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Part 1

Chapter 1

October 31, 1981

Sirius couldn't place the reason why, but he knew deep in his heart of hearts that something wasn't right. He had spoke with James just that morning and while he was going stir crazy from being cooped up in Godric's Hollow, all had been well. He had been able to hear Lily screeching at James to get his damned head out of the fireplace and help her catch the cat, something about Harry had used accidental magic and charmed it purple.

This was a normal day for the Potters. They bickered and argued like they had been together for a hundred years rather than just a few but made up just minutes after a spat. Harry was the light of their lives and meant more to them than the ridiculous amount of gold in James' vaults at Gringotts. It was par for the course for Sirius to admit that Harry was the light of his life as well.

Voldemort had them all in hiding. Sirius was still going on missions for the Order of the Phoenix, so he was more of a move every night kind of hiding. Remus was constantly off with the werewolf packs which was what originally had sparked the hint of mistrust in their furry friend. It was James and Lily and Frank and Alice that had gotten the raw end of the deal, having to go completely into hiding because of a prophecy that Sirius had yet to hear in entirety. James had told him that he had heard it from Dumbledore but was under oath to not repeat it to a single person. Sirius hadn't taken offence. Some things were bigger than hurt feelings.

Since Dumbledore had cast the fidelius charm on the Potter's cottage in Godric's Hollow, James had instantly volunteered Sirius for the job of secret-keeper. While Sirius was honored and pleased at his friend's trust in him, he knew that he went out far too often, consorting with the enemies too often, to feel like that was the safest option. Since they had started to doubt Remus' loyalties, Sirius suggested that they use Peter since he mostly stayed home and took care of his ailing mother. While disappointed, James and Lily admitted that his idea had merit.

For a year now, they had stayed safe in the little cottage. They were able to go out into the small garden behind the house but that was the extent of it. James especially was losing his mind since he was used to nightly adventures with his friends at Hogwarts in the form of Prongs. Sirius was unsure who Frank and Alice had used as their secret-keeper but since he received an owl from them every month like clockwork, it was clear that they were doing fine in their confinement as well.

It was because of this sense of unease that he found himself flying his motorbike to Godric's Hollow, just to check on his friends and godson. The last thing that he wanted was to ignore the feeling and then discover that something terrible had happened. Sirius guided his bike to the ground, completely astounded and horrified at what he saw before him in the rising moonlight.

The upstairs of the cottage was blown to pieces, the room that was his godson's open to the elements. He could see Lily laying on the ground, her vibrant red hair spread around her like an oriental fan. He landed in the back garden and rushed inside the house to feel his heart get ripped out of his chest.

His oldest and best friend in the world, was laying in a pile of rubble, eyes closed with glasses askew on his face. His wand was nowhere to be seen and it was clear that he wasn't breathing. This didn't stop Sirius from rushing to his side and gathering James in his arms, hauling him to his chest, and letting out the most mournful sound he had ever heard. It took him a moment to realize that it had come from himself. His best friend was still, however, already gone from this world.

Suspecting that Lily was dead as well, Sirius rushed upstairs to throw himself down at her side too, checking for a pulse like she had taught him to so many months before. Unlike James, her eyes were wide open and the glassy, unseeing haze he saw in them turned his stomach. Unable to hold his dinner in, he turned and retched on the nursery floor, filled with loathing for himself. Peter had betrayed them and there was nobody to blame for that but himself.

Stumbling to his feet, narrowly missing the pile of sick next to her body, Sirius turned to see that Harry was sitting in his crib, silent, just watching the scene unfold before him. There was a scar on his forehead now in the shape of a lightning bolt that Sirius had no idea of how it got there. He went to the crib and Harry grinned up at him, standing so he could hold his hands up.

"Up, Siri, up." Sirius hadn't been able to refuse his godson a request yet so was happy to lift him out of the crib where he had clearly watched his mother be murdered before him. The toddler's hands twisted in his long, black curls, tugging them until it forced a laugh from Sirius' hoarse throat.

"'Pin me, Siri, 'pin me." Sirius let out another choked laugh before he untangled his hair from Harry's chubby little hands.

