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青のメモリー (Ao no Memorii)by Rin Shouta
Rate : T
Genre : D
rama, Family, Angst, Friendship, Romance

Pair : Romance focused on Perfect Pair (Tezuka Kunimitsu x Fuji Syusuke) and many more!

Warning : Little canon (or not?), AU, OOC, typos, etc. I made Fuji Syusuke died here! Not sorry but sorry. :') It's hard to make your best boy died, right!? But here I go. Don't like, don't read. I've warned you, 'kay?

~ Prologue Starts ~

On Saturday morning, Yuuta woke up from his slumber by some whispers at the corner room he was in. Slowly he got up and found the light of sunrise shining his face. He looked around to meet other pairs of eyes that seeing him. His mother seemed hasn't slept again last night, but smiling lightly. His right hand clenched to the place of his heart.

Hurt... It's so damn hurt...

Slowly his eyes travelled to a sleeping body that was laid on the bed. Its owner looked so peace, yet his face was paler than before. His sweet smile didn't leave his face, even though he had trouble in breathing.

Yuuta closed his eyes. His hands held other hand. "Aniki... why didn't you wake up?"

Three adults were also in the room glanced away. The one wearing a doctor uniform let a heavy sigh slipped from his mouth. "It has been a week, Syusuke-kun hasn't woken up. There's no progress that he is getting better, Akutagawa-senpai," he said with pain look on his face.

Kisumi hugged his wife's trembling body slightly to give his strength. "How about the research you're doing? Any progress?"

The doctor shook his head. "I'm sorry. I've asked many doctors from other countries, even in Europe, they still haven't found medicines. We only knew that disease comes from family's gen and the medicines to prevent the virus from spreading."

"What should we do now?" Yoshiko asked with teary eyes.

Two men were looking each other. Kisumi held the woman's hand after his best friend shaking his head again.

"I'm afraid that Syusuke-kun couldn't survive any longer than this."

Yuuta's body tensed. He didn't want to hear it. Yuuta believed his aniki could get through this difficult time. He was the strongest man he knew after all.

"N-no, Syusuke—he is stronger than you're thinking, Zaiki-sensei." His mother said that while glancing at Syusuke.

"I know, Akutagawa-san. I really knew, he is my precious patient in a year. I want him to be healthy man. I DO want him smiling freely like the picture you showed me. I do... I really do... But—he has been doing his best until the last. Just... let him go. It's the best way for him."

Doctor Zaiki bit his bottom lip. He didn't want to cry for his patient. It was always the worst part of his job as a doctor that he should tell the family's patient to give up and let them go.

His senpai seemed holding his tears. "Give us some more times to think, Zaiki."

With that final answer, Zaiki let the family discussed it for now. He excused himself and made a way to get out from one of VIP rooms. His back leaned on the door before going to his room.

Yoshiko couldn't hold her tears anymore. Her husband tried to calm her down but failed. "Why is it always Syusuke? Why...?" murmured her.

Yuuta didn't speak, although his eyes kept staring to his mother. He exchanged look with his father before standing from his seat. Once again he looked at his aniki and let his hand rested at his side. Without a word, he left the room as he fished out his phone. In contacts menu, Yuuta searched one name he knew was Seigaku regular ex-member.

Before he pressed call button, someone tapped his shoulder from behind. His brown eyes met the other eyes. He bit his bottom lip, followed by tears fell down to his cheeks. "Jirou-niisan..."

Jirou was shocked and hugged Yuuta immediately. He didn't come here in early morning to find his youngest brother crying like this. Bad feeling grew inside of his heart.

"Something happen with Syusuke?" asked him quietly.

Yuuta nodded as he erased the tears with his trembling hand.

"Let's sit down and talk to your big bro here, okay?" Jirou smiled slightly while holding his brother's hand.

In a minute, Yuuta seemed calm down. His body became steady and his head still leaned on Jirou's shoulder. He told everything about Doctor Zaiki had said earlier. Yuuta felt Jirou's holding hand tighten. Two brothers fell silent, dissolved in their own mind.

The older one sighed then took his phone from inside his bag. "I call Neesan, Koujirou and Kajimoto to be here today. You must call Seigaku's members to come."

"Niisan, can you call them too?" Yuuta asked.

"No. They only knew you're the one his brother, not me."

"Even though they will know the fact that you're also my brother soon."

Jirou didn't reply again. His hand ruffled Yuuta's brown hair before walking away to their brother's room. Somehow he could hear his shaking voice while talking to Yumiko.

He didn't have any choice to begin with. It was true. If Jirou was the one who asked them to visit Syusuke, maybe they would become confused. After neutralizing his breath, he called Kikumaru Eiji's number. Hopefully he hasn't changed his phone number. The other side answered and made Yuuta relieved.

"Moshi moshi. Kikumaru, nya! Who am I speaking with?"

"'s Yuuta, Kikumaru-san."

Eiji got silent. Maybe he was shocked to be called by him. "You're... Fujiko's...?"

Yuuta felt hurt. He knew his aniki didn't tell anyone of Seigaku's regular ex-members about his true name had been changing again now. Syusuke only told someone closest to him and that wasn't Eiji. The guilty feeling grew little by little. He must tell them. If they could, he wanted them to visit Syusuke for the last time. He didn't want them to feel any regret.

"Kikumaru-san, please listen to me. Don't ask, just listen. I'll tell you everything when you're here with Seigaku's members."


Kikumaru Eiji's body kept shaking after got a call from Yuuta. He didn't know what to do except packed up some clothes from the closet to his bag. The news was really shocking him. Syusuke never told him about his illness that made him suffering in almost two years now. His mind messed up but somehow had time to ask Oishi (his roommate) to call all of Seigaku ex-members. They would meet up at the nearest terminal bus to go to Chiba.

