Chapter 15: Last Fight

„Finally, he's locked away." Haruka sighed, leaning back in her chair. Michiru let out a sigh too and nodded. "Thank God…he was really scary." Haruka agreed on that, stretching her sore muscles. "I jus wish I knew why he was doing all of this." The blonde then sighed, limply hanging in the chair. "I'm his only daughter after all…" Michiru reached out and gently took her girlfriend's hand. "He must have some kind of mental disorder." Hitomi threw in from her place next to the bed. "That's the only possible reason why he would do something like this." Haruka nodded, deep in thought. "Yeah…after all, he first manipulated my car, then did everything to save me…it doesn't make sense." Both Hitomi and Michiru agreed on that, and Haruka hung her head low. "I never noticed anything." She then whispered, her eyes glistening with tears when her head come up again. "If I had…maybe I had been able to keep him from hurting you, Michiru. I'm sorry…" "Don't blame yourself, Haruka." Michiru replied, her voice gentle. "It's not your fault…not at all. Nobody noticed that your father was on the best way to go crazy…not even his colleagues at the hospital, and they saw him more than you did." Finally, Haruka nodded, though she didn't seem completely convinced. "Still…" she then sighed, giving her girlfriend an apologizing look, "I should have protected you better. And I should have trusted you…I just didn't believe you when you told me that it wasn't you who told the newspaper about my secret, and that was wrong." "It's understandable." Michiru replied, her eyes capturing Harukas while she spoke. "You trusted your father, and that's okay…it was the first logic conclusion you jumped to. I'm not mad at you, Haruka, or anything else. I'm just glad that you're okay and that we got back together." Finally, Haruka smiled again, then leaned forward and gently kissed her lover. "Me too." She then whispered into Michirus ear, earning a smile in return.

Four hours later, the doctor kicked both Haruka and Hitomi out, demanding that Michiru needed her rest to recover from her wounds. In front of the hospital entrance, Haruka said her goodbye to Hitomi and made her way over to her car. She was digging for her car keys when she noticed that something was wrong. Haruka had to look twice to realize what had happened: somebody had slashed her tires. All of them. "Oh, now, come on!" Haruka cried out, feeling how anger and frustration rose inside her. "Who on Earth did that?!" "You really need to ask?" an all-too-familiar voice suddenly came from behind, causing the blonde to jump. Quickly, she twirled around, only to find herself face to face with her father – who now gave her a cruel grin. "Surprised to see me, aren't you." He spoke when Haruka just stared at him, not able to say anything. "How…how did you get out?" the blonde finally managed to ask, her voice shaking although she tried to keep it steady. Her father grinned again and shrugged. "I told you, I know very important people. People who are willing to pay enough to get me free until the trial takes place." "So enjoy your freedom." Haruka replied, finally able to speak without showing her fear anymore. "You do know that they will lock you up again immediately if you try to attack me now." Hiroshi shrugged, his grin widening, making him look like the maniac he was. "I don't really care. They'll lock me up anyway for what I did to that little bitch you call your girlfriend, so it doesn't matter if they lock me forever for killing you." "You won't get this close to me once more." Haruka replied, raising her fists. "And I won't give you another chance to use your little shocker thingy on me." "Too bad it didn't work the first time." Hiroshi sighed, pulling the shocked out and throwing it to the ground. "But this time, I don't need it anyway. I'll defeat you in the classic way, hand-to-hand-combat." Haruka snorted at that, her voice full of arrogance when she replied: "You'll lose big time then. After all, I'm the one with Cyborg parts inside." Hiroshi gave her another grin and raised his fists too. "We'll see, Haruka. And now…fight!" And with that, he threw himself forward, attacking his daughter.

Haruka reacted quick when her father attacked her; instead of trying to dodge or block his hit, she simply jumped straight into the air. Her father, who had awaited everything but that, couldn't stop his attack anymore and ended up crashing straight into her car, yelping in pain at the hard impact. Haruka landed behind him, a slight grin on her face before she spun around and kicked her father's feet out from underneath with him, causing him to land on his butt. Before he had the time to react, she had grabbed his collar and picked him up, lifting him high in the air. "Not so strong now anymore, are you." She snarled, her grip around Hiroshi's collar tightening. Before he had the chance to reply, the blonde had thrown him away, causing him to fly through the air for a while until he hit the ground, where he laid groaning. Grinning, Haruka pulled out her cell phone and dialled the number of Tokyo Police Station. "Hello? This is Haruka Tenoh speaking…I think my father just lost his chance to stay out of prison. Yeah, he attacked me…don't worry, he's out cold. Okay…at Tokyo Hospital…good. Thanks." Grinning even broader, Haruka put her cell phone back into the pocket of her jacket and leaned against her car, waiting for the police to come and pick her father up.