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6 Months later – August

"Sorry, sorry, sorry …. I know, I know I'm late … " Charles threw his bergen on the floor and left it for later, something he wouldn't have dreamed of doing 6 months earlier "Bloody traffic was a fucking nightmare …and Okehampton is not exactly round the corner" He smiled and looked at her properly for the first time, widening his eyes in appreciation at the way she looked standing in front of the mirror holding a top up against herself and chewing at her bottom lip. Molly shook her head before she threw it on top of the heap on the bed and then stood in her bra and knickers rifling through the pile before wailing that it was all wrong, that every last bit of it was total shit.

"It's good to be home … " He raised his eyebrows and smirked "You going to stay like that?"

"Don't be a prannet … you're not bein' funny … Can't make up me bleeding mind what to wear can I? … I mean … what if everyone's all tarted up? Wearing frocks 'n that, I'm gonna look pretty bloody stupid in jeans…. "

"Hats as well I wouldn't mind betting ….like a Buckingham Palace garden party …" Charles snorted a laugh down his nose.

"Shut up …"

"Sweetheart … just wear whatever you like, you'll easily be the most beautiful girl there whatever you've got on …. And you couldn't look stupid if you tried" He got up from the bed where he'd perched and stood behind her, lifted the waterfall of her hair and nuzzled the back of her neck before he raised his head to look at their shared reflection. He shook his head and frowned at the anxious look on her face and resisted the urge to pull her against him "Now stop worrying and give me a kiss, I've missed you"

"Yeah … " Molly turned her head to look at him and then leaned back against him "Ditto … missed you a bit 'n all"

"Only a bit?…" He laughed and stepped back slightly before rearranging her hair and taking a deep breath "Have you heard from your mum, is she coming?" he hesitated for a split second "And your dad?"

"Nah… I mean … I knew he wouldn't come even for the free booze, wouldn't pay for the bloody train … but I thought mum might …" Molly shrugged and tried not to let him see how intensely disappointed she was "Nan's coming, she's 'iring a Corsa 'n bringing the kids"

"Lovely …" Charles resisted the temptation to ask why her mother couldn't have come in the car with her grandmother and the younger members of the Dawes family.

"Yeah I s'pose … I mean I'm glad she's coming … and the kids .. but it means we're gonna 'ave to watch 'er, you know what she's like with drinking and driving, she thinks rules are for everyone else" Molly chewed her lip "She's bleeding dangerous"

"There is that… hey … stop looking so worried, they can always stay, I'm sure we can fit them in somewhere … good news is that my mum says she's not coming … can't think why …" He put his head back and roared with laughter "Or dad, but then he'd have to have her permission …"

"I think it was bloody good of you to ask 'er" Molly giggled, she was pretty sure he'd only done it because he knew she wouldn't accept the invitation, she wouldn't have minded being a fly on the wall for that conversation "Can't pretend I'm sorry she's giving us a swerve …"

It had been on the tip of her tongue to say it was bad enough Rebecca bringing Sam but didn't. She'd given herself a number of tongue lashings while he'd been away and had resolved to try and be all grown up about it, their divorce was final and she had to trust him when he said it was just them being civilised with each other for Sam's sake. But that didn't stop it being hard.

"Can you 'urry up a bit … people are gonna start pitching up any minute and I don't know any of them"

"Of course you do .."

"Nah I don't … alright …some of them maybe … now what you doing?"

"Actually I thought I'd have a shower, change my clothes … that sort of thing, what do people usually do when they get home from five days away … well apart from get a kiss from their partner … ?"

"Oh yeah sorry … bit nervous …" Molly looked in the mirror and felt a pang of concern and a tiny bit of guilt at how tired he looked, she should have asked him about how it had gone as soon as he came in "Did it go okay … were you your usual bleeding magic at bossing people about? Were they scared of you?"

"Indeed … it was fine … and I've told you before, I do not boss people about …. and no-one is scared of me …."

