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Chapter 39

"Oh my mark Quatre." Heero called out as he maneuvered Wing Zero near the star shaped hole in the barrier.

"I'll cover you!"

"Let's do it."

A fluid mass of daemons propelled towards Wing Zero but were quickly split apart by the shotels of Sandrock Kai. Wave after wave attempted to attack the two Gundams but were thwarted by Quatre's machine. Finally Heero got close enough to his destination. "I'm going in!"

"Good luck!"

Heero opened up the front of the cockpit and jumped right through the hole and landed with a roulade on a stone slab. Sandrock Kai soon backed away and Wing Zero flew high into the air above the building.

Heero stood up and dusted himself off. The building was in worse shape than he thought. The roof was mostly destroyed and any old entrances that would have been used to enter the building were collapsed. The only way to proceed would be to drop down floor by floor until he got into a part of the high school that had its structural integrity mostly intact. He did notice one thing that bothered him a little. The daemons that fought so fiercely to keep him out did not attack him. It only confirmed one thing. They were made to keep absolutely everybody out. Now that he was in, there was no going back. He would end this all today or he would die trying. Most importantly, he had to find Sailor Moon. "Usagi just hold on. Don't do anything stupid." Heero said to himself as he jumped down into the upper floors of Mugen Academy.

Sailors Uranus and Neptune walked cautiously through the dark twisted corridors of Mugen Academy not believing the events that had previously transpired.

"To think she would break that taboo and stop time to save us."

"I can't believe it." Sailor Uranus sighed. "We are at fault. We shouldn't have gotten so close without knowing what we were up against."

"We cannot dwell on this now!" Said a disheartened Sailor Neptune, "If we waste this opportunity that she has given us it will dishonor her act of sacrifice."

"Right," Responded Uranus. "Let's move through this then."

Quickening their pace the two soldiers entered a large room. Maniacal laughter filled the halls prompting them to halt their journey.

"Welcome Sailor Soldiers! I am so glad you could make it here! Though it is against the school rules to enter this area."

Sailor Uranus looked around anxiously. "That's…"

Out of the darkness ahead of them Professor Tomoe slowly appeared. "Look around you Sailor Senshi! This is where the magic occurs! This is where the superior students of this school will become daimons!"

Uranus and Neptune took in their surroundings; on all sides of them were hideous humanoid figures. They were pale thin beings with one eye and a constant demonic smile on each of their faces but lifeless and unmoving. The only thing that unnerved Sailor Uranus was the one eye in each of their faces that seemed to look at them.

"What are these things?" She demanded.

"These? These are just vessels not given life yet. However they could be made whole with a soul. It works in the opposite way as well. Superior humans can become vessels for daimons! Just like this man, Soichi Tomoe!" Professor Tomoe cackled evilly and his right eye glowed a dark red. Bursts of red light poured out of his right eye followed by a twisted monstrosity which slowly grew. Before long a twisted figure was starting down at Uranus and Neptune. A disgusting being with one eye not unlike the humanoid figures around them, but it instead had a long writhing neck and was attached to a large plant like body. Professor Tomoe himself collapsed on the ground unconscious.

"So he was possessed by a daimon!"

"World Shaking!" Shouted Sailor Neptune as she unleashed her power. The wave of energy collided with the monstrous daimon and completely annihilated it. Remains of the ugly being rained down upon the room.

"That was easier than I thought it was be." Said Sailor Uranus. "Wait, look at the ground!"

The sickening wet remains of the daimon began to slowly tremble, and moved with surprising speed to the lifeless daimons all throughout the room. A small moment passed as the two Sailor Soldiers held their breaths knowing deep down what had occurred. One of the daimons moved its head and started to laugh, then another, and yet another. Pretty soon the entire chamber was filled with psychotic crazed laughter.

"It's no use!" Laughed one of the figures. "I have analyzed all your attacks! There is no way you can win against me!" The horde of daimons then all rushed the vastly outnumbered Sailor Soldiers.

"Deep Submerge!"

