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Chapter 37- Honouring the dead, killing the undead.

Amadeus Cho was not a person who was not quick to become fearful, in his first three years as a hero he had faced terrorists, the brotherhood of mutants, the sinister six and even the mad titan Thanos. During those battles he had always entered them with his signature confidence and bravado, it was only when victory was seriously in doubt that fear would creep into his mind.

But right now the hero Brawn had gone from feeling chilled and content to scared shitless within two seconds. The reason for this sudden jump into fear? Alice. Brawn had spotted that the doe bunny was gorging on a plate of carrot and celery sticks with humus dip, he saw no harm in grabbing a carrot stick off the plate and dipping it but as he went to put the veggie in his mouth he heard the oddest sound ever; a bunny growling. Alice was looking at him, her golden eyes narrowed with anger, her buck teeth bared and her paws clenched for a fight. The rabbit was very small but very frightening "That's my snack!" she snarled.

"A-Alice?" Brawn muttered, surprised he felt so intimidated.

Then, as if by magic, Alice's face morphed back to her usual care free expression and she laughed off "I'm so sorry Amadeus, I'm very defensive over my food lately." The bunny was sat atop a table in the mess hall of the SHIELD Heli-Frigate with the other Champions and Ceartais members sat around enjoying some tea and coffee while the scientists in the group discussed the rift tracker.

"N-No problem." Amadeus replied, lacking composure.

Robyn let out a chuckle at the scene and commented "Oh Brawn, I've been around enough pregnant does to know you NEVER get between them and their food. I remember my Dad tried to take some blueberries off my aunt Heather's plate while she was pregnant and ended up with a knuckle sandwich."

"Noted." Brawn took the advice on board before turning to Alice and saying "I've just never seen you that angry before."

"Oh she can be a demon when she wants to be, she's the most feared member of Team Ceartais, most criminals would prefer to fight me than her." Kion pointed out.

"I'm not that scary." Alice replied, munching on the veggie platter.

"Alice, you made a bull elephant wet himself with fear when you walked into a room once, remember? He was so terrified of you he surrendered straight away." Hannah recalled.

"If you really want to see how scary she can be, try hogging the covers in bed, she becomes rage incarnate." Luna's voice came from the mess hall entrance.

Everyone turned to look at the vixen but were caught off guard by her new uniform. "Whoa." Clara sounded with Kodi giving a similar stunned look.

"Holy crap." Olivia uttered, the mouse was perched atop Snowguard's head.

"It smells different, does it look different?" Hannah asked, nudging Kion.

"Yeah, big time. She's showing no fur." Kion answered, thinking it was odd choice for Luna. The vixen had always been very body confident and hated feeling restricted with her movements during missions so the new whole body suit came as a little bit of a shock.

Alice set down her snack, hopped off the table and dashed over to her wife "That colour is beautiful on you, I love it." she cooed "You look so ravishing, you look gorgeous, you look..."

"...Like Nana." Robyn interrupted, hating that she felt a little freaked out.

"It was kind of the idea." Luna said, noticing her sister's discomfort she asked "Is it ok?"

"Yeah, it's ok...just a little weird." Robyn answered honestly "But I think she'd approve."

"Wait where's your old bow? Didn't Hood give that to you?" Kodi asked, sounding concerned.

"Right here." Luna answered, taking the batons off her belt and twirling them in her paws "Riri took the wood of the bow and put them into these."

"I also designed that badass new bow of hers." Riri cut in, unable to keep her bragging at bay "The suit is made of an extremely thin bulletproof weave which also keeps a track of her vital signs but my favourite part is the mask." Riri then couched next to Luna and pressed the centre of the Star of Ceartais broach, everyone was in awe as the saw a stream of nanites emerge from the star and onto Luna's face forming a silver and pink metal mask that covered her forehead, eyes and cheeks, leaving two eye slits that glowed amber, matching the vixen's true eye colour.

"You used bleeding edge tech for her mask?" Wasp asked, sounding impressed.

"I programmed the Bella AI assistant into it, a new comm link and HUD for better battlefield information during missions." Riri listed.

