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Chapter 19- Seren

Robyn had always had an issue with her temper, some would argue that when she was cross it was her default setting and right now it was taking all her mental strength to keep it under control. The morning after the defeat in Chinatown, Hannah and Viv had sat both The Champions and Team Ceartais and explained their suspicions about Director Hill keeping one of the missing wolves captive. While it was only a suspicion at that point, Robyn had automatically jumped to the conclusion that Hill was guilty along with Brawn who also seemed to distrust the SHIELD director too. Part of her anger stemmed from how easily the heroic allies were bested by the band of six villains but a lot more came from the injuries her friends had endured; Ms. Marvel had been left ill and weak, Snowguard had undergone surgery for the damage to her face and Wasp was rendered comatose by the toxins of Ronin's poisons.

When the next day came Viv bearing the conformation of Hannah's suspicions, Robyn's anger boiled over once again and she had ended up punching a hole in the wall in a rage when she saw the CCTV image of Arthur Knight being electrocuted in his cell. It took a full five minutes to calm down and for her friends to stop her marching out the door and confronting Hill about the deception. When Robyn was at a somewhat level headed temperament, Olivia proposed a plan to expose Hill in front of The Avengers during the meeting at SHIELD HQ, with winning over The Avengers' support as the goal in mind as well as freeing Arthur and revealing Hill's guilt.

So the day had come and Robyn was walking into the SHIELD headquarters along with the rest of her team and The Champions, they were heading to the medical wing where Wasp was recovering and where Hannah and Viv were already waiting. "This is such bullshit, we should've called Hill out the moment Viv got the evidence." Robyn quietly snarled as the group of heroes walked through the hallway.

"If we did that she could've moved Officer Knight before we had a chance to rescue him." Kion reasoned, the lion was more than used to Robyn's temper.

"Dial it back, Robbie." Luna eased.

"I understand your anger, Robyn. But we need to be smart about this, we need the Avengers on our side and exposing Hill in front of them will do that." Ms Marvel added, the usually chipper heroine sounded timid and tired, she was still recovering from the ambush.

"I know, I know...it's just infuriating." Robyn huffed.

"Look, the sooner we get this meeting over with, the sooner we can get back to hunting for the missing mammals." Brawn said, understanding Robyn's anger.

"I just hope Tony found something on the drive Luna grabbed, I hope he...never mind." Riri mumbled, she knew that her mentor felt responsible for the bomb going off in Chinatown, the blast had killed eight and injured dozens more.

"Tony will be ok, Riri." Spiderman reassured.

"He should hold no guilt for the lives lost in Chinatown, it was all the work of our twisted dopplegangers." Alice said firmly, walking hand in hand with Luna.

"What I don't understand is why we gave the drive to Iron Man in the first place." Spitfire groused, the mouse was walking along in her mech, just in case there was a need to restrain Knight when he broke out "Couldn't Viv or someone else try to decrypt it?"

"If Doom really is behind this plot then we need someone who's dealt with his tech and security systems before and The Avengers have faced off against Doom far more times than we have." Snowguard answered, the young mystic's face was still heavily bruised and her left cheek had thick bandages attached.

"I suppose," Kodi shrugged "shame Rocket went off with The Avengers, guess he didn't want to the let the drive out of his sight."

"There's that but also the fact that Rocket and Captain Marvel are old drinking buddies." Ms Marvel quipped, as she used her security card to open up the doors to the medical bay to find that The Avengers had already arrived and were chatting to Wasp, Viv and Hannah.

"You gave us quite a scare, Nadia." Captain Marvel smiled, sat on the edge of Wasp's hospital bed.

"Yeah I was tempted to call your old man and tell him what was going on." Captain America admitted causing a scowl to quickly form on Wasp's face.

"Fear not, young Wasp. I deterred Steve, we all know your relationship with Hank is somewhat tense." Thor assured, the blonde Asgardian was holding a 'Get Well Soon' balloon and a fruit basket for the injured Champion.

"Understatement of the century." Wasp smirked before adding "Thanks guys, thanks for saving our lives."

"Anytime, Nadia." Doctor Strange nodded.