"Not right now, pup. We have to get you somewhere safe and I need to catch me a rat."

As much as Sirius hated to leave Lily there on the floor by herself, he had no choice. He wanted to lay her next to James, so he could have the illusion that they had died a peaceful death together, but he couldn't set Harry down in this mess and do that. The last thing he expected was for someone to come crashing through the same door he had entered through. His wand came up quick as a snitch only for him to realize that it was Hagrid, already wiping his eyes on a pink and white checkered tablecloth. Sirius lowered his wand only for Hagrid to speak.

"Dumbledor' tol' me that there was sometin' going on at tha Potter's. I came as fas' as I could." Sirius knew that this was a golden opportunity that he couldn't believe was being handed to him. Walking forward, the animagus held his godson out to Hagrid.

"Take Harry with you to Hogwarts. I've got to find Peter, I'm going to kill him." Hagrid took the infant but turned confused eyes to Sirius. He growled his frustration.

"Don't worry about it now, Hagrid, I'll explain everything later. I need you to get Harry to safety and keep him for me until I come get him." Sirius didn't wait for a reply before turning to head for the door. As he left the cottage, he called over his shoulder.

"Use my motorbike, it'll be safer than the broom you came on." Now that the wards were broken, Sirius didn't even make his way out of the back garden before apparating away.

His first stop was the shit hole flat that he was staying in at the moment. He used a charm to pack all his things. He knew that there was no way he could bring Harry there. His ancestral home, Black Moor, was empty and had been for a couple years; he would take Harry there to raise him and nobody could contest it since he was the heir. Once the charmed bag was shrunk down and stuffed in his pocket, he decided that Peter was a creature of habit, that had been proven several times through the years. Knowing that the wizard wouldn't willingly abandon his mother, he apparated to the garden that they always used when visiting Peter.

It was clear that the rat wasn't expecting anyone to come find him in his home; this made absolutely no sense since he never left unless he only left when he had no other choice. It was clear now just why that was, too afraid of getting caught in his lies and duplicity. Peter was seated at the table with his frail-looking mother, spoon feeding her soup. Sirius had trouble putting the friend who betrayed his best pal and the son who took such good care of his mother together. Before he could speak, Sirius lunged forward and grabbed hold Peter. Before Sirius realized what was happening, Peter had apparated them out of his mother's house and onto some random street in Hogsmeade.

His "friend" managed to drop his wand the second they landed, throwing himself away from Sirius. There were a few people on the street, walking briskly to wherever their destination was. Sirius could see the absolute fear in Peter's eyes and he was sure that it was because he looked as insane as his family was rumored to be. He was glad. The rat deserved to feel terror before he died at Sirius' wand.

"Pick up your wand, rat. I wouldn't want anyone to say that I killed you in an unfair duel." Peter shrank visibly, not reaching for his wand in the slightest, hoping that it would stave off the impending end. Sirius just chuckled darkly before casting a slicing hex at his ex-best friend. It hit him right across the chest and blood poured down his robes.

"Last chance, rat. Get your wand or die on your knees." Peter started to bawl, and Sirius couldn't take that. He reached out and kicked him, knocking him on his arse in the mud. Sirius raised his wand, more than ready to deliver the last blow.

"I hope you rot in hell, Peter. You sure won't be going to where James is." He knew the spell though he had never used it before. The animagus knew that you had to mean it, that you had to gather all the hate inside you and fuel the spell. There was plenty of hate but for a moment he hesitated. In that moment, however, he thought of James and Lily and all the crazy and beautiful memories they had together. He thought of Harry and how he would grow up not knowing his parents, how Sirius would have to be a poor stand-in. His resolve was strengthened.

"Avada kedavra." The jet of green light left his wand but not at the angle that he had anticipated. Someone had thrown themselves into his back at the last possible moment, shoving him forward just enough to skew the spell. Rather than hit Peter, it slammed into someone standing in the shadows. The young man dropped like a rock, the same lifeless look in his eyes that Lily had had.

Sirius was struck silent and still at just what he had done. After a few moments, he turned to see a woman behind him, auror badge clearly pinned to her robes. Her face was stricken, many emotions crossing her features before she focused on Sirius.