"Thank you Riri, it's amazing." Luna thanked yet again before turning to Ms Marvel and saying "As much as I'd love to show off my new uniform more, Blade's asked you and me to meet him."

"Ok, you got a location?" Ms Marvel asked, sounding serious.

"Looks like it's on the roof of a restaurant in Hell's Kitchen." Luna replied, passing the burner phone to the inhuman.

"I know it, let's get going Andraste." Ms Marvel smiled.

"Maiden." Luna reacted.

"Hmm?" Ms Marvel sounded, she hadn't heard the vixen but Ceartais had.

"My new persona is Maiden." Luna clarified, before looking at Robyn and adding "Nana always wanted me to be a better version of her, look like she's finally getting her wish."

Robyn didn't have a response, her body acted on its own as she went over and gave her big sister a hug, the hug lasted a dozen or so seconds and when it finally broke Luna saw that Kodi had used his sling ring to create a portal to Hell's Kitchen. "Have fun, you two." Kodi smiled.

"Try not to fan girl over Blade, Big M." Spiderman teased his team leader.

"Bite me, Miles." Ms Marvel brushed off, walking into the portal.

Luna quickly gave Alice a kiss on the lips before dashing through the portal as well, when the portal closed, Riri glanced over at Clara and grinned "Now Doctor Wilde has her new suit, how about you Professor?"

"You made me a super suit!?" Clara shrieked with joy.


Kodi's sling ring portal had taken them to outside a bodega on the edge of Hell's Kitchen, Maiden ignored the stunned New Yorkers and asked Ms Marvel "So how far away is the restaurant?"

"Just under three miles, we should get there in no time." Ms Marvel answered before stretching up to the bodega roof, it was just after ten at night and a cold breeze made her long raven hair flutter.

Maiden got one of Riri's new magnetic grapple arrows from her quiver and aimed it the drainpipe coming off the roof, she pressed the button on her bow and she was zipped into the air releasing the button just before she hit the building and landed on the roof with a roll "Lead the way."

Despite Ms Marvel's polymorphic abilities Maiden was finding it easy to keep up with the super stretchy heroine and it didn't go unnoticed "How the heck do you move so fast?" Ms Marvel asked, looking at the vixen parkour from roof to roof, only using grapple arrows for big distances.

"I've been doing this since I was your age, my grandparents taught me the basics but Alice really helped me up my game." Maiden answered, panting slightly.

"I like your new costume, pink suits you." Ms Marvel complemented, stopping beside a cell tower to get her bearings "I could never wear dark colours, they don't suit me. Sucks when it comes to stealth missions though."

Maiden landed beside Ms Marvel and said "Actually I asked Riri for a stealth option." The archer then pressed her finger to the black leather Captain America shield patch sewn onto her left arm, suddenly her entire outfit and mask drained of all the pink and was replaced with black.

"Ok that's freaking cool." Ms Marvel gawped.

Maiden pressed the shield again and her outfit returned to its grey and pink colour scheme "Come on, let's not leave the vampire hunter waiting." she urged, firing off another grapple arrow.

A few minutes later the two heroines landed on the roof of a family run Italian restaurant, happy conversations could be heard from within the building and the smell of good food made Maiden wish she grabbed something to eat earlier. "Um, Mr Blade, sir?" Ms Marvel called out.

"You two arrived quicker than I expected." Blade's deep voice responded, Maiden looked to where the voice had come from, Blade emerged from the shadows cast by a billboard "Ms. Marvel, Maiden." he said flatly, Maiden assumed this was the most polite greeting the swordsman could muster.

"Oh w-wow, it's really you." Ms Marvel gasped, starstruck by the legend.

Maiden smirked slightly at the fact Spiderman had been right in his prediction about Ms Marvel fangirling but could see Blade was not much for small talk and giggles so she pressed on "You wanted to run something by us?"

"I have a lead on Ronin and Andi's location, but there's a problem." Blade answered.

"Of course there is," Maiden sighed "so what is it?"

"It's better if you hear it directly from the source." Blade replied, walking to the edge of the roof before sliding down the drain pipe and landed in a back alley, Maiden got down the same way while Ms Marvel stretched down to the alley.

