Premise: Violet Potter is betrayed in the worst way, her friends and supposed family are all in the know. But Violet is not what she appears, she does not play by the rules and if there is one thing she knows, it's to never show her hand. So why wouldn't she turn to the only person who has been honest with her throughout her entire time at Hogwarts? The Hunt is on, and Lady Artemis is rising.

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Chapter 3: Summer Part 1

Flashback – 2nd year

Violet sat beside a petrified Hermione in the nurse's office, she still couldn't quite put her thoughts together about what to do about the Basilisk. Violet was not an idiot like many people believed she was, in fact, she had used her invisible cloak to traverse the forbidden section of the Library until all the clues added up. It took her two weeks since the first incident to determine Slytherin's beast as a Basilisk. I mean really, how could people think an Acromantula did that!

"Tracey, I don't know if you can hear me. But I'm damned close to figuring this shit out, Mummy and Daddy will have the potion to me when they're able to," Violet heard a voice said quietly in a secluded bed nearby.

Curios, she quietly walked to the source to see a blonde-haired girl sobbing next to the bed of a petrified Slytherin girl. Strange, she hadn't heard any indication of any Slytherin students being petrified. Wouldn't Dumbledore have said something about that?

"What do you want Potter?" the voice cut through her thoughts, she was getting a venomous glare from the blonde.

"When did this happen?" Violet asked.

"Why does it matter to you? We're Slytherin's, you're the Gryffindor Golden girl. We shouldn't matter to you," she spat.

"I'm concerned about all of the attacks that have occurred, previously I thought it was just the other Houses, but if a Slytherin student was also attacked, that means that something is off," Violet said sitting down next to the girl to think.

"I didn't say you could sit here!" the girl protested.

"Shut up, I'm thinking. What was different about Tracey than the other Slytherin students?"

"Tracey is a Half-Blood, her parents didn't support You-Know-Who in the last war, they remained neutral. Now piss off," she snapped at Violet who just looked at the girl and nodded before standing up.

"What's your name?" Violet asked.

"Daphne Greengrass, what's it to you Potter?"

"I'll find the chamber and get rid of the Basilisk, Daphne, I promise you."

Flashback – After the Chamber

"Mother… fucking… son… of… a…BITCH!" Violet cursed as she limped up the stairs of the girls bathroom, Ron was nowhere to be seen, figures he'd run out of there.

"Potter! What the hell happened?" Daphne asked shocked, seeing a limping, bleeding girl clutching a black diary.

"Well, at least the company is pleasant at least. Didn't I tell you before? I was going to deal with the basilisk," Violet replied, she stumbled a bit as she walked, then she felt some of her weight lifted and found the blonde girl helping her.

"Looks like you're almost dead Potter," she replied.

"You should see the other guy," Violet chuckled and the blonde girl rolled her eyes as they moved slowly towards the infirmary.

"How's Tracey's recovery going?"

"She's getting better, still stuck in a hospital bed but she's at least trying to catch up on the school year. With some help, she'll be able to stay in our year level."

"That's good, I'm glad she's okay. I heard the Mandrake's will be ready soon, it's almost a coincidence that Dumbledore gets Sprout to have mandrakes the year a basilisk attacks. Maybe it's just my exhaustion talking," Violet mumbled.

"I agree with you Potter, it's very suspicious," she replied.

"Violet, call me Violet."

"Why would I do that Potter?"

"Because, I think I'd like to be your friend. You seem way more interesting than Ron's 'Quidditch this, Quidditch that' or Hermione's 'Study this, Study that'."

"Fine, call me Daphne. But ONLY when we are alone, I don't know what kind of shit Malfoy would give me or worse, Tracey, if he knew I was speaking to you on a friendly basis."

"See, we can be great friends," Violet chuckled seeing that Daphne said Malfoy's name the way she does, with utter loathing.

"Shut up Potter."

Flashback – 3rd year.

"So, you're saying a mass murderer is after you? And Dementors are after you?" Daphne asked sounding perplexed, the two of them were currently in an empty classroom in one of the many abandoned halls that Hogwarts has.

"Pretty much," Violet shrugged, she had made some bullshit excuse to get away from Ron and Hermione who seemed determined to keep her with them when she stopped responding to any Slytherin bullying or any of Ron's or the other Gryffindor's insults and ignored them.

"Christ Potter, you never get a break, do you? Okay, get your wand out Potter," Daphne instructed.

"Why? We're studying Potions?"

"I will not have you unable to defend yourself, so, at least half an hour of our study time will be spent teaching you how to defend yourself," Daphne stated.

"Aw, you care about me that much Daph?" Violet teased.

"Shut up Potter, wand out. Come on, hurry up" Daphne sent a stinging hex at Violet who battered it away with her hand surprising the blonde, as Violet just grinned.