"Yeah they are … and yeah you do … clue's in the name innit?… Boss"

Charles smiled a tired smile. The adrenalin of the last few days had started to slowly ebb away during his long drive home which meant he was exhausted and would've liked nothing better than to stretch out in the garden with a very large drink and close his eyes for a bit. He'd quite like to relax and mull over the events of the last five days and think about the surprising sense of achievement he'd been experiencing by the end of the week. Something he'd thought was never going to happen again. The whole exercise had gone like a dream from his point of view, he'd felt good, strong and confident with no sign of the anxieties he'd half expected, had in fact been very reminiscent of the early days of the Under Fives, it had almost felt as if he'd turned the clock back to before their first tour of Afghan. He'd forgotten what it felt like, but exactly like those far off days he'd just taken a bunch of raw young squaddies and started the process of moulding them, somehow made even more poignant knowing that 2 section had just left on their first deployment that he'd had no involvement in any way at all.

"Now even I can tell that I stink of explosives and sweat and god knows what else, not exactly an aphrodisiac"

"Works for me …"

"Everything works for you …" He raised his eyebrows and laughed and then shook his head and turned her round to tilt her chin up with his thumb. He bent his head and kissed her properly "I can't believe how bloody lucky I am…"

"Well 'urry up then 'n don't moan and say I'm naggin'"

"Wouldn't dream of it … now let me go and get cleaned up and then we can have a nice party … unless you fancy keeping me company in there?"

He raised his eyebrows in invitation and nodded towards the en-suite tightening his hold on her. He was even more sorry now that he was home later than he'd planned, suddenly the idea of sharing a long lazy shower followed by an hour or so in bed was even more attractive than lying in the garden with a drink. And definitely more appealing than any sort of housewarming or getting together party.

"Nah, I don't wanna get me 'air wet again …. and there's no such bloody thing as a nice par'y … not unless you're 'ammered ….. and I bet you its gonna bloody rain 'n all"

"Nope … definitely not going to rain … whose idea was this anyway?" Charles grinned and shook his head and waited for her to say that it had been his. He'd admit to being slightly disappointed that there wasn't going to be any sort of farewell to his involvement with 2 section, but they were off doing what they did best. Not that he was envious. Not very anyway. And despite what she'd just said he knew Molly wouldn't drink, just as he knew that she was as she put it 'shitting a brick' that there were going to be people at the party she didn't know. And he knew that she hated the thought that Rebecca was going to be there, which if he was honest was something he could well have done without as well. Despite Molly's confidence at work where apparently nothing really fazed her, she was still intimidated by the thought that people might look down on her, something that made him angry, not with her, never with her, but with the people who'd robbed her of her self-confidence in the past. People like his bloody mother who couldn't seem to see her for the person she was. No matter what anyone said to her, and he'd said plenty, Caroline still couldn't or wouldn't see past the tattoo or the accent.


"You should have seen your face … I thought I was going to pee myself …. actually I thought you were going to as well …"

"So did I … I mean how was I s'posed to know, I could see people bowing and scraping 'n that, but we don't get many of them to the pound where I come from …. I've 'eard of princes and dukes and all that shit, course I 'ave, I mean Prince 'arry for one … but the only Viscount I've ever 'eard of is a fucking biscuit …"

There was a further gale of laughter as Molly and Tess and a couple of the other girls talked about an incident with a patient and his relatives when she was suddenly catapulted forward by a small boy launching himself into the back of her legs. She pitched forward and slopped her drink over her carefully selected green top "Oi … careful …" She turned as Sam yelled hello in an excited bellow before he took off down the garden to help Martin, or rather to re-establish his rank and boss Martin about as the pair of them set up the small football nets. Molly was left staring at the sleek blonde girl who was looking back at her with undisguised curiosity as Tess and the others melted away in the direction of the booze.

She looked exactly how Molly had expected her to look, okay, not a pole dancer, but still a tall slim girl with fabulous highlights in her sleek blonde flicky hair, and legs that went up to her armpits. She had on designer jeans that fitted her like they were glued to her almost non-existent bum and a beautiful silk top which most likely cost more than Molly's entire wardrobe put together, which wouldn't exactly be that difficult. She had the immediate effect of making Molly feel like some small scruffy urchin who'd got dressed at a jumble sale, which was not that far from the truth. That was until she opened her mouth. She might sound a lot like bloody Caroline, which she undoubtedly did, she had that same sort of accent which was exactly what Molly would have expected but there the similarity ended.

"Hi … you're Molly? Lovely …. hello … its lovely to meet you at last … I feel that I already know so much about you, Sammie talks about you all the time … it's really good of you to invite me …. Is her Majesty here yet?"

