Chapter 1-

by night rain
Kagome Higurashi lived in a small poor family on the outskirts of the city all of her life. She had a mother, a grandfather and a little brother, they had it rough but they seemed to make it through just fine. Her father had died in a war 5 years ago, the kingdom had been desperate for men and got every man who could fight. But that was 5 years ago, and now Kagome is 16 years old.

Most of her family had gotten over Mr. Higurashi's death but it was only Kagome who still held a grudge against the Kingdom. She was oblivious to any attempts that her family made by telling her that it wasn't the Kingdom's fault. She hated them for it anyway. Then came the day of Kagome's 16th birthday.

Mrs. Higurashi walked towards Kagome who was currently sitting down with Souta. "Souta, can you leave Kagome and I alone?" asked Mrs. Higurashi sweetly to her son. "Yes mama" said Souta before leaving the tiny room to join grandfather outside.

"What is it Mama?" asked Kagome as her mother took a seat next to her.

"Well Kagome. As you know, today is your 16th birthday."

"Yes, it is mama."

"You are old enough to work now and help our tiny family out"

"Umm Mama, where would I work?"

"Well, now that you mention it I did hear a messenger of the palace outside saying that they need a couple maids to clean. And your little friend Sango already has signed up."

"Sango already did? When?"

"Today, I saw her talking to the messenger and he signed her up"

"Ok, Mama. If Sango is going..I guess ill do it too. If only to help this family."

With that Kagome left her mother in search of the messenger. When she got outside she saw many girls her own age running about whispering such things as "I hope I get to be the maid of Prince Sesshomaru.." or "no, I hope I get Inuyasha!"

The kingdom had a King a Queen and two sons. Kagome had always known his but was puzzled by why they would want to be the maid of someone's.(she obviously doesn't know how hot Inuyasha is!)

Inuyasha's Kingdom place- *sometime before* King Youki (a/n ok I know that sounds dumb, bear with me here!) sat on a high thrown while his two sons stood on the floor beneath him.

"Inuyasha, Sesshomaru.. we have a slight problem here"

"Yes, father" said Sesshomaru politely.

"What is it?" said Inuyasha in his usual ungrateful tone. " two haven't been cleaning up very well. Now we tried not to have maids, by your Mother's request but its getting too much to bear. It looks like we need some maids for you. Especially for you Inuyasha" said the King while looking at his youngest son who just replied in a snort.

"isn't miroku enough" said Inuyasha about one of the only cleaners they have, who also happened to be his best friend.

"No, Inuyasha. Miroku doesn't clean very well and when he goes to clean your room you just end up talking to him instead of getting your room clean. I've already sent a messenger all through the kingdom and outskirts to get maids for you. They should be arriving tommorow."