"Well, you're full of surprises aren't you Potter?"

Flashback – 3rd year after learning about the Patronus charm.

"Where were you Potter!" Daphne snapped, as she stopped pacing when Violet ran in.

"Sorry! Professor Lupin kept me back after class. He told me about something called the Patronus charm, supposed to ward off Dementors or something," Violet said as she put her bag down only to dodge a spell from Daphne.

"You. Were. Late." She ground out before sending more spells, some which were questionable. Violet responded but blocking, dodging and parrying the spells away as if she were duelling with a sword.

Violet then danced around Daphne, the two already knowing fully well that Violet was actually really good with a wand when it came to exchanging spells and even fought dirty sometimes. It became apparent to Daphne that the Violet that everyone saw was but a façade put on by the girl in order to stave away attention from the likes of Dumbledore and the majority of the populace.

It took around 10 minutes, but Violet danced around Daphne, knocking her over and then summoning her wand to herself with a Cheshire cat grin. Violet then handed Daphne's wand back as Daphne began to detail the spells she'd be teaching, from her family library no less. All with a small smile as the Ice Queen of Slytherin actually enjoyed the golden girl's company when it was just the two of them.

Flashback – 3rd year, before the Time Turner incident.

"Professor Lupin said that the patronus charm is powered by a happy thought, I've tried all of the ones I have. They only form some kind of misty shield. I'm out of ideas Daph," Violet sighed as she leaned back.

"I have one idea that might work Potter," Daphne said sitting next to Violet.

"Great! What is it? Is it going to be like a – " Violet's words were cut off as soft lips met her own, sending fireworks off in her head, unknowingly she closed her eyes and pressed into the soft lips.

"Try it now."

"Expecto Patronum," Violet whispered, immediately a large silver serpent emerged from the wand, much like the Basilisk that Violet faced in her 2nd year, but obviously in mist form. The basilisk gave a phantom roar before curling itself around the two of them, fully corporeal and Violet and Daphne both were able to touch it, it felt warm and happy much like the memory that prompted it, the memory of Violet's first kiss.

"That was beautiful," Daphne breathed out in a bare whisper.

"So are you," Violet replied, a faint blush crept up the other girl's cheeks.

"Shut up Potter," Daphne said with a smile, but even as she smiled she pushed Violet back against the seat she was on and straddled her before lowering her head and capturing her lips again.

End Flashback.

Daphne Greengrass felt a chill go up her spine as she flooed into Malfoy Manor, while her family had apparently stayed neutral in the previous war due to her Grandfather's stance as being a grey house. Now that her father was the head of the house, she found herself in amongst the pureblood supremacist crowds a lot more often at social gatherings.

Some kind of big meeting was going down at Malfoy Manor, all of the pureblood Slytherin and some Ravenclaw and even some pureblood Hufflepuff's were in attendance and mingling. She hated having to mingle, she would much prefer to be with the company of her girlfriend.

Girlfriend, at that word Daphne smiled. Sure, it was very much a secret that Daphne and Violet Potter were in love, the only person who knew was Tracey and she was sworn to secrecy due to a life debt Tracey owed Daphne. It had been a nightmare to get around the Yule Ball debacle, they couldn't go together despite how much Daphne wanted to, so they settled for sneaking off for some quality broom closet time in their yule ball gowns and a private dance in the Room of Requirement much, much later.

If there was one thing that Daphne had come to know about Violet, is that Violet was a girl who walked the line between Light and Dark and had a façade that was way more complex than her own Ice Queen Persona, if anything, she would call her girlfriend the Queen with many Faces. She still wasn't sure she'd seen the real one.

"So, my father's heard some big news. The Dark Lord's powers increased with the addition of a new general," Pansy Parkinson said while sipping on a drink.

"Whoever it is, they're sure to be powerful," Theodore Nott added lazily from a corner.

"Well, if they're important enough for the Dark Lord to put them as a general already, we should do our best to be on their good side. Shouldn't we? Perhaps we could offer him Daphne's pet Half-blood," Pansy said with a smile, Daphne narrowed her eyes at Pansy then looked at the locked door where the meeting was taking place.

Currently, all of the inner circle were in a private meeting with the Dark Lord being updated on the newest member of the inner circle. Apparently the new General, from what her father has seen, is magically powerful and as dark as Bellatrix LeStrange, only saner.

"What do you think they're going to be like Draco? You've met them haven't you since well the Dark Lord and they are residing in your home?" Blaise asked, his mother was inside and he wouldn't put it past the infamous Black Widow to try and get this new person into her bed or something similar.

"You'll see soon enough…" Draco said with a faraway look.

They didn't have to wait long, nor did they expect what happened to… well… happen. The door exploded outwards along with flying bodies, the most prominent being Lord Nott and Greengrass who were on the floor, bleeding heavily and covered in scars.

