes from his son.

Missing his blow by a dodge before hurling a retaliatory left fist, he battered the child he raised. Struck in the cheek by this strengthened delivery, Guy rippled back like the fallout from waves.

Losing the aura and red skin that became common after the 3rd Gate, he struck old stone. Deidara and Kisame then followed suit, both knocked back either by Particle Style or an iron hook.

Temari and A were also bettered by those that came before, cornered together a second time. Only the 6th Mizukage found grace in this defeat, cackling aloud as he used Samehada to rise.

The focus for Yagura's revived rage, he held Kisame responsible for both his death and betrayal. Used as a mere puppet by Obito for weeks if not months, all well known to the ninja in front.

But back then, the swordsmen in training felt no need to act, because Yagura himself was a tyrant. Crude, brash and cruel to the point that his young age meant nothing to those he knew.

That's why past deception and manipulated by the Akatsuki went so well, because no one noticed. The 4th Mizukage was already bloodied and eager, so being controlled by Obito meant nothing.

Obscured for most throughout Kiri, only those in the highest and most secret of ranks knew. In fact, those made aware actively blamed Konoha, tying the usage of Sharingan together.

Now, this past mistrust between nations were thrown aside as the Five Great Kage joined as one. A couldn't waste time bickering with his allies, and Deidara wouldn't delay anymore artwork.

"It's true what you say... There is much pain and loss in our world..." Guy spoke with a broken jaw.

Rising high with the Will of Fire, bones cracked while muscles tore themselves just from standing. The victim of unimpressionable pain, he pushed all of it to the back of his youthful mind.

Bruised and injured, he suffered the most out of his allies, but his will remained the strongest. Truly a successful heir to all Hokage that came before, his determination was as settled as rock.

"We don't always get what we want, and sometimes... We lose those we love." Blood dripping from his mouth was ignored.

Speaking with experience, everyone in attendance knew well the sensation of loss, death and pain. Even those raised from the other side could easily remember the feelings that dreaded all.

A lost his wife during childbirth, leaving the 4th Raikage motherless before he even knew her. Ōnoki and Deidara, Karura and Temari, Duy and Guy; a myriad of bloodlines were joined.

These connections were woven throughout generation after generation of ninja in opposition. Only now, after nearly six decades of conflict did they finally lay past grudges aside.

"But when we do! That moment becomes the sweetest second to savor and cherish!" He held no ability to give up.

"No shinobi is forgotten and none of them died without meaning! Because we give them meaning!" Hair stood on its ends.

"That's why I'll settle this now, as Hokage!" He casually snapped his jaw back into place.

A crucial and integral junction for all shinobi, they understood the sacrifices that upheld them. When those who came before gave up their own lives on the battlefield to save their comrades.

And this pivotal moment was no different, a necessary skirmish during the height of shinobi war. Five Kage from the Five Great Nations striving to stop and squash Naruto and his sick dream.

"Forgive me, father!" He tore the top of his jumpsuit.

Firstly loosened by exuding pressures of chakra, muscles shredded what minor strips remained. Highlighted by lingering moonlight above, rigid pecks were bloodied, cut and stained.

Jumping straight into the 6th Gate: Gate of Joy; the Gate of Shock quickly followed in a flash. Like a flickering fireplace of green, the ninja he rallied gained illumination from his jutsu.

"Lord Hokage?! Are you going t-?!" A winced to keep both eyes open.

Covered like an abandoned rock dropped into an ocean, pulverized dust rapidly flung past him. Sporadically surged with uneven wind, rustling blowback caused his Raikage robes to fly loose.

Temari and Kisame also flinched in the face of wavering pebbles that poured from Guy's inferno. Deidara also bore witness to this swollen epicenter of might, crossing one arm in front.

Already losing the prestigious robes of the Tsuchikage, his attire was reduced to a sleeveless top. Made of blackened mesh with a deep V and exposed midriff, armored netting sprawled beneath.