Blade approached a parked car, it was a jet black muscle car, he got out his keys to open the trunk while saying "So I heard a rumour there was a vampire in Hell's Kitchen with a little bit of money, anyway I scouted her address and caught her trying to leave her apartment once the sun had gone down."

"What did she say about Andi and Ronin?" Maiden queried, folding away her bow.

"She can tell you herself." Blade answered, opening the trunk to reveal a bound and gagged Latino woman in her late thirties, thrashing around and look at Blade with sheer hatred.

"Oh my god, Blade! What the heck, man!?" Ms Marvel exclaimed.

"What?" Blade asked, sounding annoyed at Ms Marvel's reaction.

"You've got a woman tied up in the trunk of your car!" Ms Marvel snapped, pointing at the struggling woman, she was dressed in yoga pants and a sports hoodie and wore thick framed glasses.

"Ms Marvel, she's the vampire." Maiden informed.

"What?" Ms Marvel scoffed in disbelief "Vampires are supposed to be mysterious, wear weird clothes and be scary. She looks like a Mom who's going to the gym."

"You have a lot to learn about vampires, kid." Blade grunted "Meet Alondra Renta, thirty eight year old pharmacist, married with three kids. Anyway Alondra here got a little bored with her hubby and decided to start having casual hook ups on Tinder, she'd be doing this for over a year until six months ago one of her Tinder hunks turned out to be a vampire, she got bit and was turned."

"So!? She's a normal person who got bit, you can't treat her like this!" Ms Marvel protested.

"You didn't let me finish my story." Blade spoke, fixing his sunglasses "Alondra here tried to fight the thirst in the beginning but after a week she snapped and went for the nearest human she could get her hands on, her six year old son."

Both Ms Marvel and Maiden let out a gasp with the vixen also prompting "Go on."

"She tore out her son's throat and drained him, there was no way he could turn after an attack like that. She hid the body, filed a missing child report and kept up the pretence of a grieving mother." Blade explained "But then her husband went 'Missing' and so did her two other children, she didn't even turn one of them, she drained them all and dumped their bodies outside the city, that's where I found em' and vowed to get them justice."

"Fuck." Maiden couldn't help but curse.

"Is there a way to cure her?" Ms Marvel asked, horrified by the story.

"No." Blade said with a hint of regret.

"But Jubilee! She's one of the X Men, she got turned into a vampire and didn't go crazy plus she's cured now!" Ms Marvel remembered.

"Mutants are harder to turn, they get the powers and weaknesses of a vampire but they don't go rabid like humans. And she was cured by the Phoenix Force and unless you can find that interstellar psycho there's no chance to cure Alondra." Blade told.

Maiden was saddened by the tale but pressed on "What has she got to do with Ronin and Andi?"

Blade reached to Alondra's mouth and pulled the cloth gag out of her mouth who immediately sniped "You just had to park outside an Italian place, didn't you? That garlic smell is making me want to hurl."

"Tell these two what you told me about the red head and the white haired ninja." Blade ordered before pulling a small test tube of blood from the inner pocket of his jacket "And I promise I'll make it worth your while."

"Give me that blood!" Alondra barked, drooling.

"Damn, woman. It's only been two days since you last fed and you're like this?" Blade smirked.

"Blade, she's an addict, she needs help." Ms Marvel implored.

Before Blade could reply Maiden spoke up "No she's not, she not Alondra anymore. That woman died when she decided to kill her son. Tell me Alondra, did he taste good?"

"...Yes...he tasted amazing." Alondra gave a sick smile.

"Any normal parent would never say that about her child, there's no regret there, no pain. She isn't the woman she was, she's a virus, she's the undead." Maiden concluded and even though these words made Ms Marvel uncomfortable, she agreed with them.

"Tell us what you know." Ms Marvel prompted, trying to look past the vampire's human appearance.

"Those two are staying at The Frost Rooms, Deacon Frost's hotel for vampires and demons, saw them take out some vampires getting on Frost's nerves a couple of nights back. Hurry up and give me that blood!" Alondra answered quickly, her eyes locked on the test tube in Blade's hand.

