Title: Once Upon a Liason

Timeline: 2011

Summary: A curse has taken a hold over the people of Port Charles to keep them from ever finding true happiness. But true love can conquer all, with the help from Cameron. Features Liason, Lusam, and others. Through the Mirror Darkly gave me permission to continue it as she chose not to.

A/N: The original author has decided not to continue this story as stated in her previous A/N. I have taken her up on her offer to continue this fantasy story. She deleted chapter 1 from her profile, so this chapter is technically hers, but I made it more my own. My writing style is different than hers. I'm planning on putting my own spin on this story. I hope you will be with me for the ride and let me know what you think. For the overall story, I hope you like how it plays out. Some chapters will be longer/shorter than others. I don't remember the exact details/storylines from 2011, so if I'm wrong on something, please consider it an AU/AH story or my own spin on it. Thank you.

A/N #2: I'm not a fan of Sam, but I do admit that I like how she was being written in this story. Liason will be endgame. I'm not perfect when it comes to these types of stories. I know what Once Upon a Time is about, but I'm not up to speed on the show. I will make mistakes. I hope you will pay more attention to the story and less on my faults. Thank you and enjoy the story. I had a beta for this story, but all mistakes are my own in the end. Rated M for violence/language. Updates will be Tuesday and once during the weekend as usual.

Disclaimer: I don't own General Hospital or Once Upon a Time.


Rewritten by silverbellbaby

Part 1 of 12

"The Calm Before the Storm"

(Dark clouds brewed overhead. Lightning streaked across the inky black sky as wind gusted through the streets and rain came down in blinding sheets. It was no place for a child to be out, but Cameron Webber was. He found shelter in a warehouse, clutching the large book titled "Once Upon a Time" to his chest. He shivered and he shook, his teeth chattering together as he huddled into a corner. He knew he had done something outrageous, but what else could he do against the Evil Queen? He had to try to end this curse before she hurt another person like she did Jake)

(Cameron clenched his eyes tightly shut and tried not let out a pained sob. He had to make it right. He had to give them a happy ending, and the only way to do that was to bring Jake back)

"Cam? Cameron?" A voice called out to him.

(He held his breath, fearfully)


(Jason Morgan stepped into the warehouse, a worried furrow to his brow as his blue eyes swept around the darkness. Finally, they landed on Cameron who was trying to become one with the wall)

Jason: "Cameron, there you are."

(Jason started forward, only to freeze when a little whimper came from the little boy)

Cameron: (whispers out) "Please...Please don't hurt me."

(Jason's eyes widened)

Jason: (concerned) "Cameron, I would never hurt you. Is that what someone did to make you do what you did? Did someone hurt you?"

Cameron: (whispers) "No. She grabbed me, and I got scared. I…I just reacted." (The little boy swallowed thickly) "You're going to make me go away, aren't you? Because that's what you do?"

(Jason's eyes closed in mute despair)

Jason: "No. No, Cameron, I would never do anything like that to you." (cautiously taking a step forward) "No one is mad at you. No one blames you. Everyone is so worried. Your mom is so worried, Cam. Let me take you home."

Cameron: (shakes his head) "I can't…I can't. I have to stop her. I have to make sure that she can't hurt anyone else, like she did to Jake," he breathed out, his tiny body shivering.

Jason: (frowned) "What do you mean?"

Cameron: "I tried telling mom, she didn't believe me. She wasn't trying to be mean, but she didn't believe me."

(Cameron's eyes were very heavy. He didn't feel very good. He felt his stomach twisting into knots)

Cameron: "I can't let the Evil Queen...hurt anyone else…"

(The little boy slumped forward, his eyes falling shut)

Jason: "CAMERON!"

(Jason rushed forward, fear beating into his chest)

Jason: "Cameron."

(Even while he was out cold, his fingers still clung to the book determined not to let it go)

Jason: "It's going to be okay," he promised, his heart in his throat. "It's going to be okay. I got you now. I got you."

