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Chapter One: Disappearing Act

It was a nice night in September. Face was attending a high society party full of fashion designers and other high-class people. That's where he met Amanda Bennett. She was a brunette with blue-grey eyes and a brilliant smile. Face was an excellent judge of character and noticed how she was always sincere whenever she talked. They had bonded instantly, sharing the same interests.

"Well, hello," Face charmed as he revealed his million dollar smile to the lady in front of him.

"And what's your name?" she asked.

"Templeton Smith. Yours?"

"Amanda Bennett," she replied as she sipped her wine.

"You're very beautiful, Amanda," Face flirted, putting his hand on hers.

"I hardly even know you!" she laughed.

"We can fix that," he suggested.

"Sure," she gave in. Knowing this man was persistent and very handsome.

The two spent the rest of the night talking. Face even drove her home in his 'Vette. That's when he found out how much she loved sports cars. This made him decide to give her a good time by opening the ceiling of the car to reveal the full night sky and drove her home on the empty road twenty miles over the speed limit. When you're a wanted fugitive on the lam, you learn to drive at top speed with grace. He just hoped that Hannibal wouldn't find out about his little misdemeanor.

The first two months of their relationship flew by. They had grown to love and trust each other completely. They had scheduled a date at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. But she never showed up. Face immediately knew something was wrong, he knew how much Amanda believed in punctuality. He went to her apartment to check on her, but it was completely empty as if she had disappeared off the face of the earth. Now he knew something was terribly wrong. 'I need to find Dad,' he thought. He knew his adoptive father, Hannibal Smith, would know what to do. He drove home to the house they were sharing and confronted him.

"Tem, I'm sure she was just busy that night and forgot," Hannibal explained, trying in vain to get his son to see reason.

"Dad, I know her, she wouldn't just forget!"

"Everyone forgets sometimes. Remember when you forgot to meet me on that one mission and I had to find a way out of that place alone, with guard dogs and men with AR-15's on my tail?" Hannibal reasoned.

"Do you have to mention that!" Face huffed, dejectedly, could his father not see what he was trying to say?

"It's perfectly valid," Hannibal insisted with a cigar in his mouth.

"Can you just come to check out her apartment and see if anything's wrong?" Face pleaded.

"If I find nothing, will you drop this issue?" Hannibal sighed.


"Alright, let's go," Hannibal declared as he slipped his black gloves on and walked outside to get in the passenger side of the Corvette.

The ride to Amanda Bennett's apartment was completely silent, father and son lost in their own thoughts.

'Why doesn't he ever listen to me? It's like he doesn't even think my thoughts matter anymore! Is he getting tired of being my father?' Face sulked.

'Tem has been more distant lately. Sure, I've been tougher on him lately. I just don't want to see him get hurt in the field, in our line of work it's important to always be on our feet. Could it be that I'm being too hard on him?' Hannibal mused. He could notice his son's knuckle-white grip on the wheel. He put a hand on his shoulder to make him relax, but he just became even tenser. 'That's not like my son at all! Something is definitely wrong,' he thought.

They arrived at the apartment building not soon enough, each man desperate to get out of the tense environment of the confined vehicle.

"She lives near the top of the building," Face informed.

When they walked into the lobby, Hannibal noticed his son's long strides. He knew that was his son's tell when he was mad. He almost had to jog to catch up with him.

If you thought the tenseness was bad in the Corvette, just try to imagine how bad it was in the elevator they had to ride to reach the apartment. It was so terrible they felt like they were suffocating. It felt like a blessing when they heard the ding and the sliding doors opened.

Face immediately returned to his habit of walking with long strides until they reached Amanda Bennett's apartment. "We're here," he said with his jaw clenched. 'I've about had it with him never listening to me when I know when something is wrong! It's just like when I received Leslie's ring.'

They opened the apartment door and briskly walked in. A quick look told Hannibal there was nothing out of the ordinary, "See, Son, I told you nothing was wrong. There's no evidence here that something happened to her," Hannibal confirmed.

"We've only been here thirty seconds, I think we should take a more throughout look of the place," Face offered.

"Kid, what's been going on with you lately? Accept it, Face, there's nothing here!" Hannibal said, trying to lower his voice.

"Why can't you just take my word for it when I say something's wrong?"

"Because there is nothing wrong!" 'This kid can't see reason for the life of him.'

"Just because I'm a conman doesn't mean I lie all the time," Face accused, glaring at Hannibal. The unspoken words screaming at Hannibal that his son was hurting.

"Lieutenant, don't forget I'm still your Colonel," Hannibal warned, immediately regretting the choice of words. He wanted Face to know he meant much more to him than just being his Lieutenant. Before he could justify himself, Face lashed out.

"You don't care about me! Just admit it. You only care if I can find the items to make your plan run smoothly, otherwise I'm useless," he retorted.

"Don't go there, Kid, you know I care about you," Hannibal barked. All attempts of holding his temper were now futile.

"Just stop-" their thoughts were cut short as a gunshot erupted in the air.

"I have to admit, catching you was easier than I originally thought," Major Douglas Kyle evilly smirked.

"Kyle," Hannibal growled in disgust.

"What have you done with Amanda?" Face shouted.

"She's a little tied up right now," Kyle grinned.

"If you hurt her I swear, Kyle, I will kill you!" Face threatened.

'What have I done? Tem was right. Now I just have to get us out of the mess I created,' Hannibal thought guiltily. Hannibal's mind went into overdrive as he contemplated on what to do in this situation, 'When we get to the elevator, maybe Tem and I can overpower him and push him in while we find an alternate route out.'

"Would you be so kind as to put your hands out for me," Kyle ordered. When they obeyed, he cuffed their hands together.

Hannibal was the last person Face would want to be cuffed to right now, he would rather be attached to B.A.

"Now, we are going down the elevator to get to my car. If you make so much a noise to alert anybody, I will blow you and your son away."

"How do you know Face is my son?" Hannibal snapped.

"Oh, Colonel, don't be so naive. I've been watching your every move for weeks, listening in on conversations, and strategically planning my attack. I know everything," Kyle tutted.

"What hole did they find you in!" Hannibal remarked with contempt.

"That's the least of your worries, now," he replied casually.

They were lead down the hall with a gun on their backs, unfortunately, Kyle made sure the weapon was not to be seen by anyone walking down the hall. With Hannibal and Face cuffed together, the Colonel's plan went in the gutter. There was no way they would get out of this situation with two fists instead of four. They knew the battle had been lost when they were lead to the black van that was surrounded by three of Kyle's toughest goons, all dressed in black. But Kyle hadn't yet won the war.

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