So that's the technique that broke my Seven Swordsmen. Yagura mindfully gritted.

The listed number of connections between these gathered shinobi present couldn't be overstated. Encouraging the 4th Mizukage to briefly glance at the revived Eternal Genin of Konoha.

"Tell me, should I do the same?" Naruto tilted his head aside.

Triggered by this lazy statement, Duy mirrored the transition of his son with flawless achievement. Undead and unable to feel, power was gained at no expense to pain, death or damage.

Flinging Uzushio into further ruin below the clashing pressure of two Taijutsu legends, air sunk. Each becoming the center for erosive pressure of pulsating and viridescent chakra that crackled.

"Let no one question our destiny as shinobi! Come and let our youth howl!" Guy's gums bled from speaking.

Springing forth like an ensnared trap upon a mouse, the 5th Hokage broke the street under feet. Sundering ancient cement that collapsed upon the steep yet hollow sewer system below.

Meeting his own son with the weight of a falling star, Duy's green-coated fist enflamed bright. Dispersing a multitude of pressurized radiance that rang, surrounding buildings crashed.

Robbed of stability and the coral-lined foundations that upheld them, a dozen skyscrapers fell. Even the destitute tower that Naruto used as a throne wasn't safe, plummeting fast.

Breaking apart as aged stone began to flake and chip, one building turned into a hundred boulders. Hastily spread across the unrecognizable landscape of Uzushio while conflict raged.

Freely falling amidst these dislodged pieces of past settlements, Naruto's whiskers wildly flailed. Halted in place after funneling chakra to stand sideways on a stray column of concrete.

As looming chunks of rock fell upon them, the collision between Duy and Guy dissolved all of them. Because the contorted burdens they exchanged were like tectonic plates that fought.

"If we can't defeat them, we'll have to stop them!" A raised twin hands.

Swiftly enveloped by the static outline of Lightning Style Armor, heavy feet clearly dug through brick. As muscular and refined as Guy, his will paled in comparison, gaining passion from envy.

"Lord Tsuchikage, use your clay to seal them!" Giving no delay, he charged.

But instead of meeting Naruto or his father in combat, he blindsided Ōnoki with a stiff bout of might. Forcing this midget-sized shinobi to fall backwards into a mound of broken rubble.

Blocking a paired intervention from the 3rd Raikage and Karura, Kisame laughed with jagged teeth. Baring the weight of each foe against the slanted and growling girth of Samehada.

Throwing her fan open before leaping on top, Temari flew as Deidara quickly joined her in ascent. Soaring over vibrant permeations of chakra and bygone emotions from manipulated ninja.

Already above the height of clouds, Uzushio's floating core was the singular source of this boon. Beyond peaks and the highest pinnacle of any mountain, breathable air became scarce.

But this natural deterrent went completely unnoticed by Yagura, lunging high with wet buoyancy. Swinging his metallic staff as he rose, its curved edge managed to snag a shredded opening.

Losing altitude as her jagged fan began to tear, Temari sunk while Deidara made his final leap. Able to hover high over demolished ruins while his sole hand dove into a pouch of clay.

Retrieved with haste, oozed droplets fell as the mouth on his palm vigorously chewed and chomped. Lowered and spat, congealed and squeaking mice sprang before gravity took control.

With the appearance of a fuzzy and furred avalanche of white, a hundred pounds fell like water. Melting into a pool of gel after meeting the aged, flaked and discolored skin of Ōnoki.

"Don't forget, old man! My art is an explosion!" Deidara snarled with a smile.

Usually morphed or evolved into a fierce eruption of muck, the reaction now was infectious clay. Entrapping his predecessor beneath a cocoon of chakra-infused plastered that hardened.

Further doused and drowned, budding numbers reached critical mass as a blotted blob boiled. Blitzing through four ruined walls to reach this prison, Duy's ordered intervention was caught.

