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Chapter 9/?

The truth damn it.

I have this annoying habit that even I get annoyed about, I chew on the back of my pencil. While it isn't the worst thing in the world I could not for the life of me figure out how I got that habit or how to stop it. However when I did chew my mind never seemed to be able to concentrate on anything, it was like a way for me to think of nothing or daydream…

"Ms. Nonako? Would you please answer the question?"

I blinked stupidly for a few second realizing that I was in class, sitting up I took in a deep breath as I scanned the books and notes on my desk for a clue of what the question was. Realizing that my attempts were futile I looked up at Mr. Tencahi in defeat, "I'm sorry but I wasn't paying attention."

Mr. Tencahi faced darkened, "Well I expect better Rika, I would have thought Henry being away would mean less distraction to the class but it seems you feel you have to fill his place."

My cheeks burned as I bit my tongue from responding, Mr. Tencahi never really liked Henry because he never paid attention in his class. However his scorn sparked something in me.

Looking behind me, my eyes wandered over Henry's empty desk. It wasn't as if this was the first time Henry wasn't at school… In fact it wasn't the first time Henry wasn't at school because of me but that was usually because I passed a cold to him. No this time it was different, he wasn't here because of me… Why did he have to stick around when I was in the nurse's office? Why couldn't he be a bit smarter and just go to class? He could have checked up on me later…

"Ms. Nonako!" bellowed Mr. Tencahi.

Turning to the front my eyes widened to a very angry Mr. Tencahi, I guess I missed something again.

Mr. Tencahi face had a very ugly look, "Miss. Nonako if this class is being too boring for you maybe you should follow your friend Henry and leave."

Then it happened, I snapped, I never felt angrier in my entire life, it wasn't like any angry explosion that I usually had, instead it was a cold knot of anger. I slammed my book shut, which definitely surprised the entire class. Mr. Tencahi as well as the rest of the class was filled with pure astonishment, "Fine!" I shouted, "Fine, I think I've learned enough today anyways!" Shoving my books into my bag I stomped out of the silent class. Slamming the door behind me I hear the class erupt into chatter.

Jumping onto a bus I sat angrily in the back wondering where I should go… Well it was sort of a no brainer; there was only one place that made sense. Arriving at a very familiar apartment building I stormed up the stairs, the thought of using the elevator infuriated me for some reason. Arriving at the right floor and slammed my fist continuously at the door.

It only took a few seconds before neighbours began poking their heads out of their apartments, I continued bashing my fist against Henry's door. Finally the door swung open Henry looked generally surprised, he was dressed in a jogging pants and a t-shirt covered in sweat, which meant he was exercising out on the porch.

Angrily I tossed my backpack into him, "Oof," he grunted stumbling a few steps back.

Brushing past Henry into the apartment I stormed around the living room while Henry placed my backpack down carefully and locked the door. Henry jumped over his sofa and sat back watching me pace back and forth in front of him. "Rika? Is something wrong?"

"Damn, right there is!" I shouted.

Henry's face was puzzled but he nodded me to continue.

"I was in class and you weren't!"

Henry nodded again slowly; he didn't seem to comprehend what I was trying to say.

"I was in class and you weren't… You weren't in class because of me!"

"Rika," began Henry.

"No!" I interrupted shaking my head, "you and I both know I was the cause."

Henry looked away I still couldn't read him like he could read me, I never understood why.

"Damn it Henry, why?" I shouted," Why do you care about me so much? Why can you read me like a book and I can't? Why do you willing to get suspended because of me? Why do you always know what to get me for birthday? Why are you a complete mess but so perfect?"

Henry looked down at his feet not saying a word.

"Damn it Henry I think I'm in love with you! I am in love with you!"

Henry's eyes suddenly looked up and locked with mine.

Then everything became clear, years of memories changed as they had new meaning, my eyes widened as I suddenly knew exactly how Henry was feeling, what he was thinking… Oh God he is in love with me too. Then it hit me, I couldn't see or read Henry because I denied how I felt for him, he didn't he knew… He just didn't say anything…

"You're in love with me."

Henry swallowed, standing up from the sofa he backed away from me slowly, he was afraid and I was angry.

Lifting up my hand I let the light catch the ring in my hand, "You promised! You promised Henry! You promised that your feelings wouldn't change!"

Henry looked down at his feet still backing away.

My eyes caught Henry's again once more and I had my answer, "You never broke your promise… God Henry why didn't you tell me?"

Henry's head snapped up, he stalked towards me angrily, "Tell you? Tell you what? Rika I think I'm in love with you? Damn it Rika we were six!" Tears started to form in Henry's eyes, "Rika I've been in love with you since we were six… Do you know how confusing that is? Everyone around me thinking about coutes and how yucky girls were and all I could relate was how much I love you. Rika I had no one to talk to! You caused me to feel something different and I couldn't be angry at you. You were my best friend Rika and I couldn't even tell you… I was scared!"

"Henry I didn't…"

"That's right you didn't know," snapped Henry brushing away his tears, covering his eyes with his hands, "Rika I love…"

He never finished his sentence I had already closed the small distance between us, sealing my lips over his. It was a different yet similar to our first kiss, it was passionate; it felt right, the innocents, and gentleness of the kiss. The sweet taste of Henry's lips and his scent was all I could sense.

Pulling our heads slowly back we stared at each other our eyes searching each other, neither of us wanted to regret what had happened. Our words were lost to us as all we could think were each other; our second kiss was slow and gentle savouring each other as much as we could. Pulling away we again searched each other's face. The silent question was answered taking Henry's hand I kissed them softly before pulling him to his room.


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