"Did she give you a location?" Maiden asked Blade, ignoring Alondra's plea.

"Yeah it's a slaughter house but underneath it is The Frost Rooms but that isn't all." Blade answered before demanding "Tell them about the cattle shipment."

Alondra would usually protest but she was hungry and the blood was so close that she answered "Ok so the guy I'm screwing works for Frost, he said there's a shipment of two hundred cattle coming into the Frost Rooms tomorrow at midnight. Look I told you what I know, now give me that blood!"

"Here you go." Blade said, uncorking the test tube and putting it in Alondra's hand which she chugged down with haste.

"Cattle? Why do I have a feeling she's not talking about cows?" Ms Marvel grimaced.

"Because she's talking about humans, Frost apparently brings in living humans for his guests to eat. If there was no human lives at risk I'd just go after Frost but I can't let those innocents get hurt." Blade answered.

"Which is why you want the Champions' and Team Ceartais help? To free the humans?" Ms Marvel guessed.

"We'll need two teams, one to save the two hundred humans in the trucks and another to go inside the Frost Rooms and save the humans in the kitchen area. The team inside also need to take care of Frost, Andi and Ronin." Blade explained.

"I'm on board but how do we defeat vampires?" Ms Marvel worried, feeling queasy as she looked at Alondra use her finger to get out the last drops of blood from the test tube.

"Easy, you kill them." Blade stated.

"What!? No, Champions don't kill." Ms Marvel argued.

"Did you not hear Alondra's story, she's not human anymore, she's isn't alive anymore, she's undead...Let me put it this way, if there was zombies would you think twice about killing one?" Blade asked.

"That's different, Zombies are brainless monsters who eat people." Ms Marvel replied, putting her fists on her hips.

"Then vampires are worse. They're monsters with a brain who eat people and feel no regret." Maiden cut in.

"Maiden?" Ms Marvel mumbled.

"I have no problem killing what's already dead and I'm sure my team will agree with me." Maiden said, looking down at Alondra with pity "I'm sure the old Alondra would agree with me too."

"Do what you gotta' do Ms Marvel, but if you want to save innocent lives tomorrow, be at this location at 11.30pm." Blade said gruffly, passing Ms Marvel a post it note with an address scribbled on it. "And before I forget..." the vampire hunter reached into his coat and pulled out a silver stake, Alondra was so obsessed with getting the last drops of blood out of the tube she only noticed the stake when it was plunged into her chest, a shocked expressions frozen on her face as she turned to ash.

Ms Marvel nearly jumped out of her skin at the slaying, Maiden put a comforting paw on the inhuman's arm and comforted "She's free now, she can be with her family."

Ms Marvel agreed with this despite her moral objections, she knew it was the right thing to do but she'd have to run it by her team first.


Jack Savage was getting tired of being told crazy stories, within the space of a day he had been told of an alternate world full of creatures called humans by his grandson Aaron and now he was before a blue furry mutant from another earth explaining he was the hostage of an evil version of Andraste. "I need a coffee." Jack groaned when Beast finished explaining his story, the senior MCB agent was flanked by his subordinates; Aleks and Lylla.

"This entire situation is getting more and more messed up." Lylla groused, finding the appearance of Beast a little unnerving.

"My little girl...oh my god..." Judy uttered, clearly upset by revelation of Andi.

"Judy that monster is not your Luna." Aleks comforted. The MCB agents had been called by Bogo twenty minutes before, as soon as they arrived the buffalo left for the nearest ZPD station to set up surveillance on this building.

"I know...but I can't help but feel sad about it." Judy lamented, she was sat on a desk chair fiddling with one of her droopy ears.

"Now that you know the situation I must insist that you leave." Beast spoke up, the geneticist was running a simulation on a nearby workstation "If I halt my work the lives of those mammals will be at grave risk."

"So you're just going to go along and help this Doom prick?" Lylla bristled.

"What would you have me do? Put my tools down? Fight Andi? The moment I do that Doom will select a mammal at random and kill them." Beast replied calmly, typing away.

