A/N: This is just a "What if?" story prompt that I probably won't develop but posted for fun. Feel free to offer suggestions.

The Man With the Camera

by Dizog

I was shocked when I won the photography contest. The picture I took with my smartphone didn't seem all that spectacular when I took it. While walking in the park, I spied a cute little girl playing with an adorable chihuahua so I fired up my phone's camera app and captured the moment. The resulting photo depicted a surprised little girl toppling backward as the little dog jumped on her. The scared pup's snout conveyed a similar expression.

Somehow I'd managed to record the perfect instant in time. When I showed my fellow brigade members the shot, Mikuru laughed, Haruhi smiled, Yuki nodded, and Koizumi suggested I enter the photo in an online contest he'd read about. My submission took first place. I won a portable studio complete with lights, strobes, reflectors, and a top-of-the-line Mikon digital camera kit.

Several people offered me money for the rig, most half price or less, but I refused. The universe had awarded me this camera for a reason. I determined not to let it go to waste.

"I know what you're going to do with that thing," Haruhi said when the box arrived. "You're going to take portraits of the SOS Brigade members, starting with me."

At her direction, we turned the club room into a photo studio that included strobes, reflectors, and a white curved backdrop. A professional couldn't have done a better job.

"I know exactly what I want to wear for my session." Haruhi flipped through the items hanging on Mikuru's clothes rack. "Get out of the room, gentlemen."

When I came back, Haruhi wore a pink robe. I had a pretty good idea what lurked underneath since black heels shoed her feet and bunny ears topped her head. "Mikuru, Koizumi, Yuki. Go down to the library and get me some books."

"Why?" Koizumi asked.

"I want to use them as props."

"The three of us?"

"I want a lot of books. Get going."

When they left, Haruhi locked the door.

"Actually, I wanted you to take some sexy pictures of me and I would rather have you take them in private." She removed her robe to reveal an upgraded nylon bunny suit. Its sheer fabric hugged her body more like a swimsuit than cloth.

"Holy smokes, Haruhi. You look fantastic. It's like you've got a second skin."

"Thanks, Kyon." She stood in front of the strobes and adjusted her top, which I might add, fit very snugly about her shapely headlights. "Put your tongue back in your mouth and start shooting."

With trembling fingers, I took several pictures of the incredibly gorgeous bunny girl smiling at me. After ten shots, I asked, "What should I do next?"

"You're the photographer. I'm the model. It's your job to give me direction. I'll do anything you tell me to."

"You'll do anything?"

"Anything within reason."

"Define 'within reason.'"

"I'll take my clothes off if you want to shoot me nude, and I'll blow you if you'd like to get some POV shots, but I won't jump off a building."

My jaw dropped. "Could you please repeat that?"

Someone knocked on the door. "We're back."

Haruhi winked. "Saved by the bell." She put on her robe, then unlocked the door to let Mikuru, Koizumi, and Yuki in. Each carried an armful of books. "That was fast."

"We borrowed them from the book club down the hall," Koizumi said.

Haruhi grumbled, "Cheaters."

"Where would you like us to put these?" Mikuru asked.

"Leave them on the table. I changed my mind about using them as props."

"So, Haruhi." I patted the long rigid lens extending from my Mikon. "What do you say we continue our photo shoot later?"

"Just say the word. You're the man with the camera."

A/N: A Gelbooru image of Haruhi posing (tinyurl,com/haruhiposing) sparked this story idea so I pulled out my laptop and threw some words down on digital paper. The first draft had her naked under the robe. Then I thought, wouldn't it be cool if Kyon had a magic camera that made people do whatever he directed? Let's start her out with some sexy clothing. After all, she'll end up naked eventually. She always does.