(AN/ Hey folks it's Garouge/Crewefox here with the third and final instalment of my Zootopia Fanfiction series Take a Stand, and seeing as it is the 3rd story it is strongly advised that you read Take a Stand and it's sequel Star of Ceartais or else you'll have no idea what's going on and who on earth all these OCs are. Also be on the lookout for Ziegelzeig's spin off fanfiction 'Prey Upon' to learn what happened in the five years between Star of Ceartais and this story; The Broken Mirror. Now this will be a 40-50 chapter fic and it will update every monday with the help of the awesome Take A Stand Dev team who edit, help with plot and create characters, produce art and run the discord server, so thank you all for once again helping me with this final story in this series. One final thing here's a cast list of the returning main characters to refresh people's memories and to credit their creators...

Judy Wilde, 46- Chief of Precinct 1, mother to her two beloved daughters and has a dumb fox for a husband.

Nick Wilde, 54- Mayor of Zootopia who deputised superheroes to help in Zootopia five years ago after a string of domestic terrorist attacks.

Luna Wilde, 27 - A gifted surgeon and millionaire socialite, Nick's daughter and Judy's step daughter, this vixen was trained by her outlaw grandparents to be the vigilante archer; Andraste.

Robyn Wilde-Savage, 21 - The youngest daughter of Nick and Judy, this fiery tempered hybrid gained super powers following an experimental procedure with medical nano machines to help rid her of a major case of sepsis. Her gifts of enhanced strength and accelerated healing led to her to becoming the heroine; The Undying Scarlet.

Hannah Wilde-Savage, 21- Daughter of Jack and Skye, this striped hybrid married her childhood crush, Robyn, at the end of Star of Ceartais. She lost her eyesight in an explosion triggered by a massive earthquake that shook Zootopia but with the same nano-machines procedure as her wife she was gifted with enhanced senses, bio-electric mapping and lightning fast reflexes turning her into the blind badass gunslinger; Bullet.

Kodi Jones, 21, created by helthehatter - This wolf has been the best friend of both Hannah and Robyn since kindergarten, the adopted son of the songstress Gazelle and her husband Wade this guy has a big heart but his love of she-wolves often lands him in trouble. When Robyn and Hannah gained their superpowers he was determined to help out his friends and did so by becoming the tech-tricking hero known as The Mage.

Kion Priderock, 24- A lion who was dragged into the world of superpowers when looking for his missing sister Kiara, he was captured and experimented on in an illegal experiment leaving with the ability to transform into a 13ft tall titan known as Roar.

Olivia Dawson, 27 - This engineer and billionaire CEO of pharmaceutical giant Dawson tech this little mouse leads a double life as the the leader of the Superhero team Ceartais. In her advanced combat mech, code named Spitfire, she has served Zootopia as heroine for over a decade and is the brains and money behind the team.

Alice Wilde, 29 created by Ziegelzeig - This French/Japanese doe rabbit was once an enemy of team ceartais as the assassin Ronin but things got complicated when she found herself falling in love with the heroine Andraste. If you want to learn more about Alice's backstory, please read Zeigelzeig's spin off story Prey Upon'.

Aleks Rojek, created by senny74 - Originally a SWAT cop recruited from the Polish police force this silver fox is now working for the Major Crimes Bureau as Team Ceartais official liaison with authorities and leads a strike team that deals with 'powered' criminals. The one time boyfriend of Luna Wilde, Aleks is now a happily married father of twins.

Zoe Nightfall-Rojek, created by lisiczka-zorua - A corporal in a joint US/UK special forces team dubbed Camelot, this charming and chipper Indian flying fox doesn't have the usual demeanour of a soldier yet has stopped terror attacks across the globe, stationed at a base just outside Zootopia this brave bat never shies away from action. She is married to Aleks and they have two hybrid children together.

Ok so without further ado let's get cracking with this new fanfiction...)