Ghost Rider, who's face appeared like a normal hispanic guy instead of a flaming skull, looked over at the door and smiled at the newly arrived heroes "You come to check on the patient, too?"

Spitfire was about to formally thank The Avengers for their help but Ms Marvel, Riri and Snowguard barged right past the mech and raced to Wasp, hugging the eighteen year old tightly "You're awake!" Riri cheered.

"We were so worried!" Ms Marvel sniffed, unable to keep back her tears of relief.

"We shouldn't have let you go in that warehouse alone, we're so sorry." Snowguard apologised.

"Easy girls, I'm ok. A little poison won't keep me down." Wasp smiled warmly, burying herself in the group hug.

Rocket who was sat on a desk in the corner, rolled his eyes and groaned "Alright enough with the feelings, it's making me nauseous. Can we get on with the meeting already? I want to know where Tazerface is."

"We're starting nothing til Hill gets here." Brawn insisted, which caused Rocket to let out a loud tut.

Black Panther stood up from his chair and spoke "Then since we have time to spare, I have something important to say." The hero's cat like mask appeared to dissolve in revealing a black man in his late thirties with a neatly trimmed beard and wearing a dignified expression, he then walked to where Alice was and crouched down so he could speak with the bunny at eye level "You're the rabbit who saved my sister from Crossbone's bullet, are you not?"

"I am, your majesty." Alice replied, curtseying in accordance with royal etiquette.

Black Panther wore an impressed smile before offering his hand "I and The Kingdom of Wakanda owe you an invaluable debt, should you or your teammates ever need anything do not hesitate to ask."

Alice shook the monarch's hand and replied formally "Thank you, your majesty."

"The brave bunny who saved my sister has no need to call me such pompous titles, you may call me T'Challa." Black Panther chuckled, surprising the bunny with a hug.

Alice was caught off guard by the hug, stammered "M-Merci T'Challa."

"Am I interrupting something?" A puzzled voice asked from the doorway, everyone turned to see Director Hill, Robyn could feel her anger bubbling to the surface so went over to Hannah and held her hand hoping that her wife's touch would sooth her.

"Panther hug bunny." She Hulk summed up, the green giantess was wearing fitted clothes instead of the rags from the other day.

Maria didn't bother to probe why and walked over to Wasp's bedside and greeted "Nice to see you're feeling better Miss Van Dyne."

"Thanks for looking after me, Maria." Wasp fake smiled, eagerly anticipating the reveal of Hill's deception.

"Are you sure you're ok to have the meeting here, Nadia? We'll understand if you want us to go somewhere else." Captain America offered, feeling bad for the teen heroine.

"Thanks for the concern, Cap but I want to know what Iron Man has found out." Wasp answered.

"Halle-freaking-luiah!" Rocket blustered "Can we start now?"

"Very well, Tony, if you will." Captain Marvel signalled for her friend to begin.

The helmet-less Iron man looked tired, as if hadn't slept in days but everyone could see the determination in his eyes, this was a man who wouldn't dwell on the death of innocents, he would act upon it "Ok so the usb stick foxy loxy pick-pocketed off her evil human twin was encrypted to hell with a Frankenstein mash up of earth and alien based security software, all with the distinct stench of Victor Von Doom's programming skills all over it, it took me and Friday nearly 36 hours to crack it and guess what? This flash drive isn't just a flash drive."

"So what is it?" Kodi queried, finally noticing the funny looks him and the other mammals were getting from The Avengers.

"It's an inter-dimensional and time warping messaging device." Tony answered.

"Say what now?" Ghost Rider spoke up.

"Yeah, dumb it down please." Kion requested.

"Fine, it's a device that not only is a storage device for files, it uses a basic text messaging system that can across dimensions bypassing the time differences between the realities." Tony explained.

"Huh?" Robyn sounded, still confused.

"It's a messaging system that could link our Earth and this Earth." Spitfire clarified "So Andi must've been to Zootopia at some point."

"Ten points to the steampunk mouse!" Iron Man reacted.

"Wait Andi went to Zootopia!?" Luna barked, fearful of what her dark reflection might have done in her city.

