Love Hina – Memories

Based on an idea by Victor Knight

Fanfic by Steven Biggs

Chapter Six

Monday Morning

Returning from the market, Naru brings the groceries into the kitchen. Hikari, still at Hinata-sou on vacation, is helping Shinobu clean the dishes.

After discovering that she was just as capable of attacking Keitaro as the rest of the Hinata-sou girls, Hikari moved out of his room and in with Shinobu.

"Welcome home, Naru-san. Do you need any help with those bags?"

Naru hands one of the grocery sacks to her.

"Thank you. Can you put these in the cabinet?"

She looks at the doctor as she places the dry goods on the shelves. It suddenly strikes her what is different.

"Hikari-san, I think this is the first time I've ever seen you wear anything other than your clinic coat."

Hikari steps away from the counter and lifts her arms. She is wearing a striped shirt and slacks.

"I decided that I should actually try to relax, since I am on vacation. It feels a little strange, because my lab coat has become like a second skin to me. And, to tell the truth, I do not have a large wardrobe. I rarely have the opportunity to go out just for myself."

"Why don't you come up when you're through here? Haruka-san uses my extra closet to store clothes. Everyone here is always browsing through them."

"I do not want to be any trouble to you."

"That's okay. It'll be fun! There are a lot of nice things in there."

Hikari, a little self-conscious, bows to her.

"Thank you, Naru-san. It has been a long time since I played dress-up."

Shinobu places the last plate to dry and claps her hands.

"I love to look at all of the pretty clothes in there! Even if none of them fit me yet."

Keitaro sticks his head in the door.

"If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room. I finished cleaning the hot spring and could use a short break."

Naru turns to him.

"You should really take it easy. You need to let your shoulder recover."

"I'm okay, just a little tired."

"Do you need anything?"

"Thanks, but I have a thermos with some tea in my room."

He leaves and goes to take a nap. Hikari shakes her head.

"It is amazing how fast he has recovered. Anyone else would still be too weak to get out of bed."

A few minutes later, the girls go up to Naru's room. Kitsune and Motoko, who were in the common room, follow them up when they here that they will be looking in the clothes closet.

Naru opens the closet and pulls out a few dresses, handing them to Hikari.

"Why don't you start with these? You can change behind that partition."

Hikari hangs two of the dresses on the partition and takes the third one behind it. A minute later, she steps out wearing a flowing lavender colored dress.

"What do you think?"

Motoko blushes and shakes her head.

"I can tell you from experience that dress makes a tall woman look freakish and will attract strange men."

Naru laughs.

"But it really looked sweet on Keitaro!"

Hikari's eyes go wide.

"You must tell me that story sometime!"

Kitsune pours herself a glass of sake.

"Maybe we should've invited Keitaro-san to watch so we could have a man's opinion."

Hikari changes into another that is a pink Chinese style dress. Shinobu claps her hands.

"Oh that's so pretty! I was hoping someone would try it!"

Naru tilts her head and looks at Shinobu

"That's a new one. When did it get in here?"

"Haruka-san brought it yesterday. She put a box of other stuff in the back too."

Motoko smiles.

"Haruka-san never fails to amaze me."

"How is that?"

Everyone turns to the door. Haruka, cigarette holder in her mouth, enters.

"How do I amaze you?"

"Where did you get all of these clothes?"

She sits with the other girls.

"Well, I did some traveling a few years ago and picked them up here and there."

Naru turns to her.

"Why don't you wear them anymore?"

"I don't have much of a reason to."

Naru can tell from the tone of Haruka's voice that she will not explain any further. Shinobu goes to the closet and pulls the box out.

"Wow! Look at all of this!"

They gather around the box and start pulling out stockings, garters and other lingerie. Kitsune holds up a yellow brassiere.

"This is sweet! I'll take this one. Where's the matching garter and panties?"

In a few minutes, they have the contents sorted over the floor. Naru places the white colored ones next to her.

"I want this set. It is so cute!"

Motoko shyly takes a blue set.

"This color is pleasing to me."

Hikari takes the black set.