It was just after 10am in Savannah Central, June had just begun and the scorching Californian Summer was unforgiving for the mammals who lived and worked in the centre of Zootopia. Chief Judy Wilde had the air conditioning turned up to max in her cruiser as she waited for the traffic light to go green, she was on her way to city hall for the weekly briefing with her friend and boss Commissioner Mason Bogo and also her beloved husband, Mayor Nick Wilde. If it wasn't for the company of the meeting she would fake being ill just to avoid it, these endless meetings and constant paperwork had dampened her spirits in the last few years. It had been getting slower ever since The Drowned, a fanatical domestic terrorist group, had been defeated by the deputised superheroes of Zootopia; Team Ceartais. Five years had past since that victory and the city had become a much safer place since the ZPD and Ceartais worked together to bring criminals to justice, the crime rate was at a record low, the prison population was also low and the city was finally rebuilt after the double disaster of an earthquake and a tsunami had destroyed a third of Zootopia. Judy knew she musn't grumble about things being so good but the 46 year old rabbit doe wanted a little bit of excitement in this routine of admin and paperwork, and the universe was about to grant her wish.

"Dispatch to all cars in Savannah Central," The ZPD dispatcher's voice crackled through the cruiser's radio "proceed to Zootopia first national bank on Acacia Avenue, robbery in progress, possible hostage situation."

Judy grinned and picked up the handpiece before replying "Copy that dispatch, Wilde is on route." She then quickly set the handpiece down, turned on the sirens and lights before speeding through the red light towards the bank robbery. A few minutes later Judy pulled up outside the bank where half a dozen other police cruisers were already parked with the majority of the cops pointing their tranq pistols at the closed double doors of the bank. Judy got out of her cruiser and made her way over to the two most familiar faces among her brothers and sisters in blue; Nala and Clawhauser. "Hey guys." Judy chirped not fazed by the dangerous situation.

"Hey Bun Bun, decided to slum it with us common folk?" Clawhauser teased, knowing he didn't need to be formal with his friend of twenty plus years.

"Well I was in the neighbourhood and I figured this is much more exciting than another meeting." Judy replied, scanning the area with her eyes.

"Typical Judy." Nala chuckled.

"So, what's the situation?" Judy queried.

"Knight was first on scene, so he should tell you." Nala answered, waving over to a European wolf.

The wolf was in his mid-twenties, dressed in a standard ZPD uniform, his fur was dark but had a bluish hue to it, he flicked the safety on his tranq pistol before jogging over to his superior officers. "Ma'am." Arthur Knight nodded down at the chief.

"Tell me what happened here, Knight." Judy instructed, she knew Arthur was a diligent cop, it was partly the reason why she hand picked him from the European recruitment drive.

"Right, well I was getting a coffee out of the Snarlbucks across the street when I heard gunshots coming from the bank, I raced over and peeked through the window. It's a twelve-mammal team armed with assault rifles, they've got about thirty hostages. When I saw what these guys were packing I called for backup." Arthur explained quickly.

"Good, if you went in there solo you would've been toast." Judy commented "Anything else I need to know?"

"Yeah I saw a hyena with a dyed green mane, he matches the description of that other bank robber from last week." Arthur informed.

"The red and black diamonds, those sons of bitches." Nala tutted, knowing the green maned hyena was known Lou Quinzel, a member of the notorious biker gang; the red and black diamonds.

"Those bikers have moved up to the big leagues since that white bat took over." Judy mused, the red and black diamonds had been the prime suspects in four other bank robberies across the city in the last couple of months but they were usually snatch and grab incidents, they never took hostages and never used more than three mammals to storm a bank, this was way out of the ordinary for these thieves. The only thing that seemed normal was the fact that this robbery was happening mid-morning, like all the others, Judy theorised it was due to the fear of Ceartais who had a reputation for coming out at night.

"No demands have been made yet, so are we sitting tight and waiting for SWAT to arrive?" Clawhauser asked, his eyes still on the door.

"Yeah but why don't we call some more theatrical backup." Judy smirked, holding up a cheap burner phone given to her by Team Ceartais.

"You really think they'll come? They're probably been out all night and are in bed." Nala pointed out.

"Spitfire told me that the team has been trying to shut down the black and red diamonds for months, I don't think they'll pass up the chance." Judy countered, while selecting the only saved number on the phone and pressing the phone to her ear.

After a few seconds of ringing a female voice answered "The grand oak tea rooms, would you like to reserve a table?"

Judy recognised the voice instantly as her eldest kit, Luna, she smiled before answering with the password "Cream tea for two."

"Good morning, Chief Wilde." Andraste responded.

"The black and red diamonds are robbing the Zootopia first national bank in Savannah Central Andraste, we need you and the others to come help the police." Judy got to the point, making sure to call Luna by her hero name.

"Don't worry about it Chief, we're on the case." Andraste replied happily.

"Great, how long before you can get here?" Judy asked.

