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Title: Once Upon a Liason

Timeline: 2011

Summary: A curse has taken a hold over the people of Port Charles to keep them from ever finding true happiness. But true love can conquer all, with the help from Cameron. Features Liason, Lusam, and others. ThroughTheMirrorDarkly gave me permission to continue it as she chose not to.

Disclaimer: I don't own General Hospital or Once Upon a Time.


Written by silverbellbaby

Part 12 of 12

'Jacob Martin Morgan Is Home'

***The Park***

(Elizabeth, Jason, and Cameron couldn't wait to see Jake again. Jason and Elizabeth face their son)

Jason: "Cameron, you said you could bring Jake back using magic?"

Cameron: (nods) "Yes, daddy."

Liz: "I know his coffin is in the cemetery. Cameron, do you know where Jake has been all of this time?"

Cameron: "He's been in between dimensions. Due to the Evil Queen and Helena's wrong doings, they made it so magic would put him in another world." (sadly) "That's where he's been all of this time."

Jason: (trying to understand) "So, he's been all alone this whole time?"

Cameron: (nods) "Yes, daddy. The Evil Queen and Helena didn't care that Jake would be all alone as they wanted him to go away."

Liz: (scoffs) "I'm just glad that they're dead and not coming back."

Jason: "I agree." (smiles at Cameron) "Son, I think it's time to bring your younger brother home."

Liz: (smiles happily) "We can't wait."

(Cameron couldn't contain his enthusiasm at the thought of finally seeing his brother again. After all of this time, the brothers would be reunited. Cameron clears his throat and smiles, looking straight ahead)

Cameron: "Fairy Godmother Lila, we have appreciated you taking care of my younger brother, Jake. We would like for him to come home now. With my powers and yours, please make him reappear…this time…for good."

(There was an image of brightness followed by different colors all around Jason, Elizabeth, and Cameron. Jason and Elizabeth looked all over before facing each other. They smiled as the colors were so beautiful. All of a sudden, a rainbow appears in front of them before Jacob Martin Morgan is shown. Jason and Elizabeth's faces turn to shock with their eyes widened and Elizabeth's mouth parts, showing her white teeth)

(Cameron smiles at the sight of Jake. Jake looks all around him before facing his family in front of him. Jason and Elizabeth freeze as they couldn't believe the little boy in front of them was really Jake. After being 'dead' all of these years, their son is back with them! Cameron happily looks behind him to see his parents still in shock)

Cameron: "My brother is finally back."

(Jason and Elizabeth gulp in some much needed air before they could speak)

Liz: "J-J-Jake? Is-Is that you, honey?"

Jason: "Son, are you really back with us?"

Jake: (smiles) "Hi, mommy. Hi, daddy."

(Jake rushes into his mother's arms. Elizabeth holds her son for dear life, as if she's afraid of losing him again. Tears of joy escape her eyes as she couldn't believe that this moment has finally arrived. After years of believing her son was lost to her forever, she is reunited with him. She had never been so happy in all her life about the curse, being it brought her little boy back)

(After a few minutes of kissing him and embracing him, she knew that it was Jason's turn to have a father/son reunion. She steps back and smiles at her soul-mate)

Liz: "Our son is finally here, Jason. I can't believe it."

(Jason looks at his son and bends down to Jake's level. Jason smiles happily as a few tears fall from his wet eyes)

Jason: "Do you remember me, Jake? I-I know you were very little when we thought you died." (sadly) "I wasn't around as often as I wanted…" (nods) "But I'm going to change that."

Jake: (nods & smiles) "Hi, daddy. I remember you. Fairy Godmother Lila kept you, mommy, Cameron, and Aiden's memory alive."

Jason: "It sounds like she was very good to you. I'll be sure to thank her." (curiously) "When you say Fairy Godmother Lila, do you mean…?"

Jake: (smiles) "Great grandma Lila says hi, daddy."