"That was my partner, you fucking killer!" Peter was still crouched on the ground, sobbing, but Sirius wasn't surprised when the woman ignored him. Her wand came up and she started blasting spell after spell at him, determined to bring him down. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Peter reach for his wand and disappear with a soft pop.

Sirius knew that he was in trouble. He had killed an auror and it wouldn't matter that he had meant to kill Peter. He had used an Unforgivable, successfully at that. It wasn't a good situation and he had to do some quick thinking if he was going to get out of it, so he could retrieve Harry. He realized that he had a way out of this, but it was going to cost him in the popularity department. It would mean flouting the ridiculous pureblood laws that he had claimed to hate his entire life.

Even though he was furiously sending spells back at the woman auror, his mind was working through what he would need to do. It was a good thing that the woman was clearly new in her job because a seasoned auror could have easily taken him down with how distracted he was. Deciding that his only course of action was to make his way to St. Mungo's, Sirius flashed the woman a haunted look before disapparating away.

The animagus appeared outside the muggle entrance to St. Mungo's. This wasn't something that he wanted to do, at least not for this reason. He had been aware that his brother Regulas had been seeing Lucius Malfoy's younger sister Erise. He had been aware that when his brother went missing and was assumed dead, she had been heartbroken. What he hadn't been aware of was the fact that they had had a daughter.

Sirius had received a missive from St. Mungo's earlier that day regarding his niece. Apparently, the Order had learned of Erise's location and tried to blast their way in, for what purpose Sirius wasn't sure. He hadn't been made aware that they were even searching for Lucius' sister, but he supposed when he thought about it he wasn't surprised. The blasting curse they had used had caused debris to lodge itself in Erise's chest. While it did say in the missive that the Order members had done their best to save her life, he knew that they didn't count losing her as a true loss. She had merely been an untapped vessel of information.

Their daughter had been injured. He had to admit that he was surprised that they had taken her to St. Mungo's rather than himself to begin with. Perhaps because they didn't think that he would take her? While he didn't consider himself father material, he would never have turned away his brother's child. Even though Regulas had made bad decisions, he felt sure that the younger Black had regretted his decision. He had meant to go to St. Mungo's and claim his niece the next day but due to recent events, he couldn't afford to wait.

Sirius blew through the doors, not bothering to speak with the Welcome Witch. His missive had told him exactly where his two-year-old niece was located. While he hated what he was about to do, it was necessary. He couldn't afford to let Harry go who knew where. He figured that he should probably care about his niece more than his godson but since he hadn't even known of her existence, it was hard to focus on her now. As much as he knew it wasn't right, she was a means to an end. He knew that he would grow to love her with time, but Harry was his main concern.

There was an ancient pureblood law that had never been repealed. He remembered being disgusted about it when his father had been tutoring him to take over his Wizengamot seat. No matter the crime committed, if the pureblood in question was the sole parent of a pureblood child, Azkaban would be forfeited. At the time it had sickened Sirius. Why should a person be spared punishment for his crimes just because he was pureblood? It made him sick that he was about to capitalize on it.

Sirius made his way to the sixth floor, meeting nobody's eyes along the way. Nobody seemed too bothered to see him there probably recognizing him by his signature raven curls and grey eyes. When he reached the main desk, he flagged down the pretty young mediwitch that was walking by.

"Excuse me, miss, I was sent a letter today about my niece being brought in. Erise's Malfoy's daughter." Recognition flashed in the young mediwitch's eyes before she openly checked him out. Under normal circumstances, Sirius would have set up a date with her after flirting shamelessly but tonight he was in no mood. When she realized that he was uninterested, her face was schooled into something more professional.

"Right this way, sir." Sirius followed the young woman through the corridors until they reached a room at the end. Sirius could hear a young girl screaming, calling for her daddy and her mummy. Lights were flashing in the corridor and he realized that in her distress, her magic was flaring. The mediwitch gave him a grim smile.

