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Chapter 49- A Cornered Fox

"I...I'll be right there, just tell Alice I'm on my-" Maiden never got to finish her sentence, a massive force lifted her up by her throat and she was met by the battle scarred face of Doctor Doom.

Doom wasn't choking her, just holding her. He wanted to kill everyone who killed his plan nice and slowly and then he would gather up the powered mammals once more and return to his universe. He grit his teeth and seethed "You've not bested Doom yet!"

Doom began to charge his free hand with a lightning spell that crackled just in front of Maiden's face but before it could singe a single strand of hair on her face Doom was forced off her by a blast of purple sparks propelling him into the trunk of a nearby pine tree.

Maiden quickly sat up and looked at her saviour; Sirius stood before, her eyes glowing green and her body shimmering with purple energy. Behind the costumed she-wolf a huge sling ring portal was lit up with the entire defensive unit from the MCB field office stepping through into the snow covered burial ground including Zoe and Esso (Who was now dressed in some sweat pants and a MCB hoodie). "I hate that third person crap he's always spouting." Sirius sassed, offering her paw to Maiden and helping her to her.

"Thanks for the save." Maiden replied quickly, but the news from the bunker was overriding the fear from the battle.

The blast from Sirius and the subsequent crash of Doom into the pine tree had caught the attention of the heroes still gathered around Kurt without a second thought Ms Marvel suggested with urgency "Beast take Nightcrawler and go with the agents, we can't let Doom get his hands on him."

"A wise course of action, Ms Marvel. I wish you all luck." Beast agreed picking up his friend and heading back to the truck with a jog.

"We'll take care of Kurt, you beat that asshole, you hear?" Jack said loudly to the heroes as he ran beside Beast.

Lylla lingered a second, sharing a look with Rocket, who had just exited the sling ring gateway before Mage glided through and closed it. Both looking at one another with warmth and worry. Neither of them were the original mammals they fell in love with but they couldn't deny the fire that had ignited between them almost instantly, they were terrified of that fire being snuffed out so soon but they had no choice. Lylla blew Rocket a kiss from across the cemetery before rushing to catch up with Jack, Beast and Kurt.

Rocket smiled for a moment and whispered "Catch you later, Lady." before returning his attention to Doom who was picking himself up.

The heroes hastily converged, making a semi circle around the battle hardened Doctor Doom. Everyone was prepared to fight, weapons were drawn, powers were being activated and the scrappers were ready to for a slug fest. Doom looked directly at Sirius and bristled "Bloom, an annoyance since you set foot on The Cauldron, now you return dressed as some cheap harlot."

"Told you your uniform sucks." Esso couldn't help but say.

Sirius ignored Esso and focused on the man who had imprisoned her and so many others "You're looking a little worse for wear Victor, maybe it's time to throw in the towel." she said confidently, hardly believing that she was offering mercy.

"You expect Doom to yield?" Doom scoffed.

"Well, duh." Scarlet mocked.

"This battle is nowhere near its end." Doom replied, crossing his arms and standing tall.

"Your power bomb is gone, the rift has been closed, most of your Doombots have been destroyed and we outnumber you nineteen to one. Surrender now, come back to our earth and we'll hand you over to the authorities." Ms Marvel stated the facts, she had done a quick head count and hoped she had included everyone.

"Excuse the poor analogy but nineteen lambs can't stop a lion from slaughtering them." Doom threw back.

"He's right that analogy was bad." Roar commented, nudging Spitfire beside him.

"Doom this is your last chance, give up. Snowguard and Mage were a match for you, even you can't take all of us on your own." Spitfire bolstered before charging up the laser eyes on her mech "Your choice is simple; stand down or get beat down."

"But Doom doesn't stand alone." Doom replied, Dragoness couldn't see his mouth through the damaged helmet but somehow she knew he was smiling and it made her shudder.

"We took out your Doombots! And even if you have more we can just smash like the hundreds before them." Zoe barked, she was sat on her doppleganger's shoulder.

"Doom was not referring to the robots, there is another army." Doom replied before whispering something.

Bullet tried to listen in but she had no idea what the language even was "Guys, he's saying something really quiet and really fast." she informed, flipping the safety off the alien rifle.

Spiderman's skin got goosebumps and his hair stood on end "My Spider sense is going haywire!" he added, getting into a fighting stance.

