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Okay I'm sorry that On The Line is taking so long but I've been on hiatus because of exams and
essays of all things... However in a few days I take my finals and then I can concentrate on
one of my greatest passions, writing... Funny isn't it? I have to write essays which I detest,
but I love to write... LOL!

However this is a completly different story it's loosly based on a few things I thought of, but
it's AU, which means that it has nothing to do with Digimon nearly... I guess I could have made
it as an original fic however I'm not really completly into that for now so... Please Enjoy.

This won't be as long as On The Line it's just to get some frustration in me out for some


Perfect : Chapter 1/?


Rika Nonako was a perfectionist, when she put her hand on anything it had to be perfect.
Everything in her life had to be perfect; it was some type of psychological problem for her, to
have something change or out of place would irritate her. So she worked hard on it making sure
that nothing ever stepped out of place...

Well that wasn't completely true, there was one thing that always was out of place in her life,
Henry Wong. Rika had known Henry since they were born, on the same day surprisingly. But they
were different, while Rika had to perfect in everything Henry didn't. He never needed to make
sure that his desk was correctly positioned or that he wrote with the proper colour ink, he
didn't even care that sometimes he would wear mismatching clothes.

However that didn't mean that they weren't friends, on the contrary they were the best of
friends. Never apart they shared a semi-hate-love relationship, Rika would never stop trying
to shape Henry tying his shoes, combing his hair, organising his room; and Henry would never
stop creating chaos in Rika's life, making sure to either make Rika late or too early for her
schedule, use the wrong end of her eraser, leave her room in a disarrayed manner, or cause her
to act spontaneous. To be truthful everyone thought they were strange friends for sometimes
they seemed that they couldn't stand each other but they never seemed to get truly angry at each
other for they were always friends.

Well, they were... Until recently... Well you see it's a long story... It all started three
weeks ago...


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