Missing shots: 01


"Ana!" Christian talked to himself when he found Ana missing beside him. He turned in a full circle to a have look over the crowded mall. His eyes however settled on Ana, not far from him.

Nodding disapprovingly he moved near her and found her looking at a pair of shoes behind glass.

"You like them?" He asked.

Ana smiled, not looking at him.

"I will go... pack it for you."

He almost turned to leave for the shop when he heard her.

"You don't know the feeling of liking something but not being able to afford them, do you?" Ana whispered. Her eyes still fixed on the shoes.

Christian looked at her, his face impressive but he didn't say anything, inviting her to talk more.

"It may sounds intensly crazy to you but... the feeling is... it's... it's preety deep and soothing and aching too. If you become able to afford them somehow it feels like heaven. And even if you fail to afford them the feeling is painfully soothing. Those countless words you keep telling yourself to sooth your heart.. .." she finally looked at him, "it feels great."

Christian raised his eyesbrows.

"What? You don't believe me? Well, of course you won't." Ana rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I don't." Christian turned to look at the pair of shoes Ana had been looking to avoid her gaze, "I couldn't afford food once and the feeling wasn't great at all."

Ana's subtle smile turned upside down hearing him.


"You like them?" Christian asked, avoiding the topic.

"I am sorry... I forgot..."

"I wish I could." Christian smiled ruefully, "I am gonna go ask the sells man to pack them."

Christian smiled at Ana before leaving for the shop. Ana followed him, crushing herself under her breathe.

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