Scarlet's eyes were transfixed on Doom, waiting for any sudden movement so she could counter but the attack never came from the front. Scarlet felt something grip her right ankle, she looked down to see a skeletal hand wrapped around it, on instinct she extended her telescopic baton and struck the hand, causing the bones to shatter onto the snow "What the fuck was that!?" She yelped,

All of a sudden the crunch of snow and shifting of earth could be heard throughout the graveyard, as the heroes looked around in panic as monstrous figures began to claw their way out of the earth "Oh hell..." Mage gawped.

"Doctor Strange taught you well Mage, but there's a school of magic he would never teach you; necromancy." Doom taunted.

"Zombies!? First Doombots, now freaking zombies!?" Rocket growled, as the hundreds of corpses rose from their graves.

Spitfire assessed the situation rapidly and ordered "Me, Mage, Iron Heart, Sirius, Viv and Snowguard will take Doom, the rest deal with the skeletons." she them powered up her weapons.

The bodies of hundreds of mammals had now been ripped from their graves; most were skeletal some were halfway through decomposition, mammals of various species stood hunched, waiting for the orders from their dark master. An aura of dark green shimmered through their bodies with their eye sockets glowing the brightest, Doom had this contingency in mind when he chose this location as the place for his power bomb but he never thought it would come to this, he pointed at the heroes and bellowed "Beat them to a pulp and throw them at Doom's feet, for Latvaria!"

Horrific and tortured sounding howls, roars, bleats and cries came from the reanimated mammals as they scrambled forward at a high speed. "Champions Charge!" Ms Marvel war cried before growing thirty feet tall and slamming her foot down at the some of the zombies, crushing them.

"Oo-de-lally!" Spitfire shouted, jetting towards Doctor Doom with the most powerful heroes joining her.

Iron Heart was the first to reach Doom, hoping to hit his legs and cause him to tumble but at the last possible moment, he sidestepped her and brought down a heavy blow to her back, sending her face first into the snow and earth. Spitfire used her electro gauntlets and tried to use the increased momentum from her jet thrusters to uppercut him but Doom was too fast, he grabbed Spitfire the arm and threw her over his shoulder slamming her into the already downed Iron Heart. Snowguard had transformed into her hulking wolf form, complete with antlers, tackling Doom, he was pushed back but remained on his feet as he wrestled with mystic shapeshifter before forcing her to turn, making her a shield against the trio of projectile attacks from Viv, Sirius and Mage. When the tazer card, energy blast and gem laser all hit her Snowguard screamed out in pain before falling to the floor.

"Snowguard!" Mage yelled, feeling equal parts stupid and guilty.

"Focus, we need to take down Doom." Viv reminded, before flying forward for a close quarters attack.

Twenty feet away Roar was busy fighting the decaying remains of a zombie giraffe, Doom's magic had made all the corpses a lot stronger than they were when they were alive. Roar had snapped it's long neck but it just kept on coming at him, groaning and hissing and trying to punch the lion. "These things just won't go down!" Roar shouted over the carnage, kicking away an armadillo who was clawing at his feet.

"You never seen a zombie movie? Always go for the head!" Maiden advised, firing off arrows rapidly from her spot up a tree. The vixen knew she wouldn't be effective against Doom, so re-killing the dead was all she could do but realised she would run out of arrows quick "Bella, get one of the legion mechs to drop off six spare quivers!"

"Understood, Maiden, they are en route." Bella replied.

Roar took hold of the giraffe's husk of a skull and crushed it to a mess of flesh of bone "Why didn't you ask your Mom or Alice?" he asked, knowing it was odd to ask such a question during a battle.

"Ok don't freak out, because I'm trying my best not freak out but Alice has gone into labour." Maiden told, firing an explosive arrow at undead polar bear who was about to tear into Spiderman, covering the web head in guts and half decomposed fur.

"She's what?!" Roar exclaimed, punching a skeletal antelope and sending him hurtling over the cemetery walls.

"Shit timing, I know." Maiden replied, maintaining her focus and concentration.

Roar was not on the best of terms with Maiden but she was still his friend, he wanted to do something but she knew Maiden wouldn't leave her friends during a fight like this, but then an idea popped into his head and he said "Bella, contact Jasiri, tell her the situation and get her to go to the bunker, the streets are safe now!"