"Yeah and by the looks of it she was busy, she had a kill list of ten targets and instructions to steal a substance known as 'Night Howler'." Iron Man explained, instantly noticing the uncomfortable looks on the mammals faces "Judging from your 'Oh holy crap' faces I'm going to guess you know what Night Howler is?"

"Night Howler was used as a biological weapon in Zootopia nearly two decades ago by a prey supremacist criminal called Dawn Bellwether," Hannah told the story she had been told many times by her parents "it just has to touch the skin of the victim and they revert to their basic animal instincts, in the majority of cases they become violently savage."

"A weapon like that could do massive damage." Hill whispered, already thinking about defences against a chemical weapon attack.

"So who's on the kill list?" Captain America asked, sounding serious.

"We are." Iron Man answered glibly, everyone was so focused on the armoured hero that no one noticed Viv slowly back away and phase through a wall.

"Excuse me?" Captain Marvel reacted, thinking she had heard him wrong.

"Well the animal versions of us anyway, the versions of us from their Earth. I'm on the list, so are you, Strange, Reed Richards and others." Iron man explained "And according to these messages, Andi killed all of them."

"So this Doom guy sent Andi to kill the Zootopia versions of you guys for what? Revenge?" Robyn asked, sounding unconvinced.

"There has to be more to this plot, things are never that simple with Doom." Thor mused, setting down the fruit basket on a desk.

"Thor's right, Doom must have something to gain from having the mammal versions of heroes killed." Riri concurred, trying hard to think of the reason.

"I think you're all ignoring one vital piece of information in all this." Spitfire spoke up.

"What, Tin Can?" Rocket replied, clearly impatient and wanting the conversation to focus on finding Tazerface.

"That there's another dimensional rift to Zootopia." Spitfire clarified "SHIELD has been guarding the rift we came through and they've seen no sign of Andi, meaning she got through another portal."

"Merde..." Alice whispered "They could kidnap more mammals, or assassinate other mammal versions of this Earth's heroes."

"This is worse than we could've imagined." Hill spoke, this briefing was producing more ill tidings than expected "I'll get all SHIELD satellites look for similar energy signatures that the New Jersey rift."

"There was something else on the drive, a list of targets to kill and another to capture people from this earth." Iron Man informed, before looking at Black Panther and adding "Shuri is at the top of the kill list."

"That's why Crossbones targeted her, it was Doom's order." Black Panther seethed "She is no longer safe in America, I will escort her back to Wakanda myself."

"Who else is on the list?" Snowguard asked.

"They're all scientists; Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Otto Octavius are some of them on the kill list with Moon Girl, Beast and Valeria Richards on the capture list." Iron Man answered, his worry clear on his face.

"Banner in danger!?" She Hulk gasped, worried for her cousin.

"They want to kill Pete!?" Spiderman nearly shouted, fearing for his mentor's safety.

"Moon Girl's only nine years old...what does Doom want with such a sweet kid?" Brawn fretted.

"Yeah, yeah we're all worried but does say anything about Tazerface and The Cauldron on that stick?" Rocket asked in an insensitive manner.

"Absolutely nothing." Iron Man answered, sounding annoyed.

"Well that's just fantastic! We've spent three days with our thumbs our asses waiting for you to crack that drive and give some info and now we've got jack shit to show for it!" Rocket raged, kicking over a desk lamp.

"We have got a lead." Ms Marvel corrected "We go to the targets, guard them and then when the bad guys come we beat them and make them tell us where the Cauldron is."

"Ms Marvel makes a good point, that is our only option at the moment." Captain Marvel agreed with her namesake.

"Then let's split up into threes, a member of each team goes together, that way we spread our strength and everyone's kept in the loop." Ghost Rider proposed.

"Since when did you become a team player, Reyes?" Riri smirked at the supernatural hero to which he just shrugged.

"Well I'm sitting this one out, I'm nowhere near ready to get back into my suit." Wasp breathed, clearly disappointed.

"And my concern is my sister, I'm afraid I can't assist you until I'm sure she's safe." Black Panther added.

"And I'll be back at the safeho-" Alice began to sigh but was cut off by the sound of a siren coming from the corridor halted her, all the lights the room began to flash red, she couldn't hide her smile, it was time to expose Hill.