(She waited)

(After all these years, she had been very patient. She had long become tolerant to the drugs they gave her to keep her docile. Though she didn't let her capturers know that. So she waited. Waited until they became lazy, waited until they said stuff in front of her and now, she was going to make her escape. Deep even breaths, she allowed to slip out as the orderly came in and she kept her gaze unfocused on the wall. One mistake, and it would seal her fate)

(She waited until the orderly got right up next to her with the syringe for her daily dose, and then lunged. She twisted the orderly's wrist, and plunged the syringe into their own arm. The orderly looked shocked, but immediately the drug took effect. They dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes)

(She allowed herself to smile at the success for all of a moment, before she quickly swapped clothes with the orderly and hauled them into the bed. Pulling the covers up around their shoulders so that through the small window on the door, the orderly would be easily mistaken as her, she then took their badge. She hurried out the door, and shut it behind her. Freedom was so close she could almost taste it. Keeping her head ducked down, she knew that she wasn't out of the woods just yet. She still had to get past the guards and out of here)

(Elizabeth twisted her hands nervously, looking at Cameron through the window as the doctor checked up on him. She chewed on her lower lip before she looked over at Jason)

Liz: "Thank you, Jason." (looking up at Jason) "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't found him."

Jason: "The thanks isn't all mine."

(Jason shoved his hands into his jeans. He tried not to stare at Elizabeth for too long. It hurt to look at her. To see her and remember all the promises that he had broken. He longed to still have her in his arms, and be a family with her and the boys. Time had done nothing to dull that impossible dream, and it never would. Most days, he walked through a haze, but others…he wondered what he was doing with his life. Why did he go back to being at Carly's beck and call? Why did he allow Sam to be his 'girlfriend' when it was clear that they didn't love each other, that they were in love with other people still? He cleared his throat, and took a step away from her to get away from temptation)

Jason: "Sam helped find him."

(Sam stood off to the side, her arms crossed over her chest. She shifted on her feet nervously, and her gaze filtered from Jason to Elizabeth. If she was honest, she wasn't comfortable around Elizabeth. She had come to realize that Elizabeth wasn't the evil, manipulative woman she had thought, and Sam had become disgusted with all of the things she had done. Had she not lost a child? Had she not known that pain? She still didn't understand how she was able to put another person through that)

Liz: "Thank you, Sam."

(Elizabeth meant her appreciation. While a part of her would never forgive Sam for what she had done, she had accepted the fact that Sam was making an effort to change. That was more than most people in this town ever did)

Liz: "I just…I don't know what to do. I don't know why Cameron is acting like this."

Jason: "Has anything happened?"

(Jason held out a hand and made a waving gesture to hide the fact that he almost reached out to touch Elizabeth. He swallowed thickly, and looked through the window at the little boy that was his in his heart)

Jason: "Anything that might have triggered this?"

Liz: (thinking hard) "He…got this book. On fairytales."

(Her heart ached, and she just wished she could throw herself into his arms. To feel safe, and happy like they had been before Michael had been shot)

Liz: "The local library was shut down, and they were giving books away. He found it in one of the boxes, and he was so happy about it. Then…then he started believing the fairytales were about people in this town. At first, I thought it was his imagination, but the longer time went on the more convinced he became that we were all underneath some kind of curse. I didn't know what to do. It can be detrimental to crush a child's imagination, but this went far beyond that. When I even suggested that it was just a story, he shut down. He wouldn't talk to me. He won't talk to Lucky or Lulu. I'm at a complete loss, and I feel like I'm losing my baby."

(Sam's heart twisted. The loss of a child was one she was keenly familiar with)

Sam: (offers) "Maybe I could talk to him?" (twisting her hands nervously) "He might open up to someone he doesn't really know."

Liz: (points out) "He knows you, Sam."

(Sam pauses for a moment before speaking)

Sam: "For a year I was with Lucky, yes."

(There was a twist in her chest as Lucky's name crossed her lips. There was a part of her that always missed him, and a part that hated that he always seemed to love Elizabeth more than her. A part of her that would always be in love with him)

Sam: "But that was two years ago. I'm practically a stranger to him now."

(Elizabeth looked at Jason for guidance. Jason sighed, running a hand down his neck)

Jason: "It's worth a shot." (a light shrug) "If it can help Cameron, then we should do it. I know that he isn't a bad kid. I know that there is something more going on here, and we have to figure out what it is."

Liz: (sighs) "Alright. You can talk to him."

Sam: "I'll try my best."

(Sam promised, and she walked into the hospital room)

(Elizabeth stared at the door. Every motherly instinct hated that she let Sam into the room with her child, and she had to take a deep breath to remind herself that Sam was not the Sam that did all those things. She had changed, and Elizabeth had to give her the benefit of the doubt. She would want others to do the same for her if she were in Sam's shoes. She twisted her gaze from the hospital room, and looked at Jason)

Liz: (whispers out, sad smile on her lips) "How is it that you are always there when I need you most?"

