Don't you just hate sickly, sweet tales of friendship? ……………. Well, I do!

This is my take on Beyblade!

Thanks to my brother Spikes for his input on this story!

(Unlike in nearly everybody else's Beyblade fics, there are no self-inserts here and none of the characters are gay………sorry if this disappoints anyone)

"They call me the Chief"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Tyson woke up suddenly to the shrill, high-pitched ring of his alarm clock. Today was the day he would blade Andrew, the high school kid he had heard so much about. Tyson got dressed in his "trendy" blue "culottes", his knee socks, his brandless yellow T-shirt, that …….red…… shirt……thing, oh yeah and his brown leather falconry gauntlets. He raced downstairs, and through the door, "Later Grandpa!"

Tyson ran……….for like 100 yards, and then he walked "I fucking hate running", he said under his breath. He finally arrived at the playground and spotted Max and Ray. "Hey Tyson's here!" yelled Max, he and Ray approached ,"Where the fuck have you been?" demanded Ray, Tyson was about to reply when Ray sighed " whatever, I don't give a fuck, just get over there and beat Andrew", he shoved Tyson really hard in the direction of a crowd of kids…………and there was. …………………Andrew.

Andrew. Andrew was a 6ft lanky 18 year-old, dressed in an out-of-date purple basketball vest and a really cheap make of sneakers. He had a head like a novelty shaped condom and scarlet lips that looked like they had each been injected with about a pint of collagen. At his high school he was considered to be the biggest loser in the world; no girls liked him, no guys would associate with him, but here in the park amongst the easily impressionable pre-pubescent kiddies, he was the king of cool.

Tyson boisterously pushed his way through Andrew's little fan-club, hurting one kid in the process and making him cry, he was now face to face with Andrew when suddenly something hit Tyson square in the face…………the, awful, unholy stench of B.O. He stumbled back but before he could get far Andrew grabbed his hand, maniacally shook it and introduced himself, "Hey bro, you must be Tyson, I'm Andrew, Man I can't wait to battle you it's gonna be da Bomb!" Tyson was rendered speechless "Da Bomb?" who the fuck said that anymore?

As the two prepared to launch their blades, Max began the countdown,"3,2…" but just then, SLAM!

The plastic beystatium lay crushed beneath the heavy, motorcycle boot clad foot of Carlos the Bladeshark with the bandana.

"Oops sorry my leg slipped!" Carlos threw his head back and laughed; he removed his foot and walked back over to the rest of the Bladesharks, hanging around on top of the big climbing-frame……laughing. Tyson knew just how vicious Kai and his gang could be so he kept his mouth shut, picked up his Dragoon beyblade and stepped back with Max and Ray. However, Andrew felt as though he needed to show all the little kids, who looked up to him, just how brave, tough and "cool" he could be.

"Get down here Carlos", yelled Andrew,

"Let me take care of this", said Kai.

His white ninja scarf flowed behind him as he jumped down. Kai stood and looked at Andrew for a moment before pulling out a pack of cigarettes, lighting one and taking a long, slow drag; he walked up to a fuming Andrew and blew the smoke in his face. Andrew could feel the blood rush to his cheeks as a result of his heated rage; what right did this fifteen-year-old punk have to come up and embarrass him like that?

Andrew raised his fist to punch Kai in the face but he suddenly felt a very strong grip on his arm from behind, he turned to see Trevor, a very big fat nasty looking kid who was wearing a long pink top? Underneath a cropped denim jacket.

"You're a fucking joke Andrew", mocked Kai,

Andrew foolishly retaliated, "You and your gang are nothing but a bunch of little pricks Kai",

Trevor locked both of Andrew's arms behind his back firmly, Kai's face changed to a much more serious expression; he took his cigarette and proceeded to put it out in Andrew's hair, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Andrew screamed,

"kill him", ordered Kai.

Trevor shoved Andrew to the ground and went on to kick him hard several times with his steel-toe capped army boots, Andrew felt and tasted a mixture of blood and stomach acid in his mouth, it was at this point Carlos decided to get in on the action, he picked up a nearby stick and lashed Andrew with it until he shed blood.

The kids all around looked on in horror, shock and disbelief as the Blade sharks left Andrew and walked away.