"So we finally know why Andi was killing off mammals in this dimension; to weaken heroes on Dr. McCoys' earth." Aleks mused, glad to have a motive but disappointed that he was no closer to catching the killer.

"Your murder victims; Carol Danvers, Reed Richards and Tony Stark are known as Captain Marvel, Mr Fantastic and Iron Man respectively in my dimension." Beast added "I'm sorry the insanity of my world has bled into yours."

Judy looked to the camera feed showing the cafeteria area of The Cauldron, seeing the missing mammals eat breakfast and sighed "At least we know they're alive."

"And from what I heard from Andi and Ronin it turns out that two mammals have already escaped; a cat boy and a wolf named Bloom." Beast informed "They appear to have found your team of super mammals."

Aleks let out a rare smile "Professor Bloom can be a pain in the ass to her allies, I wonder what she was like for this Doom character."

Jack was deep in thought, he looked at all the science equipment and computers scattered through the spacious apartment and then asked aloud "How does a pink monster sneak all of this kit inside this tower block?"

"She's strong?" Lylla shrugged.

"No not that, if she had moved this equipment from somewhere in Zootopia she would've had to transport it and ask the building manager to use the freight elevator. Now the building manager had never seen this Andi person before today so how did she get all this stuff in here?" Jack asked, he was quiet for a few seconds before turning on his heel and marching out the open front door.

"Agent Savage?" Aleks asked, following after his boss along with the others, except Beast who was determined to carry on his work.

"Jack, what're you thinking?" Judy asked her old friend.

"You said that building manager told you that one person owns every apartment on this floor, right?" Jack asked back, looking at all the doors in the communal hallway.

"Yeah but I don't see how that..." Judy began but drifted off, her amethyst eyes going wide with realisation "Oh sweet cheese and crackers!"

"What?" Lylla asked, puzzled.

"We know that Camelot are guarding the purple cloud rift in the rainforest district so Andi couldn't have used that one." Jack answered, rushing to a door and opening it to find a piles of rations and water bottles.

"You think there's a rift here?" Aleks asked sounding sceptical.

"It makes sense." Judy half shouted, opening another door to see weapon crates.

Jack opened the next door and was immediately met with a familiar purple light "Bingo." he said with satisfaction. The other mammals joined Jack in the doorway to see a purple cloud floating over what looked to be a metal bowl with a multitude of wires coming out of it "Call Ray Kamino, he needs to know about this."

"On it." Aleks complied, getting his phone out of his pocket.

After a few minutes Jack, Judy and Lylla walked back into Beast's lab/apartment while Aleks was still in the communal hallway filling Ray in on the situation. Beast didn't look from his microscope while saying "Why are you still here? You know what will happen if Andi returns and finds you all here."

"We're aware Dr McCoy. That's why we're leaving but we're keeping this place under surveillance." Judy replied.

"I don't like it but it's the only way those mammals will be safe." Jack griped.

"Thank you, believe if there was a way I could help, I would." Beast sighed.

"Oh you're helping us blue boy." Lylla stated, walking over to the much taller creature and passing him a smartphone "Keep that phone on you, if Andi's plan changes or if she brings a mammal for you to extract powers from, you call the number I stored in contacts."

"...Ok." Beast begrudgingly agreed taking the phone and putting it in his blazer.

"We'll get you home Doctor, we promise." Judy said sincerely, before walking out of the apartment.

"You're a good guy, doc." Jack encouraged, following Judy out.

Lylla went to join the others but as she turned she caught a glimpse of camera feed coming from The Cauldron and her eyes were drawn to one figure, a scruffy looking male raccoon chatting to a lynx, a horse, a stag and another raccoon. She stepped closer to the monitor, mouth agape and paws trembling as she took in every detail about the raccoon; his fur markings, his posture and mannerisms. Lylla knew them so well but she was baffled by what she was seeing "Rocket?" she whispered with tears in her eyes.