Jason: (voice slightly hoarse) "Not always. I…I haven't been there for the many times that I should have been. Not like a good friend should. Not like a good man should. I stood by others who have never had my back like you did, and when it came to be my turn to do it for you…I couldn't. I failed you, Elizabeth, in so many ways."

Liz: "Jason, we agreed the danger..."

(Elizabeth started, but Jason interrupted by shaking his head)

Jason: "Let's face it, Elizabeth. It was an excuse. I figured it out after Jake's…Jake's death. I realized all the time that I wasted, the time I am still wasting. Tonight, Cameron could have been hurt, and that didn't come from some mob connection. Just like Jake. Life isn't safe, and we deluded ourselves when we said it was safer for you to be out of my life."

(The last two years of decisions were coming back to haunt him. He felt his stomach twist and knotted together. God, could he have been more of a fool? He hated himself for that)

Liz: "Jason…I thought you were having a baby with Sam."

(Elizabeth breathed out, harshly. Her hands were trembling as she wrapped her arms around herself)

Jason: (whispers) "Carly was pushing us to, but…Sam didn't feel right about it. I didn't either. It felt too much like replacing Jake, and neither of us wanted that. I don't want to replace Jake, or Cameron. I want to remember Jake, and I want to be a part of Cameron's life. Aiden's too, if you would let me."

(Elizabeth closed her eyes. She didn't want to get her hopes up with him again. She didn't want him to say things like this and lead her on)

Liz: "Look, Jason…we can't have this conversation," she told him, quietly. "You and I both know where it leads. Besides, you are happy with Sam, right?"

Jason: (sorrowfully) "I…I don't know."

(Jason looked at her sadly before he turned to walk away. He had some thinking to do, and some things to take care of. But one thing was for certain in his mind, he was going to have this conversation with Liz at another point in time. He didn't know what that would mean for them, or what he was going to do about Sam, but Cameron almost died today. He would have if Jason hadn't found him. He had already missed out on so much, and he didn't know how much time they had left on this Earth, but he was determined that he wouldn't waste any more time he was given. Never again)

(Sam carefully closed the door behind her, and she saw Cameron not even bothering to look up. His gaze was fixated on an old book in his lap)

Sam: (inquired) "You…like Fairy Tales?"

(Cameron tilted his head towards her, and she decided to see that as a minor victory)

Sam: "I used to like Fairy Tales, too. Do you know what my favorite one was?"

(Sam took a few steps forward)

Cameron: (voice sharp & bitter) "You're not here to talk about that. You're here to figure out why I stabbed Carly. I'm not stupid like everyone thinks."

(Sam was a little caught off-guard by the tone of Cameron's voice)

Sam: "No one thinks that, Cameron. No one whose opinions are worth anything would think that about you."

Cameron: "Carly thinks so."

(Sam smiled a bit that said that explained everything)

Sam: "Well, there you go. Don't worry about stabbing Carly. I think it's crossed a lot of people's mind before. Some might even come in and congratulate you with a fruit basket. I know I might," Sam said, in a whisper.

(Her lips quirked into a smile when she saw Cameron relax just a fraction)

Sam: "You seem to have a lot on your mind."

(Cameron ran his fingers across the book)

Cameron: "I have to break the curse."

Sam: "Ah. Right. The curse."

(Sam pulled a chair up beside the bed. She took a seat, and looked up at Cameron curiously)

Sam: "Your mom said something about that. Why do you think everyone's cursed?"

(Cameron looked at her, and Sam was startled by the knowing in the seven year-olds brown eyes. It was as if he was judging her trustworthiness, and there was a part of her that was afraid she would fall short. Cameron let out a deep sigh)

Cameron: (quietly) "Because we are. No one can find their happy endings here."

(Sam tilted her head, digesting that)

Sam: "I can see where you'd get that."

(How many times had happily-ever-afters turned quickly into nightmares in this town? She never expected the seven-year-old to pick up on that)

Sam: "But what does this have to do with Carly?"

Cameron: "She's the Evil Queen."

(Sam might have snorted in an attempt to repress her laughter. The comment was said so seriously, and was quite true in many ways. Carly was one mean bitch at times. She drew in a deep breath)

Sam: (voice strained with amusement) "And why do you think that?"

Cameron: (vehemently) "Because she cast the curse to take away everyone's happy ending, and she trapped them in a land where magic couldn't exist, but the curse can be broken if the father has love for the son."