"Who? Sorry … I mean 'ello Rebecca? Its nice to meet you 'n all"

Molly cringed when she heard herself. Nice to meet you? Fuck. Couldn't she have come up with something a bit better than that? As it went it wasn't exactly sophisticated or scintillating, in fact it was a bit shit, but she couldn't think of anything else offhand.

"Her Gracious Majesty Queen Caroline of Bath …" Rebecca pretended to curtsey "Has her Imperial Highness deigned to grace the proceedings with her presence here today …. so that she can walk around with a bad smell under her nose?"

"Nah … she's not coming …" Molly wanted to giggle not only at what she'd said but at the exaggerated expression of relief that flitted across Rebecca's beautifully made up face. Her eyebrows made Molly long to get going on her own with the tweezers "She don't like me very much …"

"Don't worry … She doesn't like anyone very much … which is alright because no-one in their right mind likes her" Rebecca laughed and pulled a rueful face "I spent years wishing I could tell her to fuck off but never had quite enough nerve … lovely … I can be as rude as I like to her now and there's nothing she can do"

Molly couldn't help thinking how odd it sounded to hear that sort of language coming from the immaculately lipsticked mouth of an obviously dead posh girl. Hearing her say fuck definitely wasn't what she'd expected, although Charles said it all the time. It was just that Rebecca seemed to be a lot different to the person she'd imagined her to be.

"Does Charles know … I mean did you tell 'im 'ow you felt about 'er?"

"Good god no, I couldn't possibly … that wouldn't have been the right thing to do at all, would it? She might be a nightmare … actually there's no might be about it, she is an absolute fucking nightmare, but she's still his mother for god's sake … as she always went to great pains to remind me every time I saw her …"

Rebecca started to smile a greeting at someone over Molly's shoulder and she knew without checking that it was Charles, same as she knew he'd be over to join them as soon as he could get rid of the fat little bloke with glasses that he was talking to. He wouldn't leave her there on her own with Rebecca for a moment longer than he had to, he'd be worried that she was getting upset. But she wasn't, although she couldn't help thinking that if Rebecca and Charles had been a bit more honest, they might still have been married, which didn't make her feel very good. What the hell did he see in someone like her when he'd been with someone like Rebecca, someone who was all shiny and glossy and sounded like this girl in front of her? But, he was with her and he loved her and she knew that, and she couldn't keep worrying that she wasn't as good as someone else for the rest of her bloody life.

"Come on, where is 'e? Where's that bleeding ugly bugger of yours hiding hisself?" Nan leaned forward to kiss Molly on the cheek and gave Rebecca what her mum always called her old-fashioned look, which was Belinda speak for Nan narrowing her eyes and glaring at someone as though they'd got a bogie on their chin "Got 'im chained to the sink 'ave you … or 'idden 'im away cos you knew I was on me way?" Nan looked at Rebecca again "And who's this? 'ave you met our Moll's Charlie boy? 'e's a lovely chap … a real good 'un"

"Hello Nan … umm …" Molly kissed Nan on the cheek, suddenly cringing with embarrassment, she had a strong feeling that someone, probably Bella, had told Nan exactly who this blonde girl was and that Nan was warning her off "This is Rebecca … ummm … her and Charles used to be married … I mean … they're not now … they're divorced … ummm …"

Nan was looking at Rebecca with deep suspicion written all over her face as Molly wracked her brains trying to think of what god-awful things she might have said to Nan about Rebecca and how she could drop a subtle hint to her grandmother, who didn't really do subtle, that Rebecca was alright. She didn't want her to say anything that Molly would regret.

But before anyone could say anything to drop her in it, Bella started tugging her arm and trying to drag her away. Molly couldn't help noticing a strong smell of booze, a smell that always seemed to be hanging around where Bella was these days, it was a smell that reminded her of their dad and was something that really worried her, she knew she should be taking better care of her sister. And right now she was horribly afraid that Bella was well on her way to being pissed despite her promises to pace herself.