Ms Marvel went home to Jersey City after her meeting with Blade in Hell's Kitchen, the sixteen year old would usually stay up until 2am writing fanfiction or playing videogames but that night she was having an internal argument with herself; was it right to kill a vampire? She saw the logic in Blade and Maiden's argument but she couldn't shake off the sense of guilt that clung to this decision. Foolishly she googled Alondra and found multiple news articles on the Daily Bugle's website about the deaths in her family, when she saw a family photo of the Rentas she couldn't help but sob a little. They looked like a normal family but the vampire virus had taken all of them in one way or another, she thought about Alondra and if the 'real' her was stuck inside that monster's body unable to control her murderous hunger. It was thought that stayed with Kamala Khan until she fell asleep.

The next day Kamala arrived on the Kestrel Hele-frigate shortly after 2pm, she had spent the morning babysitting her nephew while hanging out with some of her friends from school. When her brother had come back from his duties at the local mosque she passed back her nephew, got changed into her Ms Marvel costume and messaged Kodi to make a sling ring portal for her up to the aircraft. When she summoned all the Champions members for a meeting she was surprised that Maiden hadn't filled them on the details, the vixen later telling her that she didn't want to influence their decision over the whole vampire issue, the team leader told them about the mission and what they would have to do to achieve it. Instead of arguing Ms Marvel decided to put it to an anonymous vote, they would write down on a scrap of paper for yay or nay to kill the undead horrors then put them in a hat and then it would be counted. When it was tallied up it was four yays against two nays, the Champions were prepared to kill the vampires. Riri and Amadeus got to work straight away on weapons to use against the undead monsters leaving only Wasp, Clara and Olivia to work on the rift tracker.

By ten pm the weapons were ready, the teams had been decided and everyone had a carb filled meal for energy but there was still time before they had to leave but Robyn was not one for sitting still when she had finished her meal she looked over at Arthur and challenged "Hey Knight, time for a training session."

Arthur had tried to protest but as soon as Clara heard about a possible training session she begged to join in too, as soon as she got changed into her new super suit. And now much to Arthur's annoyance he was outside on the flight deck of the Kestrel, on a chilly night and with a full belly ready to spar with an experienced super hero while the entire of Team Ceartais and The Champions looked on along with Dragoness and Jason (Who was wearing an oversized SHIELD sweater to keep warm, Alice's maternal instincts had kicked in and the bunny made sure the boy wrapped up warm).

Robyn was to be Arthur's sparring partner and Viv was to be Clara's. "The purpose of this exercise is to test your combat prowess, if we can get an idea of your current fighting ability it'll be easier to teach you." Viv explained to the two wolves before her.

"Basically we're going to let you come at us and see how much you suck." Robyn sniggered, doing some warm up stretches.

"I am a cop Robyn, I've had hand to hand training." Arthur huffed, crossing his arms.

"We will strike you if you make too foolish a move, so please be ready for a strike Arthur, Clara." Viv warned.

"Sirius!" the she-wolf sang "When I'm in outfit call me by my hero name." Clara's outfit was a lot different than the other heroes, the main body of the uniform looked a one piece purple and gold swimsuit with the Star of Ceartais emblem on the bust complete with matching gloves and thigh high stockings. Her face was hidden by a simple purple domino mask and the look was topped off with a purple aviator scarf.

"My apologies, Sirius." Viv bowed but then noticed that one of the spectators was looking a little too intently at Sirius "Kodi stop staring at Sirius' behind."

"Not happening." Kodi smiled, his brown eyes locked on his girlfriend's butt which looked extra shapely in her hero uniform.

"Kodi, bubby. If you quit staring I'll wear this to bed tonight." Sirius teased her lover with a wink.

"Eyes pointed up." Kodi reacted, his tail wagging.

"Great, another night of howling." Kion groaned, envious of their intimacy, he wanted to hold Jasiri close again.

"Ok less talk about butts and more butt kicking." Robyn rallied, she looked up at Arthur and dared "Come at me, bro."

Arthur knew he would probably lose this bout but he knew he'd never hear the end of it if he backed out, he tried to sweep kick the red clad hybrid but she backflipped out of the way with a cocky laugh that grinded on Arthur's nerves. He charged forward and sent a quartet of punches that Robyn easily dodged.

