Emiya Shirou LV 1

The Gamer

Seeing that upon waking up in foreign body, in a foreign place and even in a foreign time did not help one's calm…

"Though apparently I can't panic past a certain point." I realized with a frown "Must be the Gamer's Mind skill."

+1 INT

"I'll tale that as a yes." I deadpanned. "Okay, let's see what I know… I woke up in a fictional world… apparently possessing an ability foreign to this world… though I suppose Gaia exists here as well so it's not that unbelievable. But how did I get here…?" I tilted my head and tried to focus on the last thing I remembered before waking up here.


"Allah Akbar!"

Flashback end

"…" my head dropped. "Death by suicide bomber terrorist. Nice." I remarked sarcastically. "Okay, so this is either reincarnation or some overpowered asshole – like Zelretch – though it would be fun to put me in this situation and watch me squirm. Could be worse, I suppose."

+1 WIS

"Glad to see you agree." I murmured. "Let's see what I have to work with. Stats."

Name: Emiya Shirou

Class: The Gamer

Age: 12

Level: 1 Next Level: 0%

HP: 100/100

MP: 0/25

HPR: 0% per min

MPR: 0,1% per min

STR: 0

VIT: 0

DEX: 0

INT: 1

WIS: 1


Point: 30

Money: 20.000

"So, I need to assign myself some points." I tilted my head. "I could allocate five to each… but what's the point? I'm going to be a magus, after all, so I should focus more on Intelligence and Wisdom… but, on the other hand, Luck is not something to be dismissed." I considered the pros and cons for a few more minutes before finally distributing the points.

Name: Emiya Shirou

Class: The Gamer

Age: 12

Level: 1 Next Level: 0%

HP: 175/175

MP: 0/175

HPR: 0,3% per min

MPR: 0,6% per min

STR: 3

VIT: 3

DEX: 3

INT: 7

WIS: 6

LUCK: 10

Point: 0

Money: 20.000

"That's odd… why is my MP still on 0… oh." I blinked. "Right, I need to unlock my Magic Circuits. Let's see… Skills."

Gamer's Mind. Passive. LV Max.

Gamer's Body. Passive. LV Max.

Cooking. Active. LV 50.

Cleaning. Active. LV 35.

Structural Analysis. Active. LV 35.

Create Nerve Circuit. Active. LV 20.

Magic Circuits (27). Passive. Sealed.

Frowning, I tapped the Magic Circuits skill.

Magic Circuits (27). Passive. Sealed. Magic Circuits are a pseudo-nervous system that spreads itself through the human body and what qualifies a person to be a magus. Access to MP requires unlocked Magic Circuits. The number one is born with cannot increase naturally.

"As I thought. Oh well, might as well get down to it." I sighed and sat down, closing my eyes.

First of all, I used the Create Nerve Circuit skill as I needed to have access to prana or MP if I were to make use of Structural Analysis to find my Magic Circuits in a reasonable amount of time. It took me two tries that cost me 5HP each, both the failure and the success, to gain a temporary artificial Circuits. Then, knowing that it would not last long, I drew upon it to use Structural Analysis on myself. It took longer than I would have liked, but I did locate my Magic Circuits… or rather the parts of them that connected to my body, as the Circuits themselves were part of my soul.

Then, I took my available prana and essentially shoved it through the 27 Circuits before I began pushing it further and further, increasing my body temperature to greater levels… until I let out a relieved sigh as I felt the connection fully establish, a notice window also informing me that all my Magic Circuits had been unlocked.

Magic Circuits (27). Passive. Rank C. LV 1. Magic Circuits are a pseudo-nervous system that spreads itself through the human body and what qualifies a person to be a magus. Access to MP requires unlocked Magic Circuits. The number one is born with cannot increase naturally. Multiplies available MP by the number of existing Circuits and rank of said Circuits.

I blinked in surprise and tapped Rank.

E Rank – x1

D Rank – x2

C Rank – x3

B Rank – x5

A Rank – x7

EX Rank – x10

"Okay, that's pretty damn awesome." I had to admit. "So, my MP gets multiplied by 81… making it 14.175. Very nice. And, given that the skill has both a Level and Rank attached… if I get it to LV Max it will evolve to the next higher rank."