"What the fuck made you invite 'er?" Bella stopped for a minute to take a swig out of her glass "I never thought even you would be that fucking stupid"

"Who? What you talking about?" Molly hesitated before saying anything else, suddenly worried that Bella was talking about Rebecca, and would say so in no uncertain and very unflattering terms. And that Rebecca would hear every word "Take it a bit easy Bels, remember …. you promised"

"I'm not pissed ….…not yet … 'n I'm not talking about 'er…." She nodded at Rebecca, then jerked her head in the direction of the house "I'm talking about 'ER…"

Rebecca gave her a little wave and started to make her way over to where Charles was still talking, although he was constantly looking over at them. Nan trailed after her reminding Molly of a Rottweiler all ready to guard Charles from the dangers of talking to his ex, as Bella rolled her eyes dramatically and indicated the small cluster of girls standing in a huddle on the patio. They all had glasses in their hands and were standing close to the trestle table where they'd carefully laid out bowls of M&S salads and crisps and bits and pieces and miles of French bread that her and Bella had cut up for people to help themselves. Molly had been getting a bit bothered about flies or that it would get stale, might even be inedible by the time anyone got round to it, most people seemed far more interested in drinking. But now all she could see was a tarted-up Donna standing by the table picking at the bread for all the world as if she was an invited guest.

"I never asked 'er … why the fuck would I do that?"

"Let me throw 'er out … please …go on .."

"Nah … let me think …. she 'asn't bought 'im with 'er 'as she?"

"Nah … don't think so …she come with that lot …"

"Come on …" For once in her life Molly was going to enjoy doing something she knew she shouldn't. But who'd said that trollop could gatecrash her party? Even the sight of her perfect bloody white teeth against her holiday tan got on her wick so much that Molly wanted to slap her, no-one invited her and yet here she was smiling that annoying bleeding smile that made her eyes crinkle up so much it was a fucking miracle she could still see anything. Boyfriend stealer. Donna took one look at Molly and obviously decided to get in first before she could ask her who let her in.

"I hope you don't mind me tagging along, but everyone was talking about this party and I wanted to just tell you how glad I am that you're all settled.. I'm really pleased for you Moll …. I hear he's lovely … Tess is constantly telling us how very good looking he is and how much she adores him …"

"Right …. I just wasn't expecting to see you, but not to worry, get yourself a drink before you go….. oh I see you already 'ave…"

Molly nodded and walked away smirking all over her face as Bella giggled then stage whispered "Moll, what's that on your shirt … looks like your tits 'ave leaked'"

"BELLA!" Molly couldn't help giggling with her sister as they moved out of earshot "It's water … "

"God, who let her in?"

Tess was looking at Donna as she walked up to the two sisters with an expression of undisguised horror on her face, which changed into a laugh when she saw the look of glee on Molly's face "What have you done? Never mind I'm sure she asked for it …"

"Nothing …. Just … you know… said 'ello or something like that"

"Well, take my advice and make sure you keep an eye on her…. and you'd better padlock his flies before she cops an eyeful of Clarke"

"No need … 'e wouldn't go anywhere near "

"That's never stopped her before has it?"

"It will this time …"

As she said it Molly knew that what she was saying was absolutely true, Charles would never dream of doing that to her. It was a lovely feeling. She looked over to where he was standing with his arm round Nan's shoulders and watched for a second as he threw his head back to laugh at something Nan said, there was no sign of Rebecca but as he talked to Nan, or rather listened to her, his eyes flicked frequently in Molly's direction. He was obviously trying to reassure himself that she was okay. She caught his eye and smiled and nodded, suddenly needing him to know that it didn't matter Rebecca being there, or even bloody Donna turning up like that, she was absolutely fine and there was no need for him to worry about her.


"So … this is Molly? Hullo Molly, how lovely it is to finally put a face to the name I heard so often … I feel as if I already know you"

Daniel was beaming all over his face and giving himself a little private pat on the back. It was a much-needed ego boost for him to know that he'd been right all along, that Charles had been forming a relationship with the girl he'd called Meghan Markle. It was lovely to be proved so right about something.

"Really … who from?" Charles' laugh sounded a bit forced to his own ears and he knew his face had flushed, he was regretting getting Molly to come over and join them so that he could introduce her to Daniel. He'd forgotten what a slick little shit Daniel could be.