"No!" Hill snapped, knowing exactly what had triggered the alarm.

Then a thundering wolf howl shook the entire base triggering Kodi to throw his head back and howl back "Awoooooooooooo!"

"What's happening?!" Captain America asked Hill.

But before Hill could lie Spitfire answered confidently "It sounds like a wolf, let's check it out!" before charging out of the medical bay with Team Ceartais and The Champions in tow, soon enough The Avengers followed leaving only Wasp and Maria in the room.

"What's wrong Maria? Guilty conscience?" Wasp asked smugly.

Maria looked back at Wasp and hissed "What did your team do?"

"No, Maria. What did YOU do?" Wasp slung back.


Arthur couldn't believe his howl had shattered the glass walls of his cells, but he had no time to marvel at the strength of his power, the glowing blue wolf knew he had to find a way to escape this place. He blinked his eyes a few times to adjust to the light of the room he found himself in but saw three strange looking creatures charging at him with electrified batons. Arthur wasted no time wondering what these creatures were and ducked as the closest enemy swung the baton at him, he then harnessed his power and propelled the SHIELD agent into a wall, knocking him out. "Where's my friends!?" Arthur growled, as he weaved and dodged the other attackers with ease when he got no answer he tapped into the energy surrounding the agents and slammed their heads together, sending them into a forced slumber. He was scanning the area for an emergency exit when he heard the familiar and terrifying sound of a handgun's safety being flipped off, as the gunshot rang out he spun round and outstretched his paw using his powers to stop the speeding bullet in mid air, Arthur let the bullet fall to the ground and snarled at the SHIELD agent across the room "I don't want to hurt you but if you don't tell me where my friends are I'm going to tear you limb from limb."

"Officer Knight!" A voice called out from behind him.

Arthur turned around and felt joy rise in his heart when he saw the familiar faces of Team Ceartais rushing through a set of security doors but also confusion when he saw that they were with the same weird creatures that had imprisoned him "Ceartais?" He mumbled, both relieved and puzzled.

Spitfire was the first to reach the still glowing wolf, put a huge mechanical hand on his shoulder and said "We've been looking for you officer."

"Are you hurt?" Luna asked, fussing over the wolf.

"A-aren't you one of Chief Wilde's daughters?" Arthur uttered, looking at the vixen dressed in Andraste's uniform minus the mask.

"...Shit, I knew I forgot something." Luna cursed, she and the others had gotten used to being lax with their identities in this dimension.

"Crap, crap, crap." Kodi panicked, fumbling his mask on while Kion transformed into his Roar form.

But as the team tried to quickly mask their alter egos bar Alice who was dressed casually, The Avengers stormed into the room with Captain Marvel demanding "What the hell's going on here!?"

Viv fazed into view beside Captain Marvel and quickly answered "Director Hill has been keeping one of the missing mammals captive."

Thor looked over at Maria who had just entered the room and bellowed "What treachery is this?"

"Hill keeping secrets again." She Hulk simmered, angry as her lover.

"The situation is more complicated than you think." Maria replied with a straight face.

Robyn, who was still without a mask, stomped over to Hill while shouting "No it's simple, you've been keeping an innocent mammal in a small cell with a god damn shock collar strapped to his neck!"

"Oh Maria, that's low even for you." Iron Man judged.

"This is illegal and immoral!" Captain America blasted, disgusted.

"Wait so who's the blue pooch?" Rocket asked, pointing at Arthur.

"This is Officer Arthur Knight, a Zootopia police officer, he's one of the mammals we've been sent to rescue." Alice answered the increasingly annoying raccoon.

Doctor Strange's eyes grew wide and asked forcefully "Did you say Arthur Knight!?"

Arthur was still being checked over by Luna and completely flummoxed by the situation he found himself in but replied anyway "Yeah...that's me."

Maria brushed by the angry Robyn and implored to Strange "Now you know why I kept him locked up, in case he's like this earth's Knight."

"Our Knight was innocent, it was you who labelled him a criminal!" Stange reacted.

"The research he was working on could've killed millions, I couldn't take the risk." Hill justified.