"I hope you can do something with her. She won't let any of us near her. Every time we try she somehow stuns us. We've never seen accidental magic so strong." To be truthful, Sirius was surprised at this. While it was true that all purebloods were inter-related somehow, it didn't always mean that their magic was weak. However, it was a fact that it was a strong possibility if you bred with someone related too closely to you. His mother and father were second cousins, no last name change needed when they had married. One would think that they would be destined to be weak of magic or touched by insanity, but he and Regulus were neither. Both were rather strong wizards, much stronger than most in their family.

Bellatrix was a prime example. Her parents were related but further down the line. While she was an exceptionally strong witch, she was mad as a hatter. Narcissa was weaker but completely sane. Andie was powerful and had all her mental faculties. While Sirius knew that his family was related several generations back to the Malfoys, it wasn't recent enough to play a part in his niece's magic. It was probably a case of inheriting her father's and mother's strength in magic and it manifesting early. It also meant that he was going to have a rough few years. Sirius steeled himself to get stunned when he tried to approach his niece.

The animagus pushed open the door and spotted three mediwitches trying to calm the child. The looked harried and frustrated, eyes tired and hair falling around their shoulders. Sirius glanced at his niece and was stunned. He couldn't focus on anything but her for several seconds.

She was beautiful.

She couldn't be any older than two with a chubby heart-shaped face. Her eyes were a brilliant icy blue, the signature color of the Malfoys. It was like a punch to the gut, however, to see her raven curls, just past her shoulders. It was like looking in the mirror. It was so clear that she was a Black it was no wonder that his brother had kept her hidden from the world. She would surely have been a target. Even though he had come in to adopt her to keep himself out of prison, he felt an affinity for this child. She was alone in the world and terrified, missing her mother and father. How often had he felt completely alone growing up, terrified of his own family? A fierce surge of protectiveness welled up within him and he had to fight it down, so he wouldn't scare her. Her little voice was the sweetest sound he had ever heard.

"Daddy?" Sirius was unsure what to say. Should he allow her to believe him to be her father, knowing that she hadn't seen him in a year, since he was going to adopt her anyways? Should he tell her he was her uncle? Would she even know what an uncle was? The oldest mediwitch made the decision for him.

"Yes, honey, that's your daddy." Her eyes lit up and she held her arms out for him to lift her, much as Harry had just hours prior. There was still a trickle of blood down one of her cheeks and a massive bruise forming on one of her arms. Unable to help himself, he walked forward and lifted her into his arms. She instantly burrowed into his chest, her thumb going into her mouth for a moment before speaking.

"Bad men hurt mummy." He was astounded that this child could speak as well as she did. Harry only managed short sentences and they were rarely the full word. He called Sirius Siri for Merlin's sake. He wasn't sure what to say in return but decided that he had to try to make the little girl feel better.

"I know, sweetness. You're going to stay with me, alright?" He couldn't help himself. He ran his fingers through her beautiful black curls and nuzzled the top of her head. She nodded her head against his chest. Sirius chuckled softly at her before speaking.

"You're hurt, sweetness. Let's let these nice ladies heal you. I'll stay here with you the whole time." He took a seat and perched his niece on his lap, gesturing for the mediwitch to come forward and heal her. It took a matter of minutes for the young girl to be healed and the mediwitch smiled softly at him.

"I take it you're Sirius Black?" He nodded, aware that his niece's eyes were drifting closed.

"What's her name?" The woman gave him the oddest look but answered him nonetheless.

"Her aunt and uncle told us that her name is Hermione Alula Black and that she is two years old, her birthday is September 19th. They wanted to take custody of her, but pureblood law says that a child goes with the father's family. You don't know her? Why would she call you daddy?" Sirius raked a hand through his hair.

"I didn't even know she existed until I got the missive about her. She probably thinks I am her father, Regulus and I always looked like twins even though there was a year between us." She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Are you equipped to handle a child?" Sirius nodded.

"I have friends that will help me." She gave a firm nod before standing.

"We must sign some paperwork to release her into your care." Sirius nodded and stood, cradling Hermione in his arms. He was handed off to a matronly woman that looked to work in administration. He followed her into a small and stuffy office and took the seat she indicated for him. As much as he was already in love with his niece, he needed to get her back to Black Moor, so he could perform the much-needed blood magic.