+1 INT

+1 WIS

"Good to get confirmation." I smiled. "Now, I suppose it's time to get out for the day. I don't want to make Kiritsugu suspicious…" I paused as suddenly five years' worth of memories hit me, Gamer's Mind thankfully insuring I would not have any trouble processing it. "…oh." I grimaced. "So Kiritsugu died a month ago." I sighed as he left my room and headed to the bathroom to wash up for the day.

While I took a quick shower, I went through what I knew I would have to deal with. For one thing, there was Taiga who would be drop by to check up on me every morning – or rather mooch on breakfast. I – or rather the old Emiya Shirou – had already arranged with her grandfather Raiga to give me my allowance at the beginning of every month and let me do my own shopping unless it was something that needed an adult to help. So, I had to look to 250.000¥ per month until I was 20 and was recognized as an adult in Japan.

And, if the hints I've been getting from Raiga were anything to go by, I could probably keep using 250.000¥ per month from the accounts Kiritsugu left me for the rest of my live and still have a fabulous fortune left over.

"Which is not too surprising, given the kind of jobs Kiritsugu used to take. The type labeled as suicide by even other Magi… hence why they hired him to do them. And Magi, especially from old families, pay well." I thought absently as I headed towards the kitchen and allowed my Cooking skill to guide me as I prepared breakfast. I knew how to cook even without it, but I thought it best to not draw attention from Taiga with a different taste in some foods all of a sudden. Not today, at least.

As I expected, Taiga showed up when I was just about finishing breakfast and ate a good three quarters of what I had cooked. Not that I particularly cared. Given the sheer freedom I had with Raiga as my legal guardian, putting up with Taiga was well worth it.

"Plus, messing with her is going to be hilarious." I thought in amusement.

I did learn a few useful things from her, though. Such as how today was the official start of the vacation between school years, making it the beginning of the third week of March. So, I had until the second week of April, a good three weeks or so, before I had to worry about school again.

Which meant I had plenty of time to not only get a handle on my new powers – and life – but also do some grinding! Which led to…

"ID Create!" I called out as I used a bit of MP to imitate the protagonist from The Gamer Webtoon.

Sure enough, the colors around me faded slightly as I found myself within an Illusion Barrier or Dungeon as my ability now refers to it.

"ID Escape!" I repeated my actions, only with the intent to destroy the Illusion Barrier, causing me to return to the shed I had been practicing in.

A quick check to my Skill window informed me that, for the moment, I could only create and Empty Dungeons – that is, copies of the real worth with me as the only living occupant – as well as destroy them at the low cost of 5 MP. That was fine with me, though. I had already expected it and knew that it was only through practice that be able to level it up. For the time being, though, it was sufficient for my immediate needs.

Hence, I immediately created another Empty ID and left, running like a bat out of hell through the empty streets until I felt I could no longer go on… and then pushed myself further, until I reached the local Gym in the Shinto district thus in the other side of Fuyuki.

+1 DEX

+2 VIT

Nodding in satisfaction, I went inside and began lifting weights. I could not lift much, not at my age and physical ability, but by continuously forcing myself to lift just a little more than I was comfortable with, I gradually increased my STR by 5 points over the course of the next three hours. After that, I left the same way I arrived, running like a madman only I did not head straight home. Rather, I spent the next few hours until late afternoon familiarizing myself with Fuyuki City as I ran all over the place. I only headed home when I was informed by a notice window that I had hit the maximum number of grind points for VIT, 10, while with DEX I had another 5 to go, as with STR, and 8 each with INT and WIS. LUCK… I was unsure if it could be trained, but I did have a few ideas on how to do it.

When I got home, I headed straight to the bathroom and left the Empty ID once I had undressed to take a hot bath. My body may not have been harmed from the strain I put it under today thanks to Gamer's Body, but I was still slightly tired and had sweat a lot. Once I got out of the bath feeling a bit more human, I quickly got dressed and headed back to the shed aka my Workshop…

"Yeah, that's go to change. This place is kind of lame." I grimaced. Shaking my head, I sat down on the floor and proceeded to stare pointedly at a wrench…

'Observe' Skill has been created.

