Author's Note: The idea for the following fic came to me when I was playing around with one of those mice you use to cover mistakes in text written with a typewriter. You know what I'm talking about? Well, if you pull them over the word or line you wanna correct, they produce some kind of chrrrk noise, and my colleague said something like "That sounds like a cyborg or robot who's walking", and suddenly I had a little light bulb in my brain, and here's the result ^_^v

Disclaimer: Haruka, Michiru and all other mentioned Sailormoon characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi. The plot of the story and all other characters which are not borrowed from TV series or movies are mine.

Dedication: Dedicated to Enigma, the one who owns my heart forever :)

Cyborg Secret

Prologue: Accident And Life Saver

Tokyo Times, January 28th

Female Star Racer Haruka Tenoh (22)  hurt perilous in car accident!

World News, January 31st

Doctor says: Star Racer Haruka Tenoh is not going to live!

Tokyo Sport Magazine, February 2nd

World of Car Racing hopes that Haruka Tenoh lives – chances not too good.

"You really think that she is the right one?" Doctor Hiroshi Tenoh asked, looking at the short bald man that stood next to him frowning. The man nodded and replied: "She is the best one. If we don't do it, she'll die…and if we do it, she might die too, but maybe we can save her." Tenoh sighed and looked through the huge glass window again. In the room behind, a blonde woman laid into a white hospital bed, connected to so many machines that nobody who wasn't a doctor could tell where they stopped and the woman started. "You're right." He finally said. "But promise me that you'll just do your operation, and then you'll leave her alone." The bald man next to him nodded. "Of course. She's the right one for the first human test, but not the right one for our whole project. If we see that it works, we can start the project with the suitable people." The doctor nodded and smiled at the bald guy next to him. "Then, you have my approval. Start as soon as possible." The bald man nodded and smiled before he turned around and left, while the doctor stayed where he was, still looking into the white room. "Haruka…I know that I wasn't the best father for you. If I can help you to survive, will you forgive me?" The doctor smiled at his comatose (A/N: is that the right word? My evil Word dictionary couldn't find it ;_;) daughter once more, then he turned around and walked down the hallway, the only sound that could be heard being the steady beeping of the countless machines in Harukas room.

"Scalpel…thanks." The bald man's voice came muffled, thanks to the green paper mask he was wearing over his mouth and nose. He looked at the young nurse that stood next to him, motioning up to the bright spot light that showed the blonde racers hurt and torn body in a more than cruel way. "Readjust the spot light, I can't see enough." He ordered. The nurse did what she had been told, and the bald guy nodded satisfied. "Just right. Now give me the parts." The operation continued, and four hours later, the bald man and the nurse both left the OP, while two male nurses rolled the bed out and back into the room Haruka had been before. All the machines where gone, and for the first time since the accident, Haruka didn't need the breath helping machine anymore.

Tokyo Times, February 21st

Star Racer Haruka Tenoh survived! Doctor speaks of a medical miracle!

World News, February 25th

Haruka Tenoh: First interview after the accident!

Tokyo Sport Magazine, March 1st

Haruka Tenoh's great comeback! One month after the accident, the racer is back to top form!