"Um, are we supposed to know what the heck you two are talking about?" Ms Marvel asked, everyone else in the room was growing more and more confused by this conversation but no more than Arthur.

Strange took a breath to calm himself and walked over to the baffled Arthur, he looked the wolf up and down and noticed the strange coat of arms that hung from chain around his neck "Another scholar of Seren."

"What?" Was all Arthur could muster in response.

Strange looked surprised that this wolf didn't know what he meant, he touched the strange pendant and said "Oh my canine friend, if you only knew what you are."


Away from the heroes, sinister plots and deceptions of the human earth, Zootopia was still gearing up for the holidays. This was the season that shops saw their biggest increase in business, even convenience stores like the one Jasiri owned. Once thanksgiving had been and gone she had decorated her store with Christmas and Hanukah decorations and been promoting festive products and she noticed that she was getting way more customers than usual and to be honest she was feeling exhausted from the amount of work she was having to put in at the store. So when the opportunity came up for the hyena to chaperone a field trip for her son's class, she saw it as an chance to relax and spend time with Mufasa and his classmates. The trip was to the Zootopia Grand Library, the largest library in the united states and was a joint field trip between three different elementary schools in Savannah Central and so far it was proceeding well but as lunch time approached a grumpy little hybrid began to question his mother. "But why has Dad gone away for training? He can train in Zootopia." Mufasa huffed, the hybrid was sat a table in the library's cafeteria, there were dozens of children and supervising adults in the room but Jasiri was sat in the corner with her boy.

"Because his 'Boss' said so." Jasiri half lied, Mufasa knew about team ceartais and to keep it secret so he knew wouldn't blab something incriminating.

"Can I call him then?" Mufasa stropped.

"Olivia is keeping your dad and his friends really busy, but don't worry they'll be back from the countryside in a couple of days." Jasiri fibbed, stroking her son's mohawk like mane.

"They're not in the countryside, they're in another world." A young voice pointed out.

Jasiri looked across the table to find a small koala boy eating from a snack bag of eucalypts leaves, looking at her and Mufasa with a smile on his face. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" Jasiri asked, stumped by the fact this child knew the facts of her boyfriend's mission.

"Team Ceartais are on another world rescuing mammals." Aaron clarified, still chewing on the leaves.

"Mom is it true!?" Mufasa asked excitedly, his eyes lighting up "Can I go help!?"

Jasiri ignored her son's questions and focused on the koala boy sat across from her and asked in a low volume "How do you know this?"

"Because my moms are The Undying Scarlet and Bullet." Aaron replied nonchalantly.

Jasiri let out a little gasp and realised "You're the little boy that Robyn and Hannah are adopting, the one with powers."

"Yep, that's me." Aaron gave a cheesy grin.

"You have powers too!?" Mufasa asked with an excited whisper "I'm super strong like my dad!"

"I know Mufasa." Aaron smiled.

"How do you know my name?" Mufasa asked, tilting his head.

"I read my moms' memories, I know that your dad's name is a lion called Kion and your mom is this nice hyena lady." Aaron showed off.

"You're psychic." Jasiri breathed, her mind blown by the boy, for years she thought the only super powered child in Zootopia was her son and now she was face to face with a powered marsupial.

"Kinda'." Aaron shrugged "I can move stuff without touching them and at school this morning I thought about my mom real hard and I could speak to her."

"Wait you spoke to one of your moms? Are they ok?" Jasiri asked, instantly believing the kid.

"Uh-huh and Auntie Alice is pregnant." Aaron answered, still joyous over the fact he was going to have cousins.

"Wait Alice isn't pregnant, she did a test, she told me." Jasiri shook her head, knowing her best friend would never knowingly put unborn kits in danger.

"Well she's having babies now." Aaron smiled "Five of them!"

"Alice and Luna are going to be mommies? That's so cool!" Mufasa cheered before saying to Aaron "Hey we should be friends, we both have powers and our parents are friends too!"

"Yeah!" Aaron grinned at his new friend.