…until I got that message. Much to my satisfaction, it did not require any use of MP so I could activate it whenever and wherever I wanted to with nobody noticing even if another Magus was right next to me.

"Which is going to be pretty much what I'll be limited to at school given that Rin and Sakura are there as well. Or will be, at least. Guess that's another thing to look into." I mused before setting that thought aside and began using Observe on everything around me, every piece of junk in the shed, and eventually even used it on the magic circle Irisviel von Einzbern had used to survive longer and from which I was likely going to summon my Servant for the Grail War from. Probably Saber Artoria like in canon, too, given that I had Avalon in me – I had noticed it when looking for my Magic Circuits, but given that I could not do anything with it at the moment, I decided to leave it be.

Unfortunately for me, the circle was far too complex for me at this time so all I got was question marks and the name 'Mysterious Drawing'.

"Very helpful." I deadpanned. "Still, I almost got Observe to level 2 so I guess I should reach that point and call it a night." I decided and got back to practicing the skill. Then, once reaching my set goal, I went to my room and went to sleep.

You have slept in Your Bed. MP & HP fully restored.

Smiling in satisfaction at the piece of information, I got up and headed to the bathroom. In truth, confirming this was the reason I slept in the first place. I had already noticed that I had not gotten hungry despite only eating breakfast yesterday and that I did not truly feel tired, neither mentally or physically, so I could probably go on without sleeping.

"That's what I'll confirm tonight." I decided as I went to prepare breakfast. This time, though, I actually put some effort in it and used Structural Analysis to assist me in getting everything right, leading me to leveling up Cooking.

At breakfast I also had the pleasant surprise of receiving my funds for the month, the expected 250.000¥, which meant I would have to go shopping soon.

"I did notice I was beginning to run low on food, but I thought that was just because of Taiga." I thought.

Shopping for groceries was indeed the first thing I did that day, but unlike any time before I now had a nigh-infinite Inventory to store everything in once I was out of sight. Furthermore, while in there my stuff was in stasis so I went ahead and bought supplies for two weeks rather than just one, costing me a good 50.000¥. Very expensive, true, but nothing new as while Kiritsugu could not even boil an egg right, he always made sure I had the best ingredients money could buy available for cooking… that and Taiga did eat a lot.

Once grocery shopping was done, I created an Empty ID and headed to the Gym where I worked my ass off to get my STR up the five remaining points I could grind at my current level. then, I went running again until my DEX also hit the limit.

After that, I headed back home for a quick shower after which I went to my shed – I simply could not call it a Workshop – to practice Magecraft a bit. Specifically, Structural Analysis and the Reinforcement skill I proceeded to create by filling in a few flaws that I found with Structural Analysis with some prana. It was not perfect, I had used a vert small amount of prana to avoid having that screw blow up in my hand, but it was still a good first try that I went on to spend the whole night improving upon.

When the alarm clock that I had brought along with me notified that it was 7 a.m. – the time I usually woke up at – I finally stopped working on my Magecraft.

"Hm, so I brought my Structural Analysis up to level 39 and my Reinforcement to 8. Not bad for a night's work." I decided in satisfaction. "Stats."

Name: Emiya Shirou

Class: The Gamer

Age: 12

Level: 1 Next Level: 0%

HP: 425/425

MP: 15.023/16.200

HPR: 1,3% per min

MPR: 0,7% per min

STR: 13

VIT: 13

DEX: 13

INT: 8

WIS: 7

LUCK: 10

Point: 0

Money: 220.000

"Heh, an all-nighter of using Magecraft and I barely scratch my reserves. And it will only get better." I grinned as I headed out to clean up and prepare breakfast. "And I was right, I didn't need to sleep at all! Heh, this will be really useful once school starts since my free time will be reduced then. From now on, I'll probably only sleep occasionally, usually just to quickly recover my MP and HP." I paused mid-step. "Speaking of recovery, I'll have to see if I can make Avalon work for me if I feed it my prana. It won't work as well as it would for Artoria, I have no illusions of that, but if I can get it to increase my HP regeneration by at least 10% I'll call it a success."

An hour later, I had fed the tiger and was ready to start my day.

