Premise: Violet Potter is betrayed in the worst way, her friends and supposed family are all in the know. But Violet is not what she appears, she does not play by the rules and if there is one thing she knows, it's to never show her hand. So why wouldn't she turn to the only person who has been honest with her throughout her entire time at Hogwarts? The Hunt is on, and Lady Artemis is rising.

Chapter 1: I have a Name

Violet stared at the time turner in her palm, she knew something had been going on all these years. She just never thought that the magnitude of the secrets people she had trusted, had kept from her. Luckily, she had lived by a simple rule her entire life, expect everyone to betray you at some point, and she had been right. She had a suspicion something was going on when Professor Dumbledore had told Hermione and her to use the time turner to save Sirius, and it was an absolute bitch to convince Hermione that she would destroy it, and then she had to go to Knockturn Alley and bargain with Borgin and Bourke for a broken replica. But now it seemed that her suspicion and action had, everything was about to change, especially now that she was nameless.

A few hours ago

Violet watched as the reincarnation of Lord Voldemort put on his robes and then healed Peter Pettigrew's hand, she was biding her time, Sirius and an unlikely Lady Black painting had started training her in secret over summer in the ways of the women of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. Which currently led her to using a hidden blade to slowly cut the binds holding her to the tombstone.

"Violet Potter, how wonderful for you to be here on the night of my resurrection. Tell me, has Wormtail treated you like a proper Lady?" Voldemort asked.

"I'm tied up, what do you think?" Violet snapped.

"So, my dear. We meet again here, once again, I will ask you – as I did back in your first year, and your second. Will you join me?"

"Why can't you just leave an orphaned girl alone?"

"Because, I know things that you do not. Tell me, girl, have I ever lied to you?"

"Well… no, but you have tried to kill me twice already, three times counting when I was a baby and you, you know, killed my entire family?"

"Have I ever lied to you, Miss Potter?"

"No, you're probably the only one who has always been completely honest in your intentions, even when you were trying to kill me," she said honestly.

"Then I will tell you this, your parents weren't home the night I attacked. I killed Fleamont and Euphemia Potter, and I tried to kill you and your twin brother. Yet, somehow they all died and the tale was spun by Dumbledore."

"Wait… what?"

"You have a twin brother, Miss Potter. I should know, I tried to kill him, then you got in the way and were the one to repel me. But of course, I suspect Dumbledore didn't tell you any of this. You will find, Miss Potter, that not everything is as it appears."

"Really, and how are you going to prove it?

Voldemort smirked and flung his wand, Violet closed her eyes and waited for Death's embrace while cutting. The only thing that happened was that the ropes dropped and she was freed. She slid the knife back into her sleeve and stood up, massaging her hands while looking at the Dark Lord.

"What gives?" she said wearily.

"My spy in Hogwarts has told me you have a certain item in your possession, I will let you go and I will wait 15 minutes. You will come back to me once you know the truth. You look like you've had a run in with me, go, speak whatever you wish to them and you will find the truth."

Without further words he flourished his wand and the Triwizard Trophy landed in her hands, the familiar pull of a portkey pulled her in and she found herself back in the middle of a roaring crowd. Violet went through the usual act, but all throughout it, Voldemort's words were in her mind. Everything changed when she managed to get led into Dumbledore's office.

"I must go and grab someone, wait here," Dumbledore said.

Moments later footsteps were heard, and there were a lot of them. Violet's brow furrowed and then the door opened, following Professor Dumbledore first came in a dark-haired boy with glasses, an older version of him and then the one person who she had hoped wouldn't ever give her up walked through the door. She recognised the older people and knew who the boy was.

"You've done well Violet, now things are falling into place. You can let your brother and parents take over."

"Brother and parents?" Violet was seething, hands clenched to her side.

"So everything's taken care of Albus?" the adult version of the boy asked.

"Indeed, it is my boy, Violet announced Voldemort was back to everyone. Of course, we can now announce the fact that you live and that Charles is the true person who defeated Voldemort."

They were ignoring her! Her left hand slid to the knife strapped to her thigh while her right want flicked her wand into her hand – all of this occurring without them even noticing her.

"So, you're my twin sister?" the boy asked her, she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Yes Charles, this is your twin sister. The one who's been covering our story so that you could train in secret," the voice that she had always wanted to hear spoke, she didn't even look at Violet but down at the boy.

"Why," Violet said, forcing her voice to be neutral.

"Why did I grow up with them, thinking I was alone and unloved!" Violet snapped.

"It was all for the greater good Violet," the adult man said.

"Bullshit! You put me through hell for the fucking greater good!"

"Violet Potter! You do not use that tone with me, I am your father and the Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter."

"Fuck off," she shot back.

"A father would have been there, a father would have protected me, a father would have put his child first."

"Violet, I know you're upset. But we did this because Voldemort isn't dead, and Charles is the only one who can defeat him. We didn't want to, but Professor Dumbledore said –".