Tyson thought it was really cool how everybody feared and respected Kai; he wanted everyone to fear and respect him too, because after all that would rock! Max was the first to approach Andrew, "are you alright?" he enquired,

"Max you retard, of course he's not alright, just look at him dumbass!" shouted Tyson,

"hey, back off Tyson" Max shouted.

Andrew shakily stood up holding his stomach, blood was pouring from his head, and the visible parts of his body were covered in cuts, gravel and bloody marks. He looked around at everyone staring," the joke's on them" he snivelled, "that didn't even hurt", he was clearly lying and his eyes became teary,

"are you crying Andrew?" Tyson stupidly asked,

"for your information, no I'm not" said Andrew untruthfully, "I'm going now, I'll see you guys later", and with that Andrew hobbled away and the crowd of kids cleared.

"I can't believe all that just happened", exclaimed Max,

"neither can I but it was kind of cool" said Ray,

"how can you say that?" Max cried,

"hey, violence like that only happens in the movies and even then it's fake, but Andrew getting his ass kicked was real, look, some of his blood is on the ground, wicked!" explained Ray. Ray really was like a white tiger; he had a particularly bloodthirsty streak, to him blood, guts, and violence were totally cool.

"Yeah, well it really sucks that I won't be able to battle Andrew today", complained Tyson,

"You wouldn't have been able to beat him anyway", the three Blade breakers turned around,

"huh?" exclaimed Tyson,

they saw a kid with shaggy ginger/orange hair, that covered his eyes, wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with, get this, a tie and bizarre fuchsia colored pants, he had a laptop and on his head were the thickest pair of ant-nest frying, toy-soldier melting Coke bottle frames ever! This could only mean one thing……………….he was a certified geek!

"Who the fuck are you?" demanded Tyson, who never liked to be told he would lose,

" They call me the Chief", declared the kid,

Tyson, Ray and Max looked at each other, "they call you the what?" asked Ray,

"the Chief, they errr call me the Chief", said the kid who was now beginning to regret his words.

There was a brief silence before Ray and Tyson broke out into a fit of laughter in their "charming", half broken teenage voices, Max just kind of laughed along with them, he didn't want to be nasty but he didn't want to be the odd one out.

A strange surge of masculine, inner strength rose in Tyson, all of a sudden he felt like a real "tough-guy", he strode up to the little nerd and said, in a rather macho tone, "I'll ask you again who the fuck are you and this time you better not shit out such a gay answer", so this is what it felt like to be a bully?… cool…

"my name's Kenny", he said in a quivering voice.

Kenny explained to the three Blade breakers how he had just moved into town and that he was more into the theoretical and technical side of Beyblading, he also introduced them to Dizzi……………."Cool, so you have a chick living in your computer, can you make her take her clothes off on screen?" Ray asked,

"No Dizzi is my bit-beast, she's not a humanoid", replied Kenny,

"Hey! You wanna join our gang?" Max asked, but before Kenny could reply Tyson yelled "Max, you can't just invite weird little geeks into our gang, a gang is only as cool as it's un-coolest member, if we let him in what will Kai think of us? He'll think we're gay, loser, computer nerds and he'll never think we're cool!"

Max protested "But Kenny can help us he knows a lot of stuff about Beyblading, what makes him a geek anyway?"

Ray intervened "Well he wears glasses and he owns a computer! What more do you need? He's a geek". Kenny sat there with hurt feelings, "Besides, I'm the leader and I say who's in or out", insisted Tyson,

"Who the fuck made you the leader fat-boy?" asked an angry Ray,

"Why? Whatcha gonna do about it Rapunzel?" retaliated Tyson. A stupid, little physical fight broke out between Ray and Tyson, in the end he and Ray agreed that Kenny could be in the Blade breakers………….but it would have to be top-secret……………and he couldn't hang out with them…………..and he wouldn't have a say in what their gang did………………..ever!

Well that's the first chapter! Depending on the reviews I get, the next chapter will be where Mariah graces the scene, Kenny, (along with all the other guys except Max) has a huge crush on her, and you can expect more swearing, immaturity and probably some strong sexual references! That is what being a teenager is all about!