"I wanted the white ones, but these will do!"

Naru grabs a pink set and pushes it into Shinobu's hands.

"Take these, Shinobu-chan!"

"But, I'm not, not grown up enough yet!"

Su jumps around her while waving a green set of lingerie.

"Whats'a matter Shinobu? Go for it!"


Kitsune takes her clothes off and puts the yellow set on. She leans against the partition.

"Do you think that Keitaro-san would like to see this? Woohoo!"

Naru moves the table and boxes from the middle of the room, making a walking path for Kitsune.

"Let's have a show! This is so fun!"

Kitsune grabs an umbrella and walks between the other girls. She opens it and spins it over her shoulder as she turns around. The girls clap and whistle as she walks back to the end of the room. She hangs the umbrella on the partition and sits down.

"Who's next? C'mon, let's keep the show moving!"

Hikari goes behind the partition and changes. She walks between the girls, shaking her hips as she moves across the room. Naru claps her hands and laughs.

"Fantastic! Motoko, you're next, go for it!"

Motoko blushes as she holds her lingerie. She moves behind the partition. After changing, she walks around it.

"I feel almost naked. It is slightly embarrassing."

Haruka smiles at her.

"Don't worry, Keitaro is asleep. No one but us can see you."

"Very well."

She picks up her sword, and swings it around as she walks between the lines of girls. When she turns around, Su leaps from behind the partition. She is wearing her lingerie over her school uniform. All the girls start laughing at her. Su grabs Shinobu and drags her behind the partition.

"Su, no, don't! I don't want to! These aren't my size!"

"Don't worry, I got some string that we can adjust 'em with!"

After a few minutes, and sounds of a fierce struggle behind the partition, Su pushes Shinobu out for the rest of them to see.

Naru giggles at her.

"You look so precious! One look at you like that and Keitaro may fall in love with you!"

Shinobu blushes.

"Sempai, to see me like this might . . . . . Aaauuuuu!"

Shinobu freezes and then points behind the rest of the girls.

Keitaro, the noise of the girls moving around having woken him, and hearing them say his name, crawls up through the hole and moves the cover aside. He pulls one leg up and looks around.

"Is something wrong? It sounds like you were moving things . . . . . Aaaaaaaaaaah!"

The girls stand up. They look at Keitaro for a few seconds, shocked. Blood spurts from both nostrils as his glasses fog over. The girls scream and try to find something to cover themselves as Haruka shakes her head.

"I knew something like this would happen, it's fate."

Naru wraps a blanket around herself and stomps towards Keitaro.

"You lousy pervert! Why are you peeking at us?"

She grabs his left arm and pulls him up through the hole. As she yanks his damaged shoulder, he cries out in pain. Realizing that she is hurting him, Naru lets him go.

"Oh Keitaro! I'm sorry!"

Unsupported, Keitaro starts falling back through the hole. His chin hits the edge and he tumbles backwards towards the kotatsu table, hitting it with the back of his head. He rolls to the side.

Naru peeks through the hole.

"Keitaro, are you okay?"



She drops through the hole and lands next to him. She quickly checks his stitches, but sees no sign of re-injury. The others rush to his room, some dropping through the hole and the rest running down the stairs. Naru is gently hugging Keitaro to her chest and rocking him.

"I'm sorry, Keitaro. Please forgive me. Wake up, please wake up."

He opens his eyes and looks up at her. He groans once and then speaks to her.

"What happened?"

"It will be alright. Just rest, you took a nasty fall. It was my fault."

He tries to lift his left arm, but it only moves a few inches before he closes his eyes and winces in pain. Naru gently places a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't move, your shoulder is hurt again. Hikari-san!"

Hikari, having grabbed her bag before dropping through the hole, kneels next to him. She quickly takes out a small package. Moving his bandages carefully aside, she applies the cream to his shoulder. Keitaro relaxes at the cool touch of the medicine.

Shinobu brings a towel from the desk, dipping it into the bowl of water first. She places it on his forehead.

"Sempai, are you alright?"

He opens his eyes and looks at her.

"I think so, thank you, ah, um . . . . . do I know you?"