The conversation was cut short by shouting that was coming from the hall, Violet's ears honed in on the sounds and heard some of the conversation. "Sirius, you can't go in there. Professor Dumbledore is busy". "Like hell he's busy Moony! My goddaughter was almost killed by a madman, fuck this. I need to make sure she is okay". "Sirius, he told me you were not to come tonight, that he would tell you when you could see her again". "Moony, step away from that goddamn door right now". "Sirius, listen to me, you cannot go…" a smack was heard before the door was pulled open and Sirius rushed in, and then stopped and looked like he'd seen a ghost.

"James? Lily?" he said, shock completely evident on his face.

"Hello Padfoot," James said, standing up straighter. Violet saw Professor Lupin in the background cradling his face where a bruise was forming around his eye where she guessed Sirius had punched him.

"Violet!" Sirius saw her condition and moved straight over to her, checking her over then turned back to the gathered group.

"I was hoping Remus could have kept you outside and away," Albus sighed.

"What the hell is going on," Sirius growled out.

"Sirius, we've been in hiding all these years, training Charles for his battle with Voldemort. I know we should have told you about it, but Albus said it was a matter of winning the war and losing it," James said, walking up and attempting to hug Sirius, but he pushed James away and looked at him, Lily and then to Charles, before letting his eyes set on Remus.

"Did you know, Moony?"

"Sirius, don't ask me to –"

"Did you know!" Sirius shouted, Violet watched as her Professor from last year nodded his head.

"Sirius, I'm sure you can forgive Remus for –"

"TWELVES YEARS!" Sirius cut Lily off.


"It was for the greater good Sirius," Albus said, standing up straighter. Violet took a look of the room and did not like what she was seeing, she could see that Charles had his wand in his hand, and Lily had hers, Remus had his, even Dumbledore has his. Sirius didn't have his wand back, though she knew he had an illegal one from Borgin and Bourke's.


"Padfoot, I know your upset. But we're here now, Charles is ready to face Voldemort. We, no, I need you with me. I need my best friend, my fellow marauder by my side in this upcoming war," he said.

"And what of Violet? You expect me to leave the one person in the world I vowed to protect? I view as my own daughter?"

"Violet will be taught the duties of being a lady of a Most Ancient and Most Noble House, Lily and Molly will educate her, then she'll marry Ron while Charles marries Ginevra and –"

"I'll what?" Violet spoke up, hate in her eyes.

"You'll marry into the Weasley family, binding our families together more thoroughly."

"You expect to just waltz in her and command me to marry someone, like I haven't spent all of my life fighting to just be treated like I'm human?"

"You're exaggerating, everything Petunia and Vernon did was to aid in the Greater Good. Dumbledore kept us updated on everything that happened at that house."

Violet's heart broke, and with one look to Sirius, she could tell his heart was broken as well. She had to move quick, they were outnumbered and she had no idea if Sirius was in a condition to fight.

"So, you knew about everything?" she said, looking directly at the woman who was supposed to be her mother.

"You knew about the cupboard, about the lashings, about the punishment, burns, whippings, beatings, you knew about all of that?" Violet stood up and she was not happy, then she realised something, everything that Tom had told her was right. He had never lied to her, and he was always honest with her. Now she knew the truth, her family was alive and they knew everything, yet that didn't come help her.

"Yes, we knew, you had to be kept in a certain condition so that everything we've worked towards for the greater good could come to pass," Albus admitted.

"All my life, I wished for a family, I wanted to have a home, to belong. And now, you've been alive all this time. Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised anymore – I'm not going to do what you want me to, you can go to hell, fight your war, I'm not going to take any part in it," Violet wanted to lash out, but, she found that being the better person is what will get her the best of this situation.

"Both of us are out cub, we'll travel away from this god forsaking place," Sirius said, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"You're not going to help us Padfoot?" James said surprised.

"You left me in Azkaban for twelve years James! And you knew all about Violet's living conditions? I escaped Azkaban to protect her, I made a vow the night you asked me to be her godfather. And I'll be damned if I break my vow to her, the way you two broke the marauder's vow to me. Brother's until the end? All it took was some scarlet whore and an old man to show where your true loyalties lie," Sirius spat.

"Don't call my mother that!" Charles flicked his wand and wordlessly cast, but Violet was ahead of him, knife drawn and already flying through the air. A few moments later and a cry was heard as the knife struck true and lodged itself right into Charles' right shoulder blade.

"You bitch! How dare you attack your brother! The saviour of the wizarding world!"

"You haven't saved anything yet," Violet didn't wait as she let herself go, she started casting at anyone who wasn't Sirius. It took Sirius a few moments before he too started casting, Violet showed a different hand that Professor Lupin or Professor Dumbledore had ever seen before as she cast her and Sirius' way towards the door, spells flying and destruction going on throughout the room. A cutting curse hit her arm when she got to the door and blood oozed down it, she gritted her teeth and Sirius blocked the oncoming spells.

"Violet, you turn your back on us and you'll be cast out of the Potter family!" James sneered, and Violet now saw how Snape hated him.

"Then cast me out, I would rather be nameless than pretend to be in a family with the three of you," Violet replied while healing the cut.

"I Lord James Henry Potter of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter do hereby declare Violet Elaine Potter stripped of her Potter name, and do hereby cast her out," a flash of magic and Violet heard Sirius inhale a deep breath.