(Elizabeth and Jason smile and more tears fall that Lila took care of their son. Jason takes his son in his arms and holds him tenderly. He couldn't believe he finally had his little boy back. After a few minutes, the father and son break free and the two brothers face each other)

Cameron: (grins) "Hi, Jake."

Jake: "Hi, Cameron." (confused) "What happened? I know Grandpa Luke accidentally hurt me."

Cameron: "The Evil Queen…Carly…used magic to make you go away. You've been with great Grandma Lila all this time as we all thought you were dead. Thankfully, Great grandma Lila took care of you. You're back with us." (smiles) "Yay."

(The two brothers share a hug before facing their parents)

Jake: "I'm finally back."

Liz: "We thank God for that."

Jason: "And Grandma Lila. She's been looking down on us all these years and brought you back."

(Jason and Elizabeth face Cameron)

Liz: "Thank you for bringing your brother back, sweetie."

Jason: "You did great."

Cameron: "I'm glad the curse is finally over."

Liz: (chuckles) "Me, too."

Jason: "What do you say we all go home?"

Jake: "I'd like that. Do I still have my old room?"

Liz: (nods) "Yes, sweetie. It's never been touched since we thought we lost you."

(The Morgan's all share a family hug before heading home. Now that they finally had Jake back for good, Elizabeth knew that it was time to discuss Aiden with Emily)

***The Next Day***

(While Jason played with the boys, Elizabeth took the opportunity to visit with Emily and discuss Aiden. After answering the front door, the two friends share a warm embrace. They were both appreciative of the fact that they have always been so close. They go to the living room to sit down)

Liz: "Where's Monica and Alan?"

Emily: "They got called into work for a few hours. Otherwise, you and I would've been in my room upstairs or in the garden outside." (smiles) "Do you officially have Jake back?"

Liz: (grins) "Yes. It's been amazing. I finally have my little boy back."

Emily: (nods & smiles) "I'm so happy for you, girl. I know you have wanted Jake back for a long time. I'm glad Cameron was able to use magic to get him back."

Liz: (chuckles) "Magic definitely helped." (politely smiles) "There is another reason why I came here."

Emily: (nods) "Yeah, to be honest, I figured that." (tilts her head) "Aiden?"

Liz: "Yes." (sighs) "While I wouldn't blame you if you decided to claim Aiden as your own, I appreciate you taking your time."

Emily: "Elizabeth, I can definitely understand your sadness on it. If the roles were reversed, I'd be grateful too." (raises her eyebrows) "While Nikolas wants Aiden with him and I, I would never do that to you. You have been with Aiden since birth. I would never expect you to just hand him over. I'm not like that."

(Elizabeth rests her hand on her best friends hand and smiles)

Liz: "I know you're not, Em. Thank you for that."

Emily: "I do have an idea regarding Aiden…if you'd like to hear it?"

Liz: (nods) "Of course. I'm open to suggestions."

Emily: "You have Aiden for now. I would like to get to know him. If it's okay with you, I'd like to visit with him when he lets me. The more comfortable he is with me, the more I'll visit with him. We'll take turns having him over, when the time comes. Just to be clear, I won't force these visits on Aiden. If he doesn't want this, I'll respect it. I'll be saddened by it, but I'll understand."

Liz: (sighs) "Oh, Em, I'm sure Aiden will like the visits. I appreciate you taking the visits slow. I think it will work out in the end." (nods & grins) "By the way, I like your idea. It's a good one."

Emily: "I was hoping you would."

Liz: (chuckles dryly) "I'll bet Nikolas won't like the idea. He made it clear since day one that he wants Aiden with you and him."

Emily: (shrugs in serious tone) "Nikolas can have whatever opinion he wants. Does he want Aiden with us?" (nods) "Yes. But, because of everything that he's done, he doesn't get a say in it. To say that my parents aren't happy with him over everything is an understatement. They have always wanted me to have a child of my own as that was my dream. They hated how Nikolas made it happen."

Liz: (scoffs) "I was at a loss for words, too, on the methods he used. I have to ask, Emily. Do you forgive Nikolas for what he's done?"