"The past two days, I've focused on increasing my physical stats. Let's see if I can do the same with my INT and WIS." I decided as I entered a library and bought not only the books I would be needing for the upcoming school year, but a good dozen more, costing me around 40.000¥ in total. More importantly though… "Half of these are Skill Books! And I saw dozens more that I should get later." I thought giddily.

My enthusiasm was ground to a halt, however, when the Skill Books proved to be impossible for me to use one after another for the same reason.

Insufficient INT.

As things were, the lowest requirement among them was 20 INT which I knew I would not be able to reach at my level even after grinding that stat to the limit. So, with a heavy heart, it put aside the currently useless books into my Inventory and focused on the regular books that I had bought and began reading and learning from them. It took me the rest of the day to read the first and the whole night to read a second one, but the gains were somewhat worth it given that I got 1 INT point for each of them, bringing my total Intelligence up to 10 points.

I was not too happy with how much time it took me to get those 2 points compared with how much faster I grinded my physical stats, especially given that I knew things would only get harder as I leveled up, but I was patient and cautious enough to not try something reckless such as trying to Reinforce my brain to learn faster.

Not until I figured out how to make use of Avalon to survive and recover from my brain imploding or the like, at least.

Still, I was not really in the mood to continue reading the next day after feeding the tiger so instead I opened the book on logic puzzles that I had bought and started trying to solve them. It was rather slow going since I had never done this before in either life, but upon managing to solve one of the easy ones I was rewarded with 1 WIS point which made it worth the effort and convinced me to start on another one.

The next morning, I had a satisfied grin as I cooked breakfast. It had taken me a day and night, but I had maxed out my WIS for my level.

"Ne, Shirou. Are you busy today?" Taiga asked after she had stuffed her face to satisfaction.

"Not in particular." I remarked. "Why? Do you need me for something?"

"Mm. Grandpa has a couple bikes that have been malfunctioning." Taiga began. "He was wondering if you can take a look at them and see if you can help, or if they need to be taken to a pro for repairs."


Goal: Repair the Fujimura motorbikes.

Reward: 100 XP / bike.

Accept? Y / N

"Sure, I'd be glad to." I smiled happily. And I was indeed happy. After all, I finally got a quest.

It was an hour later that the two malfunctioning motorbikes was brought over to my shed by a couple of Raiga's men and left in my care.

"Alright then, let's see what's wrong with them." I mused as I used Structural Analysis to find the problem… which turned out to be a couple of wires that were not properly isolated from each-other. It was the work of just a couple minutes to reach them and use some duct tape to insulate them, and then I moved on to analyze the second bike.

In the case of the second bike, things were a tad trickier. For one thing, while it was not outwardly apparent, a couple pieces were bent from a hit in the not too distant past creating a friction that was gradually causing more and more issues. Now, normally this meant those pieces had to be removed and replaced, but that would mean I would not get the full reward from this quest which was frankly unacceptable in my eyes. It was, after all, my first quest and likely the easiest I would get. There was no way I was half-baking it.

So, I moved away from the bike, grabbed a piece of iron and that I had analyzed in the previous days and began feeding it my prana, similarly to Reinforcement yet different as I willed its shape to change, succeeding after a while.

'Alteration' Skill has been created.

Grinning in satisfaction, I began playing with the same piece for the next hour or so, using Alteration to change its shape over and over again until the skill reached level 5. Then, I moved to do the same thing with a bar of steel as it was the same material the two bent components of the bike were made of, and over the next hour got Alteration to level 7.

Only then did I feel confident enough to do the same on the bike and, as carefully as possible, I Altered the two components back to their previous shape which I knew thanks to Structural Analysis.

I did not even need to double-check my work thanks to a window notice informing me that I had completed the quest and received the available 200 XP… which was apparently enough to get me up to Level 3, making me realize that getting only a bike fixed would have lost me a level. Smiling in satisfaction, I went and called the Fujimura residence to come get the bikes and the two men sent left riding them both to move them faster and as to test them.

Once they were gone, I entered an Empty ID and went for a run around town until nightfall at which point I sneaked into the ID's Gym and lifted weights until near morning upon which I returned home, washed up, cooked and had breakfast with Taiga and went for another run and weight-lifting session in the Empty ID until nightfall by which time I had once more maxed out my physical stats. So, upon washing up – and setting the washing machine to wash the clothes in the laundry basket – I went on to read a couple of books until the next morning.