Not for the first time that afternoon he wondered what he'd been thinking of, what bloody stupid impulse meant that he'd invited Daniel, and had only just stopped himself inviting his wife and their tribe of kids as well. Logically Charles had known that this was an exercise in futility, but he'd had this need to demonstrate to himself as well as Daniel just how well things had worked out now he wasn't being forced to spend hours every week desperately working to keep his private thoughts hidden. As Daniel had exercised his undoubted skills at making him feel uncomfortably secretive. Looking back now Charles shuddered at the amount of effort it had needed for him to constantly weigh up every single word he'd said.

"'ello Daniel … nice to meet you" Oh shit, there she went again with her scintillating conversational skills "Will you excuse me …. ummm …I gotta ….ummm … ummm … see to the boys … make sure they eat something that's not crisps…" She turned to Charles and grimaced knowing Daniel couldn't see her face "Where's Rebecca?"

"Gone … she had something to do …. Sorry I forgot … she asked me to say goodbye ..."

"Okay …" Molly gave him a look that said she thought that sounded a bit sus, but that they'd talk about it later, and then walked away as both Daniel and Charles stood in silence and watched her go.

"So …. how's the job working out for you Charles … is it all going well? I can see that everything else has worked out very nicely for you … and I'm very happy to see that it has … she's a lovely girl"

"Indeed …"

Daniel took his glasses off and rooted in his top pocket to find and clip-on some sunglass lenses which made him look even more like a benevolent roly-poly stranger to Charles. It was hard now for him to remember quite how angry he'd been with this man for what he'd seen at the time as a betrayal. But he recognised now just how much he owed him as well, even if he hadn't wanted to admit it at the time. If it hadn't been for Daniel telling him all the time to believe that he deserved a life after Elvis he'd probably never have asked Molly to meet him in the Castle that night. Without Daniel's encouragement he'd have carried on shutting himself away in his lonely bubble, away from everything and everyone.


Molly looked over to where the kids were playing some energetic game of something that almost resembled football and listened to their excited shouts. No-one was screaming or fighting or murdering anyone else but she was becoming more and more conscious of a hot gaze on her back, which she knew could be her imagination, but she was buggered if she was going to look in her direction and check. She looked for Tess instead, she'd get her to check it out for her.

"She keeps on looking at me …. what's she doin'?"

"I don't know … I don't know if she's looking at you exactly, she's sitting there on her own drinking for England …getting very ratted by the look of it … she'll be totally out of it by the time she finishes that bottle"

"Bottle? Who give her a bottle?" Molly had no idea how their booze supply was holding up, she hadn't checked, but Donna had a fucking nerve taking a whole bottle. Somehow she was pretty sure that neither Bella nor Charles had given it to her "Where are the others?"

"Everyone's avoiding her" Tess shrugged and giggled "Someone said she's angry about something … and pissed"

"Alright … think it might be time for 'er to go 'ome"

"Good luck …"

At first Molly thought she was asleep with her head on the table next to the empty bottles like some old wino, but then as Tess pointed out she could just as easily be dead. And then giggled which made Molly giggle as well, even though it wasn't funny, not very funny anyhow.

"Right … let's get you a taxi shall we?" Molly picked up both the empty bottles, the last thing she wanted was broken glass all over with all the kids that were running about, but looking at her she was also a tad concerned that she might not be able to get a taxi driver to take her in the state she was in. But there was no bloody way on earth that she was having a bed in their house for the night "I'll phone Tone, see if he can come and get you"

"No … not yet …. I'm enjoying myself … I'm having a bloody night out … why does no-one ever want me to have any bloody fun" Her speech was slurred as she caught sight of the empty bottles in Molly's hand "Don't worry about that, there's plenty more in there" She waved her hand in the direction of the house "If you wait a minute … I'll go and get one … bit wobbly at the moment" Donna gave a huge sniff as Tess and Molly exchanged glances and Molly muttered that she knew all about the booze, it was hers, Charles and her had bought it, what the fuck did Donna think this was, help yourself week?

"Cheeky bitch" Tess was also muttering, she had zero sympathy for Donna who seemed to have immediately forgotten all about going in the house to get another bottle anyway and had slumped forward again.

