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Strong hands slide up my thighs, and I feign sleep just a little longer. Edward chuckles and kisses the inside of my knee, and my fingers unconsciously find their way into his hair.

"Baby," he says, peeking his head out of the blankets. "I have to leave early."

I shake my head and wrap my legs around his hips. "Don't leave me," I tease, and he kisses the corner of my mouth giving me tingles all the way down to my toes.

Just over 10 years of marriage, and he still gives me butterflies, and I love him more now than I did then if that's possible.

He kisses my lips, gentle and loving, and I want to stay just like this for a lifetime.

Scooting higher up my body, he lines himself up before slowly sliding inside me. My eyes close, and he kisses each eyelid and down my cheeks until his mouth covers my own.

"God, I fucking love this," he rasps against my lips, moving his hips in deep, hard thrusts. "My wife is perfect."

His words, they make my heart patter uneven in my chest. I will never tire of the way he loves me.

My hands find their way up his neck and into his thick hair. I pull gently, and he kisses me more deeply, nipping and sucking inside my mouth as his hips drive harder, faster.

He wraps an arm around my waist and lifts my bottom from the bed, putting me at an angle where I feel him so deep, I can almost not keep quiet.

"Edward," I gasp, arching my neck.

He kisses down my throat, biting at my collarbone, and I see stars behind my closed eyes.

It's always like this.

Always perfect.

Suddenly, Edward's on his back, and I'm on top of him, my hips moving, chasing that feeling of bliss only he can give me. One hand is on my hip, guiding me, and the other finds my clit, rubbing lightly but quickly enough that I'm not going to last much longer.

I lean forward, my hands flattened against his chest. His green eyes meet my browns, and I smile, making him grin all freaking cute back.

"Come on, baby," he says through his smile.

I nod and move my hips faster, his finger still doing wonderful things. It's when he starts thrusting from the bottom that I finally lose control. He sits up quickly, covering my mouth with his wet, forceful one to smother the uncontrollable sounds that will no doubt leave my mouth.

He slams inside of me with a purpose until he stays deep inside of me, jerking gently as he comes.

"You're so good," he says against my mouth, biting my bottom lip.

"You're late," I whisper, and I can see his eyes smile.

"I am."

Edward's the boss. He can be late every single day if he wants to. He bought Emmett's contracting company when Emmett and Rosalie moved to Florida seven years ago.

Not only is he now the proud owner of Masen Contracting, he built us a beautiful house on our own land.

We kiss a few minutes longer, taking advantage of this time alone. With six kids, we rarely get these special moments.

Maddox was born four years ago when the twins were just five. Just another perfect boy to add to our brood along with the one and only princess.

I'm downstairs making Edward breakfast when he comes down, hair wet and looking so dang sexy.

He kisses my cheek and grabs the plate from my hand, taking a seat at the kitchen island.

"What are the plans for today?"

Harlow wants to go to the mall with her friend. Edward still has a hard time giving our 16 year old daughter that kind of freedom. She has her own car, that Edward bought her, but he still struggles with her growing up.

"Max wants me to take the boys to that new laser tag place in town."

He chews and swallows before saying, "What about Low?"

"She wants to go to the mall with her friends."

"Are these friends boys?"

I turn toward the sink and hide my smile. "No, fella, no boys. I don't think anyway."

He sets his plate next to the sink and wraps his arms around me, kissing my bare shoulder. "Tell her to be careful and drive safely."

I nod, and he kisses my shoulder one more time before releasing me.

"Later, baby," he says.

I walk him to the door and lock up after he leaves. Leaving the dishes for later, I jog up the stairs so I can crawl back into bed and sleep a while longer before my house of animals wakes up, but when I notice a ball under my blankets, I know I'm too late.

I tip toe to the side of the bed so Maddox can't hear me, and then when I'm close enough, I jump lightly on top of him, making him squeal in delight.

"Mommy, get off!"

I roll over, and he peeks his dark brown hair out from under the blankets, his sleepy green eyes smiling just like his cute little lips.

"What are you doing in mommy's bed?" I ask, kissing his chunky cheek.

"Hiding," he says. "Where's daddy?"

"He left for work."