"Affirmative Roar." Bella answered.

"Why..." Maiden began to ask.

"I know you want to be there, I know Alice wants you beside her but I thought maybe her best friend being with her might make it a little less scary." Roar explained going back to thumping the hoard of zombies.

"Thank you, Kion." Maiden gave a small smile before returning to the fight.

Zoe had managed to activate one of the damaged Doombots and was using it to fight off the swarm of corpses that just kept on coming while Rocket was perched atop a tombstone and was mowing down with his laser machine gun on full auto, he was cackling "Come get some, numbskulls!" Wasp was doing the gross method of zipping into the partly decomposed bodies while small before exploding them from the inside as she grew back to her usual size, she had destroyed three corpses this way before being pounced on by skeletal cougar who had pinned to the floor and started slashing at her armour with its claws until it was stopped by a headshot from Dragoness' alien rifle. Brawn had picked up a toppled headstone and was using in to smash the skulls of any zombies that came his way whilst Ms Marvel was using her embiggened, boulder sized fists to beat the moaning dead back. Esso was scared beyond belief but that was fuelling her sonic screams that was reducing the bodies to pieces Spiderman was stood atop a statue of an reindeer angel using his webs to restrain any Zombies who got too close to his friends and not far away from him Bullet was stood atop a mausoleum shooting zombies as quick as she could with her corrosive shotgun she had smuggled back from the other universe while Scarlet beat down any corpse trying to climb the mausoleum and get at Bullet.

"This entire mission sucks total balls!" Scarlet vented between strikes with her baton "Parallel universes, killer robots, human versions of us, aliens, vampires, demons and now god damn zombies! Ugh, I'm so over this mission!"

"So seeing as there's a good chance we'll get our asses kicked in this fight, should we clear the air?" Bullet asked awkwardly while reloading shells into her shotgun.

"Are you serious? You want to talk about it now?" Scarlet asked in a frustrated manner, roundhouse kicking a goat's head clean off its shoulders, but extremely conscious that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring.

"We may die, I don't want to die knowing that you hate me!" Bullet justified, firing a shot that exploded a moose's head.

"I don't hate you, I'm just mad at you!" Scarlet replied through gritted teeth, having to jump up to strike a undead sun bear in the chops.

"Ok you're mad that I helped Alice put herself in danger, I'm really sorry!" Bullet pleaded as she continued firing.

"Ugh, yes I'm angry about that but that's not the main reason!" Scarlet barked, landing on a reanimated sheep before wailing on it with her fists "I'm Mad." PUNCH "Because." PUNCH "You." PUNCH "Didn't." PUNCH "Trust." PUNCH "Me!" Scarlet pulled her fists back to find the sheep's skull had caved in from her immense strength, before she was clawed by a zombie wolverine she jumped up to the roof of the mausoleum, stood next to Bullet and said harshly "You didn't trust me, you didn't have enough respect for me to even come to me about Alice's plan...that hurts the most."

"Princess I..." Bullet spoke but halted when she could smell Scarlet's tears, it was only then she realised how much she had hurt her wife, she quickly shot an opossum about to attack Scarlet before reaching out and wiping Scarlet's tears away "I'm sorry I hurt you, I know my words won't fix this but I want you to know I'll never deceive you again and I'll always trust you." she spoke passionately.

Scarlet's heart was fighting with her stubborn nature but love won out, she was still angry as hell with her wife but her feelings overrode that; she pulled down her mask and stepped forward, pulling Bullet into a brief but heartfelt kiss. The moment was ruined by screams of pain from Spiderman and Wasp who were being beaten down by the hoard, Scarlet steeled herself and got yet another stupid idea "We're losing, ok I need to go into 'Survival' mode if we're going to win this thing!" She said hastily "Shoot me in the head!"

"Wait, what?" Bullet reacted as the battle raged on around them.

"Trust me." Scarlet implored.

Bullet felt guilt tripped instantly but still got out one of the bladed pistols she had 'Borrowed' from SHIELD and aimed it at Scarlet's forehead "I love you." she said in a stressed voice.

"Love you to, blind badass." Scarlet replied, trying to be cool.