"He takes his bloody ring off you know … tells me he's working late …. But not buying that … he's at it, I know he is" She focused with difficulty on Molly "Thought it was you …

"Me? Nah … not a chance …"

"I know that … I've seen the bloke you've managed to hook, why the fuck would you want Tony when you've got him .. and this house … didn't believe her …"She pointed a wavering finger at Tess "She said his family live in a stately home with servants and that he's got a butler, I thought she might be telling lies when she said the butler puts the toothpaste on his brush for him … I mean that's someone else isn't it? But she's right about one thing, he's definitely a hell of a lot tastier than that pig that calls himself my husband …. Bastard … fucking cheating, lying bastard"

"I didn't lie … I might have exaggerated slightly once or twice … a bit ….possibly" Tess was giggling uncontrollably, thoroughly enjoying every single second of the floor show "Told you you'd have to padlock his flies didn't I?"

"Shut up … you're not helping .." Molly couldn't help giggling with her but felt a sudden tiny pang of pity for Donna. But only a very little one, on the whole she thought Donna had got exactly what she deserved "Where's 'er bloody phone … I deleted him off of mine"


"Oh look, it's the ginger wank stain…." Bella muttered in Molly's ear forcing her to gulp back the urge to laugh "What's he doing 'ere? 'ere we got the full set today 'aven't we?…. God, just think … you used to take no notice of the ginger pubes …."

"Bella …SHUT UP …Shut your bloody gob" They both knew what her slightly pissed sister had been about to say as Molly jabbed her hard in the ribs "I called him, told 'im to come and get 'er" She gestured at Donna who was now snoring loudly in a chair on the patio.

"Hello Molly … how lovely to see you … Oh … and Bella"

"Is it? Can't think why"

Molly didn't want to talk to him, she just wanted him to go and take Donna with him as Bella piped up to ask him why he hadn't said it was lovely to see her as well which made Molly jab her with her elbow again to tell her to shut up.

"I haven't seen you since … well, since before last Christmas … and you never did call me to arrange to go out for that drink did you?" He smiled in a way that Molly detested, she thought it made him look oily "I had hoped we could be friends … you and I, I missed you… I still do"

"Really? Sorry …. told you I didn't wanna see you anymore"

"Did you?"

Tony hadn't changed, although why she thought he might have she didn't know. He still insisted on answering questions with more questions and trying to make someone say what they didn't mean, the only difference was that she no longer cared about getting the answers right.

"Hello … Tony isn't it? I don't know if you remember me, but I think we might have met at Molly's Christmas party last year .. Charles .."

He'd appeared out of nowhere and extended his hand for Tony to shake before casually dropping his arm round Molly's shoulders and hugging her into his side. He dropped a possessive little kiss on the top of her head and Molly couldn't help smirking. Her and Tess had talked at length one day about how blokes sometimes metaphorically peed all round their women marking their territory, to warn other men off and now Charles was doing exactly that. He was telling Tony that she was his, something that would normally annoy the hell out of her, she wasn't anyone's territory, but this was Charles and it was Tony getting the benefit.

"Do you need a hand getting your wife to the car?" He was using his very poshest and most superior Caroline-type voice to tell Tony to fuck off, to leave and take a very drunk Donna with him and had put his best Captain Stern face on "Shout if you need any help"

With that he rudely turned his back and whispered to Molly "Shall we tell everyone?"

"Nah … I still need to tell Bels and Nan and maybe Mum before everyone else … sorry …"

"Don't be … no rush … I just wanted … hey, it really doesn't matter … as long as you haven't changed your mind again about me … or about … making babies"

"Bit late for that innit?"


"MARRIED …. But why? Thought things was okay as they are … why do you wanna do that? .. I mean, I know he's alright but …. 'ere, if you think I'm gonna wear something that'd look good on a 4 year-old you can fuck right off …"

"We're getting married cos he asked me and cos I want to, we want to … I've already picked out your frock, looks a bit like a blood clot but it's got all these lovely ruched up bits on the skirt … although that might gonna look like it's caught in your knickers …"

"Fuck off"

"I'm kiddin'…"

"You, young lady will wear whatever your sister says …" Nan gave a deep sigh "He's gonna make a lovely bridegroom …"

"Thanks Nan … but I think what you meant to say was that I'll make a lovely bride… and that Bels will make a lovely bridesmaid …."

"Of course you will … now …. we're gonna 'ave to start looking out for some nice frocks and I'm definitely going to get meself a new hat …"

"Oh shit … someone better warn Selfridges"