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With Neuro back, life went back to usual. We went back to solving crimes so Neuro could eat the mysteries. Though Neuro has been really weird lately. He keeps on staring at me with his eyes that have an emotion I can't read in them. It makes me feels weird and I gain butterflies in my stomach.

This only started a few days after he came from sealing the door to Hell. It is similar to the look he gave me when my body went through the change but it is hotter and more heated when he gazes at me.

I have just gotten out of the shower and am only wearing my blue towel. Yako and Kaa-san had gone out to have a meal out and won't be back until later. I was going to go but for some reason, I have a gut feeling that I need to stay at home by myself.

I was about to get dressed when I sense Neuro behind me. I look and there he is. He has taken off his jacket and dropped it on the floor. Once again, he gazes at me with those eyes that seem to be dark and more heated than before. "Neuro...is something the matter?"

He doesn't answer as he swiftly moved towards me, his gaze getting heavier as it rests upon my bare skin. The butterflies in my stomach flutter anxiously as he got closer to my body, his body heat warming my body dispelling the cold air. "Neuro?"

He leans down abruptly and places his lips on mine. I blink in surprise before I close my eyes and kiss back, wrapping my arms around his neck as he pulls my body close to his.

He kisses me deeper and longer than he did the first time. When he pulls back saliva is attached to our mouth as I pant softly trying to regain my lost breath. Just as I did, Neuro leaned down and kisses me once again.

He picks me up, removing my towel, and places me on my bed. I watch panting as Neuro removed all of his clothes before getting onto the bed on top of me. He slides his hands down my body sending both tingles of pain and pleasure through my body. They moved up my chest until they reached my breasts. He palms my right one while he places his lips on my other.

He was sucking and swirling his tongue around while occasionally nibbling. He was gently squeezing the other between his fingers. I let out a soft moan at the pleasure and pain he was giving me. I arch my back, pushing my breast further inside his mouth. At the same time, I run my fingers through his hair as I move his head closer.

He removes his head from my breast with a wet pop. He leans back and places his hips between my legs. I spread them wider to allow him deeper access. He moves back slightly before gently pushing himself into my wet centre. He slams all the way in breaking my barrier quickly.

I let out a soft gasp from the pain but it quickly fades. Neuro slowly begins to move when I pull him closer to my body and wrap my legs around his hips. Neuro begins thrusting faster and faster, causing my bed to hit the wall.

The pleasure sends sparks throughout our bodies as I continue to let out soft moans and Neuro lets out low groans. Our hands grip each other as the passion between us grew hotter and hotter that it filled the whole room.

When we reach our climaxes I let out a loud moan while Neuro groans. At the same time, we both begin to glow green, though mine is a emerald green. Our powers entwined with each other before settling back into our bodies. At the same time, Neuro had his head near my neck. He leans forward and bites hard, blood welling up from the wound. He licks away the blood and the wound heal but it leaves behind his signature symbol. It leaves behind the design on his clips.

He gets hard once more and continues moving. He keeps me up all night until we finally fall asleep at sunrise.

The next morning, I wake up to see Neuro sleeping on my bed. I lean my head against his chest and go back to sleep. It seems I have finally found and bonded with my soul mate. The thing I always wanted to have even in my first life. My wish has finally been granted.

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