BANG! Bullet fired the shot and it pierced straight through Scarlet's brain, her lifeless body fell backwards into the ravaging hoard of zombies, they seemed to ignore her because she was 'Dead' but then a few seconds later a horrifying bunny cry echoed over the moans, hisses and snarls of the zombies and the enraged 'Survival' mode Scarlet began to tear through the undead in a berserker rage, literally ripping through bodies.

Arthur was using Excalibur to slice through the undead but he couldn't get the sword to activate the energy beam that injured Doom, he was begging the sword to listen but no answer came, the wolf had no choice but to continue killing the dead. Brawn was busy trying to get the injured Spiderman and Wasp into the marble tomb he and Roar had taken shelter when the power bomb exploded when he caught a glimpse of Doom on the other side of the graveyard; Doom had redirected Mage's spell back at him and Sirius knocking them down, the tyrant then grabbed Viv and before she could phase away Doom shot his hand forward, gripping her head and then with one quick twist he ripped her head off. "VIV!" Brawn screamed in horror, nearly dropping Wasp and Spiderman.

Ms Marvel had witnessed the scene too, Doom tossed Viv's head away and her body collapsed into the snow. Ms Marvel charged forward, smashing through Zombies to get to Viv's head "Please be like her dad, please be like her dad, please be like her dad!" the inhuman repeated over and over, hoping it was Viv's gemstone that powered her and kept her alive. Ms Marvel stretched her arm outward and scooped up the synthezoid's head before retreating up a tree, she held the head in front of her and yelled "Viv, please be ok!"

Viv blinked rapidly before saying in a crackly and distorted voice "I will be fine, my father can repair me when we return to our Earth. However the likelihood of us winning this battle is not in our favour."

Ms Marvel looked around at the carnage surrounding her, Esso was screaming all she could to protect a battered and bruised Rocket, Iron Heart's repulser beams were doing no damage to Doom and Spitfire was busy defending Sirius from zombies as she tried to get Mage to his feet. Things looked fire but she wasn't about to give up "We're not letting Doom ruin anymore lives, we're so close, we have to win." she rallied.


Alice was using the meditation skills her master had taught her to maintain her composure but her twisted expression, matted sweaty fur and rapid breathing were clear signs it wasn't working. She was sat upright in the med bay's medium sized mammal bed, she had quickly changed into one of the medical gowns stored away while Judy rushed around trying to set things up with Bella giving her instructions to where things were.

Jason felt incredibly awkward, he had learned about the basics of childbirth in school but he had no desire to witness it, however he didn't want to leave Alice alone either, the doe had took care and been nice to him ever since had escaped the Cauldron. "Um, Alice can I do anything?" he asked meekly, making sure to keep to the head end of the bed.

Alice stopped meditating and opened her eyes, she looked at Jason and gave a pained laugh "You're a sweet boy Jason, right now I just need you to do one thing."

"Anything." The Caracal replied, eager to help.

Alice used her right arm to reach to her left shoulder and disconnect her prosthetic arm before handing it off to Jason "Put my arm on that table over there."

"Uh, sure, but why take your robot arm off?" Jason asked back, taking the arm and placing it on a table with first aid equipment scattered atop of it.

"That arm has the comparative strength of a hippo, I don't want to squeeze someone's paw and break it." Alice explained before hissing again in pain and putting her remaining paw on her bump "Easy kids, I know your eager, just go easy on mama."

Judy was still in her police chief uniform but she had taken off her tie and rolled up her sleeves, she wheeled over a makeshift baby basket made out a laundry hamper and cushioned with blankets and pillows "Ok we've got enough blankets to keep the babies warm, scissors to cut the cords, got IV fluids if we need them and Bella's got a reading on each kit's vital signs." Judy listed pointing to the holo monitor to the side of the bed, each baby had a strong heartbeat and none looked like they were in distress.

"You really have done this before." Alice panted, feeling another contraction coming on.

"Believe it or not this is not the strangest situation where I've had to help with a birth, my sister Heather had one of her litters in a diner bathroom back in Bunnyburrow, we had to wrap the babies in dish cloths." Judy remembered before peeking down below and assessing "Ok you're dilatating quickly, I'd give it another five to ten minutes and we'll be getting you ready to push."

"Looking forward to it." Alice replied sarcastically before crying out in pain again, the pain passed and she breathed "I thought labour was supposed to take hours."