As Taiga was leaving after another delicious breakfast I prepared, I checked my stats as I considered what to do next.

Name: Emiya Shirou

Class: The Gamer

Age: 12

Level: 3 Next Level: 25%

HP: 925/925

MP: 24.300/24.300

HPR: 3,3% per min

MPR: 1,5% per min

STR: 33

VIT: 33

DEX: 33

INT: 12

WIS: 15

LUCK: 10

Point: 10

Money: 180.000

"I think… I'm going to hang onto these points for when may need them later." I decided. "Sure, grinding my INT may seem slow, but it can be done reasonably easy at the moment." I concluded.

+ 1 WIS

+ 1 INT

"Thank you." I chuckled. "Still, things are going rather slow, so I need a way to speed up my progress a bit. The question is how…" I tilted my head in thought. "Hm, I was hoping to avoid actual combat for a while, but I suppose it's unavoidable. Now, let's see what I can get… ID Create!"

Over the next few hours, I continually created and destroyed Illusion Barriers one after another, switching to more advanced ones as the skill leveled up and new IDs became available but not spending more than a few seconds in them. I only stopped once ran out of MP but I had already hit my goal, with the gaining of the Time-Warping ID at level 11 of ID Create but I kept going until level 12 just for kicks.

Then, I spent the rest of the day reading a couple more books in the Time Warping ID that was currently only doubling the time available to me compared to the real world, getting me another 2 INT points.

Unfortunately, I found out that the replica of my bed in the Time-Warping ID would only let me regain 25% of my HP and MP compared to the real thing, so I had to return to the real world and sleep in my own bed for the firs time in several days.

The next week, however, I spent almost entirely in the Time-Warping ID reading and doing logic puzzles, bringing my INT and WIS up to the level limit, only coming out to have breakfast with Taiga and wash up. I also discovered that, while relatively simple compared to some of the stuff I've been reading, doing my assigned homework – as little as it was – granted me 1 point each in both INT and WIS making me realize that going to school was not going to be an obstacle to work around but rather something to take advantage of.

Name: Emiya Shirou

Class: The Gamer

Age: 12

Level: 3 Next Level: 25%

HP: 925/925

MP: 74.925/74.925

HPR: 3,3% per min

MPR: 3,6% per min

STR: 33

VIT: 33

DEX: 33

INT: 37

WIS: 36

LUCK: 10

Point: 10

Money: 180.000

"Well, now that my INT is somewhat up to par, let's try those Skill Books." I decided. "Let's see… there's English Language, French Language, Chinese Language, Greek Language, Latin Language and Arabic Language." My face fell. I was rather unpleasantly reminded that no matter how plentiful those Skill Books may be, them being found in a library meant only certain skills could be learnt from them.

Nevertheless, I still went and learnt them. Chinese required 20 INT since it was closer to the Japanese I already knew than the western languages. English, French, Greek and Arabic required 25 INT while Latin needed 30 likely due to being a dead language. After learning them, though, I realized they were all at LV 1 so I would need to use them to level them up.

"English won't be too hard, given that I'll be learning it at school." I mused. "And there are a few Chinese immigrants living in Fuyuki that I could talk to for that language. The others, though… I suppose reading books in those languages should be good enough at least up to a certain level, but I really don't feel like spending that much money on books I'll only read once. It they were Skill Books, that would be fine since they would be consumed when used, but regular reading… yeah, I guess it's time to get myself a computer." I sighed. "It's surprising Kiritsugu didn't get one given how in touch with technology he was compared to most other Magi, but oh well." I shrugged.

The question now, though, became how to get a computer. I could easily steal one. It would be a simple matter of getting inside a shop at night while in an Empty ID, leave it for the real world, snatch whatever I need and then return to the ID and leave the shop. Avoiding security cameras would take some care but, given that I would know where they are from their useless copies in the ID, it should not be that hard.

Still, I did not feel like resorting to committing crimes. Not yet, at least. And I had been wondering about something for a while now, too, so…

"Let's see if the mobs in those populated IDs drop any money." I decided ID Create: Skeleton!"

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