(His bottom lip quivered, but his eyes were filled with determination not unlike his mother's)

Cameron: "Her curse hit everyone, but it was meant for my mother and Jason."

(Sam paused for a moment)

Sam: "What do you mean?"

Cameron: "Carly toys with people. Manipulates them like pawns. Everyone. She made the men believe they were in love with her, but she never got the Huntsman's affections like she wanted. She was obsessed with him because he never truly fell for her charms, but she was more obsessed with power. She managed to marry a king."

(Cameron had his hands twisted around the book protectively)

Cameron: "Snow White's father. My mother's father."

Sam: (slowly) "Alright…"

(Elizabeth could definitely be a Snow White with her porcelain skin. It was only a matter of pride that kept Sam from asking what her secret was for keeping her skin so freaking flawless. Really whatever she was using, she needed to bottle the stuff and sell it. It would make millions)

Sam: "Then, what happened?"

Cameron: "Well, the story pretty much goes like the regular one. Carly got jealous of Snow White's beauty, tried to have her killed and called in a favor from the Huntsman. Except the Huntsman was struck by Snow's beauty, inside and out."

Sam: (lips twitched against her will) "Love at first sight."

(The little boy was quite the storyteller, and she could almost see it play out in front of her eyes when he talked about it)

Cameron: "Yes. It was his kiss that broke the curse, not Prince Charming. The Evil Queen was livid, but there was little she could do as the people rallied around Snow and ran her out of the Enchanted Forest. But evil never sleeps."

(Cameron's shoulders were slumping in defeat)

Cameron: "She cast the curse, and now…now everything is all wrong."

Sam: (brows furrowed) "And hurting Carly would help stop the curse? I thought that…the father's love for his son was supposed to break it?"

Cameron: (tears in his eyes) "It was! But she killed Jake, and now Jason can't break the curse!"

(Understanding flooded through Sam, and she felt her own tears rise to her eyes though she kept them at bay)

Sam: "Cameron."

(She reached out, but Cameron jerked back away from her)

Cameron: (raises his voice) "I know you don't believe me! My mom didn't either! It's because you're too afraid to believe! The curse did that to you! It took every ounce of hope you have and broke it so you are too afraid to hope anymore! You've felt it. You know deep in your heart that something is wrong with the way your life is. That it's missing something."

Sam: "I am happy with my life."

(There was a tremor in her voice, as that wasn't technically true. She had felt exactly all those things. There were days that she looked at her life, looking around that penthouse at Jason and herself, and she couldn't help but think why in the hell she let herself go back to that. To the bleak days in and out with hollow words tossed between her and Jason. They weren't even really a couple. They didn't sleep together anymore, and barely shared a kiss. It was more like they were play acting and playing pretend because that was better than being alone)

Cameron: (voice firm) "My mommy said happiness and content…contentment are different things. Jason is not your true love. Lucky is! He's Prince Charming. You're Maid Marion."

Sam: (stomach clenched violently) "Maid Marion is meant for Robin Hood."

(There was a light sweat that broke out across her forehead. Something fluttered in the back of her mind, like a memory just out of reach)

Cameron: (stubborn voice) "Maid Marion is Robin Hood. You are Robin Hood! You helped the Huntsman and Prince Charming save Snow White. You have to help them again!"

(Sam left the room soon after. She found Elizabeth standing by herself, arms wrapped around her and she could see the fear on the other woman's face)

Liz: (whispers out) "Carly…is going to make our lives miserable. It doesn't matter to her that Jake saved her daughter. It doesn't matter to her and she'll take my son away from me."

Sam: (shakes her head) "Don't think like that. I'm sure Carly will see reason…okay, I just realized the words I said out loud. Yeah, she's…she's going to make it bad. But Jason will stop her," the brunette stated, certainly. "He cares about Cameron, and I do, too. Whatever he is going through…it's no reason to have him sent to some child prison or mental institution. He just needs help. Jason will make her see that."

Liz: (nodded, her eyes vacant) "I think…he's just mourning Jake, you know. He knows that…Jake's death saved Josslyn's life."

(Elizabeth's hand pressed to the spot right above her heart as she stared at her son through the glass window)

Liz: "Maybe…maybe that's why he's latched onto this idea that Carly's the Evil Queen. Maybe he's trying to find some kind of enemy to fight against instead of dealing…with everything."