"Every pregnancy is different, one of my Mom's litters took her forty one hours to deliver and another twelve minutes. This is perfectly normal for it to be happening quickly" Judy assured, going to the head of the bed and giving her daughter in law a comforting hug and a kiss on her forehead.

Alice took warmth from the hug but it made her realise how much she wanted her wife with her "I really wanted Luna here for this." Alice sniffed, her golden eyes moist with tears.

"Hey, hey, I know it's not what you pictured but when she gets back to the Bunker she's going to be so happy when she sees you holding your children." Judy soothed.

"Sorry to interrupt but someone has arrived in the bunker to provide emotional support." Bella said over the speakers.

"Who?" Alice asked, breathing heavily.

"Alice!?" A frantic familiar voice shouted from down the hall.

"Who's that?" Jason asked a little bit startled.

Then through the doorway Jasiri bounded in, carrying two shopping bags and out of breath while little Mufasa casually jogged in after her "Holy crap, you really are having a baby?!" she freaked.

"Jasiri? What in the world are you doing here?" Alice asked caught between pain, joy and bafflement.

"Kion got Bella to call me and fill me in, that purple thing in the sky is gone but the streets are still empty so I grabbed all the baby clothes and diapers and junk that I bought for you guys and drove straight here but I couldn't find a sitter so I brought Mufasa with me." Jasiri answered at rapid speed before turning to Mufasa and asking "Honey, why don't you show this nice boy where the rec room is and play some videogames."

"Ok." Mufasa said brightly, grabbing the older boy by the arm and dragging him out of the med bay.

"But-" Jason started to protest.

"It's ok Jason, Merci but go and relax now. Judy and Jasiri will look after me now." Alice eased.

Jason was actually grateful to be removed from the situation and smiled "Good luck, I'll see you when you're a mom."

When the boys had left the room Jasiri knelt next to her much shorter friend and held her paw while gushing "Girl, I can't believe this, you text me your test was negative and the moment you get back you're ready to pop. You look beautiful by the way."

"I really don't feel it." Alice growled through her pain, gripping Jasiri's paw tightly.

Judy took another look under Alice's gown and smiled with excitement "Ok I can see a head, you ready to push on your next contraction?"

"No but these kids won't wait for me." Alice panted, bracing herself.


Viv felt useless, right now she was just a sentient lump of circuits in a severed head being held by an injured Spiderman. Huddled inside a mausoleum with the unconscious Wasp, battered Rocket, a drained Esso who was exhausted from overusing her power, while Zoe was doing her best to patch up a nasty wound on Arthur's leg caused by the claws of a zombie grizzly bear.

Viv couldn't even be used as a weapon right now, she had first thought that Ms Marvel could hold aim her head and then use the laser from her gemstone to attack but it turned out her father had programmed her with a failsafe to ensure her survival in case of critical injury diverting all power from her weapons.

Outside the mausoleum shelter Brawn and Roar were acting as bouncers, trying their best to stop any of the raging undead from getting through but both brawlers were growing tired, this battle had been going on for over half an hour with piles of bones and bodies littering the snow but there was still well over a hundred corpses still standing and ready to serve their master. Scarlet had recovered from survival mode and had joined Bullet atop another tomb and was currently trying to get the swarm of zombie rodents off both of them but they were failing. Dragoness was about to swoop over and assist but her tail was grabbed by the decomposing trunk of a bull elephant before being brought brutally to the ground where more corpses awaited to beat her black and blue. Luna was still perched in the tree she had been in all battle with her spare quivers spaced around her on different branches by her count she had already fired over two hundred and fifty arrows, she had a few experimental ones left but she exhausted her supply of corrosive and explosive arrows while her sleeper and tazer arrows had zero effect on the skeletal enemies.

Ms Marvel had gone over to the join the fight against Doom once a well placed punch from the dictator had rendered Mage unconscious and Snowguard's werewolf form had been tied down with magical astral chains but her attempt to wrap Doom up within her stretched out arms was rendered a failure once the villain activated an electric field defence within his armour, shocking the inhuman to sleep and leaving her long raven hair frizzed. Iron Heart and Sirius tried to double up their projectile attacks with the she wolf firing forks of purple lightning and the engineer launching a continuous arc energy beam square at the villains chest, Doom was brought to his knees by this attack and cried out in pain. Spitfire was lining up her shot with her mech's laser eyes to end the fight when an undead badger swiped at Sirius' leg, causing the attack to stop for a second, but that was all the time Doom needed he bolted forward, took hold of Iron Heart and Sirius' heads and crashed them together, knocking both scientists out.