Shinobu brings her hands to her mouth and begins to whimper. Kitsune gently pokes his leg.

"Don't do that! You're scaring us again."

He looks at her.

"I'm sorry. Who are you?"

Haruka takes his hand and looks at Hikari.

"You don't think that he's lost his memory again, do you?"

"He may be confused from the fall, speak to him Haruka-san."

"Keitaro, do you recognize me? Do you know where you are?"

He looks up at her.

"Who is Keitaro? And what is this place?"

Thirty minutes later, Hikari walks into the kitchen to talk to everyone.

"I have given him something to keep him calm, he is resting now."

Naru shakes her head.

"He's lost all of his memories. Oh why did this have to happen again?"

Hikari looks at her.

"I have heard of this before. When a person is still recovering from a head injury, another impact could cause a relapse. It is like turning a light on and off. He is very vulnerable to any forceful blows right now."

Motoko looks at the sword in front of her.

"What are we to do for him? Will another blow bring his memories back to him?"

"It is possible, since that is what restored them originally. But I do not wish him to receive more injuries, even if it is for his benefit."

Su leans on the back of Motoko's chair.

"But Keitaro is tough. He can take it."

Naru pulls a vase towards her and touches the flowers.

"Then, we need to, to hit him again."

Hikari sighs.

"Could you do that? Could you really attack him without being angry at him?"

Naru, a tear falling down her cheek, shakes her head.

"No, I can't. I've hurt him so much that I couldn't bear the thought of knowingly planning to strike him. He is too dear to me."

Hikari sips some tea.

"Then that is our problem. We cannot harm him unless he provokes us. However, there is almost no chance of that. He does not remember anything, which means that his personality is lost as well. We cannot rely on him to provide us with an opportunity."

Shinobu buries her face in her hands.


Kitsune grabs a plate off the table.

"Come on! All we have to do is whack him good once!"

All the girls look at her. She puts the plate down.

"I can't do it either."

Haruka takes her cigarette holder out of her mouth.

"What about an accident? Maybe we could trip him on the stairs or something?"

She looks around.

"Or maybe not."

Naru points at Su.

"Why don't you use a Mecha-Tama on him?"

Su shakes her head.

"That'd be like Motoko using her sword. I won't do it."

They all turn to the last person in the room.


Tama-chan waves a flipper at them and shakes her head. Naru starts to cry.

"What are we going to do? Not even Tama-chan has the heart to hurt him!"

Hikari sighs.

"Something must be done. One of us will have to strike him."

They all sit quietly. No one is willing to volunteer to perform the deed. Shinobu gets up to prepare lunch.

Monday Noon

Shinobu places the last tray on the table.

"Naru-sempai, would you bring Sempai his lunch? He must be hungry."

"I, I can't face him yet. Could someone else bring his lunch to him?"

Motoko places a hand on her shoulder.

"I shall bring his meal to him, if you wish."

"Thank you, Motoko-chan. I really appreciate that."

She puts the food and a pitcher of tea on a tray and heads upstairs. At the door she pauses.

"(This is intolerable. Something must be done. As appalling as it is to me to strike an innocent person, I will take this task upon myself to spare the others from the pain.)"

Motoko knocks on his door and hears a reply.

"Come in."

Keitaro is sitting at his desk. A few sketch books and his diary are open in front of him. Motoko sets the tray on the table.

"I have brought your lunch. If there is anything else you require, please ask any of us."

"Thank you. Could you tell me where the bath is? I'd like to clean up before I eat. If that's all right."

She points to the right.

"Your bath is located past the end of the hall. Turn left and go to the top of the stairs. There is a closet next to the door with extra towels."

He grabs his robe and goes to the door.

"This way?"

"That is correct."

"Thank you. I'll bring the tray to the kitchen when I finish eating. Uh, where is the kitchen?"

"It is back this way, downstairs and through the common room. It is the door on the right."

"Thanks again, uh . . . . ."

"Motoko, Aoyama Motoko."

"Thanks, Aoyama-san."