Sirius and Viv had taken to the air for their sparring match and like her fellow wolf she had been unable to land a hit despite going at Viv with all she had "If you're not careful I'll blast you!" Sirius panted between punches she finished off with an attempted upper cut but Viv simply moved out of the way before jabbing Sirius twice in the abdomen.

"You energy blast me and I'll energy blast you, who do you think would win?" Viv asked seriously but Sirius never gave an answer, she just went in for another attack.

Arthur was still having no luck, Robyn was too quick and too acrobatic to land a hit on, when he over extended on a punch he caught a mischievous glint in Robyn's blue eyes, she was sending in a punch to his right cheek. Arthur acted on impulse and tapped into his powers to stop Robyn's fist just before she connected with his face, Robyn's shock at her sudden stop gave Arthur a little smile...but he forgot about her other fist, he was sent clattering to the floor with a blow to his right cheek.

"Get up, I only used 5% of my strength." Robyn willed, able to move her frozen arm again.

"Easy, Robyn. You're only training." Dragoness advised, the winged inhuman was actually impressed by Arthur.

Robyn waved off the SHIELD agent and crouched down to the wolf and cooed "What's up blue?"

"What's your problem with me?" Arthur snarled getting to his feet.

"Oh a lot of things but I still haven't forgiven you for shouting at my son." Robyn answered candidly "You're forever on my shit list."

"...That's it? I apologised for that, you dangled me out over a balcony for that!" Arthur barked, throwing some more punches at Robyn who didn't dodge them, she blocked them instead.

"I just trying to figure out why Mom puts you up on a pedestal, she says you're one of her best, so far I've seen nothing that justifies that." Robyn wounded.

"Princess." Hannah warned, she was sat on a cargo crate.

"You want justification!?" Arthur snapped.

"Ok, fight over you two." Olivia called out, not wanting it to escalate.

"You'd still be in that cell if it wasn't for my wife and Viv, they helped you escape, all that power and you can't even rescue yourself." Robyn smirked.

"Robbie, can it." Luna said with authority.

Robyn was about to back off but Arthur simmered "Before I even came to America, I lost everything. Then when I became a cop in Zootopia, I lost my dream job because of that damn purple cloud."

"Uh, Knight..." Robyn sounded

"Then I lost my friends, one by one they were taken by Doom and while this whole nightmare is going on I have to deal with this Seren shit I can barely remember from my childhood." Arthur rambled, his face locked in frustration.

"Arthur." Alice tried to grab his attention.

"Then the cherry on top is not one of you ungrateful bastards say thank you to me for saving Jason, Alice and her unborn kits. Those two thanked me after pull but not one of you even attempted to say it." Arthur yelled, unaware that his fur was pulsing with a blue colour.

"Arthur, your paw." Jason called out.

Arthur finally snapped out of his rant, he looked down at his right hand and nearly choked when he saw Excalibur gripped in it "When...how?" He gasped.

"When you started shouting the sword appeared in your hand like magic." Robyn explained.

Arthur knew he should feel amazed but he wasn't, he was frustrated "This stupid sword, bursts out of my chest, destroys one drone and that's it, it's useless!" He barked "It can't even find the bloody rift!"

At that moment the huge sword wrestled free of Arthur's grip, it floated it the air for a second stunning everyone before shooting off at about fifty miles per hour off the flight deck and into the night sky. "What!?" Arthur crowed.

"I'll get it!" Sirius volunteered, powering up and chasing the sword.

"Dude I think the sword just listened to you." Wasp gawped.

"We need to go after it!" Kodi said, about to use a flying spell.

"No, we need to help Blade." Luna reminded.

Before Arthur could react he was grabbed by the collar of his jacket and was being dragged to a SHIELD quinjet by Dragoness who yelled "We'll take care of Excalibur, you take care of the vampires!"

"But what about Jason?" Arthur worried, still being dragged.

"Don't worry, me and Alice are going to watch anime and eat ice cream." Jason assured.

There was no point in protesting, Arthur was going to have to chase Excalibur but he wasn't happy about it "Stupid sword." he groused.

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