Chapter 5-a maid's paradise

Kagome's POV

Pretty much the same routine went one every day after that.for months. I would go to his room to clean but just end up hanging out with him.talking.kissing, I would actually clean sometimes. To keep my job of corse.

I layed with Inuyasha on his bed crying. "what's wrong my love? Whats bothering you?" he said. He sounded so just made me cry harder..till I spoke..

"This.. this thing we wont work! I'm a.*sniff*.maid! We can't..we cant" I said and then burst into tears again. To my relief he just held me. I needed it. He knew what I meant too..i mean I was a maid.he a prince.he was to be engaged as would it ever work?

One day about a year after I had first come to the castle we had been kissing in his room. He thought he locked the door but evidently not. Kikyou came in and gasped. She had caught us.

"Inuyasha. You've done well to hide this from everyone. But it ends here." She said in a cold voice. "She's leaving. I'm going to tell your father"

that was the last time I saw him. I was brought home that very day. I couldn't stop crying. I cried and cried and cried. My family didn't know what to do with me. They just left me alone.crying and crying and crying. That is till one day my mother decided to.

"Kagome.dear. What's wrong? You've been home for about 2 months! And you havent told any of us anything!" she said with concern.

"i...i fell in love.with the youngest.*sniff* prince..and and and he loved me too!..all was.*sniff* great.until his.his.betrothed came..and..and..found us.I had to go..home." I couldn't go on I was shaking so much. "and.I'm never going to see him.again." I said again before sobbing again.

"Kagome.shhhh its ok. Maybe he wasn't meant for you. He's a prince.your poor. Things just don't work out sometimes." she said.trying to comfort me but just making it worse.

"Leave me alone, Mother. Your not helping.HE LOVED ME!"

I was crying so much by what she said.even more than I was before. My eyes were all cheeks all red.. and I was shaking. I was a sorry sight at that point. That is.until we heard a knock at our hut.

"is this the Higurashi residence?" said Inuyasha to my mother.

"why yes it is." she said before realizing who it was. "omigosh omigosh. It's the prince. Umm here let me take your jacket! What brings you here to our hut?" mother said nervously.having never spoken to a royal before.

He laughed."well.I'm actually here to see someone." he said while looking around.

"your..your not here to see.Kagome are you?" mom asked.not sure if she believed my story or not.

"yes. Where is she?" he asked. Mom smiled.she knew somewhere in her heart that what I had said was true.after all, why would I cry so hard if it wasn't?. She pointed to I was currently huddled on the floor crying my eyes out.

"kagome!" he yelled startling me.

"Inu.yasha? Inuyasha!" I yelled before jumping up in his arms. "you don't know how hard it was without you! I cried for days.weeks.months..why didn't you come for me sooner" I said while looking in his eyes.

Inuyasha's POV

Kagome.I could tell she had been crying.badly. It hurt me so much that we had to be ripped apart like we did. But Kikyou really had it in for me. She told my father I was having an affair with the maid and he went ballistic. He kept his eyes on me making sure I didn't do anything funny and made my wedding to Kikyou be even sooner. I couldn't stand it. When it was about 2 months since Kagome left I had had it. I couldn't say there anymore. I had to leave.I had to find her.

Kikyou came into my room the day I was going to find Kagome. She came into my room with a weird look on her face. She came up to me and started kissing me. She said "I love you". I pushed her away.

"I will NEVER love you Kikyou. I love KAGOME! You hear that? KAGOME! Not you! Now get the hell away from me" I yelled.

She started to walk towards me again and I did the one thing I had been dying to do since I met her. I punched her right in the face and got the hell out of there.

I asked around a bit in the outskirts of the kingdom..where Kagome said she lived. Then I finally found it. I could barely contain my excitement.

Then there I was.with Kagome again. I had just told her the whole story and she looked a lot better.

" I love you, Inuyasha!" she said while looking in my eyes.

"I love you too Kagome!" I said while I looked in her eyes. "I have an idea. Let's leave Kagome. Let's get out of this place. I can't stay here.they'll find me." Truly expecting Kagome to protest saying she wanted to stay with her family or something she hopped up and exclaimed, "yes! Let's leave!"

so she got some of her belongings and we left. We fled to another country. We got married, and we bought a house there and have never been happier. Now.we haven't left eachother since we found eachother again.

Oh yea.and Sango and Miroku escaped the castle as well and married eachother not long after!

And they all lived happily ever after.the end!