Parried by the indomitable might of Guy, this son refused to allowed any wanton destruction. Allotting time for opposing Tsuchikage of old to settle their own battle without disturbance.

"Seal goes boom!" He wove the half tiger seal.

Ignorant to this blubbering build up, Yagura's gigantic iron hook was thrust towards Temari. Scraping similar alloy as she closed her fan before utilizing its girth and shape as a pole.

Twirling over harm, she whipped this massive extension in a crushing slash of brunt weight. Instead meeting the 4th Mizukage's fabled tool in battle, interlocked by an array of sparks.

Suddenly separated as Kisame was flung back by the 3rd Raikage, he suffered a grievous scar. Punched cleared through his stomach, even Mizukage robes were punctured and torn.

Striking overturned roofs before dilapidated pillars fell over, brick broke atop his needled scalp. Shrugged aside as Samehada growled and withered before feeding its master with chakra.

"Oooh, you ain't too bad." Kisame grinned with daggers.

Fueled by a pulsing migration of might, the energy he sapped was freshly stolen from his foe. Gifted a swollen jolt of electricity that sprang throughout his shark-like and blue gilled body.

Earning a swift rejuvenation from the permeating aura that Samehada continued to feed him. Once cleaved and carved flesh was made whole in the unbelievable span of an instant.

While the distinguished robes he wore didn't share this recovery, a toothy laugh echoed out. Raising to both feet as quickly as his fall, he dissolved into water after A bisected him in a flash.

Reappearing like a bulged protrusion of liquid, he horizontally sprouted from a distant wall. Slanted in place as the outline of his sacred blade was brought against Naruto's back, water dripped.

"We had a deal." Amethyst eyes glanced over clothed shoulders.

"You know how much I hate to lie!" Teeth parted as Kisame cackled.

Splitting the whiskered blond he confronted in half, ravens spewed out instead of blood. Either inherited from Itachi or Shisui, the nature of its origins meant nothing as black feathers fell.

Horizontally plunging Samehada into the stone nearest his feet, hands promptly clasped. Weaving signs too fast to discern, Water Style: Severing Wave was prepared with puffed cheeks.

Spitting this jet of chakra-imbued liquid, its gushing velocity sliced a dozen birds of black. Rushing to halt this affront to his summoner, A's feet obliviously stampeded over wet clay.

Landing on the muscular and stout shoulders of this rushing behemoth, Deidara chuckled. Molding more and more of his latest depictions of artwork, they spread like a shallow puddle.

Leaping from the swung might of the 3rd Raikage's right arm, he rolled over fish bones. Finding distance before raising the single hand he attained in front of his face, focusing chakra.

"Oi! You almost look Ōnoki's age! Get out of here!" His explosive clay engorged itself.

Normally used to detonated, mitigate or damage, the 4th Tsuchikage used it for none. Resorting solely to the art of sealing those that opposed him and his allies beneath blobs of plaster.

As white gel spread, Yagura met Temari in the midst of a chaotic exchange of ninja tools. Even Karura lunged into the fray, promptly blockaded by the bulked silhouette of Samehada.

Wrestling in the ruins of a twenty year long relic, each blow and bout unleashed pressure. Too vast and mighty for most, flat palms unleashed airy gusts against a stout and serrated edge.

During this onslaught between generations, Guy and Duy loomed high above with Taijutsu. Kicking upward on the revived jawline of his father, the 5th Hokage caused him to soar high.

Trailing after with speed so quick he kicked the air to gain friction, his advance was rapid. Soon positioned at the crescent point of Uzushio's last skyscraper, he reached both arms out.

Wrapping them around his hovering father before turning upside down, they spun in rotation. Plummeting a dozen apartment blocks, their destined approach only grew in speed and spin.

Burning brighter as muscles tore from exhausted pressure, gums bled as teeth curved to shout. "Primary Lotus!" Guy's voice rang out before burrowing straight through sewers below.

