Chapter 1: Survive

Damn that Shinigami. Damn them all! A being with a black body wearing a white horned mask growled in frustration. It was sealed and bound now. There was no escape. He would be stuck inside the Quincy woman forever with no escape. There has to be a way for me to escape. He thought as he scanned every which way, but the damn Shinigami was good at sealing off all of the escapes. He screamed in frustration. With no physical form, the hollow once known as white snarled in frustration as it waited for the strings binding him to this Quincy bitch would weaken.

It wasn't a long wait, only five years later did something occur. A bright light with a new soul suddenly appeared in the body of the woman. The Quincy woman had bred herself with the Shinigami. Taking this moment as the moment he'd escape, white had no idea what he was in for when he touched the new soul. It wasn't just bright, it was damn painful to be near it. This child was powerful and any hollow worth its salt would love to gobble it up, but as he tried to absorb the new soul, he found himself being the one that was being absorbed.

"No!" he screamed in fear. He did not survive Aizen.s experimentations and five years trapped in this woman to be absorbed by her offspring! Clawing his way to get away from the new soul, white fought for its right to exist. The new soul suddenly split its form, as two souls began to fight to exist.

White passed out from exhaustion. It no longer sensed that new soul. Did I kill it? he wondered as unconsciousness came over the once long ago hollow.

He didn't become aware again until many months later. He stretched himself out as he realized that he hadn't moved in a long time. He then made a startling discovery. He had hands again. Not just hands, but a torso that had legs connected to them. It was a wonderful discovery! How could this be? He had been nothing but a mask in that woman's inner world for so long after his power had been sealed away. He moved his hands in front of his face and was examining them when something kicked him in the back. Mild annoyance filled him as he tried to move himself around and attack his attacker. It took a long time for him to move and by the time he was turned around exhaustion filled him once more.

Waking up to being kicked in the stomach was not a great way to greet the world. White opened his eyes but found that he couldn't see much of anything except his hands. When he felt the kick once again he gave a strong kick right back and grinned as the attacker stopped, but then the attacker was back again and he kicked and punched right back.

Suddenly he heard muffled voices. "They're active today." a woman's voice spoke. "I think they're jumping in my belly." A lighthearted giggle caused White to frown. The kicking stopped after awhile and soon after exhaustion filled White once more.

Every day seemed to be filled with these surprise attacks from his visitor. Soon the space around him began to get smaller as he got bigger. Then one morning he woke up to a head against his chest. The film between them was thinner now too. He got a real good look at his attacker and realized something. That new bright soul he'd felt months ago was this very being with its head on his chest. It was then White realized with horror that, although he wasn't absorbed by the being, he was now stuck with it in this increasingly small space. He really did not like this, at all.

As the weeks passed White could hear the voices more clearly now. According to what it understood, he was one of two babies being born to the Living World. His soul had been placed within a human baby's body. How had this grievance even occured? He found that he was annoyed by this.

The space was getting even tighter now. His head was stuck against the chest of his supposed brothers chest. The second babe had gotten bigger than himself. They both had gotten turned around, but now some sort of cord was wrapped around them, keeping them tightly held together. He did not like this position at all, not one bit. Giving out a kick of frustration he heard the woman outside give a pained gasp before rubbing her hand over the area the two were. He gave another strong kick in mild annoyance. His sibling joining him in his fun until suddenly the liquid around him began to leak out from above their heads.

Suddenly the walls around him began to contract as if trying to expel him out. He wasn't going quietly and fought against the pulls and pushes that were forcing him towards the opening. Suddenly the other baby was being pulled forward. Not wanting to be left behind White grasped the other child's ankle. He was not leaving him behind! Damn it, they'd been in this space for too long for a hollow like him to not give a damn about where the other was going.

The walls contracted around them and suddenly White lost his grip on the other as it slipped free and into the outside world. He wiggled and as another contraction occured, White let himself be pushed out and into the outside world where he was suddenly blinded by a white light; which caused him to scream in pain.

After hours of painful labor, Masaki could finally feel the end coming as her firstborn son came into the world. Isshin was grinning broadly as he was handed their first child, but suddenly pain filled her, making her scream loudly as the second child seemed to squirming to get out of her. It seemed almost panicked, desperate to get out. She felt hot tears fall down her cheeks as she cried in such pain as the second child came so quickly that she swore she was going into shock. There was barely any time between the contractions. She didn't hear the doctor, nor did she hear Isshin's words of comfort. With one last cry of pain, she fell back against the hospital bed.

Crying, she heard the second baby crying. The doctors quickly rushed their child over to a nearby table. Isshin and she weren't even allowed to hold this one like they had been with their first. Murmurs were coming from the nurses. They sounded almost shocked. She felt her emotions give way as she began to cry. Was something wrong with him? Was he dying? In pain? Why can't I see him? she thought as hot tears ran down her cheeks as panic slowly began to make its way into her emotions.

"Isshin..." she whispered to him as tears ran down her cheeks.

"It's going to be okay." he whispered in her ear.

The doctor then returned to her side and began coaching her in eliminating the afterbirth of the second twin. She was cleaned up and taken out of the room and brought to her own room where she and Isshin awaited news of their children. They didn't have to wait long as two bassinets were brought into the room. Both children were covered with powder blue blankets and had blue hats on their heads.

The first was given to Isshin who laughed lightly at the bright orange tuff on his head as he pulled the hat off. "He looks like an Ichigo." his voice was boisterous and woke the child in his arms instantly, who looked at him with annoyance before making use of his new lungs and began to cry very loudly. "I think he likes me!"

Masaki laughed nervously as she believed their son really did not like his father very well. "May I hold the other?" she asked the nurse who looked at her nervously.

"He's a bit different." the nurse explained. "He's very pale, but the doctor says he had a very strong heartbeat and all of the tests we have performed in the last hour say that everything is normal."

Masaki nodded in understanding. Very carefully the baby was placed in her arms. For the first time Masaki got a real good look at her second child. He had extremely pale white skin, blackened nails and blue lips. He looked as if he was death itself and it made her heart clutch in fear. His arms wiggled as he moved against her. "Why are his eyes covered?" she asked the nurse.

"The whites of his eyes are very dark." she stated with worry. "The doctor is being cautious and wants to keep those on for a while. He's worried that he may have sensitive eyes and that if his eyes are exposed to light right now that he may become blind." She then gently pulled the cap off of his head to reveal pure white fluff on the crown of his head. "All the nurses are either calling him Yuki or..."

"Shiro." Masaki said with warmth in her voice. "My little Shiro." She brought his head to her lips and kissed his tiny forehead before taking the hat from the nurse and placing it back upon his head.

Shiro. The-hollow-that-wasn't-so-much-a-hollow-anymore thought to himself before a bemused half smile crossed his features. A coo came from the woman as she pointed out the smile to her mate. That name will do woman. Coincidentally the couple had named him exactly what his hollow name was without knowing. It would be interesting to see just who this couple was once the bandages were taken off of his eyes. He couldn't wait to cause them mayhem.

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