Everyone gasped at who walked through the door, dressed in a long black dress which hugged her body perfectly, emerald green eyes and the famous scar shining in the light of the room. Violet emerged, wand not even in her hand.

"Do you see now, why I have appointed her to such a role Nott, Greengrass?" the voice and appearance of the Dark Lord sent chills down the spines of all the kids, seeing the Dark Lord standing behind the infamous Girl-Who-Lived.

"Her wand… She…"

"Didn't even deem you worthy enough to draw it against, dear Violet is not only my newest general, but she is also my protégé. I will be training her myself over the summer, and when we are not busy, she is expected to receive the same treatment you give me my friends. You would do well to know that her potential will outweigh your importance in my mind. Dumbledore, and the light will be crippled by the weapon they intended to use against us, and I am able to cultivate that weapon. And you, children, I expect that you'll treat the ex, Miss Potter, with the respect she deserves," the Dark Lord looked at each of them, yet Daphne could only really look at how Violet looked.

Her long hair was freely kept, her legs were on display which Daphne liked, her curves made Daphne unconsciously lick her lips and her chest looked slightly constricted by the dress but her tits were definitely standing out. Her pale face and emerald eyes finished off the look, and they were staring directly at Daphne.

"My dear, I have some more business with my inner circle. It shouldn't take too long, so I will leave you and your… classmates to get acquainted," the Dark Lord said as he moved past her and left the room in silence.

Lord Nott and Greengrass followed behind the other inner circle members as they were limping, leaving the room with many Slytherin's, an ex-Gryffindor and complete silence. However, Daphne could see Pansy, Millicent, Theodore, Blaise, and pretty much everyone but Draco reach for their wands. The only others who didn't were Tracey and herself. Daphne's hand did touch her wand, just in case spells went flying at her and Tracey. Which she knew was quite possible with how messy her Violet got during a duel.

"Are you sure you all want to do this?" Violet asked, her green eyes roamed around the room as the lights flickered wildly.

"We ain't gonna follow you Blood-traitor!" Nott growled before firing off a curse.

The lights shut off and the only light that was provided was that of spell fire, Violet completely disappeared in the darkness and then the spells started being thrown around the room or back at their casters. Daphne cast a protego around her and Tracey to prevent any spells from hurting them while Draco dived behind cover and remained still.

A loud scream echoed throughout the manor and spell fire immediately stopped, the lights turned back on to reveal Violet with her hand through the ribcage of Theodore Nott, blood drenching her arms as she lifted him up in the air. Blood dripped down his chin as he gasped for air. A sickening crunch was then heard and Violet dropped his body, her arm came out with his crushed heart in her hand which she unceremoniously dropped at her feet.

"Anyone else?" she asked, everyone shook their heads and took a few steps back.

"Good. Daphne, Tracey, come on," Violet said looking in their direction before walking off.

Daphne and Tracey looked at each other before shrugging and following, though both girls were shaking from the body that was left for the House Elves to clean up.

Girl-Who-Lived not Real? Potter's Alive!

That's right dear reader's, it's been revealed to us by none other than Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore that the Girl-Who-Lived was a complete façade. One put in place by Albus Dumbledore in tangent with Lord and Lady Potter to conceal the true vanquisher of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Charles Fleamont Potter – the true Boy-Who-Lived. That's right, it was young wizard Charles Potter that defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Lord & Lady Potter along with Albus Dumbledore decided to hide him from the public and train him in case the Dark Lord rose again as he did at the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Violet Potter was kept in the dark about her parents and Brother being alive, and this reader heard that she didn't take the news well and tried to attack her parents and brother! However, Charles Potter proved himself to be trained as expected and repelled her attacks. Charles Potter, along with long-time friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger will take over the mantle of Boy-Who-Lived and lead the fight against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Albus Dumbledore has also informed us that the coming year, Slytherin Students in particular will be watched and young Charles Potter will be leading those students who wish to fight against the Dark Lord and monitor the dark students from committing any further atrocities like their parents did during the War.

Lord & Lady Potter also gave us some shocking news! Violet Potter's actions against her brother and parents have forced them to disown her from the family! That's right, the former Girl-Who-Lived is without a name! And that means she is without a family to back her.

"It's unlikely we'll see her next year, she can't afford to pay for classes" said classmate Seamus Finnegan.

"Good riddance to a terrible student I say," stated Potions Master Severus Snape.

This reporter doesn't quite know what to make of it, only time will tell if Violet No-Name, the winner of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, will return to Hogwarts. Perhaps she will go abroad? It was reported that Violet and the French Champion were quite close friends before they departed from the school.

We at the Daily Prophet will endeavour to bring you more news!

Rita Skeeter.