Breaking the entirety of Uzushio into mountainous chunks of cement, concrete and aged coral. Everything fell as gravity finally gave way, crumpling as singular streets broke apart.

Robbed of this stable footing, Temari's scuffle against Yagura bilged across fleeting boulders. Karura and Kisame themselves also sprang to avoid being crushed by disheveled rock from above.

Moving at speeds that rivaled lightning, A surged through this myriad of stone with precision. Smashing and sundering every piece of dislodged terrain or housing that obscured his path.

Following these estranged allies with eyes, Deidara pushed and slid his blond bangs aside. Exposing the mechanical scope tightly attached to his left pupil, its field of vision was vast.

Capable to scan the long distanced plummet that loomed beneath, his hand shot into action. Grabbing a palmful of clay to chew, this mouth and the other fell open as Naruto closed from a flock of ravens.

Not as an opponent ready to kill, but another victim of Uzushio as it collapsed into the sea. Riding stray remnants from forgotten skyscrapers before they pierced the ocean and sprayed.

None were safe from this tumbling culmination, not even the shifting surface that split in two. Submerged to depths beyond sunlight, dislodged stone resembled a heavy blanket of rain.

Stationary amongst floating mountaintops as they struck water, Temari rode them like boards. Promptly spliced in two by the iron hooked assault of Yagura, young but immortally fierce.

Continuously stuck in this embroiled battle, the 5th Kazekage fought against the 4th Mizukage. Not just for the pride or prestige of her village, but the very survival of every shinobi nation.

Guy himself plowed deep into the abyssal ocean, dragging his father to the bottomless dark. Provided light only by the flickering emanation of their twin contortions of familiar chakra.

Striking the sea bed, a vaulted ravine carved itself throughout tectonic plates resting below. Giving rise and height to gushing vents of magma that instantly boiled, a steep hiss radiated.

Suspended fifty miles above this devastation of Taijutsu, Samehada's slashing edge was held. But not by the aquatic shinobi that carried it, but the petite kunoichi in front with wind.

A caring mother first and a skilled ninja second, Karura's title as Rasa's wife was well earned. Losing life during Gaara's birth, the love she carried remained as vibrant as waxed candles.

Tranquilly dipping splashed inches below the sea as he crouched, Naruto's rippled gaze wondered. Unbroken and unblinking, A's static aura reflected off encircled pupils of black with purple.

"Die, demon!" Golden vambraces lunged as debris overhead came to an end.

Puncturing the sound barrier with such vigorous weight, spiraled wind rang out like a windmill. Washing over spiked layers of blond hair and jagged whiskers as A's blow missed its mark.

Flinging fists so fast that his mind drift back to the 3rd Shinobi war, the 4th Raikage roared. Harkening back to bygone bouts against Minato, every blow was a hairs length from its target.

Either ducking beneath or sidestepping harm, quickened feet shuffled across the oceans surface. Soon sizzled beneath arcs of lightning or splashed aside by sliding shinobi shoes.

Flanking the demonic and rogue ninja they all rallied to defeat, Deidara rippled water under feet. Raising the prechewed plaster held in his right hand, bullets of clay rocketed outward.

Imploding in consecutive ignition, one explosion blossomed into twenty before Naruto was struck. Engulfed by this fiery inferno that would've killed any living, A escaped only by good fortune.

Whisked and dragged away by a watery clone of Kisame who stood in two places with Ninjutsu. A union once only codified by words now grew because of battles fought and blood shed.

Each representative Kage for their nation gave everything they had, pitting all resolve on the line. Hoping victory here would secure swift peace in an era of constant loss and war.

With an ample supply of bullets still ready to fire, Deidara's line of sight switched to Karura. Promptly pummeled by outrageous numbers of gel and oozed blobs of chakra-infused white.

"Seal!" The 4th Tsuchikage sneered.

