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Chapter 1: The New Kids

Logan stood in the center of the Danger Room with his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes glanced at the clock below the control booth and noticed the class was supposed to start in five minutes. He was wearing black, white and green winter camouflage pants with black combat boots. He had a tight, black t-shirt on and his head was covered with his usual messy mop of black hair. Just as he began to get impatient, the main doors swished open and a young teenaged boy walked in. He was clearly impressed by the size of the room but he walked with an uncertainty, Logan noted. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the doors slid shut behind him.

            "Am…am I in the right place?" He asked nervously. The boy ran his fingers through his blond hair, trying to hide the shaking in his hands.

            "Yeah, Justin, ya found the right place." Logan replied, his voice echoing in the room.

            "Oh good." Justin answered.

            "C'mon over and sit down." Logan called over. "The others will be here any minute."

            "Ok, Mr. Logan." Justin nodded but was afraid to ask any more questions. Logan made him nervous, especially after the stunt at the airport, and he didn't want to make him annoyed or angry by asking questions.

            Justin quickly made his way towards Logan. As he sat down a few feet from Logan, the doors opened again with a slight whoosh of air. Two teenaged girls looked around in awe and then began walking towards them. The first girl jumped when the doors closed but the other girl didn't seem to notice. The first girl was older and had light brown curly hair that fell to her shoulders. She was also covered from head-to-toe in a thin layer of leopard-print fur. Her eyes were green cat's eyes and she had noticeably longer canine teeth. Logan noticed her pink painted nails looked rather sharp and absently wondered if she knew they were claws. He could tell that she had well-toned muscles under her sweat suit and noticed a long tail swaying between her knees. The other girl, who was much shorter than her companion, was Japanese and had very long straight black hair. She had brown eyes and looked like a 'normal' person. Logan's breath nearly caught in his throat when she looked up at him as she walked towards them. He had seen her picture, but he didn't realize how different it would be in person. This girl was the spitting image of his beloved Mariko and his heart felt like it stopped for a moment.

            "Elizabeth Garner and Kyoko Osamu?" Logan asked, quickly recovering his senses.

            "Yes, sir." Elizabeth replied.

            Kyoko nodded her head and quickly sat down, her attention fully on Logan. The three teenagers sat next to one another and Justin and Elizabeth looked around the room some more. Logan noticed Justin's shocked expression as Elizabeth sat near him and could smell fear from the teenager. As Justin shifted nervously, Elizabeth smiled at him, her canines making it look more threatening than friendly. Justin smiled weakly in return and then quickly looked at the ceiling. With a slight sigh, Logan looked up at the clock and frowned. It was time to start and he was short two students.

            "Since yer all on time, I guess you should get gold stars or somethin', right?" Logan said to the three kids in front of him. Justin didn't know how to respond so he didn't and Elizabeth cracked a smile. Kyoko looked to Elizabeth and then back at Logan, a small smile forming. Logan turned to pick up a clipboard and the students continued to sit in silence. Logan had a feeling this was going to be a long day if these kids didn't even talk to each other about the damned size of the room. As he turned, he glanced at the clock once more. His missing students were now two minutes late. He sighed.

            "Looks like we're waitin' on Shawn McCormack and Galiana Maeder." Logan said, more to himself than the students. As if on cue, the large doors slid open to reveal his two missing students. "You two are late."

            "We got lost." Shawn replied. Galiana nodded her head in agreement as they hurried towards them.

            "You've been here fer a week now." Logan countered. " 'Lost' ain't an acceptable excuse."

            Shawn simply nodded and held back his sarcastic comment. He had heard that Mr. Logan wasn't the type of person you pissed off, so he kept his remarks to himself…for the moment. He had decided he would try to size up Mr. Logan before he began running at the mouth.

            "Now that yer all here, siddown fer a few minutes so I can go over a few things."

            Shawn and Galiana sat next to their classmates and they all turned their eyes to Logan.

            "As you may or may not know, the name's Logan." He began. "I'll be yer instructor fer the rest of the year for your Danger Room sessions. Did you kids get the schematics book?"

            The five students nodded.

            "Good. Learn everything in that book. Think of it as yer Bible and this is yer new church." Logan paused as they quickly looked around at the metal walls. "This room can kill you if yer not careful, so you'll be responsible fer reading the first three chapters of that book by Monday."

            "But that's almost one hundred pages!" Justin said.

            "What's yer point?" Logan asked. "This is a school and I aim to teach you everything possible about this room. This ain't some social gathering of mutants, so get used to the work.

            "Now, before we start anythin', I guess you should know what I can do." Logan held up his fist and three foot-long metal claws sprang out with a snikt!. They all gasped as they watched his cuts bleed for only mere seconds before they began healing.

            "What yer lookin' at is a mutant healing factor. It starts with the worst injuries and works its way down, so to speak." His claws slid back into his arm and he pointed to the disappearing holes. "It keeps me from bleedin' t'death every time I pop those suckers out."

            "Are they steel?" Galiana asked.

            "Nah. My bones are covered with adamantium." He replied. "Ask Dr. McCoy about that in yer science class. I'm sure he's got bucket loads of information on it.

