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~~~OC Character Profile~~~

Name: Yuuki Katsuragi
Birth Date:
March 8
50 kg
Blood Type: AB
Figure: Hourglass and a D Cup
Classification: Witch, Mistress of Death and Private Detective.
Clan: Potter, Black, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Le Fay, Ambrosia, Peverell, and Katsuragi.

Physical Description: Long, wavy blonde hair reaching her hips, part pulled into a ponytail with a few braids down the centre and around the head in the fringe tied with a black ribbon bow. Two thick strands of hair rests over her shoulders ending just below her breasts. Emerald green eyes.

She is wearing an antique ruby and black princess style strapped dress. The top part of the dress is antique ruby lined with black while the bottom is black with an antique ruby ruffle around the bottom. Around the waist is a black corset with black ribbons. Antique ruby thigh socks with a ribbon bow on the side, lace up high heels and a black ribbon choker with a black heart.

Distinguishing Features: She has two tattoos that represent her previous life. The first tattoo is on her right arm written in Latin. It has her mum, dad, godfather and uncle's name shown. The second tattoo is of a stag and deer, black grim like dog and a brown wolf in a field of lilies. This is placed on the right side of her stomach under her breasts.

Animal lover
Loving and protective towards family
Unwavering loyalty to those who earn it
Can easily tell if someone is lying and if they are a danger to her or those she cares about
Has a mothering instinct towards children.
Doesn't judge a person/animal by their appearance

Lily Potter (Deceased)
James Potter (Deceased)
Sirius Black (Deceased)
Remus Lupin (Deceased)
Haruka Katsuragi- Mum
Seiichi Katsuragi- Father (Deceased)
Yako Katsuragi- Younger Sister
X- Half Brother