(Sam brushed a strand of her hair out of her face and spoke after a moment of hesitation)

Sam: "Right…right."

(Elizabeth turned and looked over at her)

Liz: (light frown) "What? What's wrong?"

Sam: (shakes her head) "Nothing. Nothing. It's just…I was sitting there and listening to Cameron, to the things he believed in and I know they are impossible. But there…there's this part of me…"

(Sam looked away, slightly embarrassed about the thoughts inside of her mind in that moment)

Liz: "That wants to believe he's right?"

Sam: "Yes." (breathes out) "Yes. You felt it, too?"

Liz: (smiles sadly) "How could I not? The thought that there is an explanation to why we constantly destroy our lives? That there is some greater force keeping us from what we are truly destined for? That true love exists and good always wins?"

(She wished that the answer was so simple. It would explain why she chose to destroy her life over and over again, or let it be destroyed by someone else)

Liz: (shrugs in defeat) "Who wouldn't want to believe that?"

(There was a loud bang that made the two women jump, and whirl around, tensed for a fight. They saw a woman dressed in orderly clothes, stumbling over her own feet in fright. When her head shot up, Elizabeth nearly crumbled to the floor while a shocked gasp was pulled out of Sam's lips)

"Eli-Elizabeth? S-Sam?" The woman gasped, her voice raw and hoarse from not being used in such a long time.

Tears filled Elizabeth's eyes. "E-Emily?"

(Nikolas had just picked up the bottle of scotch when Carly Jax burst through his doors, with a scowl upon her face)

Nikolas: (nonchalantly) "Carly."

(Nikolas poured himself a glass of scotch)

Nikolas: "You certainly are up and about for someone who was just stabbed yesterday."

Carly: "We have a problem."

(Carly slammed her purse down onto the table, and crossed her arms over her chest)

Carly: "Cameron Webber knows about the curse and is about to expose us."

(Nikolas paused)

Nikolas: "What do you mean?"

Carly: (snapped viciously) "He knows about the curse! I don't know how he knows, but he found out and the little brat is going to tell someone."

Nikolas: (shrugged, unconcerned) "He's a child. Children tell tales all the time."

Carly: "It doesn't matter if he is a child! He is a threat!"

Nikolas: (raises his eyebrows) "Like Jake?"

(Carly sneered)

Carly: "That child should have never been born. I was just fixing the world, making it the way it was supposed to be. You promised me that I would get everything I ever wanted with this curse! I never wanted anyone to find out! I wanted them miserable and under my control! Not this!"

Nikolas: "I gave you the curse."

(Nikolas sips his scotch while repressing a smirk)

Nikolas: "If you can't keep your happy ending and keep others miserable to your liking then that really speaks to your poor management skills rather than my curse being faulty."

Carly: (disgusted) "Oh, please. Drop the act. You were close to your happy ending, weren't you? With sweet, precious Emily…"

Nikolas: (glares at Carly) "Don't you dare bring her into this."

Carly: (smirks triumphantly) "Oh, I think I will. You stopped caring about the curse. You found true love, and if the curse faded…it didn't matter to you anymore. But then that all went downhill, didn't it? You don't think I get where your hatred for them stems from? Your precious Emily died, and instead of blaming your own sister who was the reason that crazy madman was in the house…you chose a more convenient victim," Carly said, with a sneer in her voice. "You blamed Jason, and it burned you to see him get close to his happy ending. Then you took it a step further when you decided the Muffin could replace your Emily. Does she even know about Aiden? Does she even know he isn't hers? That he is Emily's? That you had your dead girlfriend's eggs harvested before her flesh was even cold?"

Nikolas: (spat) "Like you care if Elizabeth ever hears the truth."

(Nikolas' fingers tightening around his glass)

"Oh, I don't. But I just wanted to remind you that I am not the only who will lose out if this curse is broken," Carly said, her face twisting into a sneer. "So, you better step up, and help me keep it very much intact."

(Nikolas sat there for several moments, before he rose up. He downed the rest of his scotch and set the empty glass upon the mantel. He drew in a deep breath and walked over to his safe that was hidden behind books. He moved them out of the way and opened it. There, besides papers and information, sat a vial full of black ooze. He picked it up carefully, and struggled with himself for a brief moment before he turned around holding it out to Carly)

Nikolas: (speaks lightly) "Maybe what almost killed the mother...will kill the son."

(Carly took the syringe and looked down at it before a slow wicked and vicious smirk curled her lips)

Chapter 1 Done

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