            "I've also got enhanced senses, so I'll be able to hear everything you say no matter where you are in this room, so don't be smart asses." He said.

            "With that outta the way, I suppose yer curious about what exactly this room is used for." Logan began. "This here is the best training facility in the world. It's got alien technology and is unlike anythin' you've ever seen before. If I catch any of you in here alone, you'll be packing yer bags, got it? As far as you five are concerned, you ain't ever gonna step foot in here without my say-so. Yer only gonna use this room under my direct supervision, got it?"

            "Yes, Mr. Logan." Justin replied and the others nodded.

            "Good." Logan nodded his head, satisfied.

            "Mr. Logan?" Elizabeth raised her hand.


            "What are we going to be doing here exactly?" She asked, confusion thick in her scent.

            "Yer gonna use this room as yer training room so ya can learn hands-on about yer mutation and about yer classmate's mutations. This is where you can use yer powers without havin' to worry about breakin' things or freakin' people out." Logan replied. "I'm gonna teach you how to use yer powers and eventually how to work together as a team. I'll be showin' ya how t'fight and how t'survive. Think of me as yer drill sergeant, but instead of runnin' around in a line like a buncha crazy people, I'm gonna have you goin' through strengthening and precision exercises. What I say goes so I don't wanna hear any complaints."

            The five teenagers nodded their heads and glanced at each other, worried expressions on their faces. Logan smiled inwardly.

            "Look at your classmates." He started. "From now on, they're yer teammates. It's important t'make that distinction. In here, you depend on each other fer everything. While it's important t'make other friends, I want ya t'know each other inside and out. I don't want any surprises and I sure as hell don't want surprises that can end up hurtin' any of ya. Ya might not like each other, but that doesn't matter inside this room. Ya can hate each other's guts in the hallways fer all I care but in here ya look out fer each other like family. Otherwise, yer never gonna learn anythin' about yourselves."

            "What about you?" Elizabeth asked.

            "Same goes fer me." He said plainly. "I got all of yer files and yer all gonna have copies of each other's files in the morning, includin' mine. If ya got any ghosts, we'll all know about 'em by tomorrow, so don't worry about it. Some of the other teachers might do things differently, but I ain't concerned with them. This is how it's gonna go in this group and that's final, got it?"

            "Yes, sir." Justin replied. The others seemed to mumble their replies, but Logan ignored that for now.

            "Now how's about we start our first day off with some basic introductions?" Logan suggested. When they nodded, he smiled slightly. "Good. Computer, run program: Logan 830A."

            "Voice command accepted. Program: Logan 830A…running." A feminine computer voice replied from everywhere and nowhere at once.

            The room suddenly changed. The students jumped up in surprise and suddenly they were standing on the bank of a river in the Canadian Rockies. They could feel the crunch of the sand under their sneakers and they could smell fresh pine. The water even looked real. In the distance, they could hear birds singing. It was mid-afternoon, according to the location of the sun, and it would be setting in a few hours. Some logs were set up in a circle around a fire pit and Logan was already walking towards them as his students stood together in awe.

            "It's so real!" Shawn exclaimed.

            "It even smells real!" Elizabeth added, taking a deep breath.

            "It looks like it goes on forever." Justin said, pointing towards the mountains.

            Kyoko didn't say anything and just continued to stare at her surroundings, obviously impressed.

            "Wunderbar." Galiana said in a hushed tone.

            "C'mon over here." Logan called over as he made himself comfortable on a log.

            They walked over together, somewhat slowly, as they continued to look around.      A minute or two later, they were all sitting around the empty fire pit.

            "How can this be so…so real?" Shawn asked.

            "Like I said, alien technology." Logan replied, a hint of amusement on his face. "This is an interactive hologram of sorts. You could go swimmin' in that water or cut down that tree over there."

            "Amazing." Kyoko finally said.

            "Alright, let's start things off with some basic introductions and tell us what yer power is while yer at it. Shawn, ya wanna start us off here?"

            "Sure." He replied. "I'm Shawn McCormack and I'm sixteen. I used to play football but I had to drop out when the school found out I was a mutant. I'm from Payson, Arizona and I can change my body into a whole lot of different things."

            "Cool." Justin commented. Shawn grinned and his hand morphed into a tentacle and then went back to normal.

            "That's so cool." Elizabeth agreed. Kyoko's eyes went a little wider and Galiana smiled.

            "Justin, ya wanna go next?" Logan asked.

            "Yeah, um, ok." Justin said. "My name's Justin Lewiston and I'm only fifteen, but I'll be sixteen in like four months. I grew up in Crystal Beach, Florida and I'm pretty good at sailing. Um, I guess the best way to say what I do is that I can make electricity jump from my fingers."

            Following Shawn's lead, Justin held up his hands in front of his face and held them about six inches apart. He closed his eyes and suddenly bright white lines of electrical energy jumped between his fingers and began to swirl around his hands. As he opened his eyes, the energy dissipated and he smiled, satisfied with his control.