The third revitalized opponent imprisoned by his makeshift usage of Explosive Style Ninjutsu. Attention turned to Yagura as Temari held him at bay with the alloyed girth of her closed fan.

"Not looking so good, Lord Mizukage!" Kisame's smile was ever prevalent.

A clone or the original, his true visage didn't matter as Deidara and A aided his swift approach. Met on four sides each paved with a Kage-level foe, the 4th Mizukage laughed with condescension.

"You know... I'm okay with it, those robes look good on you." Yagura shrugged.

Tripped, sliced, battered and seal by clayed, his combination of enemies yielded quick results. Focusing then shifted to Duy as he abruptly shot from the oceans surface, suffering blowback.

Trailed without pause by the teeth-gritted silhouette of his son, both glowed with emerald. Moving at speeds too wicked to perceive, their muscled blows and bones evolved beyond human.

From a pinnacle of clouds to the depths of the deep ocean, these titanic foes fought on. Either kicking the friction of air to stay afloat or using chakra to propel their vast might forth.

Only Karura stood freed from this deadly assault, fighting Kisame with flat hands of wind. Catching Samehada's edge atop the water, weighted pressure caused the surface to tremble.

Soon met by her own daughter alongside budding defenders for each nation, she smiled. Expressing genuine joy and love at the budding kunoichi she beheld, proud to be a mother.

"At least I got to see you again. Say hello to your brothers for me." Karura sincerely spoke.

Confronted by four fearsome Kage from powerful nations, her windy aura was beaten back. Sealed with haste as Deidara grabbed, gnawed and molded clay into a blobbed prison.

Given respite as these gathered ninja glared up at Guy's muscular bout against his father. All calm was stolen as Naruto's outline sprouted out like a shambling shape of salt water behind.

Swiftly defined and detailed as liquid turned to flesh and cloth, a steady drip fell from hair. Illuminating his violet gaze beside reflecting droplets of water, a raised collar hid his mouth.

Kicking the 4th Raikage away, spry hands reached out before snagging Deidara and Temari. Raising them high by their throats, Samehada's intervention was swung like a massive log.

Able to shred, cut and skewer most into stripped chunks, its growling edge failed to land. Instead halted by gravity in front of Naruto's eyelashes, strained, stuck and suspended in place.

Blowing back three Kage as Rinnegan widened to the size of saucers, they skid and flipped. Gifted moments of silence before a cupped palm was punched by a fist, splitting the shifting sea.

"HIRUDORA!" Guy's gums bled.

Swollen with such pressure and density that the air turned visibly white, currents bellowed. Shaped, sewn and held together by a condensed Will of Fire, the impression of a tiger skull roared.

Propelled forth as teeth cracked and bones became self-shattered, pressurized chakra spat. Surging across the oceans surface with such solidified mass that water dissolved to steam.

Blowing his reanimated fathers corpse aside, flaked cinders bellowed as raging winds carried. Parted, pushed and plunged in half, compressed chakra bordered boiling water below.

Stuck in blind stupor at the scurried approach of this white tiger, Naruto's violet eyes braced. Straining to expel enough force to protect him, it was too soon for his sacred Doijutsu to act.

Struck dead center by Guy's behemoth-sized blob of chakra, adjacent air singed to flames. Allotting time as cascading torrents of crisp wind rang out in all directions, Deidara bared teeth.

Plucking clay from the strapped pouch on his waist, he used it to stick and seal Duy's carcass. Wasting no time for teary farewells or emotional goodbyes, the sole focus was victory.

And this premise neared conclusion as the gaseous shape of a tiger exploded and rose high. Surpassing the massed weight of a Tailed Beast Bomb, rigid wind blew without any end.

"Did we get him?!" A winced to keep both eyes straight.

Standing with the smallest stature amongst these assembled Kage, Temari alone forcibly hid. Spreading her fan open before using its stretched girth as a veiled shield to crouch behind.