Sailor Neptune's attack was able to blow away about a dozen of the charging daimons but the ones behind it still laughed. The ones that reached the Sailor Soldiers first attempted to attack but the girls were more agile and dexterious than the dolls seemed to have given credit. Uranus and Neptune dodged, parried, and avoided everything they could, counterattacking when needed. Their blows seemed to smash in the daimons head which only gave further evidence of what monsters they were. The heads smashed in like a melon. The daimons were boneless rubber figures however, the numbers proved too much for them.

"Ah!" Cried Sailor Uranus as an arm of a daimon extended itself and wrapped itself around her leg like a constricting python. Sailor Neptune was shortly captured after as another daimon's arm wrapped itself around her torso like a binding rope. The two soldiers looked around them; they were bound and completely surrounded. The daimon's laughter increased by the seconds, getting louder and louder and their twisted hideous smiles grew larger. For the two soldiers, they knew that had lost.

"Talisman." A voice whispered.

"What?" Sailor Uranus said. Looking around for the source of the voice, but finding none she briefly wondered if she was hearing things in this moment of desperation. But a sparkle of light flashed before her and Sailor Neptune.

"What!" All the daimons were shouting at the same time. The light grew and filled the darkness of the chamber, dissolving the bindings on the two Sailor Soldiers. The two girls recovered and in front of Sailor Neptune, the light coagulated into a mirror, while the one in front of Sailor Uranus became a jewel encrusted sword. Their own talismans had appeared before them!

The two Sailor Soldiers retrieved the items, Neptune aimed the mirror at the horde of one eyed monsters that surrounded them. Those that the mirror were aimed at slowly melted away into a standing shadow. Except for one…

"That one!" Shouted Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Uranus charged ahead, her talisman sword in hand, with a defiant yell. Reaching her target she embedded the sword into the giant engrossed eye of the daimon that was left viable by Neptune's mirror. The impaled daimon screamed a ghastly inhumane shout and dissolved into a black slimy puddle. The two outer senshi slowed their breathing trying to recover from their battle.

"Was that Pluto's voice?" Sailor Uranus Asked.

"Yeah…" Said Sailor Neptune. Without saying another word the two continued their journey down the dark lonely hall, unaware that Professor Tomoe's body began to stir.


"Uhhh, where I am?" A delirious Sailor Moon asked herself. The last thing she remembered was a grizzly hand grasping her neck out of nowhere, then darkness. Surveying the room she saw nothing but ruins of the Mugen Academy that seemed to have collapsed upon itself however the room she was in was surprisingly dark as if covered by a dark fog. Her eyes spotted a figure lying motionless among the darkness of the area she had been brought to.

"Hotaru!" Sailor Moon sprinted over to the girl and cradled her in her arms.

"T…The Grail…" Hotaru whispered.

The Grail? What about The Grail?" Asked Sailor Moon trying to get the weakened Hotaru to talk.

"I heard them talk." Hotaru weakly said. "I heard them say that if Sailor Moon were to let the light of The Grail shine in this room, then they would be defeated." Usagi looked at Hotaru with surprised eyes. "If we don't hurry," Continued Hotaru. "then the enemy will be back."

Sailor Moon smiled and stood up with a reassuring nod. "I'm glad you're alright Hotaru."

"Y-yes." Said Hotaru. "Now please hurry Usagi! You must use The Grail for Chibi-Usa's sake as well!"

Sailor Moon's reassuring eyes suddenly became those of surprise. "Hotaru, how did you know that I am Usagi Tsukino?" Hotaru's eyes widened, but then slowly descended into a look of pure evil. "You're not Hotaru are you?" Sailor Moon demanded.

Hotaru giggled. "I am Hotaru, but, just in body."

Hotaru's insane laughter filled the place that Sailor Moon was brought to. "What happened to Hotaru?"

Hotaru only laughed more as she stood on her feet. "I merely took her inside my body." Sailor Moon gasped. "I am a being from another dimension. I came here from the Tau Nebula and took over this girl's body. I am Mistress Nine." Her body slowly grew taller, her figure matured before Usagi's very eyes. In a few seconds, Hotaru's visage was replaced by a woman who looked like what Hotaru would age to in a decade.