"Since you are the girl's blood relative, you don't have to sign any custody papers like you would if you had adopted her. You're just signing papers stating that you are willingly taking her into your care." Sirius nodded and grasped the quill in his hands, briefly looking at the parchment before him. With a flourish, he signed his name and title, a title that he rarely used unless it would benefit him. Even though he had been disinherited, the Wizengamot had reinstated him since he was the last Black and they were loathe to let an Ancient and Noble House die out. The older woman smiled at him after checking his signature.

"That's all, Lord Black. You're free to take your niece. We wish you the best." Sirius gave her a small smile even though the last thing he felt like doing was being cheerful. His best friend in the world was dead, a woman he considered to be his sister murdered, and his godson orphaned. The betrayer had escaped since the auror had intervened. His sense of urgency to get to Black Moor was renewed.

Sirius stood and wrapped his cloak around his niece, heading towards the lift. He exited St. Mungo's as swiftly as he had arrived. Once back out on the muggle side of the entrance, he made sure that the coast was clear before twisting on the spot. When he landed, he was standing in the foyer of the Black ancestral home. He never understood why his mother refused to live there; she had always preferred Grimmauld Place. Sirius had always loved Black Moor. In the later years of his parents' marriage, his father had stayed there while his mother retained residence at Grimmauld.

Hermione didn't wake through the apparition, something that surprised him. Sirius stalked into the library, setting the little girl down on the couch before the fire that the elves had set. He wasn't sure how they knew that was where he would go when he arrived, but he appreciated it nonetheless. While he had always hated Kreacher, his mother's personal elf, he had always found his father's elves to be a delight.

His father had once been a proud man. Sirius had idolized him until he turned thirteen when his mother had goaded him into punishing Sirius with the Cruciatus for talking about his Gryffindor friends. It had been clear that he hadn't wanted to, he had never been a demonstrative man, but Sirius had never doubted that he loved his sons. However, he did as his wife asked to keep the peace because his mother had the talent of making everyone's life complete and total hell. While he understood his father's actions now, to an extent anyways, that hadn't mattered at age thirteen. He had been betrayed and felt like his father didn't love him anymore. That had been the beginning of the end for him. He had a feeling that his mother had been behind him being disinherited as well. Uncle Alphard had confirmed it before he died.

Sirius went to the fireplace and threw in the floo powder found on the mantle. He called out for Gringotts, and urgently asked for the Black account manager to come through. Once Furybolt stepped through, Sirius sighed in relief. He had no idea when the aurors would come calling but he wanted the adoption finalized when they got here. Sure, he would still have to pay exorbitant fines for using an Unforgivable, but it would save him prison time.

"Furybolt, thanks for coming. I need you to perform a blood adoption tonight." The goblin narrowed his eyes at him.

"You want to engage in blood magic? Your father told me that you were most staunchly opposed to such things." Sirius sighed and raked his hands through his hair.

"I am, Furybolt, but I also am in a bit of a predicament. James and Lily Potter were murdered tonight. They were betrayed by Peter Pettigrew and I went after him. An auror tackled me as I shot off the curse to end him and it hit another auror. I must make sure that I'm not in Azkaban, so I can be here for my godson. He was still alive, and Voldemort was gone. I'm not sure what happened but I know that he is at the middle of it. That means I must blood adopt my niece. This beautiful little girl was Regulus' daughter. Her mother was killed today by the Order. I'm already her legal guardian but that won't be enough." Furybolt nodded his head in understanding.

"I understand. The ritual isn't difficult or time consuming. As you know, the adopted party usually takes on the genes and blood status of the person adopting them. Since she is already genetically belonging to your family, I doubt anything will happen in that regard. Her magic may strengthen since she'll have your magic in her system as well as her mother and father's. This will also increase her chances for the famous Black insanity. However, since you and your brother were free of it, I imagine things will be fine in the end." This worried Sirius for a moment but decided to take the goblin's word. He nodded his acceptance and the goblin produced a silver bowl and a dagger. He nodded towards Hermione.