"You bastard!" Spitfire bawled in anger, fear and desperation. The mouse piloted her mech forward and gave a quintet of electro gauntlet punches before both arms were grabbed by Doctor Doom.

"All that passion, all that knowledge resides in such a small body but even with all your technology and the power of your allies you could not defeat the might of Victor Von Doom!" The Latvarian sorcerer snarled "And Doom wants to see your face when each of you filthy animals are skinned one by one, Doom will leave you till last so you can stew in your failure to protect your team and your city."

Spitfire charged her mech's lasers once more to shut Doom up but before she could fire them off Doom tugged on both arms of the mech, ripping them from its sockets, before crushing the head of the mech with one hand.

"Olivia!" Maiden screamed in horror as Doom continued to sever the mech from its limbs, tearing off its legs before tossing the torso the herd of reanimated soldiers.

"Bring Doom that mouse and her allies, make them kneel before the might of Latvaria!" Doom commanded with a wave of his hand the green magic surrounding the corpses became brighter, a pack of about twenty zombies began to rip into Spitfire's torso, trying to get at its pilot.

Maiden knew she couldn't get at the mech now, the zombies had swarmed at it, moaning and roaring as they did so. Maiden glanced over at the mausoleum where the injured Spiderman was propped up next to the knocked out Wasp hoping for some assistance but Roar and Brawn were trying their best to protect the injured but then she looked at Wasp and remembered a moment from the Manhattan safe house and hollered "Spiderman, Wasp's size disks, throw them to me!"

Spiderman didn't know what the vixen was planning but there was no time to argue, he scrambled the pouch off Wasp's belt, wrapped it in web before shooting at Maiden who caught with ease. She reached inside the pouch and selected a giant disk before using all her aiming skills to aim it at the metal of Spitfire's torso. The disc flew through the air, narrowly dodging the zombies clawing at it and in the blink of an eye the ruined mech grew fifty feet in size sending the dead flying off it. Maiden used her magnetic grapple arrow to reach the chest opening of the mech, while she was still zipping through the snowy air she commanded through her comm "Bella, open up Spitfire, emergency override code A7!"

Bella didn't respond with words but the mech's chest cavity began to open just as she landed on it, Maiden ran to the open cockpit to find a semi conscious Olivia inside, grown to over five foot tall, a deep cut from broken metal had torn into her right cheek with her right arm twisted and bleeding to add to the grimness her right shoulder also looked out of place "I got you Olivia, I've got you." Maiden said with a voice weighted with worry, she touched Olivia with one of the shrink disks to return her to her normal size before carefully picking her up out of the cockpit, the mouse howling in pain as she was lifted out by her best and oldest friend. But that was the moment Maiden realised she could only hear Olivia's cries of pain. There was no more gunfire from Bullet, Roar wasn't roaring, Scarlet couldn't be heard swearing and fighting and Brawn wasn't smashing. The dead were no longer moaning, mewing, howling or growling. It was silent, like a graveyard should be.

A shiver went down Maiden's back as she rose from the mech's chest cavity and she looked down at the cemetery, Doom had tethered and gagged the struggling Roar and Brawn with the same magic he had restrained Snowguard with, Scarlet and Bullet were both unconscious and were currently being dropped at Doom's feet while the zombies obediently gathered up all the other defeated heroes and dragged them before Doctor Doom.

Maiden gulped before using her magnetic tether to lower herself back to the snowy ground with the injured Olivia still in her left paw. "You fought valiantly but The Champions and your team of animal misfits are defeated." Doom cooed, watching Maiden walk over to where the restrained Roar lay and placing the wounded Olivia on his soft warm mane, the lion's eyes bulging with terror at Maiden, he knew in his heart she was about to something extremely foolish, he wanted to shout at her to flee but even his mouth wasn't gagged by astral chains he doubted the archer would listen.

"You haven't beat me yet." Maiden said in a shaky and scared voice, pulling out a tazer arrow from her quiver but before it could touch her bow string Doom motioned his hand and the bow was ripped from her paws with a magical force and thrown over the walls of the burial ground. Maiden then went to grab her wooden batons but Doom repeated the same action, pulling them from the loops on her belt and sending them into a snow drift on the other side of the graveyard.