Once lunch was over the hybrid and koala stuck to one another like glue, each of them sharing stories and speaking quietly about their powers with Jasiri close by smiling as she watched her son connect with someone who knew what it felt like to be different, to have powers. The hyena had a group of kids to watch over but kept on close on the two boys, she was determined to find out more about how Aaron spoke across dimensions and if he could do it again, she wanted to know if Kion was ok and if they had found any of the kidnapped mammals. The field trip was coming to a close and the last acitivity of the day was for each child to pick a book to check out and borrow "Sharks are so cool." Mufasa commented, flicking through a children's book about marine life.

"Aaron have you found a book you like yet?" Jasiri asked the koala, who looked to be having a tough time deciding which book he wanted to check out.

"Not yet." Aaron replied, picking up a storybook he thought seemed too babyish.

A young zebra girl walked up to Jasiri and tugged on her skirt and spoke timidly "Miss Outlander, I can't find my rucksack."

"Ok sweetie, let's go look for it." Jasiri said, taking hold of the girl's hoof she then faced the boys anc cautioned "Boys stay where the other grown ups can see you."

"Ok." The two lads chimed in unison.

As Jasiri went off with the little zebra, Aaron felt a chill run down his spine and heard a voice whisper "Young warriors..."

"Did you say something?" Aaron asked Mufasa.

"Nope." Mufasa responded, still looking at the colourful pictures of sharks.

"Young warriors, come closer, they need your help..." The voice spoke again, it sounded gravely and tired, Aaron looked at Mufasa and saw now change of expression leading him to believe that he was the only one who could hear the voice. Aaron wasn't scared, he was curious of the voice, he looked around the room and suddenly felt drawn to a bookshelf across the room "They need your help, please come closer..."

Aaron felt like he was being pulled to the other side of the room as he walked over to the bookshelf and pushed aside the children's novels to find a book that had no business being in the children's section of the library; the book looked old made of worn brown leather bound by gold and silver clasps and locks and in its centre a strange coat of arms was adorned. The title seemed to be written in a strange language but Aaron spoke the title "The book of Seren."

"Hey watcha' looking at?" Mufasa asked, walking over to his new friend.

"This old book." Aaron held up the heavy tome.

"Whoa, that looks older than my grandpa Simba." Mufasa chuckled.

"It's a magic book, it told me to pick it up." Aaron smiled

"Young heroes you need to pass on my words to the ones you call Ceartais..." The voice spoke again.

"Huh? It just spoke again." Aaron told Mufasa.

"What did it say?" Mufasa asked, having no trouble believing his friend.

"It said something about Ceartais." Aaron answered.

"Our parents' team?" Mufasa asked back with a scrunched up nose before guessing "Maybe this is to do with the rescue mission they're on, we could help them!"

"Then we'd be heroes to!" Aaron smiled but his smile faded as he no longer felt a magnetic pull towards the book or hear the strange voice.

"Yeah! Then they'll have to take us on missions with them." Mufasa schemed before giving a very hyena like laugh.

Jasiri walked back into the room with the little zebra girl looking cheery that she had her backpack back, she walked over to the two boys and asked "So Aaron, you found a book yet?"

"Yeah this really old one." Aaron replied, showing Jasiri the book.

Jasiri gave a quizzical look at the old tome and asked "You found this is the children's section? That title isn't even written in english."

"It's a magic book." Mufasa beamed.

Jasiri cracked a smile, assuming the boys were playing make-believe and played along "Oh well if it's a magic book then I guess you'll have to borrow it."

Ten minutes later all the kids had checked out their selected books the crowds of school pupils, teachers and chaperones were huddled outside ready to get back on the buses to return to their respective schools. "Here's the phone number to my apartment, ring up so we can go play." Mufasa passed Aaron a scrap of paper with a number scribbled on it.

"Really?" Aaron uttered, taking the number, feeling a little taken aback he had never been asked over to a friend's house.

"Of course, it will be great for you to come on a play date." Jasiri smiled warmly "And when your adoption paperwork goes through your Moms can bring you over any time."

"Thank you, Miss Outlander." Aaron reacted happily.

"Jasiri, can you start moving your group to bus number three?" A goat teacher called out.

"Sure, come on kids." Jasiri then started to usher her group towards the bus.

"So, I guess I'll see ya' later." Mufasa said, offering a fist bump to Aaron.