Emily: (sighs softly) "I love him. I will always love him. He will forever hold my heart, whether I like it or not. However, I told him I need time to myself. Was he happy to hear that? No, but he understood. He had no choice in the end."

Liz: "How do Alan and Monica feel about the arrangement with Aiden?"

Emily: (nods) "They support it, which I was grateful for."

Liz: (happily) "I'm glad everything worked out in the end." (polite smile) "While it's up to you in the end, no one would fault you if you gave Nikolas another chance. You love him, girl. No one is perfect. We all have faults."

Emily: "Very true."

Liz: "Jason is making spaghetti later for supper. You're welcome to join."

Emily: "Thank you. I'll be there."

Liz: "In the end, Nikolas is family. Jason, Lucky, and I agreed that Nikolas made some bad choices, but

he's human. He's welcome to come, too."

Emily: (confused) "I thought Cameron was scared of Nikolas?"

Liz: "He was. We talked about it, though. Cameron was mostly scared of Carly and Helena. Being they're no longer alive, he's okay. He is like Jason and Lucky. He is weary of Nikolas, but Nikolas isn't so bad. Besides, we've assured Cameron if Nikolas tries anything, he'll be out on his ass. That made Cameron feel better."

Emily: (laughs) "I like your choice of words, but it's still true."

Liz: (smiles brightly) "In case I haven't made it clear, my friend, I'm so glad you're back."

Emily: (smiles) "Me, too."

(They share a warm hug)

***Hours Later***

(Sam and Jason both received a text from Alexis, asking them to come to her cottage as she had news for them regarding their divorce. After both arriving at the lawyer's cottage, they get down to business. All decide to stand)

Alexis: "Thank you both for coming."

Sam: "No problem."

Jason: "You said you had news about the divorce?"

Alexis: (nods) "Yes." (smiles) "Congratulations. It's been processed and you two are officially divorced."

(Both Sam and Jason sighs in relief)

Jason: "Thank you, Alexis."

Sam: (smiles) "Thanks, mom."

Alexis: (nods) "You two are very welcome. It sounds like this has been a long time coming."

Sam: "It has. While we loved each other in the beginning, that love faded and our hearts knew we were meant to be with other people."

Jason: (nods) "She's right. I may have loved Sam in the beginning, but my heart always belonged to Elizabeth."

Sam: "While mine is with Lucky."

Alexis: "I'm happy for the both of you. It sounds like you both know what you want."

Sam: "We do."

(Jason departs, leaving Alexis and Sam to chat for a bit longer. With Elizabeth at work, Jason took the opportunity to plan his next move. All 3 boys were home, so Jason knew that, aside from Audrey, he had the place to himself. He knew Audrey could keep a secret, so he brought her in on the secret. The boys were currently in their room)

Jason: "Are you aware of the Aiden situation?"

Audrey: "That he's really Emily and Nikolas' because of Nikolas' stupidity? Yes."

Jason: (chuckles dryly) "My thoughts exactly. There is a reason I wanted to talk to you alone for a moment."

Audrey: (curiously) "Oh? Go ahead."

Jason: "I'm going to ask the boys, too, in a bit. But, now that I'm officially divorced from Sam, I want to ask

your granddaughter to marry me…with your blessing, of course."

Audrey: "The only concern I have is…you just got divorced from Sam. Don't you want to wait a bit before proposing to Elizabeth?"

Jason: "I do see your point on that. However, my marriage to Sam never should have happened as our hearts were with other people."

Audrey: "Out of curiosity, who does Sam love?"

Jason: "Lucky Spencer. The feeling is mutual on his end."

Audrey: (nods) "I know you love my granddaughter, Jason. I just want to make sure that you've thought

this through so there are no errors in the future."

Jason: "Nope, no errors. In fact, I'm taking steps to legally adopt Cameron. I would with Aiden, but I don't

know if it'd be right being he's technically Emily and Nikolas'."