Keitaro walks down the hallway. Motoko turns to leave and then looks back at him. She quietly follows him upstairs, keeping just out of his sight. He grabs a towel and goes through the door to his bath. Motoko quickly goes to her room and grabs her kendo stick. She returns and stands next to the door and whispers to herself.

"It must be done. We need to have Urashima back with us. It must be done. It must be done."

She closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths, gathering the courage to attack him. Sliding the door open slightly, she sees him soaking in his barrel, and he is facing away from her. She slips quietly through the door, her movements absolutely smooth and silent.

Raising the weapon above her head, Motoko hesitates. She whispers softly.

"Please forgive me, Urashima."

Hearing a slight noise, Keitaro turns around just as she brings the stick sweeping towards his head. His eyes widen as he sees the attack coming.

"What are you . . . . ."

His motion startles Motoko and she misjudges the force of her swing. The kendo stick splinters as it crashes against his head. His eyes spin and he fall forward against the edge of the barrel. His arms flop over the sides and he hangs there unconscious.

Motoko stares at the shattered weapon in her hands.

"Oh no, I did not mean to strike so harshly! What have I done?"

Frightened, she grabs the pieces of the stick and runs for the door. Once in her room, she slips down into a corner and pulls her knees to her chest, tear falling down her cheeks.

Keitaro slides down into the barrel. He thrashes back to the surface and spits a stream of water from his mouth. Rubbing his head, he looks around.

"(I must've slipped and hit my head. How did I get here? The last thing I remember is climbing through the hole to Narusegawa's room. I guess I'll change and finish cleaning outside. A manager's work is never done.)"

He soaks in the bath for a few more minutes.

Downstairs, Kitsune looks in his room. She notices that his robe is missing. She waits next to the door.

"(He must be taking a bath. I guess that we have to hit him. I'll do it, since no one else can. God, I'm gonna hate myself for this.)"

As Keitaro slides the door closed and walks to his closet, he feels someone tap his shoulder. Turning around, he sees Kitsune standing there. He stares at her.

"What can I do for you, Kitsune-san? Are the pipes in the hot spring clogged again?"

"I want you to look at something for me."

Kitsune pulls her shirt up. His eyes lock onto the sight of her yellow bra. He freezes and blood spurts from his nose. She picks up the sake bottle at her side and prepares to swing.

"Stunned like a deer in headlights! I'm sorry, Keitaro-san, but this is for your own good!"

Swinging the bottle, she strikes him against the head and sends him spinning to the floor. He tumbles against the wall as his glasses slide under the kotatsu table.

"Oh shoot, I think I hit him too hard. Wait a minute did he just recognize me? I'd better get out of here!"

She closes the door and runs to her room, hiding the cracked sake bottle in the back of her closet.

Back in his room, Keitaro rolls over on his back and rubs his head. He sits up and looks around.

"Where am I? Who am I?"

He stands up and sees some clothes on the back of a chair. Not wanting to walk around in his robe, he changes.

"I hope whoever owns these won't mind."

He walks to the door and puts his ear against it.

In her room, Su is monitoring his movements with her modified Tama-Radar. Next to her is a display screen showing the hallway outside of Keitaro's room, relayed via her Mecha-Tama, which is hovering just outside his door.

"C'mon, just a little bit further, I can't stand the suspense! I'm really sorry Keitaro, but no one else has the guts to help you."

Keitaro slides the door open and sticks his head out.

Su presses a button on her remote control and Mecha-Tama swings its turbo-hammer.

"For what we're about to receive, let's be truly thankful, or something like that!"

It smashes on Keitaro's head and flattens him to the floor. She pulls a control on the remote and surveys her attack.

"Oops! I forgot that I left it set on high!

She turns off the display and recalls Mecha-Tama. Scrambling up her tree, she pretends to take a nap.

Tama-chan glides into Keitaro's window and sees him lying in the doorway. Thinking that that is a silly place to sleep, she grabs the leg of his pants and drags him back onto his futon. After pulling his blanket up, she flies off on her search for Motoko.

Hikari, Haruka and Naru are sitting in the common room drinking tea. Naru looks at Haruka.