"Oh we're already here." Andraste answered cheekily.

"Huh? How?" Judy sounded.

"Look up." Andraste prompted.

Judy looked up to the roof of the three-storey bank to see the green clad archer waving at her, "How the hell did you get here so fast?" Judy gawped.

"We'll tell you later, just look out for one of my firework arrows, when you see that get your officers to help get the hostages out of here." Andraste instructed, before darting out of sight.

"Will do. Good luck in there." Judy smiled with pride, knowing that the team could handle these bikers.


Lou Quinzel had a smug grin on his face as he looked at the stacks of hundred-dollar bills bursting out of the several sports bags, this was the largest bank in the city and he made sure his gang had emptied the cash draws completely while his twin brother Bud and their boss was in one of the offices getting the real score. This bank was built in the early 1900s and had a lot of balconies and arches akin to architecture of the time, so he had four snipers stationed at each corner to be on the lookout for any SWAT cops trying to crash the party, while five other bikers patrolled the area whilst keeping an eye on the hostages. Lou glanced at his watch, it was six minutes since this robbery began, it'd be about another four before SWAT arrived so he needed to make sure they stall before they stormed the place. He got out a folded piece of paper from his jacket with the gang's pre-written demands and conditions on them before eyeing the sitting and shaking hostages, he spotted a young ferret father and his toddler son in a stroller and spoke "Hey Ferret, you and your boy are getting out of here."

"R-really!?" The Ferret gasped.

"Yeah I need someone to hand over our demands and this isn't the best environment for a kid." Lou reasoned, he was a criminal but he wasn't a monster "So come on, on your feet."


Lou walked over to the front door with the father and son, he then instructed one of his underlings "Ok deactivate the explosives for a sec."

The biker, a female camel, nodded and took a remote out of her pocket and pressed one of the buttons, the digital displays on the pair of bombs on either side of the door read 'Disarmed.' She then opened the door and hollered "You've got a hostage coming out, he's got a kid with him!"

The Ferret cautiously stepped out with his son before the camel hastily closed the doors again and reactivated the explosives. Lou got out his radio and pressed the call button "Ok Boss, the demands have been handed over, how are things on your end?"

"All good here, good ol' Bud has nearly cracked the Bank Manager's personal safe, we should be done in five minutes so get the guys ready for a speedy exit." A high pitched female voice responded.

While this conversation was going on a lone shadow dropped silently from an air vent, right behind a biker sniper in the top left corner. Andraste grinned playfully at the oblivious Kudu, as she stepped closer she got out one of her tranq arrows and pierced his left butt cheek causing him to fall unconscious in an instant, she managed to catch his body and lay him softly on the marble flooring so it wouldn't make a noise. "Top left corner clear." Andraste spoke into her comm link.

Andraste could already see her sister putting a female cougar in a sleeper hold on the other balcony, The Undying Scarlet let the unconscious feline fall on the floor before confirming "Top right's clear." The 21-year-old heroine now poised for a real fight with the biker down below.

On the opposite side of the bank sliding perched on a large art deco light fixture was the black clad markswoman Bullet, she aimed her twin silenced pistols at the two remaining snipers, detecting their shapes and the sound of their hearts, she pulled the trigger and both bikers fell into slumber from the gunslinger's special sleeper ammo. "All clear on my end, Yurei you can reach the trigger woman now." Bullet relayed, already sensing the small form approaching the camel with the remote.

The female camel was leaning on one of the stone pillars near the front doors, she let her rifle hang loose from its strap while she rummaged through her pockets for a pack of gum, but as she was doing this she didn't notice the small white figure sliding down the pillar and landing on her hump. The Camel was about to shout out but was halted by the cold touch of a shuriken against her throat "Don't move, don't speak and don't do anything reckless unless you want to join me in the afterlife." A soft French voice warned.

The Camel stiffened with fright, knowing exactly who was talking, her brown eyes turned to see the figure had stepped onto her shoulder all while keeping the shuriken on her throat. A petrified whimper escaped the biker camel's lips as she gazed upon the ghostly figure on her shoulder; it was a white doe bunny wearing a sneaking suit the same colour as her fur, a katana in a red scabbard hung from her belt, her left arm was cybernetic and was mounted with various weapons and gadgets, but the camel wasn't concerned with the bunny's weapons, she was too focused on her face. The lower half of the bunny's face was covered by a white mask with the shape of a rabbit skull printed in black and then there was her eyes; there was no white, there was no iris or pupil, the entire surfaces of the doe's eyes were black as a pit in hell. "Do you know who I am?" The Bunny asked with a whisper.