He snuggles into my arms, letting me cuddle him. He's still my baby, the one that lets me love all over him. My other boys love me, but they're too old for my cuddles. Gosh, it breaks my heart how big all of my kiddos are getting. Two more years, and Harlow will be off to college. I dread the day, but I think Edward's heart will shatter when his little girl leaves the house.

Over the years, I've fallen harder in love with my husband, the way he loves and takes care of our kids, it's beautiful.

"We get to go play laser tag today."

He suddenly sits up, his eyes all excited and slides off the bed and runs out of the room calling for his brothers.

I jump in the shower while Maddox is distracted.

Today, like everyday, is going to be great.

"I'll be careful, Mom," Harlow says, sliding into her car.

I stand beside the door, holding it open.

"Are you picking up Leah or will she meet you there?"

"I'm picking her and Seth up."

Seth? Oh gosh, Edward is going to shit.

"Be smart, babe," I say, and she rolls her eyes good naturedly.

"I know, Mom. I love you."

"Love you, too. See you later."

I watch as she drives off, jumping when Max comes up next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. He grins down at me. He's almost as tall as Edward now, so much taller than me. It seems like just yesterday when he was my cute little Maximoose. Now, at 15, he's practically a man. One that does not let me call him Maximoose anymore, but I still do. I think he secretly loves it.

"Can I drive?"

"No way," I say, slapping his stomach lightly.

"Come on, mom," he grins. "Dad lets me drive with him."

I squeeze his waist. "Dad's braver than I am."

He laughs, and we head inside to get the boys rounded up. They sound like a herd of animals when they come down the stairs, my little Maddox last, his chunky little legs taking him longer to get down the stairs. When he gets to the bottom, Max grabs him up and sets him on his shoulders. Maddox loves his big brother.

"Where's Bubby?"

"Mom, he's going to be so mad if he hears you call him that." Ollie says, looking over his shoulder.

Leo is 12 now, so grown up. My little bubby is a head taller than me, and it makes my heart hurt.

"He's putting his shoes on," Noah says.

"Leo, let's go," Max calls up the stairs, and Maddox copies him, calling for his brother.

Max tilts his head and grins up at Maddox, and it's adorable. Max and Maddox look so much like each other, it's crazy. Max has blonde hair, my only blondie out of all the kids, but Maddox is his twin.

Leo and Harlow are the only ones with my eyes, for obvious reasons, but they're just as beautiful as my other babes.

Leo comes down the stairs, and kisses my cheek, that little sweetheart, and we head out. He tries to sit shotgun, but Max shuts that down gently, ruffling Leo's hair.

As soon as we make it to the laser tag place, the boys jump out. Max says, "I got them," and Maddox yells, "Wait for me!"

"Go, babe," I tell Max. "I'll get him."

Maddox isn't happy, but he still has that excited gleam in his eyes. "Hurry, mommy."

"You're so cute, baby," I say when he stands up on the floorboard in his muscle tee, shorts, and converse. "You ready to have some fun?"

He nods and wraps his arms around me so I can pull him out of the car. He gives me a wet smack on cheek before I put him down, and gosh, be still my heart.


Maddox runs on his chubby little feet and is swept into Edward's strong, tattooed arms. He kisses Maddox's little face making my heart warm. Edward's always been the best daddy, and I just want to give him a million babies so I can see cute little baby kisses every single day.

"Did you miss daddy?"

"Yes!" Maddox shouts. "I got to shoot guns today." He throws his hands up in the air. "Not real guns, daddy. Little light guns."

Edward grins and kisses Maddox's cheek again before coming straight to me as I watch from the entry way.

"Hey, baby," he says, kissing my mouth hard but long, and I wilt beneath his lips.

"Fella," I breathe.

"Yuck, mommy," Maddox says, scrunching his nose.

"Get used to it, buddy," Max says, coming down the stairs. "Mommy and daddy always kiss."

Maddox's face scrunches even more, and he says, "Put me down."

He runs to Max just as Leo in loose shorts and no shirt, comes down the stairs.

"Hey, dad," both boys say at the same time, and Edward goes to them. He kisses the tops of their heads, and it's another thing Edward does that the boys accept. Edward loves the crap out of his kids, and I love that crap out of him for it.

"Where's Ollie and Noah?"