"I wish that we could help him, but I'm afraid none of us has the courage to do what we have to."

"Maybe we should just wait and see it he gets better. There is a chance that he will recover on his own, right Hikari-san?"

"Yes, but it is not very likely. Naru-san, is there no chance that you could strike him?"

"I, I don't think that I could, even to bring him back."

She covers her face and begins to cry. Hikari lowers her cup and thinks to herself.

"(This cannot be allowed to continue. It is causing all of the girls great pain, especially Naru-san.)"

Making her decision, Hikari stands and walks to the stairs. Haruka looks up at her.

"Where are you going?"

"I, I think that I will check on Keitaro."

Getting her bag from Naru's room, Hikari goes to check Keitaro. She knocks on his door, but receives no answer. Slowly, she slides it open.

"Keitaro, are you awake?"

She kneels next to him, touches his forehead, and then checks his stitches.

"(Your temperature seems fine and the stitches are holding.)"

Hikari lifts her bag, testing the weight. She takes four books off his shelf and places them inside.

"(This should be adequate.)"

"Please forgive what I am about to do, Keitaro."

As she raises the bag over her head, Keitaro stirs and opens his eyes, his sixth sense warning him of another attack. He spots her as she starts her swing. Recognizing her, he yells.

"Hikari-san! What are you . . . . ."

He rolls to his left, but the bag still connects. His eyes spin and he falls back onto his pillow.

". . . . . doing?"

Hikari looks at him.

"My god, I have intentionally injured a person."

She wrings her hands and looks around.

"I cannot let anyone know what I have done!"

Pulling the books out of the bag, she hurriedly places them back on the shelf and heads out the door.

Thirty minutes later, Keitaro wakes up. He looks around, not recognizing where he is. He leaves the room and wanders around inside Hinata-sou. He eventually makes his way to the common room. Seeing the couch and feeling a little lightheaded, he lies down.

"I wonder what this place is, and why no one is here. Am I all alone?"

Shinobu leaves the laundry room and walks through the common room. She sees Keitaro on the couch with his eyes closed.

"Poor Sempai!"

She goes to the kitchen to put the now dry dishes away. She stops and looks at the cooking pan as she picks it up.

"No, I can't, he would never forgive me if I hit him."

She continues looking at the pan. In her mind, she argues with herself.

"[Just do it. No one else has to know.]"

"{But I can't hurt Sempai!}"

"[He is not Sempai without his memories.]"

"{I don't want to hurt him!}"

"[I don't want him to never be Sempai again!]"

"{I can't!}"

"[I must! I must!]"

"{I must!}"

Shinobu slowly walks back to the couch. She stands at the end and watches Keitaro sleeping, the slow rise and fall of his chest making her heart ache for the misery he's been through. She lifts the pan with both hands and hold it above her head.

"{I can't do it!}"

"[I have to do it!]"

"{I can't!}"

"[I will close my eyes and swing, now!]"

Closing her eyes, Shinobu swings. The pan bounces harmlessly against the arm of the couch. She opens one eye.

"How could I miss?"

She raises it again.

"Aaauuuuu, I'm sorry Sempai!"

She swings. She connects. Keitaro rolls off the couch and grabs his head.

"Ouch! Oh, my aching head!"

Shinobu hides behind the couch, trying to cover the pan with her hands.


She looks up and sees him looking over the couch at her. She grabs the pan and runs to the kitchen. Keitaro stares at her.

"Why was Shinobu-chan in here with that pan? Oh well, I'd better get back to cleaning the hot springs."

As he walks to the back door, Haruka enters the room.

"Oh, there you are. There's a favor I'd like you to do."

"What is it?"

"Could you call me Aunt Haruka, please?"

Keitaro smiles, thinking that she is finally starting to ease up on him.

"Uh, sure, Aunt Haruka."

She pulls out a large paper fan and clobbers him with it. He spins around and crashes into a wooden beam.

"Thanks. And by the way, that's Haruka-san."

Haruka picks him up and carries him to his room. She lays him on his futon and pulls the blanket up. As she leaves, she looks back at him.