"Y-you're Yurei, the ghost of T-Team Ceartais…" The Camel whispered back, her mouth losing all moisture from fear.

"Correct, now do you know what I do to criminals who vex me?" Yurei asked back, leaning in closer.

"Y-y-you torture their souls and make them see demons." The Camel answered, her body trembling.

"Also correct, now one more question; how are you going to prevent me doing that to you?" Yurei played, loving the fact that these urban legends about her had spread so far.

The Camel answered by holding up the remote, pressing the deactivation switch and passing it to Yurei "P-please don't hurt me."

"Don't worry mortal, I'm feeling merciful." Yurei replied before blowing some blue coloured dust in her face, the camel slumped down the pillar and fell into a deep slumber. Yurei had to suppress a laugh at how easy the camel was to manipulate, she then whispered into her comm "Ok Mage, the lookouts are taken care of, time to start the show."

Back near the cash desk Lou was anxiously waiting for word from his boss and Bud when he heard a cheery voice ask "Is this your card?" Lou spun around to see The Mage, stood in front of the hostages doing magic tricks.

"What the!? How the hell did you get in here?!" Lou blasted, the other bikers turned and saw what the green maned hyena was on about.

Mage turned around, shuffled the cards and smirked "Magic, of course. Would you like to see a trick?"

"Shoot this dipshit!" Lou barked, raising his weapon.

Before any of the bikers could pull the trigger, Mage shouted "Praesidium!" a gold transparent dome encased Mage and the hostages as the bikers fired shot after shot, only to find the bullets bouncing off. The bikers stopped firing and stood there with slack jaws as Mage yelled "OO-DE-LALLY!"

Andraste took this as her signal and fired off a firework arrow at the ceiling, the loud bangs and colourful pyrotechnics distracting the bikers and alerting for the team and the cops to move in. The front door was forced open with a shoulder barge from a hulking giant lion with white fur and red mane, Roar gave a low growl before charging at a bull elephant biker. Spitfire smashed through the back window and flew to the light fixture to pick up Bullet "Need a lift?" she asked.

Bullet hopped on the mech's back then scanned the area below with her senses and said "I may need something more than my pistols."

"One boomstick coming up." Spitfire chimed, the mech's back plate opening and revealing Bullet's rock-salt shotgun, Spitfire then swooped down and let Bullet jump off to engage her foes "You guys take care of these, me and Andraste will take care of Bud and his boss!"

"Gotcha'!" Scarlet replied, who was trading blows with a hippo.

Yurei was dodging gunfire as she unsheathed her katana and flicked a switch strapped to the hilt that made the blade look like it was ablaze with a blue flame, but in reality, it was a kinetic energy field that surrounded the blade designed to look like flames by Spitfire, one blow from this would knock someone out but wouldn't kill them seeing as the blade wouldn't actually touch Yueri's enemies. "Scarlet, homerun manoeuvre." Yurei shouted, holding her blade like a baseball bat.

"On it!" Scarlet grinned devilishly, drop kicking the hippo in the gut and sending him staggering back towards Yurei to leap up and strike the hippo in the head, knocking him out.

Lou could see the plan unravelling before his very eyes, and it was all that smug wolf Mage's fault, he got a grenade out of his jacket and smirked "Let's see if you're magic can handle this!"

"Oh crap…" Mage muttered, knowing the forcefield created by Spitfire could only handle gunfire.

But before he could call on his teammates for assistance, a tranq dart went into the neck of Lou Quinzel, he dropped the pinned grenade and fell face first onto the marble floor. Mage looked to where the shot had come from and saw Officer Knight along with his fellow ZPD colleagues streaming into the bank. "Are the hostages ok, Mage?" Arthur asked, quickly reloading his weapon.

"Thanks to you." Mage grinned, making sure to keep the forcefield up.

On the top floor of the bank, Andraste was running for the bank manager's office and soon enough Spitfire was flying next to her "We've got them trapped." Spitfire said, her synthesised voice couldn't mask her confidence.

"Confident, aren't we?" Andraste bantered, eyeing the office at the end of the corridor "Aren't you the one who always says 'Don't jinx it'?"

"You realise that now you've jinxed us." Spitfire countered, landing on the floor and reading her wrist mounted tranq dart launchers.