Audrey: "True. I see your point on that." (smiles) "But, for the record, I definitely give you my blessing on proposing to Elizabeth."

Jason: (nods) "Thank you."

(Jason embraces Audrey, which she didn't expect, but welcomed. Afterwards, he yelled for the boys to come downstairs, which they do)

Cameron: "What's up, dad?"

Jake: "Did you need something?"

Jason: (nods) "Yes." (smiles) "How would you feel if I asked your mom to marry me?"

(All three boys beamed with joy)

Cameron: "Really?"

Jake: "We'll officially be a family?"

Aiden: "You'll be my daddy?"

(Jason momentarily looked sad at Aiden's question as he knew he would never be the little boy's biological or legal father. He shook those thoughts away as he vowed to be in the boys' life whenever Aiden wanted. All three boys hugged Jason. He asks them if they want to help him ask their mother to marry him. They jump up with joy and plan for the big moment)

***Quartermaine Mansion***

(With Emily's parents at work, she knew her and Nikolas would have privacy. They both sit down on the couch to get comfy before Emily speaks)

Emily: "I suppose you're surprised I asked you to come."

Nikolas: (nods) "Yes. But I hoped you would have." (sighs sadly) "I missed you."

Emily: "Do you know why I asked you to come here?"

Nikolas: (shrugs) "I'm guessing about Aiden."

Emily: "Correct. I don't know if you expected me to just take Aiden away from Elizabeth, but I won't do that. Elizabeth is all Aiden knows. I do NOT agree with or condone what you did AT ALL. I don't care if you wanted a piece of me, Nikolas. Using Elizabeth was not the way to do it." (sighs softly) "However, I could never hate you as I love you too much."

(Nikolas smiles in relief that she still loved him and nodded at her reprimanding him. He fucked up, but he was glad they weren't over)

Emily: "I love you and I forgive you. Here is what is going to happen regarding Aiden as Elizabeth and I discussed it. Aiden is going to stay with Elizabeth right now. I'm going to visit him from time to time, more often when he allows it. When he's comfortable enough with me, he's going to stay a night or two with me so we can get to know each other. Elizabeth and I will figure things out as we go. I want to make something clear. I will not force Aiden to spend time with me, nor will I just take him away from Elizabeth. If you thought I would, you're sadly mistaken."

Nikolas: (nods & smiles) "Thank you for telling me. Whatever you and Elizabeth decide on is fine with me." (hopeful look) "Will I be able to be there when you see Aiden? I'd like to get to know him too."

Emily: (nods) "Yes, you can. I just don't want you to force anything on him or Elizabeth. We'll go slow."

Nikolas: "Whatever you decide I'm with." (smiles) "Thank you, baby."

Emily: (smiles) "I'm glad we agreed on all of this."

Nikolas: "Me, too."

(They share a tender kiss)

***Sam's Penthouse***

(Sam answers the knock on the door, revealing Lucky. A smile lands on her face as she lets him in)

Sam: "This is certainly a surprise. A welcome one, though."

Lucky: (chuckles) "Sorry for showing up unannounced."

Sam: "As long as it's you, I don't mind at all."

(They share a kiss before getting down to why he came)

Lucky: "I'm thinking of leaving town."

(Sam's smile quickly fades at hearing the news. She knew Lucky was going to leave again soon. She just didn't know that it'd be already)

Sam: "When?"

Lucky: "Tomorrow. It sounds like everything is going okay with everyone."

Sam: "Where are you thinking about going?"

Lucky: (shrugs) "I'm not sure yet."

Sam: "I don't know how much you know on the subject, but…I was in the process of getting divorced from Jason."

Lucky: (nods) "I'm guessing it's been a long time coming?"

Sam: "Yes, it has. In fact, my mother informed me and Jason today that it went through. I'm no longer married to Jason."

Lucky: "I'm happy for you, Sam. I admit I have loved you for a long time, but stepped back because of your relationship with him."

Sam: (shakes her head) "You don't have to do that anymore." (sighs) "Lucky, I have always loved you for just as long. I admit I hoped that we would have eventually found our way back together."