"I'm sorry about that."

Monday Afternoon

Keitaro wakes up again and looks around.

"Who am I? Where am I?"

In her room, Naru is sitting and looking at her Liddo-kun. She is so depressed that she talks to it.

"Stop looking at me like that."

Liddo-kun doesn't move.

"I can't hit him again. I won't!"

Liddo-kun still sits above the hole and stares at her.

"Stop smiling at me! I'm not in the mood to be happy!"

Liddo-kun still smiles.

"I don't care if you've been with me for fifteen years, if you don't stop nagging me I'm going to kick your head off!"

In her mind, Liddo-kun speaks.

"[You have to help him. That's what love is all about.]"

"Shut up!"

"[He'll never remember if you don't hit him.]"

"Be quiet!"

"[Do you really love him?]"

Naru blushes.

"I, uh, I love Keitaro."

"[Then whack him good. It's for love.]"

"I told you to stop saying that!"

"[Hit him. Whack him. Stomp him. Pound him. Kick him.]"

Naru grabs her head.


"[Hit him hit him hit him hit him hit him hit him hit him hit him!]"

"That's enough from you!"

Naru stands up and runs at Liddo-kun, preparing to kick it out the window.

Keitaro, hearing the noise looks up and sees the hole. Curious as to what is up there, he climbs up and pushes the cover out of the way. He pokes his head through just in time to see Naru's foot swinging towards him.


Naru's kick connects against Keitaro, pulling him the rest of the way through the hole and launching him through the window. He bounces off the roof and splashes into the hot spring. Naru stares out the window.

"Oh my god, Keitaro! I'm sorry!"

She rushes downstairs and out the back door. The rest of the girls, hearing the familiar sound of someone crashing into the water, also rush outside. Motoko looks at Naru.

"Naru-sempai, what happened?"

"I, I accidentally kicked him. I meant to kick Liddo-kun, but Keitaro popped through the hole."

They bring him back inside and up to his room. After Hikari makes sure that he is okay, they all go to the common room. Motoko speaks first.

"I, I must make a confession. I struck Urashima with my kendo stick earlier while he was in his bath."

Kitsune looks at her.

"You did? Then I didn't have to attack him with a sake bottle when he came back to his room!"

Su jumps on the coffee table.

"I had Mecha-Tama hammer him when he came back out of his room!"

Hikari shakes her head.

"And I struck him with a bag of books while he was sleeping!"

Shinobu wrings her hands.


Naru looks at her.

"Shinobu-chan, not you too?"

"Yes, Naru-sempai. I hit Sempai with my cooking pan while he was napping on the couch!"

Haruka drops her cigarette holder.

"I whacked him into the beam with a paper fan!"

Naru starts to cry.

"And I kicked him!"

Hikari counts on her fingers.

"If I am not mistaken, that makes seven blows that he has received. Each one may have triggered a return of his memories or amnesia again, alternately. If he is fortunate, his memories should now be restored."

Mutsume walks in from the kitchen carrying a plate of slices watermelon. All the girls stare at her.

"Oh my! I was out walking and got a little hungry. So I brought some melon and thought you would like some. How is Urashima-kun?"

Naru explains about his amnesia and how another blow may trigger a recovery. As she speaks, Keitaro walks down the stairs.

"How did I get all wet? Oh, are we having watermelon? Great, I'm hungry!"

Naru runs to him.

"Are you all right?"

"Why wouldn't I be, Narusegawa?"

"You know me?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

She wraps her arms around him. The rest of the girls cheer and jump around them.

Mutsumi doesn't notice as she is thinking to herself.

"(They must be very distraught about Urashima-kun. I must help them, since I know they would never want to harm him.)"

Pulling out a baseball bat, Mutsumi stalks Keitaro.

"Oh my! This is for your own good, Urashima-kun!"

He stares at her and turns to run as she raises the bat.

"What are you doing, Mutsumi-san?"

The girls chase her as she follows Keitaro out the back door.


They chase around Hinata-sou for the rest of the afternoon.

The End.