Impervious to these stagnant winds and reinforced by height, Kisame's only loss was his clone. Dispersed into a puddle atop the ocean as flicking strands of blond fell from Deidara's scalp.

Visually stricken by the lingering miasma that radiated from Guy's technique, a blur of white. It took several moments to dissipate before a tranquil plain of the sea trickled into existence.

Sporadically scanning and searching, the 4th Raikage twitched as a looming shadow appeared. Rising from below, a gigantic crustacean bridged the oceans surface with Rinnegan eyes.

Swinging pincers the size of treetops, they cleaved giant tsunami's into formation, rushing fast. Forcing gathered Kage to leap from armored and crimson shelling that meant to do harm.

Floating because of buoyancy, Naruto's summoning skittered and spat a stream of foamy bubbles. Characterized as Water Style: Foam Scattered Waves; its volume gushed like a geyser.

Splitting this soapy assault with a vertical slash from her closed fan, Temari spewed loose droplets. Clearing a path for Kisame to surge with chakra-infused shoes and a raised Samehada.

Unleashing the swung and serrated edge of this sacred blade, it smooshed and cracked red plating. Fighting a crab the size of a three-story apartment, laughter perpetually rang out.

Breaking this joyful cackle with a stern scoff, A's static-coated feet singed the water under approach. Breaking columned chakra-rods that drove the beast in front, shards of black shed.

A fearsome and lethal creature to most, the twin Kage it fought quickly dispatched its driving will. Distraught and dismantled into a puffed cloud of smoke, peace settled at a brisk pace.

Disturbed by a rising and ruptured set of bubbles on the oceans surface, two trails distinctly formed. Soon settled by the emerging outlines of Guy and Naruto on opposing sides of conflict.

Floating still on his back as raspy breathe was hastily drawn, the 5th Hokage required aid to stand. Helped up by A, these leaders of once rival nations now stood side-by-side on the battlefield.

"Don't be so reckless! Lord Hokage! We need you!" Praise was hidden by his attitude.

Receiving a meek nod in response, words were cut as Naruto's seared skin healed from past jutsu. Highlighting portions of fabric over his left arm that failed to recover from such blows.

"Do you understand now? Shinobi are scum." Words drifted from whisker-lined lips.

Lazily slouched atop the ocean, this rogue ninja from Konoha was surrounded on all sides by Kage. Forever bland and solemn as far-off memories played on repeat throughout his mind.

Winded and strained, Temari stood firm as Deidara already molded clay with stark anticipation. Even Kisame held his legendary blade aloft in participation, knowing the renown of his foe.

Preparing himself to press forth, the 4th Raikage was shoved aside as Guy stood upright and tall. Swiftly cocooned by a fiery aura of emerald that swayed and swished against the oceans spray.

"There is one thing I understand..." The 5th Hokage snarled.

Not just the shinobi of Konoha, but ninja from all nations were driven and possessed by pure will. When their villages, homes, friends and family were threatened, they would stop at nothing.

They would fight until the end, until the streets they cherished were left ruins and homes burnt. Because that was the truest way of shinobi, to never back down and never give up.

Suddenly shredded by an influx of chakra, paired forearms were raised high and crossed in front. Burying his bushy eyed brow against these muscular backhands, the air turned heavy.

"In the shinobi world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true..." He recited words from his fallen rival.

Triggered by an unlatched limit in his chakra network, external energy turned from green to red. Leading the surrounding allies that gawked into saucer-like stupor and dazzlement.

"But those who abandon their friends, are worse than scum!" Vigor was combined with physical shock.

Throwing open the final obstacle that restrained victory, Guy's eyebrows turned to scarlet fire. Reaching a pinnacled point of Taijutsu that so few before him could ever dream to attain.

Opening the 8th Gate: Gate of Death; their was no turning back for this proud ninja of Konoha. Like the famed and pressed shinobi that gathered around him, all would fight to the end.