"Oh well, it wouldn't be fun if it was too easy." Andraste smiled, slowing down as she got closer to the door.

Spitfire opened the door with a powerful kick and was instantly met with a hail of gunfire, the bullets pinging off the bulletproof armour, once all the ammo was spent and the gun smoke faded Andraste slunk into the room and aimed a Taser arrow at the pink maned hyena; Bud Quinzel who was holding an empty machine gun "Drop the gun, Bud." Andraste warned, having no qualms about giving the biker an electric shock.

"Damn it…" Bud vented, tossing the gun on the floor.

"And where's your boss?" Andraste pressed.

"You think she'd come here? She's too important to risk her neck on this job." Bud lied unconvincingly.

"Is that so? Then why does my thermal imaging see a bat shaped figure in that safe over there?" Spitfire called out the lie, pointing to the safe on the wall with its door slightly ajar.

"Oh god frickin' damn it!" A high-pitched Brooklyn accent whined, out of the safe flew a Honduran white bat wearing a black and red biker jacket with a matching skirt, she landed on the desk and sassed "I thought you creeps only came out at night."

"That's rich, coming from a bat." Andraste chuckled.

"Harley Isley, we meet at last." Spitfire spoke to the gang leader.

"And you two are Tin Can and Wannabe-Hood, right?" Harley threw back.

"Wow, your reputation for childish jokes proceeds you. Maybe they'll throw a comedy night at the state pen so you can test out your material." Andraste taunted.

"Wait before you hand us over to the cops I gotta' know, how did you know we were hitting this place?" Harley questioned.

"The ZPD only thought the only pattern to your crimes was hitting banks in the morning but we traced the customers of the other banks you hit and there was a lot of money that wasn't supposed to be there, in other words you were hitting mob banks." Spitfire explained.

"And the only mob banks left in the city are both in Savannah central, this one and the other next to the stock market building, so we had Roar and Spitfire stationed there and the rest of us waiting here." Andraste continued, before walking over to the safe and taking out a faded green notebook "And this was the real prize; the green ledger. The account numbers and passwords to every illegal offshore account that is funnelled through this bank, at least a $300 million score to a thief."

"But how did you know we would hit today!?" Harley hissed, frustrated that her big payday was never coming.

"Simple; your biker gang owns a utility repair company as a front, we hacked the company's system and found works permits for sewer maintenance under Savannah central today. Which means you were planning on using the sewer system under this bank to escape." Spitfire informed "So all those demands you gave over were just to distract the cops, I have to say it was a brilliant plan."

"You can kiss my ass, robot!" Harley snapped, launching into the air quickly and trying to fly out over Spitfire's head only to be swatted down by Andraste's bow.

"Why is there always a runner?" Andraste sniggered down at the groaning gang leader.


Ten minutes later the cops had cleared the bank, the hostages were being tended to by officers and paramedics, the red and black diamonds were loaded into paddy wagons and Team Ceartais were talking to Chief Wilde before the inevitable talk to the journalists already waiting behind the police barrier. "Maybe with this book as evidence you can send the white-collar criminals running this bank to jail." Andraste finished her explanation of the situation to her mother, handing over the green ledger.

"I should've known you guys would be ahead on this." Judy smiled, putting the ledger in an evidence bag.

"Well I haven't slept in 36 hours but it was worth it." Scarlet yawned, she had been on patrol with her wife Bullet the night before.

"Don't worry, it's me and Yurei on patrol tonight, you can sleep all day and all night if you want." Roar assured.

"Oui, but first we must face them." Yurei groaned glancing over at the journalists already shouting questions over, the lapin heroine wasn't fond of camera being put in her face.

"Let's face our adoring public." Bullet laughed nervously, leading the group over to the press gathered at the barrier whose questions got louder the closer they approached.

Spitfire pointed at a familiar face in the crowd of reporters, a young antelope photojournalist who always took the best photos of the team "Yes, the young lady with the camera."

"Sasha Jones, Barkfeed. Is it true you've rounded up the leaders of red and black diamonds; Harley Isley and the Quinzel brothers?" Sasha asked with a smile.

"With the help of the fine officers of the ZPD, the senior members of this criminal gang that gives a bad name to genuine motorcycle clubs have been arrested." Spitfire answered diplomatically before pointing at another journalist this one a male pine marten "You, sir."