"Sirius, I am going to make a big distraction, use it to get out of here. I'll find you later," Violet whispered as he knelt down to help her heal.

"I'm not going to leave you cub."

"You and I both know they aren't going to get you free, I need you to run so that we can both be free. I have a plan," Violet said looking at her godfather, he wanted to protest but he eventually just nodded.

"3…2…1… now!" Violet set of sparks and fireworks – a spell curtesy of the twins, and the Potter's, Remus and Albus averted their eyes, blinded – this was long enough for Sirius to transform and run and for Violet to run straight towards her dorm. As she got in, she found Ron and Hermione waiting for her.

"So, how'd it go?" Ron asked.

"How'd what go Ronald?" Violet snapped, not wanting to deal with his attitude.

"What he means is, how did it go meeting Charlie and your parents? They're great people and –" Hermione started and Violet turned around and stared at the two of them.

"You knew?" she ground out.

"Of course mate, why else do you think we weren't able to write over summer? Hermione and I spent summer with your parents and brother catching them up on the stuff that's been going on, Hermione's been taught by your mum and she is fantastic. Your brother is pretty good as well, likes playing chess and is real smart," Ron said, Violet just saw red and clenched her fist – even Hermione and Ron knew, was she and Sirius the only ones kept in the dark?

"It doesn't matter anymore, my lovely father disowned me when I told him I want nothing more to do with their war."

"Wait, what means that…"

"It means I will not EVER be warming your bed," Violet snapped before shooting straight up to her room, closing the door and locking it before warding it so Hermione couldn't get in.

Present time

Violet held the time turner in her hand, she looked at it and thought about how much betrayal she has experienced before getting up and rummaging through her very tightly secured and highly protected chest for a few things. She had some things to do and they were important, but most of all, she pulled out a black diary with the initials T.M.R. on it, she should have destroyed this in the Chamber but instead she and Tom had made a deal, she keep the diary intact until she decided whether or not she wanted to fight a war against him. Now, she was going to be doing something very different.

"Guess there's no need for me to pretend anymore, is there Hed?" Violet mused to her snow-white owl and probably only friend.

"Wish me luck," and with that Violet pulled on her invisibility cloak, holding everything she held dear in her expanded purse, she made her way to the room of requirement, something she had found with the help of the diary. And went inside before activating the time turner.

Line break

The thing about the Potter's story is that they'd have to have gone to great lengths to make it appear that they were all dead. And currently, back in time Violet was still the only Potter. And revenge is a dish best served… cold. After all, Violet was going to finally show the true side of her.

Hours later she apparated to the graveyard and found herself a hidden spot where she can watch everything under invisibility cloak. She waited and watched as she appeared and then everything that occurred including Voldemort letting her go and then summoning his Death Eaters.

"You can come out now," his voice echoed and all the heads of the Death Eaters turned.

Violet sighed and then removed the cloak from her shoulders, the Death Eater's all pulled out their wands but Voldemort put his hand up stopping them from moving as Violet walked forwards.

"Well Miss Potter, did I lie to you?" he said, amused.

"No, you didn't. And it's not Potter anymore – I was disowned, I'm not just Violet," she replied.

"So, what will you decide to do now, Violet?"

"Revenge, I'm all out of cards and so are they. So, I will stop playing their game and show my hand. Though I will have a few conditions," she said.

"Well, go on, tell me," Voldemort crossed his arms over his chest.

"Sirius Black, he is not to be touched by anyone. He was in the dark as much as me and he will stand at my side."

"Very well, anything else?"

"I'm not going to take your mark, I don't care about interacting with junior Death Eaters, but, I will warn them now that what they saw of me was all an act to please the masses. If they so much as annoy me, I will gut them like pigs."

"It seems that this version of you is much more interesting than I anticipated. I can agree to that, if you agree to be my apprentice and learn the darkest of arts with me," Voldemort did not look at his inner circle, his red eyes only looking at Violet's emerald ones.

"Deal, though there may be a problem with my education. As I was disowned, I no longer have any money to pay for my tuition at Hogwarts, and I need to be there to administer my wrath," Violet said annoyed.

"Lucius," Voldemort said, a death eater was quick to move forward and kneel.

"Yes, my lord?" he said nervously.

"You will take care of that, along with those of you on the board. I expect you and your lot to get our newest friend anything she desires, I believe we are yet to see the true extent of her darkness," Voldemort said amused.

"As you command, my lord," he stammered.

"Lastly, my dear Violet. You will need a name, one that will be remembered along with the destruction you will bring," he said and Violet smiled.

"I've already thought of one, as I will let my true self out, I will be known to all as Lady Artemis."

"Come Lady Artemis, I believe you will need to show my dear friends just how sincere you are in joining us," Tom held his hand out to Violet, Violet took his hand and looked him directly in his eyes, showing him the place where she wanted to prove herself.

The next day in the muggle newspapers as well the Daily Prophet came a picture of a destroyed house in Little Whinging. But furthermore, there were pictures of three bodies on the lawn, each of them had various cuts and carvings on their bodies. And written on the lawn in flames that never seemed to die were the words "The Hunt Has Begun."