"Put your niece in a deeper sleep so she won't wake when I cut her hand." Sirius produced his wand and muttered the somnus spell. Nothing changed in Hermione but to put her in a deeper slumber. Furybolt took her hand and slashed her palm, the blood running freely into the bowl beneath her. Once the required amount of blood was collected, the goblin waved his hand at her palm, healing it completely. There would always be a small scar there. Sirius knew that he was next and held his hand out willingly. Furybolt cut a deep cut through his palm, the blood pouring from the cut and into the bowl, mixing with Hermione's in a hiss of smoke. Once his cut was healed, the goblin began to chant.

"Ego hunc sanguinem esse meum sanguinem nostrum sanguinem non praevalebunt."

Furybolt said it several times over and while Sirius wasn't quite sure what it meant exactly, he could feel the invisible ties between himself and his niece tighten even more. Her outward appearance didn't change except maybe shedding some of her baby fat. He couldn't stop himself from reaching out and stroking her hair again, reveling in it's silkiness. So much like his own. He was drawn from his thoughts by Furybolt speaking in English again.

"Take her hand in yours, palm to palm." Sirius did as he was bid and watched with rapt attention as the goblin poured the blood concoction over their joined hands. Since it had been smoking, he had assumed that it would be hot but was instead pleasantly cool. Hermione smiled in her sleep. The goblin chanted a few more times before he waved his hand and vanished the blood. He gestured for the two of them to part, so Sirius set her hand back down on the couch.

"It's done, Lord Black. Hermione Alula Black in now officially your daughter and your official heir until you produce a son. I can assume that there will be a large withdrawal from the Black vaults sometime tomorrow." Sirius gave a tired nod.

"Yes, I'm sure that the aurors will be along at some point tomorrow. I can't wait." Furybolt chuckled before standing and making his way to the fireplace.

"I must return. I'll be hearing from you tomorrow then. I wish you the best with your daughter." Without waiting for a response, Furybolt stepped into the flames and was gone.

Sirius sat down on the couch at Hermione's head. He was a father. He had a daughter. While he had been around for much of Harry's life, he wasn't entirely sure that he could raise her on his own. He didn't know the last thing about raising a child, much less a daughter. He had never even had a serious girlfriend, playing the field and moving from girl to girl as they struck his fancy. With a sigh, he called for the head elf.

"Candy." An older elf appeared before him.

"Master." He smiled at the diminutive elf.

"My daughter and I will be living here for the foreseeable future. We'll sleep in here tonight, but can you have the others prepare rooms for the both of us? Also, send a voucher with one of them to get her some clothes. I'm not sure what size she is but I'm sure you have a better idea then I do." Candy nodded emphatically.

"Yes, master, I's will have Kiki go tomorrows. Yous rooms be ready in morningtime." Sirius smiled at her softly.

"Thank you, Candy."

The elf popped out of the room and Sirius settled onto the couch. He waved his wand, enlarging it enough to be a bed for them both. While he would have preferred a bed, he knew that none of them were ready and didn't want to wait. He snuggled into his daughter, wrapping an arm around her middle and pulling her against his chest. He summoned a blanket and covered them with it, not cold with the fire going but he was sure that she would be.

His mind went to the sight of his friends, dead on the floor, the scar on little Harry's forehead. He needed to get things squared away with the Ministry and then he would make his way to Hogwarts to claim Harry. He was sure that he was stuck in the Hospital Wing with Poppy or in Minerva's quarters. They would all be heartbroken and would want to keep the last living Potter close.

While everyone around the nation was celebrating the defeat of Lord Voldemort, Sirius was laying on the makeshift bed, sobbing as quietly as he could at the loss of his friends. It was clear now that he could trust Remus, that he had been undeserving of their suspicion. Vowing to find him after the Ministry and apologize, Sirius tried to sleep. While he had lost so much, he had also gained a daughter. The last link to his brother. The muggles always said that when a door closed, another opened. Sirius vowed to try to think of it that way when things just became too much.

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Ego hunc sanguinem esse meum sanguinem nostrum sanguinem non praevalebunt = I take this blood to be my blood, our blood will prevail.

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