"Yeah, I'll call you later." Aaron smiled at his new friend, bumping the hybrid's fist.

Suddenly a loud bang from down the street made everyone in the crowd gasp, panicked murmurs rippled through the crowd as they all turned to see a battered looking jeep with a terrible flame style paint job speeded around the corner with two police cruisers in pursuit. A crazed looking Siberian tiger wearing a tin foil mask and a tacky costume was behind the wheel of the jeep, two sports bags overflowing with money were on the dash and in the driver's hand was a ZPD megaphone that he most likely stole "You shall never catch Zootopia's greatest criminal mastermind; TNTiger!" The mad mammal screeched through the megaphone, the costumed criminal then tossed aside the megaphone before fumbling a pair of grenades from his belt and throwing them out the driver's window aiming for the cop cars chasing him.

The first grenade missed and landed on the sidewalk and exploded next to a tall lamppost, the lamppost began to fall in the direction of an unaware Bengal tiger and hyena couple who were taking shelter behind a mail box. The second grenade found it target, hitting the front of the lead cruiser, the explosion sent the cop car flying through the air and towards the crowd of schoolchildren while the cackling TNTiger raced away down the street.

Everyone was screaming, everyone was panicking and foolishly every mammal was frozen with fear, except two. Out of sheer instinct Aaron and Mufasa sprung into action; Aaron dug deep and extended both of his hands using his telekinesis to stop the cop car in mid air before in crashed into the crowd of puplis and in the same moment Mufasa leapt towards the falling lamppost, he landed on top of the mail box and caught the post that was over a ton in weight before it crushed the tiger and hyena couple. "You guys ok?" Mufasa grinned, trying to act cool.

"Uh...yeah." The male spotted hyena gawped with astonishment while his baffled tiger boyfriend fixed his glasses not believing the spectacle of strength he was seeing.

There was amazed whispers from the crowd as Aaron used his powers to gently lower the car onto the road out of harm's way and the same reaction when Mufasa set down the heavy lamppost with ease. Mufasa was about to roar with celebration but was stopped by the angered shriek of his mother "MUFASA TIMON PRIDEROCK!"

"Uh oh." Mufasa uttered, knowing that he was trouble from the use of his full name and the angry crying face of his mom, who was running over to him.

Jasiri was in tears, grabbing her son by the shoulders and yelling "What the heck were you thinking!? You could've been killed!"

"...sorry." The hybrid replied timidly, feeling a torrent of guilt in his gut for making his mom cry.

"Ma'am, your son saved me and my boyfriend." The male hyena cut in, helping his love to his feet.

"He's a hero and so is that koala kid." The bengal tiger breathed, his heart rate finally slowing down.

Jasiri looked at her son, hugged him tightly and sobbed "You did a brave thing but it was really stupid, promise mommy you won't do that again."

"I promise." Mufasa mumbled back, feeling terrible for making his mom so upset.

Aaron looked back at the crowd, expected the other children to react the same way his fellow orphans did at the home when they saw his powers, he was bracing himself for mean names and funny looks but the little zebra girl from Mufasa's class yelled "Mufasa and Aaron saved us, they're super heroes!" The kids then began to cheer and whoop and howl in celebration, both Aaron and Mufasa were caught off guard by this, it felt new, was this what it felt like to be a hero?

The driver door of the damaged police cruiser opened, catching Aaron's attention and fear, he didn't want to be in trouble with the police but was relieved when a familiar face climbed out of the car; the dazed and slightly disoriented Chief Judy Wilde, she managed to smile at her grandson "Being a little hero again?", the doe knew should be a little angry, majorly worried and give both boys a scolding but she couldn't hide her pride, they were rebellious little dogooders, just like she was when she was a kit.

Aaron gave a cheeky smile and pointed at Mufasa "Not just me, Mufasa a little hero too!"

Judy winced a little, she was sure she had cracked a rib, she limped over to the powered koala and hugged him "Saving all these lives and mine makes you more than little heroes, you're junior heroes now." she jested.

"Junior heroes." Aaron repeated as he hugged Judy back, not knowing that this was the start of his and Mufasa's journey to becoming the new heroes of Zootopia.

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