            Again, his teammates exchanged exclamations of "that's awesome" and "cool". Justin grinned, happy to be accepted by his classmates. Even Kyoko said how interesting his power was.

            "Galiana?" Logan asked, looking to her to go next. She nodded with a smile that seemed to light up the whole room.

            "Ja." She said. "My name is Galiana Maeder and I'm seventeen. Oh and I'm from München, Germany. Or do you call it Munich?"

            "Munich." Logan said with a lop-sided grin. He remembered Kurt having to ask that about most of the German cities when he first joined the team.

            "Ok, then I am from Munich." Galiana said, still smiling radiantly. "I'm extremely strong and I can fly. Miss Summers said I'm also telepathic, but I haven't noticed anything like that."

            "That's 'Mrs. Grey-Summers'." Logan off-handedly corrected. "She might get a tad upset if she heard ya call her 'Miss'."

            They seemed to find this amusing and a few of them laughed.

            "Galiana, you can fly?" Justin asked. "That has to be the coolest power."

            "Ja, it's wunderbar." She replied, her cheeks blushing slightly.

            "Ok, how's about Elizabeth?" Logan said, looking to the leopard-like girl.

            "Well, my mutation is pretty obvious." She began, humor in her voice. "But my name's Elizabeth Gardner and I'm eighteen years old. I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, which means you'll probably think that I have a wicked bad accent. Um, besides how I look, I'm pretty fast and I can hear, smell and see things really well, too. Probably heightened senses?" She asked, looking to Logan.

            "Yeah, that's what it's called." He assured her.

            "When did you get your, um, fur?" Shawn asked.

            "When I was sixteen." She replied, smiling. "And lemme tell you, the folks were not as impressed as I was!"

            She chuckled with her teammates and Logan smiled. So far, so good.

            "Kyoko? Looks like you're the only one left." Logan said.

            "Hai." She replied. "My name is Kyoko Osamu and I'm from Lake Toya-ko in Hokkaido, Japan. I'm sixteen and I can create teleportation spheres."

            "What's that mean?" Justin asked, confused.

            Kyoko tried to hide her smile as she picked up a rock. She tossed it up in the air as her hands began glowing with an intense purple energy. As the rock went up, she threw a glob of the purple energy at it. It was enveloped and then it seemed to 'pop!' out of existence. She quickly pointed to the river as the purple blob reappeared and broke, dropping the rock into the water.

            "Oh my god, that's wicked cool." Elizabeth said, shock evident in her voice.

            "That's some good control ya got there." Logan commented.

            "Thank you, Sensei Logan." She replied, bowing her head slightly.

            Logan nodded towards her, slightly shocked to be called 'sensei'. Granted, it only made sense since it meant teacher, but Logan wasn't expecting it.

            "Ok, now that we've got some names, it's time to try a little teamwork exercise." Logan announced. "I know I said we weren't gonna focus on that until later, but it can't hurt to give it a shot right now. That sun's gonna be setting in an hour and thirty minutes. If this were real, then you would need firewood and shelter. So let's pretend you're stuck out here in the middle of nowhere and you need to work together to survive. I'm gonna go up to the control booth and monitor you guys. You have 90 minutes to find enough firewood to last the night and some decent shelter. Food probably isn't a bad idea, either."

            The five of them looked at him like he was crazy.

            "The longer you stare at me, the more time you waste." He added as he walked away. "I know this ain't real, but you've all played pretend before, so get to it."

            They heard the swish of the doors and looked at each other.

            "Um, is it just me, or is this guy nuts?" Shawn asked.

            "Crazy or not, we better get to work." Elizabeth said, standing.

            "Are you serious?" Shawn asked, surprised. "You're actually gonna do what he says?"

            "Yeah, I am." She replied, looking down at him. "If I were you, I'd get off my ass and help."

            Kyoko stood and nodded her head in agreement.

            "I don't want to see what Sensei Logan can do with those claws, do you?" She asked.

            "Ok, so what do we need to get first?" Justin asked.

            "I can't believe you guys!" Shawn exclaimed.

            "If you're not going to help, then leave." Galiana said. "I am here to get an education. If Mr. Logan is our instructor, then I, for one, plan to listen to him. I'm sure he knows what he's doing."

            She stood next to the other girls and Justin followed her lead. Shawn looked at them, angry at being the only one who thought the exercise was stupid.

            "Ok, Galiana and Kyoko, why don't you try to find some shelter?" Elizabeth began. "Justin, try to find some firewood and some pine needles for a fire starter."

            "Ok!" Galiana answered happily and looked to Kyoko, who also nodded. They quickly disappeared into the woods and Justin soon followed them.

            "Look, Shawn, if you aren't going to help me find some food, then stop wasting all of our time and get out." Elizabeth said from over her shoulder. With a cat-like stretch, Elizabeth crouched down and looked at him, waiting for a response. Meanwhile, her body seemed to change before his eyes. Instead of long, human legs, her legs had become more compact and she looked more like a cat than before.

            "I'll help Justin." He finally said as he walked towards the woods.

            "Great." Elizabeth rolled her eyes. She then took off in a fast sprint and was one the other side of the river in seconds.

*           *           *

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