"On Doom's earth foxes are seen as cowards by humans, running away from fear of being shot by a farmer's gun but not you." Doom insulted "You're scared but you don't flee, maybe you do share some of Andi's recklessness after all, even if you are unevolved vermin."

Maiden was stalling for time, she was praying for a miracle; for Mage to stir, for Iron Heart to aim a missile at the back of his head, for Arthur to hit him with Excalibur again and reduce Doom's armour to nothing. She looked at Doom, with his cloak and silver armour he looked almost mythical but the cracked part of his helmet exposing the scarred skin of his right cheek, eye and forehead broke that illusion "You think you're superior but you're a mammal, just like me, your species evolved, just like mine. There is nothing special about humans, you're just like each and every mammal here."

"You're trying to distract Doom in hopes of one of your allies recovering and saving you?" Doom called out.

"You got me," Maiden admitted before raising her paws and balling her fists and got into a fighting stance "but I'm not going to surrender."

"Fool." Doom simply replied as he stomped forward in the snow towards Maiden."

"My Nana used to have a saying 'A cornered fox is more dangerous than a charging wolf!'" Maiden rallied, running towards Doom and jumping up, with her claws ready to tear at the exposed skin but Doom grabbed her by the scruff in mid air, halting her attack.

Doom went to use a simple paralysis spell but Maiden hocked up a spit and hit it right in Doom's eye causing him to flinch, she took advantage of the distraction and reached for her quiver, grabbing an arrow and aiming to pierce Doom's eye with it. But she was too slow, Doom shot his hand up and crush the arrowhead in his hands before throwing Maiden to the ground with a bark of "Filthy creature!" Maiden began to scamper back in the snow but Doom loomed over her, trudging through the snow and he had lost his patience, he was going to skin her first. His voice boiled as he spoke "Foxes are sneaky, you wanted to be grabbed, you planned to spit in Doom's eye then stab it with an arrow but you failed, you missed your mark and now you will know only pain in your last miserable moments!"

Luna then stopped crawling away, she looked up at Doom with her mischievous amber eyes and smirked "I didn't miss."

Doom stopped for a moment, wondering why the vixen was smiling and what had he missed, he looked at the hand he crushed the arrowhead in and saw his glove stained in navy blue, he then felt his mouth beginning to salivate and his temperature rise despite the cold air. Maiden rose to her feet while smiling "You got a little something on your cheek there, Victor." pointing to the blue liquid dripping on his exposed cheek.

"What did-" Doom began before falling to the ground and starting to convulse. All the corpses lost their green glow and crumbled into the snow back to their natural dead state and the astral chains holding Brawn, Roar and Snowguard faded. Roar gently took hold of the weak Olivia as he kept a close eye on the fitting Doom, hardly believing Maiden had been the one to land the final blow on the villain.

"A little gift from Andi, you see remember that Night Howler you told her to steal, well she left a few arrows full of it stashed here in Zootopia." Maiden explained with a satisfied yet tired tone, walking away from Doom and over to where the unconscious Bullet lay and crouched down with her back towards the soon to be savage human "All that talk of superiority, how Doom is mighty but the fact is you're just a man, a mammal. We may be evolved but deep down we're still animals!"

Doom could no longer hear Maiden, he could no longer talk, he had no reason, no control but he did have the desire to kill, he charged forward on all fours wailing like a rabid creature with bulging eyes and a foaming mouth. Maiden expected the charge and turned around, firing one of Bullet's sleeper gel bullets at the cheek of the savage Doom with no magic field to protect it. Doom skidded in the snow, completely motionless, he was defeated.

Roar got to his feet, still holding Olivia and exclaimed "That was crazy shit you've ever pulled."

Maiden sat down in the snow and gave a very tired laugh "I just saved all our lives, don't I even get a thank you?"

Roar had to laugh at this, even though he knew he shouldn't and the hurt between them was still raw "You saved our asses, Luna, thank you."

"Oh god, Olivia!" Snowguard gasped, returning to her human form and seeing mangled right side of the rodent.

"We best contact the authorities, we need a lot of ambulances" Brawn winced, picking up Iron Heart in his arms.

Maiden was getting to her feet, ready to check Olivia over when she remembered out loud "Oh god, ALICE!"

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