"Geoff Wedgewood, The Zootopian Herald. How did Team Ceartais get to the crime scene so fast?" The Pine Marten asked.

Scarlet spoke up and covered this question "We can't reveal all the tricks of our trade I'm afraid."

An attractive ewe in a designer suit then piped in "Jennifer Park, ZNN. Mage, reports from the hostages say that you used your powers to save their lives, how does it feel to be given such high praise?"

Mage stepped forward and answered "Well I hate to disappoint but I'm not the hero of this scenario," He then walked up to an oblivious Officer Knight who was chatting to Clawhauser, put a paw on his shoulder and declared "this is the wolf you should be calling a hero, this guy saved mine and all those hostages lives when he knocked Lou Quinzel who was about to throw a grenade at us."

"Wait, w-what!?" Arthur babbled, caught completely off guard. Suddenly all of the reporters' attention was on the wolf cop and barking questions at him.

Bullet laughed at the sounds of the flustered cop before feeling her body shiver "What…" she muttered, unfamiliar with the sensation.

"Bullet?" Scarlet sounded, resisting the urge to call her wife by a pet name.

The icy feeling washed over the blind markswoman again accompanied by a super low rumble that reached her ears "Can't you hear that?" Bullet asked, sounding afraid.

"Hear what?" Scarlet wondered, concerned by the worried expression on Bullet's muzzle.

CRACK! A booming cracking sounded in the sky above them, sending a shock wave that made mammals stumbles and the air's temperature plummeted close to freezing. Everyone looked up to see that the blue sky had been blanketed by dark clouds with wisps of purple coursing through them "What the hell is that!?" Spitfire yelled.

"Don't ask me, you're the scientist." Roar responded, feeling a sense of dread creeping towards his heart.

"Is it a typhoon or some sort of storm?" Yurei asked over the screams and shouts of civilians.

"Last time I checked storm clouds aren't purple." Mage replied, glancing over at Sasha who was already taking photos of the phenomenon.

"Look there's probably some reasonable expl- wait! Is there something coming out of the clouds?" Andraste began to reason before spotting dozens of dark purple balls of mist descending to the surface with rapid speed.

"Everyone, get to cover!" Judy commanded, as the first ball of mist reached the ground only to change course and go into the crowd of journalists who screamed as it struck them, but none of them were hurt, it appeared that the mist was harmless.

"It may be a chemical weapon! Don't let it touch you!" Spitfire shouted, opening the doors to the bank so the cops and journalists could get shelter.

"Chief, come on!" Scarlett yelled at her mother, who was busy looking around the crowd.

"I'm not going until all my cops are in there!" Judy justified, barely audible over the screams.

Then in a split-second Scarlet eyed a ball of purple mist, about to collide with her Mom, Scarlet's body acted on impulse, she dove forward and tackled Judy out of the way only for the ball of mist to hit her in the head…

Scarlet was no longer on the street, she couldn't see or hear the cries of frightened mammals, all she could see the purple mist. She tried to wave the thick mist away from her face but stopped when she saw her paws…but they weren't her paws, they weren't paws at all. In their place was a pair of furless pink hands, with no paws pads or claws only small orange freckles dotted her hands and her forearms but at least her wedding and engagement rings were still the right place. Scarlet was a mix of afraid and curious and was about to look at the rest of her body when...

"Scarlet, wake up" Bullet cried.

Scarlet's navy-blue eyes fluttered open to find she was laying on her back on the marble floor of the bank, with her Mom and the rest of the team huddled around her "Guys?"

"Oh, sweet cheese and crackers!" Judy exclaimed, putting a paw to her chest "Thank god, you're ok."

Bullet hugged her wife tightly and softly cried into her neck. Scarlet returned the hug while looking around the room and saw dozens of mammals taking shelter in the bank before asking in a groggy voice "What happened?"

"You got hit by one of those mist things, you've been out for thirty minutes." Mage told, glad that his friend was ok.

"Wait…the purple sky, is it still…" Scarlet tried to ask, but she felt physically exhausted.

"It stopped a few minutes ago, it's blue skies out there now." Yurei answered, her tone cautious.

"How are you feeling? Are you in any pain?" Andraste asked, the surgeon couldn't help but tend to her little sister.

"I'm fine, I just saw…" Scarlet began, looking at her paws and seeing they were back to normal.

Bullet wiped away her tears and pressed "What did you see?"

Scarlet looked back at the gunslinger's crying face and answered honestly "I don't know."

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