In front of Usagi Hotaru had transformed into a beautiful, sinister looking woman with hair so long it draped all throughout the floor. A black star manifested itself on her forehead. "Hotaru!" She exclaimed. Whatever words she was going to say were interrupted by sudden appearance of two new arrivals into the room. "Uranus! Neptune!"

"We've finally found you!" Declared Sailor Uranus.

"For the future of this planet, we will kill you!" Said Sailor Neptune.

Mistress Nine merely laughed as the darkness surrounding all of them slowly melted away revealing a covered dome that seemed to incase the very depths of outer space. "Master Pharaoh 90, please wait just a big longer. Soon this world will be your playground." Mistress Nine turned to the three Senshi. "Pharaoh 90 is the ruler of the Death Busters, the true bringer of silence. Soon my efforts will bring him here to bring this entire world into an eternal silence!"

"As if we'd let you! World Shaking!"

"Deep Submerge!"

The two attacks aimed at Mistress Nine burst out from their makers. "You can't!" Sailor Moon cried and positioned herself in between the projectiles and its' target. They hit Sailor Moon with amazing force and threw her body across the room.

"Why thank you." Sneered Mistress Nine. The long hair that lay on the floor came to life and like writhing snakes looking for prey, slithered to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune and wrapped itself around the two.

"You idiot!" Screamed Sailor Uranus as she and Sailor Neptune were hoisted with the hair's surprising strength high onto a pillar of the room. The binding hairs slowly dissolved into the pillar as of becoming one with it with the captives still trapped and after a few seconds the two outer senshi were bound waste down into the stone pillars.

"If you don't want these two killed, then hand over The Grail."

"You can't!" Sailor Uranus screamed from her imprisonment only for a thread of hair to wrap itself around her neck to strangle her. The same punishment occurred for Sailor Neptune.

"Maybe I shall kill one of them first?"

"Wait!" Sailor Moon desperately cried.

"If you hand over The Grail to her, I'll never forgive you!" Sailor Neptune choked out despite the threads around her neck.

The wraps around the necks of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune tightened. Tears began streaming down their faces as the life was slowly being choked out of them. Sailor Moon only stared at them then slowly faced her body to Mistress Nine. She brought her hands together and a warm light shined from them.

"DON'T DO IT!" Sailor Uranus screamed with a voice filled with pure distress.


Sailor Moon ceased her conjuring of The Grail upon recognition of the voice. "Professor Tomoe?" Professor Tomoe stood at the entrance to the dark room, a hand on his side as if he was seriously injured there. "Hotaru…" He gasped again, slowly limping over to Mistress Nine. "Hotaru…it's me…your daddy." The laboring man reached Misress Nine and clasped her shoulders. "Hotaru you ended up like this because of me. I'm so sorry."

Mistress Nine gazed at him with uncaring eyes. "The empty shell of Germatoid? You dare touch me? How disgusting." She crossed her arms around her torso as another lock of her hair sprang to life and wrapped itself around the neck of Professor Tomoe.

"Stop it…please…stop it!" Sobbed Sailor Moon watching the scene in front of her.

"The Grail then?" Mistress Nine demanded. Sailor Moon wiped her tears away and then again brought her hands together to once again create the warm light of The Grail.

"No…" A desperate Sailor Neptune pleaded.

Sailor Moon ignored the pleas of Uranus and Neptune as she worked her energy to bring forth The Grail. Just as she was about to materialize into the world a calm, soothing, yet somewhat emotionless voice halted her. "Control yourself Sailor Moon." She looked to the source and saw a figure she knew would make things infinitely better.


The Perfect Soldier slowly walked towards Mistress Nine with eyes that did not betray what he wished to do with her. "Oh? What do you think you can do?" Mistress Nine addressed. "If anything you just made it easier for me to convince Sailor Moon to bring forth The Grail. If I torture and kill you, she will definitely listen!"

"That would be a bad idea." Heero stoically responded. "If you were to kill me, then nothing would stop this entire island from being turned into a fine powder." As he said those last words Heero simply pointed his index finger to the sky.

"What?" Said Mistress Nine as she looked to the sky. The confidence on her face was replaced shortly by one of pure hate and anger. "You bastard!"

Above the scene was Wing Zero with its Twin Buster Rifle aimed right at Mistress Nine.

To Be Concluded

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