Leo says, "Fortnight," and Edward shakes his head and looks over at me.

"I'm timing them," I say. "30 minutes only. I cross my heart."

He rolls his eyes with a small smile but believes me. "What'd you cook me, babe?"

"Low's bringing dinner. She'll be here any minute. Go shower, you stink."

I follow him up the stairs and into our bedroom and watch as he strips out of his work clothes. He doesn't always come home filthy but some days he just has to get his hands dirty onsite.

When he's down to his tight, black briefs, my mouth waters a little. I'll never get used to his perfect body and colorful tatooes. He's added more over the years, enough that the boys are itching for their first tattoo.

He looks at me over his shoulder and raises one eyebrow cockily, and I shrug and smile. "You look good enough to eat, baby," I say.

"Don't get me all wound up, babe."

I laugh and kiss the middle of his back and pat his firm ass. "Go, then," I say with a little pout, and he winks at me before stripping his briefs off, giving me a glance of his bare ass before shutting the bathroom door.

My gosh, he kills me.

Ollie and Noah are downstairs when I make it back down, and Harlow is setting the table. Well, she's setting paper plates and take out bags on the table.

"Hi, Mom," she says. "I brought burgers. Mad got nuggets."

"Dad's in the shower. We'll eat when he gets done."

She nods, and then looks into the living room before looking back at me with a pink blush on her cheeks.

"What?" I say, always nosey for a bit of teenage gossip.

"Mom," she whispers. "Seth kissed me!"

Oh god, Edward will die.

"Oh my gosh," I gush. "How was it?"

"Mom," she says, embarrassed. "Don't make this awkward."

"What! You can't tell me things and then expect me not to ask." I laugh.

She doesn't say anymore on the subject but she can't stop smiling.

Harlow's eyes light up when Edward walks into the kitchen, and he's torturing me by not wearing a shirt.

"Dad, hi," she says all big brown eyes and bright smile.

"Hey, babe, how was your day at the mall?" He kisses her cheek, and Harlow goes on and on about her day, leaving out her kiss with Seth of course.

He nods and listens intently, never one to fake attention.

"I told them no onions on your burger."

He nods and yells, "Boys, come eat!" before sitting down at his normal chair.

We have one rule, well one main rule. No matter what, we always sit down to dinner together. Dinner is my favorite time of the day because we get to visit as one big family. We're close knit as it is, but I love these times.

Harlow hands out everyone's food, and I take a seat next to Edward, not surprised when Maddox climbs onto his lap to eat his nuggets.

Edward kisses his head and opens his honey for him. I remember those early days when it was my bubby who loved Edward that much…even the twins were like that.

Everyone digs in and it's silent at first because we're a family that loves food, but eventually everyone's talking over each other and Maddox is wiping his sticky hands all over Edward's bare arms.

"Baby, use a napkin," I say, handing him one.

"It doesn't work, mommy. My fingers stick to it."

I listen intently as each of our kids talk, savoring every word that comes out of their mouths. I love the way they laugh and tease each other, and then I freeze when Harlow tells Edward that Seth and Leah went with her to the mall.

"Seth…" he says. "A boy?"

Harlow looks over at me, biting her lip, nervously. "Uhh, yes."

Edward looks at me, and I shrug, smiling so tiny I hope he doesn't see it because Harlow and boys is one thing he can't handle.

"Who sat in front?"

Harlow looks at me again, and I hide my smile behind a big bite of my burger.

"Leah," she says.

Edward nods, but says, "When do I meet Seth?"

"Daddy," she says, resorting to her seven year old talk. "He's just a friend."

Max snorts, and Harlow gives him a dirty look. "Be quiet, Max."

"I didn't say anything," he says, holding his hands up in surrender with a cute grin on his face.

"Low, if you're hanging out with a boy, I want to meet him."

She shoves a fry into her mouth and swallows before saying, "Okay. If I hang out with him again, you can meet him first."

"Good," he says before moving on to laser tag talk with the boys.

Harlow meets my eyes, and I give her a wink, and she smiles and blushes.

I remember those teenage years with Jacob. I know what it's like to have your first kiss and crush.

I look at Edward now, thinking last crush and last kiss are infinitely better.