Lucky: "It sounds like we had the same thoughts on that."

Sam: (hurtful tone) "Then why haven't you asked me if I wanted to leave town with you?"

(Lucky sighs deeply in sadness at her question)

Lucky: "Sam, Port Charles is your home. Your mom is here. I would never forgive myself if I asked you to come with me when you have a reason to stay."

Sam: (nods) "I admit I'd miss my mother, but she just wants me to be happy. I love you, Lucky, and if you ever chose to ask me to come with you…"

(Lucky goes to his girl and smiles widely as he shakes his head a bit)

Lucky: "I don't know right now where we'd end up."

Sam: (chuckles) "That's part of the adventure."

(Lucky takes her in his arms and kisses her before grinning from ear to ear)

Lucky: "Will you come with me, Sam? Go on an adventure with me?"

Sam: (laughs) "Yes, yes! A thousand times yes!"

Lucky: "You make me happier than I ever thought possible."

Sam: (smirks) "Same here, Spencer."

***Elizabeth/Jason's House***

(Elizabeth was due home any minute. Jason, with the help of their three boys and Audrey, had the living room all decorated. Cameron, Jake, and Aiden designed a poster board for the special occasion. Jason made his famous spaghetti and garlic toast. Audrey bought balloons, with the boys help, that said 'I Love You'. Jason put candles around the living room)

(He knew that usually when a man asks a woman to marry him, it's either just the man or the kids are included. However, he knew that Audrey meant the world to his girl and Jason also adored Audrey. Jason looks around the room, making sure everything was perfect. He went to the kitchen to take the pot of spaghetti off the stove. He rests the pot on the table where the glasses, plates, and the rest of the utensils are. All of a sudden, Elizabeth comes walking through the door)

Liz: "I'm home! How was everybody's….day?"

(She pauses when she sees the decorated room. Her mouth opens a bit as she rests her purse and keys on the table by the front door)

Jason: (smiles) "Do you like it?"

(Elizabeth faces Jason, who walks to her. The boys and Audrey come out of the kitchen with napkins when they see Elizabeth. All 3 boys yell 'mommy' as they run into her arms. Everyone chuckles as the boys break free and speak)

Cameron: "Do you like it?"

Jake: "We helped daddy decorate."

Aiden: "Great grandma, too."

Liz: "I love it." (chuckles) "What's the special occasion, though?"

(Audrey and the boys look at Jason, who walks to his girl and takes her hands in his)

Jason: "I have loved you since the moment I saw you, baby. I know our paths eventually drifted away from each other. I'm so glad that we found our way back to each other in the end. You and the boys complete me. Being Audrey means so much to our little family, I wanted her here tonight."

Liz: (curiously) "Okay, what did you plan, Morgan?"

(Jason faces Audrey, whose smile encourages him and then the boys, who speak at once)

Cameron/Aiden/Jake: "Do it, daddy!"

(Elizabeth looks at everyone mysteriously before giving Jason her full attention)

Liz: "What is going on, honey?"

(Elizabeth is momentarily at a loss for words when Jason gets down on one knee, causing her to gasp and bring her hands to her mouth)

Liz: "Oh, my god."

Jason: "You and the boys are my life, my world. Audrey is family to me, too. I have never stopped loving you in all the years that we have known each other. You hold my heart. My divorce with Sam is officially over. I can't think of a better reason to celebrate than right here, in this moment. Elizabeth Imogene Webber, will you make me the happiest man in all of Port Charles and whole world and marry me?"

(Elizabeth laughs happily before nodding in excitement)

Liz: "There's nothing I would love more than to be your wife! Yes!''

(Jason slides the 3-carat white diamond ring on her wedding ring finger and kisses her passionately. Everyone cheers as the world seemed perfect again. Everyone in Port Charles got their happily ever after in the end and the bad guys got what they deserved. The curse over Port Charles was finally cured at long last. Everything in Port Charles was normal again)


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