Fortunately, they had gathering today so all of them could come, even Tezuka and Echizen who studied abroad.

Eiji looked at the clock. "Oishi, hurry! We don't have enough time!"

"O-okay. I'm ready. Let's go," Oishi said with worried face.

They ran fast to the terminal. On the way, they met Momoshiro and kept running without made a conversation. All the rest of them had waited, even Echizen who always the one was late already standing there. Kawamura had bought them tickets and they went inside the bus.

The dark atmosphere could be seen around them as they sat on their seat. Oishi's hand kept holding his roommate's hand while the other only muttered something like 'why?', 'it isn't true, right?', or 'oh, Fujiko... Why you have to keep it from us?'. Kaidou comforted his senpai (Inui) in silent. Momoshiro and Echizen awoke but they didn't talk like usual. On other side, Tezuka's stoic face was pale. A heavy sigh slipped from his mouth every minute. Beside him, there's Kawamura, he just kept staring at outside view of the bus.

When they arrived at Chiba General Hospital, they rushed to the place of administration. Eiji asked in one breath.

"Excuse me. Where is Fuji Syusuke's room?"

"Please wait for the moment." The staff asked patiently.

Behind him, Tezuka seemed want to ask another question but the staff preceded him. "I'm sorry but there's no patient named Fuji Syusuke, Sir."

"What!? How—"

"—mina-san! You already came!"

Yuuta walked closer to them and said sorry to the staff that they were his aniki's friends. He led the way to Syusuke's room. When the room was in front of them, Yuuta asked them to be quiet. They nodded then he opened the door.

There, Syusuke was laid on his bed with breathing tools around his mouth and nose. The view made them holding their breath. He looked so weak, in the weakest situation they knew.

"Since when..." Eiji whispered before reached Oishi's shoulder to keep him standing.

"He has been in this state for about three months. Also... he hasn't woken up in a week," Yuuta told.

"Thank you for coming here, mina-san."

They bowed to Fuji brothers' mother, Yoshiko. Beside her, there was Akutagawa Jirou they knew from Hyoutei Gakuen. Even though Momoshiro wanted to ask but he just let it kept in his head.

"Aunty..." Eiji cried before she hugged him. He was the closest friend of her son from Seigaku she knew.

Tezuka was staring at Syusuke for a while and looked at Yoshiko. She gave him permission to take closer as her hand patted Eiji's back. He bowed a little and approached himself to his friend.

"Syusuke..." He called him softly while his hands reaching Syusuke's hand.

Somehow Yuuta was already standing opposite from Tezuka and held his aniki's other hand. Slowly he whispered to Syusuke's ear. "Aniki, wake up. They come here for you."

All of them were just staring at an odd view of Fuji brothers. Syusuke still slept in peace. He seemed not hear his brother calling him.

The door was opened by Yumiko. Her face was pale but she put a soft smile on her face for their guests. "Thank you, you all come here for Syusuke," said her and stood beside Jirou.

The confusion in the rest of Seigaku ex-members' face made Jirou smiled. He put his finger in front of his lips and looked at Syusuke. Jirou held his breath as seeing Syusuke's forefinger moved just now. He took a step closer to Yuuta. "Syusuke? Please wake up. They are here for you," whispered him.

Slowly the called person opened his eyes. Seigaku ex-members gathered around the bed, even Yoshiko before she rushed to call her husband and Syusuke's doctor.

Syusuke's mouth moved as his faint eyes staring at Tezuka. The bespectacled guy leaned closer to catch his words. Unfortunately, he couldn't hear anything from him. Then he only looked at the moving mouth. Tezuka held his hand tighter.

'Sorry,' he said. 'Sorry, Tezuka. Sorry.'

His eyes moved around to see the familiar faces and tried his best to smile. 'Thank you and sorry,' he said.

Some of them shook their head. Kawamura cried in silent and Eiji kept calling him 'Fujiko' while crying beside Oishi who tried holding his tears. Inui shed the tears before shaking his head. Kaidou sniffed with Momoshiro. Echizen was just standing between them with puffy eyes.

How he missed them all this time but he didn't want them to see his bad state. Syusuke cried and made him had trouble to breath. He recognized Jirou's voice asking him to be calm. He made contact eyes to his siblings. His mouth moved again then Yumiko patted his head.

"Kaasan is calling him. Please wait, Syusuke." She said while the tears falling down to her cheeks.

Their parents came with Doctor Zaiki. His siblings gave their place. Doctor Zaiki examined Syusuke's condition as his parents talking to him.

"How are you feeling?" Yoshiko asked softly.

'I'm... happy,' answered him.

"I'm happy to see you wake up, Syusuke," his father said with teary eyes.

'Thank you... Tousan. Please... take care... of mother... for me.'

Kisumi nodded and held Yoshiko's hand.

Syusuke's body seemed relax a bit. He sighed and tried to not sleep. Once again he looked around, made contact eyes one by one before showed his sweet smile like nothing happened.

"It's okay now, Syusuke." Yoshiko whispered again with her hand still stroke his brown hair.

Slowly his breath got calmer than before. He closed his eyes then opened again but a bit weaker. He smiled, this time for the last he looked at his mother's eyes. Syusuke nodded before drifted to the longest slumber he had.

Yoshiko kissed her son's forehead. "Thank you for being my lovely son, Syusuke. Please sleep peacefully in there."

Finally they cried while calling Syusuke's name.

~ Prologue Ends ~

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Fuji and Jirou become siblings after graduated from senior high school. Before his mother married with Jirou's father, Fuji changed his name as Kamiki Syusuke and became a high school student at one of schools in Chiba. Yuuta followed him after graduated from St. Rudolph but not for Yumiko because she planned to marry someone.

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